Top 15 Wrestlers Who Hate Triple H

Place a man in a position of power and you instantly place a giant red target on that man moving forward. It's the classic “defiance of authority” notion that dates back through the ages. The great re

Place a man in a position of power and you instantly place a giant red target on that man moving forward. It's the classic “defiance of authority” notion that dates back through the ages. The great rebels and outlaws of history have never taken kindly to those in power. The beatniks and the hippies and their crusade as anti-establishment figures helped shape the 20th century outlook on the “powerful” as entire generations were turned on by protest and unrest and disgusted with those who sat atop the empires and political structures.

The 21st century outlook on power has been molded by the internet and social media. The uprisings in the Middle East and the Occupation of Wall Street have all contributed to the modern melee that has become the protest. This is a time where everybody has a voice via the World Wide Web. While this is an informative way to communicate and build a dialogue amongst each other; there are those who use this powerful tool as a weapon as the Net is full of psychopathic rhetoric, conspiracy theory, and blatant racism. Freedom of speech is a necessity but hatred set into motion strictly for the sake of hatred is cowardly and contagious.

In WWE, a man named Paul Levesque (ring name: Triple H) currently serves as the Executive Vice President of the company – a man who began as a professional wrestler and has worked his way up to the corporate offices of WWE. The long-told story of Paul Levesque states that his position of power within the company stems from his marriage to the boss' daughter. However, Paul Levesque has been wielding some stroke of power since his days as a member of the infamous Kliq who were quick to throw their weight around and influence the direction in which WWE was heading.

Would Paul Levesque had reached the same heights had he not found love with Stephanie McMahon? Who knows but due to his role within the company; much hatred has been tossed his way over the years.

These are the top 15 wrestlers who hate(ed) Triple H:

15 Paul London

One night on Monday Night Raw: Triple H, for no apparent reason, decided to take out the tag team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick – laying out the exciting young tag team in the middle of the ring … just because.

Paul London, who has since left WWE, feels that Triple H is the “jealous guy” type; especially as it pertains to Superstars who work a different style. London has stated that Triple H was always jealous of Rob Van Dam due to his popularity, skills, and overall likability.

Paul London once made for a great Cruiserweight in WWE but those days are long gone.

14 Alberto Del Rio


The biggest downfall for Alberto Del Rio was the fact that he could not connect with the North American audience. Whether that was entirely his fault or if the blame should be placed on those who positioned him is unknown, but the Alberto Del Rio ship has certainly sailed.

Since his departure from WWE, Alberto Del Rio has gone on record to state that both Vince McMahon and Triple H are racist towards Hispanics; a claim also made by Ricardo Rodriguez who of course worked closely with Del Rio in WWE as his personal ring announcer.

Don't expect to see Alberto Del Rio back in WWE any time soon.

13 Mr. Kennedy

Much has been said about Mr. Kennedy and his tenure in WWE. There is of course the story of Randy Orton and his backstage complaints about Kennedy, which is believed to have led to his eventual release from the company.

Mr. Kennedy who has since established himself as Mr. Anderson in TNA has made it clear through interviews and on-screen promos that he is not a big fan of Triple H – making a mockery of The Game and WWE in the process.

Mr. Anderson comes across as a man with a chip on his shoulder, but is it justified?

12 The New Age Outlaws

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, collectively known as The New Age Outlaws, were once a pivotal part of D-Generation X. However, somewhere along the line, something went south and the tag team built up a lot of animosity towards their former faction leader, Triple H.

In a shoot interview, The Outlaws would tear Triple H apart. However, hatred subsides with comfortable contracts. In recent years, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn have returned to WWE – even capturing the Tag Team Championship.

It would appear as though all hard feelings have softened from The Outlaws standpoint or they have become part of the insincere-smiling silent-resentment crowd.

11 Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock was brought into WWE during the crucial Attitude Era. Shamrock was a mix martial artist turned professional wrestler who helped bring a sense of real life fighting into the pre-determined world of WWE.

During his time with the company, Ken Shamrock would find himself feuding with Triple H – a feud in which Triple H was made to put over Ken Shamrock – which apparently did not sit well with Triple H. In turn, The Game is said to be adamant on Ken Shamrock not returning to WWE.

Ken Shamrock has discussed his heat with Triple H and his dislike of putting anyone over, making his feelings towards his former on-screen nemesis clear.

10 Chyna

Where do we begin with Chyna? We all know about her post-wrestling career in the Adult Entertainment industry as well as her torrid experiences with drugs and alcohol. More recently, Chyna has been on a social media rampage regarded her inclusion in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Aside from the HOF issue, Chyna has been very critical and harsh in regards to Triple H; claiming that The Game physically abused her while thy were an item back in her wrestling heyday.

Chyna, once the most dominant woman in wrestling, is now one hot mess.

9 Scott Steiner

When Scott Steiner made his WWE return back in 2002, he would experience his first push as a singles competitor with the promotion (his first run would see Steiner work exclusively as a tag team wrestler along with his brother Rick) and who better to have your first singles WWE feud with than Triple H? (Ah, maybe not).

