Top 15 Wrestlers Who Look Amazing For Their Age

They are not getting any younger, but these WWE superstars are still big names thanks to the work they did in their prime. Some are still in their prime, actually. This article will take a look at 15 wrestlers who, despite their years, can still throw down in the ring.

In WWE, and professional wrestling as a whole, retirement due to age is a bit different when compared to other sports. Many wrestlers retire well into their 40s. Some continue into their 50s. In other professional sports, athletes who hit 30 start thinking about seeking another vocation. It is at this age that the body starts to slow down and sprinting and jumping gets a lot harder than it was in the early days.

Professional wrestlers (more so in WWE) are a special breed of athletes. Thirty for most is the beginning of the peak years. Forty is when many (especially those at the very top) start thinking of retirement. Many others don’t even start thinking of retirement until they are into their late forties, and rightly so. Look at Mark Henry and the Big Show, for example. They are well into their forties and even though their booking doesn’t show it, they can still mix it up with the very best.

We will now take a look at the top 15 wrestlers who look amazing for their age; not just by their looks, but by their in-ring ability and their former and current accolades. A mention must go out to Sting, who is approaching 60 and officially retired only earlier this year at the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Here are the top 15 wrestlers who look amazing for their age.

15 Kofi Kingston - 34

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Now, 34 years old is hardly pensioner age. But, at 34, should Kofi still be performing like he’s 24? That goes to show the extent of his conditioning and ability. Kofi, currently, has the record of the total combined number of days he has been WWE Tag Team Champion. He has won the title with CM Punk, Evan Bourne, R-Truth, and Big E and Xavier Woods. He has also won the United States Championship three times and the Intercontinental Championship four times. This gives him 12 total titles in WWE. If that is not a genuine future Hall of Famer, what is?

At 34, Kofi is still at the prime of his career with The New Day, and is capable of a whole lot more. Knowing WWE, unfortunately, he may never be WWE World Heavyweight Champion though.

14 Randy Orton - 36

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Many agree with the fact that at his best, Randy Orton is perhaps the best performer in WWE. Sure, there are others like Cesaro and Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens who could stake their claim for that title. But, let us not forget that Orton has been around for over a decade and is still only 36—then again, 36 is not quite the age of a wunderkind. He won his first ever World Heavyweight Championship at 24 and has only gone on an upward trajectory since. In fact, his star doesn’t look close to fading. Randy Orton, the last person to hold the World Heavyweight Championship before its unification with the WWE Championship, is a 12-time World Champion and has a place in the WWE Hall of Fame right next to his kin.

Even at 36, Randy can still be regarded as one of the very best in WWE today.

13 Samoa Joe - 37

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In the minds of many, he probably should have made his WWE debut sooner. It is hard to tell where he might have been now if he did. Perhaps he would be somewhere on the level of John Cena, or perhaps he would be somewhere on the level of Adam Rose. The fact is he is now in NXT and is the champion there. He is, arguably, the best talent over there (and that is saying a lot because NXT is white hot with talented wrestlers). But, Samoa Joe is 37 years old. He still has many good years in him, but how often can he fight at the very top of WWE on a consistent basis? Still, Samoa Joe has never looked better, even at 37.

12 AJ Styles - 38

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In WWE, unlike most other sports, being 38 is more or less prime-age. AJ Styles is nearly 40 but you would not be remise thinking he is ten years younger. He is easily one of the most talented stars in WWE today. He moves like Seth Rollins but seems as experienced as Triple H. AJ Styles is the definition of a guy who looks amazing for his age in WWE. It won’t be too long until he holds some title in WWE at this rate. Hopefully he can stay around for a while.

11 Brock Lesnar - 38

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He comes, he conquers, he leaves. That is Brock Lesnar’s modus operandi and is what makes him such a draw. He is not quite an old man. He is still only 38 and has at least six good years in him at the top of WWE before he can think of hanging up his MMA-style gear. The problem with Brock in his last few matches is that it seems all he can do is deliver one suplex after another and then finally F5, win, and then leave. The best match he has had since his 2012 return was against CM Punk at SummerSlam 2013. He actually had a really good match, and that shows that he can still wrestle with the very best.

Since that match, Brock has faced The Undertaker a bunch of times (breaking the Streak at WrestleMania 30), John Cena, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. So, 38 for Brock is nothing but a number because much like AJ Styles earlier, he can still take on the very best.

10 John Cena - 39

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He is only one year removed from 40, yet John Cena is still regarded as the face of WWE. For more than a decade, John Cena has been the company’s franchise player. He has been the go-to guy whenever WWE have needed a big match. He’s the guy anyone hoping to make a name for himself simply must beat. Edge, Batista, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins have all beaten John Cena on their way to WWE superstardom.

John Cena is still referred to as “The Champ” whether or not he is actually holding any title, simply because regardless of how many times we sing, “John Cena sucks,”, he is still the biggest name currently performing full-time in WWE. Don’t deny that you were happy to see him at WrestleMania 32. At 39, John Cena is still the guy (regardless of what Roman Reigns thinks).

