Top 15 Wrestlers Who Love Firearms

Over the years we’ve heard many stories from the old timers of when Superstars would carry loaded handguns in case of an altercation or for their own personal protection. Nowadays it’s strictly prohibited in regards to carrying a concealed weapon during a live event unlike the olden days. However, many WWE Superstars are actually pro-gun and you’ll be shocked by some of the entrants listed below. This list will show WWE Superstars that have guns for shooting at a range, hunting, and for their own personal protection.

In this article, we will look at these wrestlers and attempt to figure out just why they love their guns so much. While gun rights are always a hot button issues, there are a number of different reason as to why these wrestlers enjoy holding weapons. With that, we now take a look at 15 wrestlers who have a love of firearms.

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15 Stone Cold Steve Austin

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He is a massive advocate for hunting or just range shooting in general and is not afraid one bit to discuss the matter on his podcast with either friends of fans alike about guns, ammo, deer blinds, the whole lot. Mainly into deer hunting, Stone Cold Steve Austin actually owns a Ranch in the south of Texas which is literally in the middle of nowhere. Annually Austin will make his 1500 mile trip to the Broken Skull Range for deer hunting alongside his brothers and game keeper Ted Fowler. Austin isn’t into trophy hunting as much as normal hunting. He just like to shoot things in general, rats, ducks, snakes, he does it all. Weekly he’ll update on his shooting escapades on his podcast and even have fans ring in and ask him questions on his favourite spots to shoot from and his favourite guns to use while hunting.

14 Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar is one of the toughest guys around, in either WWE of UFC. Lesnar is a huge fan of trophy hunting mule deer and whitetail buck hunting. A few years back he was part of a documentary program on Trophy Hunters Alberta, were he was filmed hunting buck and mule deer. The conditions were horrendous and covered all types of terrain. During the first part of the program he decided not to shoot a 3x3 buck and regretted instantly, missing out on a white tail on the second day (however a few weeks later he went back to the same spot, shot the buck and kept the antlers). Then finally later in the day he shot a five point buck and headed home. Whether you like him or hate him, Brock Lesnar can do it all it seems, even with that bushman beard.

13 Randy Orton

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After graduating high school in 1998, Randy Orton enlisted with the United States Marine Corp. He probably had one of the worst reputations in his platoon, being in trouble for drinking, his attitude, and disobeying orders from his peers. The thing is he’s also brought that attitude and behaviour into the WWE. He received a bad conduct discharge and had to spend 38 days in a military prison. Orton is more of a semi-automatic handgun guy. This was all based on his time in the military. He’s also a fan of assault rifles and is pictured in many photos holding them. One thing Orton doesn’t do is shoot bucks or whitetail deer as his preferred method of shooting basically targets. The thing is, Orton is a wildcard. Put a gun in the hands of that wildcard and who knows what may happen next.

12 John Cena

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John Cena is one of the most patriotic wrestlers both inside and outside the ring. His work alongside the US Marine Corps has been going on for years and is a massive hit with the troops. His goal in life before being one of the biggest Superstars of all time was to go into the military, however, Cena would find a passion for bodybuilding and as we know, then moved into professional wrestling. He is an advocate for shows such as Tribute to the Troops and is always on the tours to any military camps where he takes part in shooting and assault courses. John Cena is pro-gun despite not owning a handgun personally. This is due to the US Marines and the way to serve and protect the country of the United States of America.

11 Shawn Michaels

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The one and only Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels is a massive advocate of guns. He even has his own television show called Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures. Now Michaels covers all kind of hunting from wild buffalo, gators, fish, and much more. Michaels is more of a bow hunter and is often filmed using his bow. The show itself shows The Heartbreak Kid in some of the wildest terrains and how to Hunt in those conditions. He also offers tips and hints on how to hunt on his after show program where techniques are discussed on certain shooting theories. Now that Shawn has stepped away from WWE he can concentrate on what he loves to do and that’s shooting. And to be honest he’s very good. There are also videos on YouTube of Michaels and Austin hunting together at the Broken Skull Ranch and at Shawn Michaels' range out in San Antonio Texas.

10 Jesse Ventura

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Now before becoming the Governor of Minnesota and a former WWE wrestler and colour commentator alongside Vince McMahon, The Body served in the United States Navy from December 1969 to September 1975, as a member of the Under Water Demolition Team during the Vietnam War. Since leaving as Governor, Jesse Ventura actually holds a gun license and carries it around with him. He has a gun safe at home which is filled with handguns, shotguns, and ammo. Jesse Ventura is certainly pro-gun and I think if he had it his way all American’s would walk around with guns. He attends shooting ranges on a regular basis and he’s not afraid to explain how pro-gun he is. To be fair to him, he has a good case. If Jesse Ventura ever got into the White House then God help Americans.

9 Mr. Kennedy/Anderson

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Mr. Kennedy graduated from Washington High School in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Before leaving for the United States Army, Kennedy served for the United States Army and was about to enlist full time until he  saw Stone Cold Steve Austin on an episode of Monday Night Raw and decided to pursue a full time career as a professional wrestler. Kennedy now Mr. Anderson in TNA is a fond lover of pistols and assault rifles. When interviewed on podcasts he has sometimes opened up to his love for shooting. Plus on the set of the WWE film of Behind Enemy Lines Columbia he was very hands on with the on screen fight scenes and took a huge interest in the guns that were being used in production.

