Top 15 Wrestlers Who Have Allegedly Had Plastic Surgery

Everyone knows that to make it to the big stage, it is extremely important to have that “look”. It’s true for a lot of sports, really. You will hear a scout say “he looks like a future star”. Most of

Everyone knows that to make it to the big stage, it is extremely important to have that “look”. It’s true for a lot of sports, really. You will hear a scout say “he looks like a future star”. Most of that is, of course, based on them performing on the field or in the ring. For instance, someone could have watched Brock Lesnar or Kurt Angle as an amateur wrestler and declared “they look like future stars”. And that’s fine and all that, but when it comes to sports entertainment specifically, when they talk about the “look”, it doesn’t just mean how they pull off moves.

No, the look is the aesthetics. The height. The weight. The hair. The curves (hey, the women count here too!). It used to be that, for a wrestler to really get that stereotypical look, the one that everyone swears Vince McMahon lusted for, you’d more than likely have to use weights, bottles and needles to achieve the full measure of success. I mean, there’s absolutely a reason why there was a McMahon steroid trial, and countless wrestlers before, during and since have either confessed to abusing performance enhancing drugs or have been busted for them. There’s always going to be a quest to have that nearly mythical “perfect body”, because for every average looking guy who makes it to the top (and we are looking right at the now-retired Daniel Bryan), WWE will give us plenty of larger than life guys (Roman Reigns, Dave Batista and the list goes on). I mean, at least champions like Kevin Owens or Dean Ambrose are a bit more typical in terms of body composition. But, for what cannot be achieved (fast enough or well enough) in a gym, there’s another resort.

This one still involves needles and drugs, but is legal and accepted. Yes, my friends, I’m talking about plastic surgery. And there are plenty of stars who have either admitted to having it, or who so clearly had it, there’s no real point in asking them. So let’s run down that list, shall we?

15 Stacy Keibler

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You might think this one is iffy, and I don’t necessarily disagree, And, for what it’s worth, this allegedly did not happen until her post-World Wrestling Entertainment career. The one-time Nitro dancer and Miss Hancock was always one of the most gorgeous women to have ever graced a wrestling ring. Her legs went on for miles, and she was the source of many dreams, no doubt. So would she have needed plastic surgery? Did she have it? So far as I can tell, she hasn’t admitted to it, and while she was active in ring, I don’t think she needed it. Folks have speculated she had various enhancements done after the fact, since age and motherhood may have taken a toll, and sometimes going under the knife is easier or more effective. It’s not impossible to imagine she’s had her breasts done, as well as a supposed nose job, and the ever-popular Botox.

14 Jerry Lawler


Kings don’t have plastic surgery, do they? They do when they can afford it, or when they are vain. Not saying Jerry is shallow, but most cases of plastic surgery sort of depend on the customer having insecurities, or having major vanity issues. In fact, most surgeons bank on that. But, this is not about judging. So why is Lawler on the list? Some of it is speculation, because almost no one likes to admit they have had work done. A lot of it is common sense and trusting our eyes, because for a man in his sixties, man does Jerry look great. Especially, in his case, his face. Many observant folks have chosen to point out that, in spite of his age, his lifestyle and his profession, his face is like that of a man half his age. Now, when you spend (or, spent) a lot of time in front of a camera, and your face was an asset, well, it’s understandable why you’d want to keep it looking it’s best.

13 Lita


This one is almost undeniable, though to my knowledge there’s no formal admission of any procedures either-so take this with a grain of salt, if you will. However, all that being said, there are plenty of folks who have noticed that if you look at Lita before she got to be a big star during the Attitude Era, and then looked at her as she was at her peak, they have done a convincing job of showing demonstrable changes to her physical appearance. A nip here, a tuck there, perhaps some assets became a bit bigger to play up her sex appeal? Hey, she would not be the first, or last, woman in World Wrestling Entertainment to have it done. And, whatever she had done, I don’t think anyone watching her complained one iota.