9 R-Truth - 44

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It is easy to look at R-Truth today and wonder what might have been. In an ideal world, Truth would have won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on multiple occasions (or at least even once). All he has to his name in WWE is a U.S. title and Tag Team title. That is not nearly enough for a man who can proudly say he is the first ever African American NWA World Heavyweight Champion; a title that has been held by the likes of Jerry Lawler and Ric Flair.

At 44 years old, R-Truth is definitely on the older side of the locker room. He is a hell of an entertainer, though, and can still wrestle like a young man.

8 Mark Henry - 44

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We call him the World’s Strongest Man for a reason. Do not be fooled by his 44 years and terrible booking. Mark Henry is still a very capable WWE Superstar. Take a quick look at his list of accolades and you will understand why he is such a star. Perhaps he is a bigger star outside WWE than within, seeing that he has only ever been World Heavyweight Champion in WWE once before, and that was in 2011—many years after his WWE debut. If WWE wanted, they could book Mark as the destroyer he was in 2011 and he’d still be very convincing. His job these days seems to be to put people over, and that is not such a bad thing for a WWE veteran.

7 The Rock - 44

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Technically, he’s not so much a part-time wrestler as he is semi-retired. Still, whenever he steps in the ring, even if it is just to talk, he can electrify a crowd like no one else can. He has wrestled John Cena and CM Punk twice apiece since 2012, he has wrestled R-Truth and The Miz, and has also wrestled Erick Rowan (at WrestleMania, no less). In each of those matches, with the exception of Erick Rowan, he has gone toe-to-toe with his opponent and proven he can still go (even though he is definitely not The Rock of old). As for Erick Rowan, Rock beat him in all of six seconds at WrestleMania 32 so that doesn’t really count much.

As a draw, though, Rock is still the very biggest in WWE. So, 44 years old or not, Rock still has it.

6 The Big Show - 44

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Most people don’t quite understand how hard it is to be the Big Show. At seven feet tall and 450 pounds, Big Show is the biggest man in WWE and one of the longest serving wrestlers. He made his debut in WWE in 1999 and has not relented since. He has 23 titles in total between in WCW and WWE days, easily making him one of the most decorated WWE stars in history. It is definitely not easy to consistently perform at such a high level. So, at 44 years of age, the Big Show looks pretty darn good. He can still throw down with Braun Strowman in a strongman battle or do a big man versus little man battle against Neville.

5 Chris Jericho - 45

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The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla is as big a name as any in the world of professional wrestling. In WCW, WWE and ECW, Chris Jericho has won a total of 31 titles. Chris Jericho is highly decorated in WWE and by the time he calls it a career, he will be remembered fondly. He will definitely get a Hall of Fame ring to go with that scarf Dean Ambrose likes so much. In recent years, he has been putting people over with losses at WrestleMania and other big events, although he did beat AJ Styles at WrestleMania 32. Chris Jericho can still wrestle with the very best even at 45 years old. So, despite a little guy, he still looks pretty amazing for his age.

4 Triple H - 46

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The COO and main-eventer of many a WrestleMania has reached an age where even if he weren’t the COO, he would not be able to wrestle at the top level week after week. Triple H is 46 years old and has an impressive list of accomplishments attached to his name. He has won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on 14 different occasions (currently two times removed from the record). At 46, Triple H can still wrestle with the best, as he proved at the 2016 Royal Rumble, at Roadblock and at WrestleMania. He just signed a wrestler's contract extension, so it's very likely he'll still be wrestling at 50 years old.

3 Goldust - 47

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Goldust is a fan favourite. He is an enigmatic character and an even better wrestler. Consider that, and then consider that he is 47 years old. Not only does he still have that wonderful ability to entertain a crowd at any time (his tag team drama with R-Truth being one of them), he can still give pretty good matches. It has been a while since we have seen Goldust in a high profile match, but look back a couple of years ago to his partnership with Cody Rhodes (and then later Stardust) if you are in search of amazing recent Goldust matches. So, even at this age, we know Goldust can still deliver.

2 Kane - 49

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Glenn Jacobs is 49 years old. In many other sports disciplines, he would be long retired. But in WWE, he is still around. He is a bonafide Hall of Fame inductee-elect. He debuted in 1997 in WWE as the demon monster who also happened to be the little brother of that other monster, the Undertaker. Two years earlier, he debuted in WWE as a bunch of different characters, including a villainous dentist. Kane has been a cornerstone of WWE for many, many years but you get the feeling that he must be winding down such a wonderful storied career soon. Just recently, he battled Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship, and he battled Daniel Bryan for the same title not long before that. He is still a pretty good worker, even in his advanced years. Perhaps the best booking for him now would be as a part-timer, but a total monster like he was in the Attitude Era.

1 The Undertaker - 51

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At 51 years of age, the Undertaker is old enough to be Paige’s dad. The Undertaker is a WWE legend. We can all agree on that. Perhaps the only accolade in professional wrestling bigger than his 21-0 WrestleMania streak is Brock Lesnar’s victory over him at WrestleMania XXX. He may be a part time wrestler at the moment, but he is no less a superstar. Whenever that bell tolls, you know something ominous is coming, even though that something ominous is 51 years old. The Undertaker has been in WWE since 1990, making him the longest serving wrestler in the company. Any match that involves The Undertaker is a big one. He sits atop our list because despite his age, his is still a much brighter star than anyone else’s.

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