Top 15 Wrestlers Who Don't Want You To Know About Their Personal Lives

These are 15 of those wrestlers who want their private lives to remain private and for people not to know about anything other than their personas.

You’d have thought that the wrestlers of some of the world’s top promotions would be accustomed to spending time in the limelight, with people, fans and the media, being all up in their business – it’s just part of life as a pro wrestler. Some actually love it, and love the fame and fortune and everything it entails – which includes everyone wanting to know everything about you; the professional and personal aspects of your life. There are quite a few that have no problems with media intrusion and are very accommodating individuals and just eat up all the attention that comes their way. But there are others that are quite the opposite.

The wrestlers on this list may not necessarily be the shy and retiring types, but once they do their wrestling duties, adhere to their professional commitments – some even have a hard time doing this! - and the cameras are switched off, they want to stay out of the limelight and keep themselves to themselves. Some really do have a hard time sharing things about their personal lives, and many actually look physically uncomfortable when they’re doing an interview and something about their private life is brought up. These are 15 of those wrestlers who want their private lives to remain private and for people not to know about anything other than the personas they bring to the ring.

15 Seth Rollins


I think it’s safe to say that we already know a bit too much about Seth Rollins’ private life – his private life and his privates. We’ve seen far too much – much more than he’d have wanted us to see – and it’s therefore understandable why he’s gone off the radar a bit and gone a bit quiet. I am of course talking about that whole nude photo incident in 2015, where his nude pics were posted on social media.

14 CM Punk


We actually know quite a bit about him but Punk was never really too fond of sharing details about his personal life. Punk is an intriguing character, so people have gone out of their way to discover juicy bits of information, and stuff has been leaked, all of which must have pissed Punk off no end.

He didn’t even want people to know he got married to AJ Lee; well, he didn’t want to share pictures of the occasion anyway. When they were leaked, he was furious, and this caused him to take to Twitter and threaten anyone who shared and posted the pics. Before Lee even came into the picture, he was sleeping around and working his way around the roster. We didn’t really know what was happening until after the relationships had run their course.

13 Tamina Snuka


Tamina certainly isn’t the biggest name on this list; perhaps if she let more people in. Being a Snuka – daughter of the legendary but also highly controversial Jimmy Snuka – if she ever did decide to open up a bit more, you can imagine that she’d have one hell of a life story to tell. But perhaps that’s why Tamina prefers to stay quiet, because her family hasn’t exactly had the easiest of times, and due to her dad’s long trial, she must have had a cloud hanging over her too.

12 The Undertaker


Mark Calaway’s been around for many years, having made his professional wrestling debut way back in 1984. It’s therefore inevitable, with a guy as big as The Undertaker who’s been in the limelight for so long, we’re going to know something about him and his personal life. But if he had it his way, he’d be known simply as The Undertaker and keep his real life as Mark Calaway under wraps.

Part of the reason he likes things to remain private is because of the character he portrays; The Undertaker character is quite a sinister individual, so knowing more about the man behind The Undertaker may humanize him, which he and WWE would want to avoid.

11 Bray Wyatt


Bray Wyatt is rather aloof and doesn’t give people an insight into his private life. Perhaps this is for kind of the same reason as The Undertaker behaving similarly; they don’t want to be humanized and want people to know them simply for what they do in the ring.

Bray’s also at the head of the Wyatt family (whatever's left of it), so that probably has a part to play in him being so quiet about personal matters. It might be all down to him, but it’s probably got something to do with WWE wanting his gimmick to be the only thing people are talking about.

10 Roman Reigns


Roman Reigns has been tipped to be the next big thing for a while now. He’s done okay, but his bland on-screen character hasn't really helped him, nor has the fact that he’s a pretty private man. If he wants to become a superstar in the industry and get fans on board for the journey, he may need to open up a bit more, and give fans an insight into his life.

Roman has divulged a bit of information during interviews about his wife, his daughter, his love for video games, and his pre-wrestling career as a pro footballer, but that’s about it, that’s all we know.

