Top 15 Wrestlers Who May Actually Be Psychopaths

Mental disorders are a major concern, especially when the disorder affects the persons around the 'affected' person. Psychopathy is one such mental disorder that completely ruins the souls of the people around the psychopath. Characteristic features of psychopaths are discussed throughout this article. Psychopathy is not given the due attention it needs; legend has it that psychopaths ruin lives and mental health of individuals more than any other ailment. As identifying a psychopath is as easy as guessing the first name of a person you have never met, psychopaths tend to enjoy much liberty while physically and mentally tormenting their victims.

Estimates suggest that at least 1% of the United States population shows adverse psychopathic tendencies, while the rate rises up to 4% in celebrities and people belonging to higher walks of life. Given the alarming rate, odds are that your childhood hero is a psychopath, who appears likable on the television screen but is a horrible person behind the mask. While Kane, Snitsky, Bubba Ray Dudley, and many others have portrayed psychopaths on the WWE television, this article takes the real life of the wrestlers into consideration. The list begins with the least psychopathic wrestler and ends with the most psychopathic individual.

Disclaimer: This article is speculative, and the motive of the writer is not to disparage the wrestlers or damage their repute. This article is solely written for entertainment purposes, but we would insist you on looking psychopathy up as doing so would help you escape the attempts of psychopaths who target random individuals often merely for the thrill of it.

As always feel free to leave us a comment in the section below, and let us know if we forgot any psychopaths on this list. Truth be told, you probably may guess number one, but that may be it in the top five!

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16 Bill Goldberg

via wwe.com

Psychopaths tend to boast a high level of self-importance and often believe they are the best in the world at what they do. Although it was WCW's move to hand Bill Goldberg that ludicrous winning streak, he has never been able to deal with the post-glory days. Many smarks believe that his insistence on being handed his WCW-esque push is the reason why he has never been close to being employed by the McMahons after his infamous departure from the company in 2004. Though his personality can be mooted more as narcissistic than as psychopathic, he does possess certain psychopathic traits.

15 Ric Flair

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Estimates suggest that one in 20 persons in show business is a psychopath. According to the grapevine, being a psychopath aids in ensuring longevity in show business. Ric Flair has been in the business for longer than most other wrestlers have been alive. While equally gifted wrestlers have disappeared, the fact that he is still on live television makes one wonder whether he could be one. In addition, he has been married four times; allegedly, he has also had intercourse with numerous female talents on the road.

14 John Bradshaw Layfield


Hardcore Holly alleges that John Bradshaw Layfield managed to get his undeserved push in light of helping Vince McMahon in the stock market. While his allegations sound far-fetched, there should be a reason why an aging mid-carder (at best) was able to hold the World Heavyweight Championship. In addition, he has been known to be an imbecile, who bullied young wrestlers with homoerotic antics. Despite being widely regarded as a horrible person, his fake charm has helped him carve an incredible career by being a horrible commentator and a mediocre in-ring performer.

13 Randy Orton

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The on-screen Randy Orton is undoubtedly psychopathic. Many in the know parties speculate that his real life character is slightly similar to the gimmick he portrays. He apparently cherishes badmouthing his colleagues, and harshly criticizes his co-workers for even minor botches. Psychopaths are characterized by erratic behavior, and the Viper is no stranger to erraticism.

Orton berated Kelly Kelly publicly and supposedly excreted in a female wrestler's bag. The IWC believes that he only ruined the contents of the bag with baby oil, but even that is alarming. Psychopaths loathe playing by the rules; the Viper has often breached the Wellness Policy. Besides, he also inflicted damages worth around $50,000 to a hotel room whilst touring Germany, highlighting his manic attitude.

12 Steve Austin

via youtube.com

Psychopaths usually come across as charming individuals though their original identity is totally different. In the eyes of the WWE Universe, Steve Austin is a charming individual, but he is often seen as a narcissistic person, who only looked after himself. His ex-wife Debra Marshall revealed in the wake of the Chris Benoit tragedy, that he had beat her thrice; his ex-girlfriend Tess Broussard has also disclosed ghastly incidents, including her being thrown out of a moving vehicle.

In addition, his ex-partners have all admitted that he was so paranoid, that he never allowed them to watch male oriented television channels, let alone not introducing them to even his closest male friends. Roid rage has also been touted to be one of the reasons for his unacceptable behavior, but most of his actions make one wonder whether he could be a psychopath.

11 Hulk Hogan

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Lying is akin to breathing for psychopaths. If there is one former wrestler who has become infamous for lying, it is Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster even told the media that Metallica and the Rolling Stones tried signing him as their bass player before his breakthrough in the wrestling industry. Metallica member Lars Ulrich to rubbished his claims, stating he never even knew he existed.

Hogan's connection with music industry does not stop there, as he mentioned in his autobiography that Elvis Presley was a Hulkamaniac; however, the Rock and Roll legend had kicked the bucket even before his first wrestling match. Psychopaths delight in people believing their non-existent talents; the Hulkster has tried his hand at just that, albeit in vain.

10 Billy Graham

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Psychopaths would even burn the hands that rocked their cradles. Billy Graham enjoyed much success and was one of the highest paid WWF wrestlers of his generation. However, the "Superstar" felt no remorse while falsely accusing Pat Patterson of sexual abuse (though later revelations proved that he was, indeed, a sex offender) in the mid-1990s. He later admitted that he tried tarnishing the repute of the McMahon's empire only to extort money.