12 Cody Rhodes

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I know plenty of ladies loved Cody Rhodes while the son of the American Dream called World Wrestling Entertainment rings his home. Nice guy, good looking, successful. What’s not to like? Well, Cody had some issues with his teeth (most wrestlers do, really. Call it an occupational hazard). And, since he was finding success in his young career, with success comes a bit of financial flexibility. Meaning, you have a chance to afford things that were previously financially out of your reach. Like, say, fixing your chompers, as work on your pearly whites can be obscenely expensive. So, right around the time of his main roster debut, he had his teeth all fixed up and made pretty for the cameras, and the rest, as they say, is history.

11 Stephanie McMahon

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Augmentation so apparent, even a blind man could have seen it. And, she openly discussed the surgery too, going so far as to discuss it on a national radio show, and later on (more recently) she also discussed the procedure on a podcast with Chris Jericho. As she explained it to Jericho, her decision was a purely personal one. She reasoned that, at the time, she had lost a bunch of weight and was not happy with how certain things looked, because sometimes things don’t always go where you want them when you lose weight. So she decided she would have the rest surgically adjusted, if you will. She did her homework, and explained her decision to her mother. Once Linda understood it and felt her daughter was making an informed decision, Stephanie went forward and had it done. Now, everyone is just used to them.

10 The Big Show

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What? A guy? A male superstar? Hell yes a male superstar, and while Big Show is the first active Superstar on this list, he will not be the last. So what on Earth could the World’s Largest Athlete have had done? I am glad you asked. So one item I will post here is the easy one, and it is fully considered to be a cosmetic procedure. If you compare facial pictures, it looks pretty certain that he had some manner of face lift performed in the last few years. Someone as large as he is, any weight fluctuation could make a big change, so getting tightened up isn’t a bad idea, and is a relatively minor procedure. Additionally, and I don’t fully consider this to be plastic or cosmetic, is that Big Show is believed to have had surgery to address a pituitary tumor, common in men of his size, which contributes to him being the giant that he is, but if not treated, can lead to risky health complications.

9 Torrie Wilson

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As you often see with famous people, you will get the dirt sheets speculating about who has had what done, because there is “no way they are just that hot”. This happened to Torrie, primarily during her time dating former Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez. According to some doctors providing armchair analysis, even though Wilson works out (she’s a noted fitness buff, with her own fitness program to boot), clearly she’s had her breasts done, along with other work such as a nose job and other enhancements to make her look younger. Now, did she? I don’t believe she has ever admitted to it, nor would she need to. For me, this one falls into the “maybe” camp, but I will add this. Having seen the WWE Network “where are they now” piece on her and about her fitness brand, I’d say that even if she did have the surgery, so what? She was smokin’ hot before any alleged surgery, so if anything it might have just made her hotter.

8 The Rock

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What do you mean, The Rock had plastic surgery?! Absolutely he did. Now, some of this is speculation, but some of this has been effectively confirmed, and he was teased about it in promos during his time as an active wrestler. So, first, the speculation. If you ask people that look at him now, in 2017, versus way back when he was young Rocky Maivia, they see obvious changes. But, even if he hadn’t had some cosmetic alterations, you’d see changes-age, tattoos and an absolutely insane (and well-chronicled) workout regimen. But there will be those that swear he’s had some additional surgical help to make him look so absolutely jacked. I say maybe, but probably not. But one thing he had done, and he was ribbed for it, was his man-boob job. Thanks to his Samoan heritage and genetics, some things are predisposed to be large, and nothing is so un-tough-looking as a tough guy with moobs. So, way before he became a Hollywood star, he had them surgically addressed.

7 Chyna

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This one is perhaps the absolute easiest one on the list. The late Chyna has, on many occasions, admitted to multiple enhancements. For one, as mentioned on Beyond The Mat, she had made the decision to have her jaw line restructured to help her look more feminine-no doubt a response to the rumors and innuendo that had dogged her for years that, due to her size and physique as a passionate bodybuilder, people often insinuated that she was actually a man, or was a man, or was transitioning. Yes, people can be cruel. In addition to the work on her face, it is also known that she opted for breast implants to help things out too, because why not. The only downside to this was that, during a match, as the story goes, one of her implants actually ruptured. That could not have been fun.

