Top 15 Wrestlers Who Got Offers From 'The Other Industry'

Professional wrestling and the "other business" are intertwined in more ways than one. We have seen many adult stars enter professional wrestling and vice versa. Accordingly, much like wrestlers receive offers from wrestling promotions, they sometimes receive offers from those other companies as well.

Numerous wrestlers have accepted their offers to try their hand at it. We have seen many notable wrestlers become notable "performers" over the years. However, there are wrestlers who have turned down big offers from those companies as well.

The following article will list 15 such notable wrestlers who have received offers from adult companies. Featuring in this article doesn’t essentially mean they accepted the offers, though. A few wrestlers we’ve mentioned didn’t essentially receive a formal offer from porn companies, for ‘the offer’ can be viewed as a online marketing strategy. We’ve included those as well as many readers may not be aware of the minor connection they have to porn industry.

As I was researching, I happened to find more than a few Japanese wrestlers who have done it. However, as I had to include only 15 entries, I had to club all Japanese wrestlers under one entry. Additionally, wrestlers who had done it prior to setting foot in a wrestling ring have been clubbed under one entry for the same reason. I’ve excluded all the Playboy models as the list would then run much longer.

If you know a more notable wrestler who has received an offer from an adult company, you can mention those in the comments’ section.

15 Beulah McGillicutty

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Many despise Tommy Dreamer for tying the knot with unarguably one of the prettiest women in wrestling ever. Given her glamor, it isn’t a surprise that she received offers from adult companies. Her tape did the rounds big-time, with many fans checking their mail box as often as they refresh their browser during an NFL Draft. A few dirtsheets allege that the video was meant to be sent to her then-boyfriend and husband; however, with swapping nudes being uncommon back then and given the camera angles and quality, it’s hard to believe she wasn’t paid for playing with herself in front of the camera.

It isn’t her only taste of adult entertainment as numerous extreme pictures can also be found online. Having retired from wrestling, she, a children's author, now supports her family as the 14-time Hardcore Champion is still out there wrestling.

14 Nicole Bass

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With Fit Finlay, Dean Malenko and William Regal all being highly-rated ‘underrated’ wrestlers, John Kronus remains one of the many truly underrated talents. The ECW stalwart retired at 33 after failing to reach respectable heights. Two years before his retirement, he performed in a softcore film titled Violence on Violence. As he was wrestling for XPW, a now-defunct wrestling promotion owned by adult performers Rob Black and Lizzie Borden, his appearing in a flick isn’t surprising.

However, what’s surprising is the name of his co-star – Nicole Bass, the 6-foot-2 bodybuilder who acted as Sable's bodyguard in WWE. Sadly, neither is with us today; he died a premature death at a tender age of 38 in 2007, whereas she lived a drug-fueled life until she passed away at 52, almost six months ago.

13 Manami Toyota and co.

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Vince McMahon may want to disagree with you, but the Japanese love their "entertainment" and wrestling as much as American love theirs. The products, indeed, feel different on so many levels, but a overlap of wrestling and "entertainment" exists in Japan just how it does in America. An array of Japanese wrestling legends have agreed to deals over the years, with Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Rumi Kazama, Chocoball Mukai and Ryuma Go notable names. However, no one more popular than Manami Toyota, a Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Famer with 17 five star matches to her name, has completed the transition.

Unlike her American counterparts, she remains a highly-respected figure in Japan despite her post-wrestling career choices as she works for numerous wrestling promotions even at the age of 46.

12 Candice Michelle

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Unlike most other persons this article discusses, Candice Michelle never signed any deal with an out-and-out adult entertainment company though she did try her hand at some 'soft' flicks. Before signing on the dotted lines with WWE, she took her clothes off for HBO’s Hotel Erotica as she acted in a few racy segments. She called time on her adult career at 23 as she began performing for WWE at 25. However, during her WWE run, Playboy offered her a deal that would see her feature on the then-adult magazine’s cover. Much like most other women of that era, she accepted the offer as she posed naked for the magazine in 2006, her last taste of that industry. The one-time Women’s Champion now stays at home, taking care of her three daughters.

11 Gorgeous George

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It certainly isn’t the Gorgeous George of the mid 20th century we're talking about. It’s Randy Savage’s road girlfriend, who had worked as a stripper before he got her her first taste of professional wrestling. Before signing for WCW, she had made a sexually graphic video for Internet Entertainment Group, a company that also released the Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee honeymoon tape. She got into trouble with the law for using the Gorgeous George moniker even after the expiry of her license to use it in her adult projects. She didn’t give up, though, as she began using the name George Frankenstein in light of her marriage to Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein to further her porn career. She doesn’t seem to be active on Twitter or Instagram although latest pictures divulge her getting bigger implants than what she had during her WCW days.

10 Tylene Buck and co.

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While most wrestlers from this list received adult offers in light of their wrestling fame, a few notorious promotions, including ECW brought down stars who ooze sex appeal to spice the show up. Thanks to their experience in the adult industry, they even agreed to taking their clothes off on national television in front of thousands of people. A few have shown enough commitment to become relevant figures in wrestling, with April Hunter, Chastity and Tylene Buck being a few such notable faces.

On the other hand, a few adult industry veterans have shown up on random wrestling shows merely for a small paycheck; Jasmin St. Claire, Lizzy Borden and Jenna Jameson are a few who had had a few wrestling gigs. These cases highlight how these two industries are intertwined.

9 Marty Jannetty

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Wrestling has birthed numerous seven cents stories, with Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, Triple H and Batista all rising to the top from humble beginnings. We’ve seen a myriad of fall-from-grace stories, with Chyna, Sunny and Virgil prime examples. One such wrestler belonging to the latter category is the guy who jumped out of the window himself Marty Jannetty. His life has spiraled out of control on the back his WWE release as he’s now battling a life-long drug addiction. He looked to have hit a new low when he almost decided to ‘tear up some b***es’ in front of professional cameras.

