Top 15 Wrestlers Who Don't Deserve a Second Chance in the WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment is the mountaintop in the world of professional wrestling as of July 2015, a multimedia conglomerate that has extended well beyond scripted matches. Those who make it to the top of WWE main event cards and remain in that role for years are the top stars in the industry, names such as John Cena and Brock Lesnar for example. There are cases of wrestlers not becoming massive stars in the WWE until they had a second run in that company. Some would argue that Lesnar is a bigger star now following his stint in the Ultimate Fighting Championship than he ever was during the early days of his career.

Not everybody, however, deserves a second chance to work what is the top wrestling organization on the planet today. Some are, truth be told, simply no longer in the primes of their careers and thus it would not be right for them to take roster spots that could be had by younger talent. Others, however, were their own enemies in one way or another while they were working for the WWE. Some could probably still sell tickets and merchandise featuring underneath the WWE umbrella, but that alone does not mean that they deserve a second or third chance to work there.

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15 Sting

via talksport.com

Sting is a legend and icon of the business who will one day deservedly be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. His WrestleMania encounter with Triple H did little to leave fans watching in attendance and via the WWE Network wanting more, however, and Sting having even one more match in the company is not something that has to happen for any reason. The WWE should give Sting the Hall of Fame moment he has earned, hopefully as soon as next year, and then everybody should do well enough to follow the mantra of the song and leave the memories alone.

14 Jeff Jarrett

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Good ol' Double-J is somewhat of a humorous name to include in this list if only because you, the reader, probably have a better chance of getting a shot from the WWE than does Jeff Jarrett. It is well known that Jarrett and the WWE do not have a good relationship, so much so that Jarrett has twice attempted to create rival organizations. TNA Wrestling is on life support and Global Force Wrestling is barely off of the ground early into the summer of 2015. As Vince McMahon said about the man back in 2001: Jarrett is G-double-oh-double-n-double-e as it pertains to the WWE.

13 Taryn Terrell

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It is a new day (no, not that New Day) in the WWE, regarding the company's women's division. The WWE is now pursuing potential future Divas who are talented athletes and who can work in the ring rather than simply offering contracts to models who may or may not develop into talented wrestlers. Taryn Terrell found work in TNA Wrestling after departing the WWE, but nothing about her run in TNA has shown that she deserves a second chance to make it through even the NXT brand that is currently stacked with impressive female talent.

12 Montel Vontavious Porter

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

This one comes with a catch. Montel Vontavious Porter could make for an interesting signing for the WWE if he was used only as a manager who would cut promos for other acts. MVP as an active member of the WWE roster would serve no purpose for the company, though, as he is in the midst of the twilight of a career that has already included one “meh” run with the organization. He in an underrated talker who could help get talent over via on-air promos. That should serve as the only reason that he would get a second chance to work for a company that could use more managers.

11 Chyna

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You are probably not a diehard follower of the wrestling business if you cannot understand why the WWE is not going to give Chyna a second chance anytime soon. Her departure from the company over a decade ago was far from amicable and Chyna claimed earlier this year that Triple H, who would be her boss in the WWE, once physically assaulted her. She has since claimed that she wants to make amends with those running the company so that she can one day be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. To steal a phrase from Seinfeld: Good luck with all that.

10 Rhyno

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The former Extreme Championship Wrestling champion is technically being given a second chance by the WWE right now, as Rhyno is currently working on the NXT brand. That is as high as Rhyno should get during his latest run with the company. It is a great role for Rhyno to have, as he can play the role of a heel who helps get babyface acts such as Finn Balor more over with fans. We have seen Rhyno work on WWE television in the past. It did not go all that well. The WWE keeping him in NXT would probably be best for all involved.

9 Drew Galloway

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Things sometimes do not work out for a person with a certain business. It happens from time to time in life. Drew Galloway seemingly had the goods to be a top star when he first appeared on WWE television and yet he was never more than a midcard act, at best, while working for the company. He eventually fell further and further down cards minus the time that he spent in comedy act the Three Man Band. Galloway has since moved on from the WWE and it is difficult to come up with a reasonable explanation for why the company would give him a second chance.