6 Buff Bagwell


This is partly sad, but mostly funny. I mean, in hindsight, it’s pretty much all funny really. I remember hearing it and laughing out loud, though I can admit it would be scary at the time (though, it’s also a surgery I did not even know existed, and had I had a friend who wanted calf implants, I have a feeling I would have teased him about it). So, Bagwell, jacked up as he was, was not happy with his calves and how they looked. So naturally, rather than keep working out, he opted for surgery to achieve the look he wanted. Except that, once the implants were in, he was having issues feeling his feet. A week after they went in, they came out. Had they stayed in longer, he might have lost his legs due to circulation issues. But yes, Buff Bagwell had calf implants.

5 Eva Marie


Sadly for Eva Marie, there is no surgery that she can undergo that would make fans like her. But, plastic surgery could be a move in the right direction, right? Doubtful in her case, because she was just so horrible. But, part of why she got where she got was not on her God given, all-natural talents. Nope, as we learned on Total Divas (as if there was really any doubt), she had previously had breast augmentation done. This was confirmed a couple seasons back on Total Divas when she actually had an implant rupture and needed to have it removed and replaced. On the one hand, we can be glad her health crisis was averted and her assets were restored. But yet again, there’s not a doctor on Earth who can make fans want to see her wrestle.

4 Chavo Guerrero


This one is not nearly as noticed as others, but Chavo Guerrero had hair plugs, Not joking, not kidding, he actually had the hair transplant procedure done. Now, it’s funny because, if you look at his head of hair, it’s not exactly like he’s walking around with a head of hair like, say, Dolph Ziggler. And that is AFTER he had the procedure done, so one can only imagine how much worse it would have been if he had actually skipped the plugs and just stuck with the natural look. The fact that he had it done actually gets even more humorous when you consider that he actually was in advertisements for the procedure, performed by renowned Bosley. He and other athletes pushed the procedure, though sadly it was done a while ago, so long that it’s no longer on the company website.

3 Brie Bella


Ah, you can’t have this topic without the Bellas. And, don’t worry fans, sister Nikki is on this list too! She “only” seems to have had a nose job, based on some photos of when she was in high school, versus when she began to become the World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar and one of the main stars of Total Divas. Now, me personally, I didn’t think she needed it done, but she did have it and it certainly did not make her any less pretty, I’ll tell you that much. But where other women go for the obvious enhancements, like making their breasts or butt bigger, she has apparently avoided all those options. Honestly, she doesn’t need the work done (especially now with a baby on the way).

2 Vince McMahon


This one is largely based on speculation and investigative comparisons of various pictures. Plus, just looking at him and saying he looks tremendous as compared with other men his age. And, let’s be honest, he really does look good for his age, or any age really. He works out a lot, he has previously taken certain “vitamins”, so he has shown a willingness to do things necessary to play into his vanity. Appearances are important to Mr. McMahon, so is it really that hard to believe that he did indeed have a facelift to help him look younger? It’s not. This speculation comes in part from an appearance on a RAW in the late 2000s. Vince showed up, without much explanation, with a couple black eyes and people put two and two together, and have before and after shots to support it. Now, he’s never admitted to it, and he never will probably, but I would totally believe McMahon would go to those lengths.

1 Nikki Bella

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Now, where you have Brie, you must have Nikki too. And, because these siblings are twins, when one has work done and one doesn’t, it does tend to make it easier to spot. And this is the case for some of Nikki’s surgery. Like her sister Brie, she also had rhinoplasty at some point, but unlike Brie, Nikki did not stop there. Nope, instead, Nikki opted for breast augmentation surgery too, and it was noticeable. She might not have had them blown up to mammoth proportions, but when you constantly were coming to the ring with your twin sister, and she stayed natural, your enhancements become glaringly obvious. Not that those who were glaring minded, of course. I am actually surprised she hasn’t yet regretted them, considering how much wrestling she’s done of late, but she seems happy with them, so what do I know?

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Top 15 Wrestlers Who Have Allegedly Had Plastic Surgery