In a Facebook post, he asked his 'ninjas' whether he should accept a $150,000 offer a company had tabled him; apparently, he was asked to do three films. Despite his desperation, he turned down the offer, keeping his family in mind.

8 Joey Ryan

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If a wrestler’s major offense sees him use his penis to toss his opponents, he will either wrestle in front of 20 persons forever or translate his notoriety to mainstream depending on how lucky he is or how effective his pee pee is. Joey Ryan has managed to achieve mammoth success taking down opponents with his penis and grabbing chests. His antics was certain to grab the attention of several companies, who are lately trying to leech of wrestlers’ popularity.

One company reached out to Ryan and he agreed to let his infamous p***s plex get shown on the site and he has even modelled his trunks based on what was asked out of him.

7 Shelly Martinez

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After years of grinding, Shelly Martinez finally earned her WWE contract at 25 in 2005. However, an alleged altercation and the failure of her Ariel gimmick saw her leave the company in 2007. Distraught, she began working for the then-second biggest wrestling promotion in America in Impact Wrestling. As the bombshell struggled to become as big a star as she had wanted to, she turned to the other option. Her work with industry legend Jewel De’Nyle in the bestseller The Notorious Jewel De’Nyle and Shelly Martinez helped put De’Nyle’s Platinum Pictures on the map.

With her debut proving a hit, she proceeded to accept offers to pose nude on numerous occasions. She also did many 'specialized' videos, according to the grapevine. Having retired from wrestling, she works for half-adult-half-wrestling-promotion LFC. She tweeted two years ago that she regretted accepting those offers, though.

6 Buff Bagwell

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Not every New World Order member goes on to lead a respectable life off the merchandise sales. A few have made showing up at every wrestling convention their gimmick in desperate attempts to earn money the hard way while a few have made uncommon career choices. Buff Bagwell isn’t very interested in making buttons off his wrestling fame as he has elected to cash in on his being buff.

A gigolo for a popular escort company named Cowboys 4 Angels, he recently signed a six-figure contract with Vivid Entertainment, who are known for showing interest in signing former wrestling stars. While most other wrestlers on this list only resorted to adult entertainment as their last resort, this seems to have been his first-choice post-wrestling career as he has been hooking up with women with his wife’s permission.

5 Mickie James

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Mickie James is easily women’s wrestling’s Chris Jericho. She continues to wrestle and sing at an age most wrestlers only show up at WrestleMania Axxess though she’s done one thing The Ayotolla of Rock and Rolla hasn’t – posing naked. Before signing for WWE, she, much like every other budding wrestler, was keen not to die of starvation. As a result, she accepted almost every offer she received from adult companies, which demanded she remained in compromising positions with male models for photographers to click pictures.

After reaching the pinnacle of women’s wrestling, she hasn’t even posed for Playboy. Married to struggling wrestler Magnus, she will likely never return to adult entertainment, especially with her giving birth to a baby boy three years ago.

4 Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler definitely had a risque gimmick early on in his post-Spirit Squad career. Given his ability ‘to sell moves’, it was only a matter of time before adult companies came calling. Before Ziggler’s WrestleMania 31 Intercontinental Championship ladder match in 2015, Brazzers promised to dedicate a scene to him; however, with his losing, the promise never came to fruition. The wrestler himself revealed banteringly on Fox Sports that the global leader in adult entertainment offered him a $10,000 deal. They duly followed up a couple of months later as they tweeted that their offer was still on if he wasn’t extending his contract with WWE. Much to the dismay of many, he turned down the offer to remain a perennial loser inside the squared circle while he could have been a winner in numerous different positions.

3 Sunny

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Every wrestler on this list announced their accepting or receiving an offer lowkey, but the perpetual sensationalist Sunny definitely did it differently. She made a fuss about signing a six-digit contract with Vivid Entertainment in January 2016. She marketed her professional pornography debut superbly as The Sun, World News, TMZ, Forbes and the likes picked up the story. Sunny Side Up: In Through The Backdoor became a hit as old wrestling fans ordered their copies of the film as soon as it was out.

However, it wasn’t the first contract she had signed with an adult entertainment company as she had inked numerous minor deals before her breakthrough. She had even did Skype sessions with her fans for pennies before becoming a full-fledged adult star.

2 Chyna

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We’ve read stories of the industry saving lives, but its erratic nature has the potency to ruin lives as well. Chyna, a vulnerable individual, let the industry reduce her to misery and drug addiction in the wake of her WWE exit. A toxic relationship with Sean Waltman saw her release her tape with him through Red Light District Video; the company sold numerous copies, but she took five years before she made her return to the industry.

Desperate for money, the former Intercontinental Champion acted in four full-length films in four years before retiring in 2013. She was a Vivid Entertainment mainstay as the company found a imposing female and a celebrity in her; she performed as She-Hulk in Avengers parodies thanks to her hulking physique.

1 CM Punk

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You read it right. Following his WWE departure, he has signed numerous contracts, including ones with MTV and UFC. However, one huge job offer he rejected came from one of the biggest companies in the world today – Dolph Ziggler’s best pal, Brazzers. Many social media profiles were commenting on his exit when Brazzers chimed in, claiming their interest in signing the former WWE Champion. Brazzers tweeted, “Hey, CM Punk, since you're no longer doing the whole wrestling thing, do you want to do p***? We can even listen to Minor Threat the entire time.”

The self-professed jerk never responded to their offer, though. It wasn’t Brazzers’ head honchos making the claim as it’s obvious that it was their social media interns who were fishing for retweets.

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