8 Bully Ray

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Bully Ray deserves a massive amount of credit for getting himself into phenomenal shape en route to becoming one of the best heels in all of TNA Wrestling. A person with his history in the business and with his experience could be a tremendous asset to the WWE working as a trainer who could help develop up-and-coming talent making their way through the NXT brand. With that said, the veteran of the business would just be taking up a roster spot were the WWE to give him an opportunity to feature on shows such as Raw and SmackDown.

7 Mr. Anderson/Mr. Kennedy

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Fans probably do not have to be overly concerned with the thought of the Mr. Kennedy character getting a second chance from the WWE. It has been reported that his departure from the company occurred because top talent, supposedly Randy Orton and John Cena, complained about how Ken Anderson worked inside of the ring. While he has had plenty of time over the years to work on that portion of his career, the WWE is not in a place where the company needs to fill a roster spot with Anderson. There are other options working for NXT at the moment.

6 Lashley

via betweentheropes.com

Lashley has the goods to play the role of a monster heel in a company such as the WWE so long as he has a manager serving as his mouthpiece. The WWE already has Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar, among others, already on the roster. Both are better in that spot than Lashley, who failed to get over while working for the company. Perhaps Lashley could have been a top act in the business during a different time or had he been pushed differently years ago. He and the WWE are going in opposite directions, and the two should never again meet.

5 Kurt Angle

via examiner.com

Kurt Angle is one of the best professional wrestlers of the past several decades and he has had five-star matches in the WWE and TNA Wrestling. While Angle has proven that he can still go in the ring and prove critics wrong in the process, it is hardly a secret that he is beaten up. There are concerns that Angle would struggle to even pass a WWE physical at this stage of his career. Angle could be a positive contributor in the WWE working behind the scenes and serving as a trainer for the NXT brand. That should be the only second chance that he gets from the company.

4 Matt Morgan

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There was once a time when some saw Matt Morgan as potentially being a next big thing in the wrestling business. Morgan, who has a great look for a performer in the industry, could not break through the supposed glass ceiling while working with the WWE, and his time in TNA Wrestling has not been all that memorable. The man who was once known as “The Blueprint” made his return to TNA in June 2015, but he may find himself looking for additional gigs sooner than later if TNA does die in the Fall. The WWE should not give him a call.

3 Matt Hardy

via impactwrestling.com

Matt Hardy was never the singles WWE superstar that his brother Jeff became when the two were working for the company. Perhaps his inability to get to that level affected Matt to the point that he stopped being fully dedicated to his craft in his final days with the company, en route to putting on a few extra pounds. Matt is seemingly doing well outside of the WWE and there really is no reason that the company should consider bringing him in for anything outside of a one-off. Both entities have moved on and the time of Hardy being a draw for the company has passed.

2 Jeff Hardy

via prowrestling.wikia.com

The old saying teaches: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” The WWE has already given Jeff Hardy multiple opportunities to be a top babyface in the company and Hardy proved by his actions and his lifestyle that he was not prepared to run with the ball. Hardy is currently sidelined due to suffering a broken leg that occurred when he was involved in a dirt bike accident, but he will eventually get another chance from some wrestling organization assuming that he wants to continue his career. Do not for a second, however, think that company will be the WWE.

1 The Great Khali

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According to reports, The Great Khali and the WWE parted ways in November 2014 after the wrestler's contract with the company expired. The question put out there to diehard WWE fans is simple: Do you really miss him? Khali's size coupled with the wear and tear that he endured during his days as an active in-ring worker made him an even more limited worker during the final years of his career, and it was painful to watch the big man attempt to maneuver inside of the ring during matches. Here is hoping for the best in his future endeavors that hopefully will not involve Khali wrestling in the WWE ever again.

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