Triple H, who was World Heavyweight Champion at the time, would of course come out on top and Scott Steiner would become an obscure afterthought for the remainder of his days in WWE. Steiner was effectively left in the dust.

Scott Steiner has always been a man with no filter and when discussing his feeling towards Triple H, Steiner could get rather hostile and vulgar. Big Poppa Pump doesn't give a damn about Triple H being “that damn good.”

8 Goldberg

How do you take the hottest thing in WCW and drown its fire? You hit it with a taser and allow Kevin Nash to take the World Championship. When an ember from that fire finally reignites and makes it way to WWE, how do you once again put it out? Place it in a feud with Triple H.

When Goldberg first arrived in WWE, everybody knew the deal: Goldberg was a WCW guy who was not going to overshadow the WWE guys. While The Rock may have put Goldberg over, Triple H was another story.

Goldberg was never great in the ring but WWE had a chance to make something huge out of his run and they blew that opportunity (Was Triple H to blame?). Since leaving WWE, Goldberg has publicly stated his dislike for The Cerebral Assassin.

7 The Ultimate Warrior

WrestleMania XII: Following years away from WWE, The Ultimate Warrior would make his return to take on Triple H in a match where Warrior would no-sell The Pedigree and squash Triple H in less than two minutes.

Prior to WWE and The Ultimate Warrior making amends, a video release title The Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior would portray Warrior in a negative light during which Triple H would discuss his experience with Warrior and how he ruined his first WrestleMania.

The Ultimate Warrior, who was always an outspoken man, would lash out at not only Vince McMahon over the years, but Triple H as well.

6 Macho Man Randy Savage

Macho Man Randy Savage holds a place in WWE history as one of the greatest Superstars of all time. Aside from great in-ring ability and strange-yet-strong mic skills, Savage stands out as one of the most unique professional wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots.

Macho Man was finished with WWE by the time Triple H began and even though they never crossed paths in the promotion, a series of rumors (involving Macho Man and Stephanie McMahon) have always lingered – never quite confirmed or denied.

Macho Man had even gone as far as telling Triple H that he was going to "take his girl."

5 Bret Hart

Bret Hart has “forgiven” Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon for their involvement in the “Montreal Screwjob” incident. It would appear as though The Hitman has also “let go” of any hard feelings towards Triple H who also played a role that night at Survivor Series.

However, for the longest time, Hart was very vocal about his hatred towards Michaels, McMahon, and Triple H. Bret Hart was anti-WWE for many years – holding tightly to the grudge of 1997 until finally making his way back to the company.

Bret Hart will remain professional with Triple H but there must be an underline of animosity that remains – for Michaels and McMahon as well.

4 Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho currently has what many would consider to be a “sweet deal” with WWE. Jericho not only works a limited schedule but now serves as the new host of the WWE reality-based series, Tough Enough.

While everything between Chris Jericho and Triple H seems fine on the outside; old wounds could potentially open again at any moment as Triple H was said to have not been a fan of Chris Jericho during the early years of Y2J.

Chris Jericho is a company guy and will not admit to having any hatred for Triple H but we can tell otherwise … Give Jericho a drink and ask him his opinion on The Game (Remember the drunk tweet incident?)

3 Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam can still captivate an audience like no other and while younger WWE fans may not know that much about RVD; one match and they're hooked. While RVD is not getting any younger, he is not getting any worse as his in-ring ability remains top-level.

When RVD first arrived in WWE, the scene was already set from his time in ECW. The Whole F'N Show was quickly taken in by the WWE fans and made a massive crowd favorite – which Triple H did not enjoy – thus the burial of RVD began.

Rob Van Dam is a mellow man who was well-aware of the Triple H jealousy and in turn has never been the biggest supporter of The Game.

2 Kurt Angle


It's a shame to think of Kurt Angle spending so much time away from WWE, where we all know he rightfully belongs. Kurt Angle could very-well be the greatest wrestler on the planet, in every sense of the word.

Since his departure, Kurt Angle has been a fixture on the TNA scene. The Olympic Gold Medalist has been gone far too long from WWE and with his career winding down; it would be great to see his final match take place at an upcoming WrestleMania.

This would course entail that WWE wants Kurt Angle back; specifically Vince McMahon and Triple H who Angle has blasted publicly on numerous occasions.

1 CM Punk

There is really no need to retell the CM Punk/WWE story. If you consider yourself a wrestling fan and do not known the specifics by now; then you are not a real wrestling fan. Anyway, let's break down this entry:

Triple H never liked CM Punk. CM Punk never liked Triple H. During the hottest wrestling angle in years, Triple H refused to put CM Punk over. CM Punk and WWE have a fallout. CM Punk leaves the company on bad terms with Triple H.

Conclusion: CM Punk Hates Triple H.

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Top 15 Wrestlers Who Hate Triple H