8 Kevin Nash

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When the big seven foot tall Kevin Nash finished his pro basketball career, he enlisted in the 202nd police company in Giessen, Germany and served in a secure native facility for two years and obtained in those two years the rank of specialist. Specialist is a military rank within some countries armed forces. Specialist in the US Military is one of the four junior ranks. This rank is above private first class and has a salary similar to corporal. However,  specialists are junior non-commissioned officer which in the military means NCO. These days Nash still tours around different countries for wrestling reasons and when at home does take the time to shoot at his local shooting range as its one of his favourite past times. A semi-automatic is one of Nash’s chosen guns. This also helps him to be sharp with guns as he also uses them (obviously with blanks) on current film projects he’s working on.

7 Perry Saturn

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The Mop loving Radical Perry Saturn enlisted in the United States Army for four years from the age of 17, before he embarked on his professional wrestling career. Saturn worked extremely hard while in the military and became an elite US Army airborne ranger. Saturn was once involved in an altercation outside his local convenience store where he and a friend were out buying cigarettes when both men were approached by a guy asking them if he could have a cigarette. Saturn didn’t smoke but his friend John did, so naturally he gave the guy a cigarette. The guy then pulled out a gun of both men and told them to hand over their money as well. Both refused and John stuck his finger in the barrel of the gun, thinking that if the guy pulled the trigger it would explode just like you see IN the Bugs Bunny cartoons. Saturn noticed the guy didn’t have his finger on the trigger and tackled him taking him to the ground. The robber was arrested. Moments after the arrest Perry explained to John that his idea wouldn’t of work. However, John’s reply was “well I didn’t know if the robber knew that.” Now Perry has licensed guns on his property in a safe for his own protection.

6 The Iron Sheik

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Who doesn’t like the outspoken bumbling Iron Sheik? Well, did you know that The Iron Sheik was actually born in Turan and served as a solider for the Iranian Army? The Iron Sheik decided to take up wrestling and his character portrayal of an army general was pretty close to his previous job alongside Col. Mustafa. Sheik was part of the Iranian Army as a cadet and lived on the Iranian base but not on the front line. He was only in the Iranian Army for a brief part of his life and quickly made his transition to the world of professional wrestling where he has become a legend in his own rights. In regards to pro-gun, he certainly is an advocate. Due to his health conditions now he’s actually not allowed a gun in his possession which to be honest is a great thing.

5 Verne Gagne

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The great Verne Gagne served in the United States Marine Corps from May 1944 to Auguts 1946. He also served as a leatherneck for a year at the end of World War II. He went back to University and started his legendary wrestling career. Gagne epitomizes the word legend in professional wrestling. Many current Superstars were influenced by Gagne. The thing was, whatever Gagne decided he was going to do he was a natural at it. He was an accomplished football player, wrestler, and marine. As a US Marine, Gagne was able to turn his hand to many different aspects of military requests, from his marksmanship in shooting and his discipline. Gagne was thought very highly by his colleagues and piers. After he left the US Marines, Gagne took his love of guns and had many rifles and handguns in his home under lock and key.

4 Dutch Mantell

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Dutch Mantell graduated for Walhalla High School in South Carolina. Unlike most of this list, he was drafted into military service where he underwent basic training at Ft Jackson, South Carloina, before being signed to US Army’s 25th Infantry Division. Mantel is a very outspoken individual and is not afraid to speak on his beliefs and his mind. Even though he does make random comments regarding the way the country is run, he did 100% serve in the Vietnam War for a year. When the WWE brought back Mantel as Zeb Colter to manage Jack Swagger, he was actually portraying himself when on the mic, which to me made the character even better. Mantel doesn’t shoot any more but he does have an extensive collection of rifles and handguns.

3 Road Dogg

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Following in his father’s footsteps, the Road Dogg enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. His tenure lasted from 1987 to 1993, partaking in operation Desert Storm in 1991, where he was a platoon sergeant in charge of 33 United States Marines. The Road Dogg is known for being the mouthpiece of WWE tag team The New Age Outlaws. His father, WWE Hall of Famer Bob “Bullet” Armstrong was also in the military. The Road Dogg made his professional wrestling debut in 1986 as he was coming to the end of his military career. It was one or the other for the Road Dogg. As we saw, he chose professional wrestling and if you cast your mind back to the older WWE days, the commentators would always mention the time that the Road Dogg spent in the military. Nowadays the Road Dogg owns one handgun which is on his property. He’s one of the WWE’s top agents and it would be bad if he carried a concealed weapon during tapings.

2 Sgt. Slaughter

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His peers gave him the nickname “Sgt. Slaughter.” The persona was easy to work into his wrestling career and the hard hitting, tough, Marine drill instructor was unleashed into the WWE. Slaughter graduated Eden Prairie High School and joined straight up into the United States Marine Corps from the age of 16. He enlisted and became one of the toughest drill instructors that Parris Island, North Carolina had ever seen. He was part of the 25th Infantry and made a name for himself. He was promoted to Sargent in the US Marine Corps and soon left to pursue his career as a professional wrestler. Slaughter is another Superstar who is always a part of the Tribute to Troops show and accompanies other WWE Superstars on tours of US bases. His love for guns will always show when on base and it’s been said he’s always enjoyed a shooting competition with fellow service men and women alongside fellow WWE Superstars.

1 Maryse 

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Although Maryse was not involved or served time in the military, she is possibly one of the biggest pro-guns Superstars in WWE. After an intruder was captured on her home security system, she and fellow WWE Superstar Eva Marie took it upon themselves to go and learn how to use handguns. The whole event was captured on Total Divas and it showed the whole incident. However, they made it out to the viewers that her husband, The Miz was totally against the idea of buying a handgun for protection. Maryse didn’t follow her husband’s wishes and decided t buy a handgun behind his back. During the episode you saw the altercation between the pair in regards to buying a gun, until The Miz agreed to get one but she’d already bought one. This is now one of two licensed handguns that Maryse owns.

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