Top 15 Wrestlers Who Failed In NXT

In the eyes of hardcore wrestling fans, NXT is the golden child of the WWE. Maybe not in the eyes of the company itself but there is no doubt that diehards view the Orlando based promotion to be one of the best around right now. The brainchild of Triple H and nurtured by the likes of Dusty Rhodes and William Regal, NXT has gone from a basic development territory and has evolved into arguably the hotbed for independent wrestling talent, as it's a global touring brand of its own nowadays.

Several of the bright young stars of the current WWE product began in NXT. Before Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were embroiled in a feud on the main roster, they were battling over the NXT Championship. The same goes for Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, as they were the top female talent in NXT before being regarded in that light in the WWE. Even though talent like Bo Dallas, Tyler Breeze and The Ascension have yet to find their way on the main roster, they all proved their worth while competing at Full Sail University.

However, despite the fact that many would view NXT as flawless, that doesn’t guarantee success for performers at the next level. On the contrary, actually, as there have been countless wrestlers who tried their hand in NXT, but couldn't even make it out of the so called developmental system.

With that being said, here are 15 wrestlers who failed in NXT.

15 Oliver Grey


Unfortunately for Grey, your likely reaction was “Who?” but within the first year of NXT, Grey was looking like he would be one of the breakout stars. Paired with fellow Brit Adrian Neville, the duo were the inaugural NXT Tag Team Champions, defeating The Wyatt Family in the tournament final.

Fate was against Grey though, as a month later he suffered a bad knee injury and was written off television and replaced by Bo Dallas. When he returned a year later he was used as nothing more than an enhancement talent and released soon after.

14 Ryan Nemeth


When your brother is Dolph Ziggler you know that wrestling fans will have high expectations of you. Much like his brother, Nemeth was given a terrible name in Briley Pierce. Nonetheless, prior to appearing on NXT he was a multi-time tag team champion in OVW and FCW, both of which have served as WWE development territories.

13 Sylvester LeFort and Marcus Louis


The French duo known as ‘The Legionnaires’ were given a fair amount of TV time when they were put together in 2014. They would start a feud with one of NXT’s most beloved teams, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy that would ultimately end up in a ‘hair versus hair’ match.

They would lose, and LeFort abandoned Louis to suffer the consequences. This saw the latter start to go insane as a result and begin stalking wrestlers from the rafters. Neither man was used particularly much after their big feud though and were both eventually released earlier this year before going to TNA.

12 Percy Watson


‘Showtime’ Percy Watson was a charismatic and athletic performer who had the benefit of coming across instantly likeable and was often compared to Eddie Murphy. Not a bad start to have. He was even given a pretty good starting opportunity as he was a participant in the second season of the reality show version of NXT, although despite expectations he only finished fifth.

Watson soon debuted on the main roster and made little impact before returning to the ‘Redemption’ transition version of NXT and once again underperformed.

11 Mojo Rawley


Rawley is a former American footballer but injury turned him towards professional wrestling. He would debut under the philosophy of ‘Stay Hyped’ and has been a divisive character ever since.

10 Richie Steamboat


Being a generational wrestler is a curse as often as it is a blessing and for Richie Steamboat it was actually a good thing. Richie is a spitting image of his father and seemingly possesses all of the athletic prowess and natural charisma as well. Alongside the likes of Seth Rollins and Big E, Richie was one of the top stars of FCW before it was rebranded as NXT and it was expected that it would continue that way.

9 Raquel Diaz


A fellow generational wrestler, Shaul Guerrero is the eldest daughter of the legendary Eddie Guerrero. Unlike Steamboat, it proved to be more of a curse. Starting out as a manager for the likes of Rusev and The Ascension, she would have quite some success in FCW – holding both the Queen of FCW crown and the FCW Divas Championship simultaneously.

8 Bull Dempsey


Bull Dempsey is quite an unlucky member of this list in that in many ways, NXT failed him. Dempsey managed to establish himself as a pretty over act as a monster who would squash superstars, leading to a feud with newcomer Baron Corbin, who had been doing the same thing. The two men had a bout of one-upmanship, seeing who could win their matches faster before eventually clashing. Corbin would be successful and it turned Dempsey’s undefeated streak quickly into a losing one.

7 Eva Marie


Eva places low on the list due a surprisingly split opinion from wrestling fans. Not in actually liking her, very few do, but some do view her negative reactions as a good thing for creating a true heel in the modern era.

This does overlook the fact that the vast majority of the reaction is what is popularly known as ‘X-Pac Heat’. The term is used to describe booing that is legitimately wanting the subject to just go away, rather than to see them lose.

Her three years with WWE have seen her improvement be minimal as she still fails to do anything convincingly.

6 Mason Ryan


Mason Ryan, the Welsh former Gladiator, was the typical Vince McMahon project. He's 6-foot-5, 300 pounds and was a natural choice to be a star in WWE. As you may have noticed, nothing said there alluded to any actual wrestling ability and there is good reason for that – he severely lacked it.

Ryan was given a huge opportunity anyway, making his WWE debut as an instant recruit to the New Nexus after CM Punk took control of the group, attacking John Cena. Ryan would be involved in a couple of big angles in this time but was clearly not up to the task and following an injury and a brief return, he found himself sent to NXT to develop.

5 Elias Samson


It may be a little early to write off ‘The Drifter’ from achieving success but he has certain left something to be desired. Following a series of mysterious vignettes promoting his debut, fans were intrigued to see what Samson was going to bring to the NXT roster during what was likely its strongest period.

4 Byron Saxton


The second entry in this list to have failed in all three versions of NXT, Byron Saxton actually managed to go one better than Watson, in failing in numerous different roles. After a brief stint as ECW commentator, Saxton would finish fourth in the final season of the reality format NXT and would reappear in the Redemption season but managed to get voted out of that as well.

3 CJ Parker


When FCW became NXT, Parker found himself out of favor. The two-time FCW Tag Team Champion instantly became a jobber but an injury gave him the opportunity for a fresh start on the now global show.

2 Kassius Ohno


The original KO in NXT, Kassius Ohno was the WWE name for veteran independent wrestler Chris Hero. Big things were naturally expected for Hero in the WWE due to his talent and pre-existing fan base. Things were going well, with Ohno involved in high profile feuds with the likes of Richie Steamboat, The Wyatt Family, and even William Regal.

1 Solomon Crowe


Another wrestler who made a name for himself in the indies, Solomon Crowe was much anticipated by the online fans after a clever promotional campaign across social media and NXT broadcasts as a hacker.

This unique gimmick captured fans imagination and added to the excitement of his long impending introduction. Something about Crowe just didn’t seem to fully click however. Perhaps it was his unusual nature, weak looking finisher, or just not being what people expected. No matter what it was, the reaction to Crowe was quiet from those who weren’t a fan of Callahan from the independents. He requested his release later that year.

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Top 15 Wrestlers Who Failed In NXT