Though he made peace with Vince McMahon years after that incident, he has again become erratic, given his unsuccessful attempts to have himself removed from the Hall of Fame. Turning on what made you is a typical psychopathic move.

9 John Cena

via ringsidenews.com

Many will laugh at the idea of finding John Cena on this list, but such blind faith is every psychopath's biggest strength. He has granted more than 500 wishes on the Make-A-Wish program, but he also has another side, the side that Vince McMahon may wish the WWE Universe never knew. The Cenation leader has been known to be willing to go to any lengths to retain his status as the top dog in the company.

In addition, Cena has been embroiled in numerous short-lived relationships, including his chaotic relationship with Mickie James. While he tries to deceive his fans with his pseudo-traits, he has breached WWE's rules on many occasions (blading at 2012 Extreme Rules and receiving a piledriver from CM Punk). Do not be surprised if any of his former partners expose the psychopath in him.

8 Paul Heyman

via wrestlingnews.com

The word called empathy can be found in a psychopath's dictionary; they would never mind putting even the lives of their friends and family if they were benefited from it. Paul Heyman revolutionized Extreme Championship Wrestling in which his employees put themselves through hell for a living. Almost every match in ECW involved blading or extreme spots that included barbed wire, chairs, and whatnot.

Heyman has gone on record on confirming that most of his wrestlers were underpaid, and many insiders allege that he refused to pay his workers whilst lining his pockets weeks before ECW was bankrupt. Research suggests that there are relatively more psychopaths in the higher echelons of society; given his prominence and history in the wrestling industry, it is possible that he could be one.

7 Melina

via starsporters.blogspot.com

Psychopaths feel no remorse even while cheating on their spouse, and love manipulating and toying with the emotions of their victims; Melina has done just to John Morrison. She allegedly cheated on him with Batista, and cost him the roster's respect when she manipulated him into being cocky and stupid with Trish Stratus at WrestleMania XXVII; he gave her the cold shoulder.

Victims of psychopaths usually believe everything the psychopaths tell them; she tricked him into thinking she had been loyal to him while (according to many wrestlers) she was sleeping with many wrestlers backstage. Her actions are greatly suggestive of psychopathic tendencies.

6 CM Punk

via independent.co.uk

CM Punk is a self-proclaimed sociopath; he makes his entry since sociopaths and psychopaths have a lot in common. Infidelity and deception have been identified as one of the major traits of a psychopath. While his history with women has been well documented, his adultery remains under-reported. While plying his trade in the independent circuit, he was remorselessly sleeping with Daphney and Traci Brooks at the same time. Punk cunningly kept both women in the dark about his flings.

Daphney finally broke up with him when she became aware of the womanizer in him. On top of that, any psychopath believes he or she is the center of the happenings of the universe, and no smark needs to be told about the circumstances under which he left the WWE.

5 Shawn Michaels

via therichest.com

After being the most hated wrestler backstage, Shawn Michaels found God; he currently identifies himself as a devout Christian. However, his long-time foe Jim Cornette subtly stated that any individual seeks God only when his true color is exposed. This can be viewed as an archetypal psychopathic behavior, as the cold-blooded individuals are known for mastering the cunning art of deception.

In addition, during his heyday, "HBK" cherished ruining lives of people as evinced by the tragic life led by Chris Candido. TheSportster recently covered top 15 insane real life stories from the Kliq; feel free to find out how vile he and his backstage friends were. Despite all his terrible antics, he comes across as a charming individual and can still captivate his audience. Even though this article is speculative, this speculation is one that has great chance of being true.


3 Scott Steiner

via imagecity.com

Come on, how could someone like Steiner not make this list? Have you ever heard his promos? Steiner himself has admitted he may have a few screws loose, saying: “I was born with a wild hair up my ass. There’s nothing I can do about it. My buddies in college used to say that one day I’d end up in jail because I’m out of control and have no use for authority.”

His stories from the road include him stringing up wrestlers with tape in the locker room. One time he even stuck a pencil in a certain orifice after hanging a wrestler upside down with tape. He also allegedly threatened to kill Hulk Hogan, in an incident involving Hogan's wife at an airport.

2 Tammy Sytch

via wrestlingnews.com

Psychopaths engage in multitude of short-term relationships that involve mind-blowing scenarios. Sunny has been embroiled in countless relationships and violent encounters with her partners. Despite Chris Candido loving her wholeheartedly and being in a relationship with him, she never felt guilt while allegedly sleeping with Shawn Michaels, British Bulldog, Ahmed Johnson, Sabu, Sandman, Raven, among others.

Sunny's subsequent relationships after Candido's death have also been tumultuous, and she has been arrested six times since the incident. She lies as frequently as Hulk Hogan says brother, and has even tricked people into believing she suffered from cervical cancer — a major psychopath giveaway.

1 Vince McMahon

via mediaspo0rt.com

Psychopaths are known to be manipulative and cunning. Backstage stories revealed on popular podcasts have revealed how manipulative Vince McMahon has been through the years. Chris Jericho once revealed in his Talk Is Jericho podcast that the Chairman would toy with his new wrestlers to test their character. Legend has it that those who react poorly to his insults would go down the drain whilst those who stand up for themselves usually get a push.

Even though he expects his employees to be dignified, he apparently believes loyalty and self-esteem are the most charming attribute of any individual. In another incident, he invited Jericho to a booking meeting while he was still wrestling for World Championship Wrestling only to test his loyalty; needless to say, he passed his exam.

Both his on-screen gimmick and real life character (as we know it) show every red flags that you generally see in certified psychopaths.

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