9 Erick Rowan


Here’s a former member of the Wyatt family who’s a very private individual. It must have something to do with WWE wanting to keep things focussed on wrestling, because Erick, like Bray, rarely breaks kayfabe.

As he came into WWE and was announced to be a member of the Wyatt family, people, as they would, wanted to know more about the bearded man mountain, especially as he started gaining some prominence. But they had to make do with knowing he has a wife and two kids, and that’s about it.

8 Mark Henry


Mark Henry’s great when he’s in beast mode, when he’s in character and doing his stuff in the ring and at wrestling events. He’s been known to take pictures with fans, get up close and personal with them and interact with them, partake in interviews, etc... He just seems like a genuine guy when he’s doing what he does best.

7 X-Pac


We know a ton of stuff about Sean Waltman, but a lot of that was due to his information being leaked. He has also divulged quite a lot about his tumultuous childhood and younger days and his struggles since, probably because he wanted to offer an explanation for his addiction issues, and perhaps because it was quite therapeutic to get everything off his chest. But he doesn’t really offer people information about himself – only after certain things have occurred. Take his relationship with Chyna as another example – he only came out and revealed certain aspects of that relationship when Chyna started speaking first and was dragging X-Pac’s buddy, Triple H’s name through the mud.

6 Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks has earned quite a bit of fame and has accomplished a lot at a very young age, in terms of wrestling. Despite only being 25 years old, she's already a three-time Women's Champion and was the NXT Women's Champion at just 23. However, despite all her in-ring success, Sasha doesn't seem to be quite so inviting when it comes to her personal life. Yes, she has social media accounts, but she rarely divulges much personal information. She did announce when she was getting married, but that was probably to prevent fans from approaching her.

5 Kane


Kane’s kind of like The Undertaker in terms of the way he goes about things out of the ring. It’s remarkable to think that he’s managed to maintain this level of privacy after two and a half decades in the ring, even after he’d risen to become of wrestling’s all-time greats. You’d have thought that with his whole in-ring persona, the number of crazy and notable storylines he’s been involved in over the years, and the titles he’s accumulated, we’d know a lot more about Glenn Jacobs.

4 Shane McMahon


With Shane being the boss’s son and all that and having a prominent role in WWE – which he’s had on and off over the years – and with him being a very successful businessman, it’s the logical thing to do to keep your private life private. When you’ve held the positions that he’s held, anything can be used against you, so it’s important to keep things strictly business-related. He’s a pretty astute man, so perhaps that’s his reason for being to private, or it may be something to do with Vince – who’s led a very colorful life – asking him to say quiet. Whatever the reason may be, we don’t know much about the man who’s regarded to be one of the most powerful men in the world, aside from his wrestling and accomplishments in the business world.

3 Dean Ambrose


Dean Ambrose doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s a very private man. He’s actually revealed that he likes to keep his private life very private, but even if he hadn’t said that, it wouldn’t take a genius to realize a bit of privacy’s what he’s after.

2 Charlotte Flair


Charlotte’s another one who’s come from a legendary wrestling family – made legendary by The Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair. Ric was quite a loud boisterous character, but The Queen is definitely more reserved, although it has to be said that she’s steadily growing into the role of being the most prominent female wrestler around.

1 Brock Lesnar and Sable


Having Brock and Sable as the number one entry on this list was a no-brainer. It’s probably more Brock than Sable who likes to keep things private, but it seems as though Brock’s converted Sable around to his way of thinking.

Brock’s very uncomfortable talking about any aspect of his private life that doesn’t involve his passion for hunting. We know quite a bit about that, we know he wrestles in order have a huge bank balance, and know some things about his family dynamic, but apart from that, we really don’t know much.

He doesn’t reveal much and absolutely hates it when fans ask for pictures and invade his privacy. Just look at pics of him with fans and you can see that he looks physically uncomfortable, like he just wants to bolt and get the hell out that situation.

Brock loves his privacy so much, he even lives in a secluded part of Canada, on a farm, so he can be devoid of human interactions – apart from his family of course.

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