Top 15 Wrestlers Who Never Cared About Their Appearance

Beneath the surface and away from all the horrors of the six o'clock news, the world can be a beautiful place. The purest blue of the ocean waves and the absolute greenery of untouched land serve as a reminder that not all is ugly within our environment. While things are dying, their beauty doesn't fade but rather burns out in a flash; gone in an instant and lost to pretty purgatory.

As it pertains to our outward appearances: we have become desensitized by cosmetics and the images portrayed in popular culture. Who really cares about a person's lips anyway? However, the brainwashed, digital age need to have everything "on point" in order to produce the best selfie possible. After all, it is tremendously important for your Instagram post to receive more likes than the post of your best friend.

It is truly a superficial way of functioning; a disgusting outcry never heard over the loud rumblings of nonsensical reality stars, terrible musicians, and blowhard pundits. Where did it all go wrong? Some fifty years ago the youth were enthralled by musicians like Bob Dylan and poets like Allen Ginsberg. How did we end up with Kardashians and Justin Bieber? The downfall has been hard and violent.

Of course, not everybody subscribes to these notions. Somewhere out there are those who simply do not care about the physical. While these folks seem rare, they do exist. Professional wrestling, for example: a medium in which appearance can make or break a character where the idea of looking like a slob is often welcomed. However, this look is often a reflection of said character's real life persona.

The following is a look at those - in the professional wrestling industry - who care less about looks and more about life; living without regard of social acceptance. The dishevelled dudes of professional wrestling.

These are the top 15 wrestlers who never care about their appearance:

15. Dean Ambrose

via alternativenation.net

"The Lunatic Fringe," Dean Ambrose has risen through the ranks of WWE to become a fan-desired main event player ... but will remain a mid-card Superstar. Ambrose simply doesn't suit that "WWE Look."

Dean Ambrose wears his leather jacket and messed-up hair with pride to the ring and his character is not a far stretch from his real life look, as Ambrose is miles away from winning any fashion awards.

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14 Bray Wyatt 

via bleacherreport.com

The look of Bray Wyatt is very-much a necessary part of his character. However, Wyatt has stated in the past that what you see on WWE programming is an extension of himself and views of the world.

Away from WWE - even prior to the beard - Bray Wyatt has never been an athlete in tip-top shape. In fact, Wyatt was once known as "Husky Harris," with just reason. Wyatt does his own thing and that's never bad.

13 Kevin Owens 

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Since his arrival in WWE, Kevin Owens has done nothing but deliver night-after-night. This would prove as a direct result of spending fifteen years wrestling on the independent scene, which has prepared Owens for WWE.

Of course, according to WWE standards, Kevin Owens does not look like a typical Superstar; not that Owens has even fit the description, as Owens has always been a frumpy mess of a wrestler.

12 The Sandman 

via thepunkeffect.com

The Sandman was one of the mangled faces of the original ECW and is considered - to at least those in the hardcore wrestling community - a legend of the business. While that remains debatable, Sandman's personal style is not.

The former contractor turned wrestler always looked as though he just came from the job site; looking for a smoke, a beer, and women with whom he can canoodle. The Sandman looked like the quintessential working man.

11 Road Dogg 

via road-dogg-rpg.tumblr.com

The New Age Outlaws were a generational tag team who consisted of the Road Dogg Jesse James and the Bad Ass Billy Gunn, with the latter serving as the pretty-boy and the former serving as the slob.

Road Dogg - looking like he just didn't care - seemed like a Superstar who didn't work out as much while sporting some long-grown braids, a look which was not drastically altered in his daily life.

10 Paul Heyman 

via wwe.fr

Paul Heyman is not a wrestler but warrants inclusion on this list simple due to his Don't Give a F--- attitude, which helped make ECW the coolest promotion in professional wrestling history.

It was clear from the start that Paul Heyman didn't join the wrestling industry to find his face on magazines and while Heyman may wear a suit around the locker room these days, looks have never really mattered to the Hardcore Mastermind.

9 Jeff Hardy 

via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

Jeff Hardy was a fashionable wrestler during the Attitude Era. Hardy looked like the youth of the time which is why such an organic relationship was formed between Hardy and the fans.

While Jeff Hardy looked cool, it was never forced. Hardy and his style were/are simply Hardy being himself, with no regard for onlookers and critics. Hardy has always been unique as his appearance could certainly attest.

8 Daniel Bryan 

via dunk360.com

In recent years, no other WWE Superstar has gotten over with the fans quite like Daniel Bryan. While Bryan has been out of action for quite some time, fans has not forgotten about their rugged hero.

Daniel Bryan - a native of the Pacific Northwest - looks like a stereotypical man from said parts. The long hair, the beard, the flannel. Bryan is essentially the lumberjack of the wrestling world.

7 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin 

via ftw.usatoday.com

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is widely regarded as the man who saved WWE from WCW back during the Monday Night War. The leader of the Attitude Era has proven to be the most groundbreaking Superstar of all time.

The look of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was fairly simple: bald head, goatee, black boots, black tights, and black vest; nothing fancy. Which is exactly how Austin looks in real life as there is absolutely nothing extravagant about the appearance of "The Rattlesnake."

6 Terry Funk 

via chinlock.com

Terry Funk may be around longer than any other professional wrestler. The legendary Funk cannot die. This is a man who went through the traditional system and found himself in an Extreme Environment while never missing a beat.

When it comes to his appearance, the good ol' Texan doesn't go out of his way to score any style points. Terry Funk can usually been seen sporting a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a ballcap; nothing beyond normal garb.

5 Bret Hart 

via en.wikipedia.org

Bret "The Hitman" Hart will always be remembered as one of the greatest technical wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots and the man who rocked the color pink better than any other performer.

While rocking this pink, Bret Hart always looked as though the shower had alluded him while on the road with his greasy-styled hair. This look was not exclusive to his wrestling character as Hart continues to present a carefree appearance to this day.

4 Raven 

via bleacherreport.com

One of the most underrated talents in professional wrestling is undoubtedly the former WWE, WCW, and ECW Superstar, Raven. The uniqueness of Raven was perhaps lost on many wrestling fans.

Throughout his career, Raven would sport the signature grunge look and brood his way through the industry. This is not by accident as Raven truly doesn't care about his outward appearance.

3 "Rowdy" Roddy Piper 

via bet.com

The recent loss of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper was a shot in the gut to the professional wrestling world. Piper is a legend, period. There should be no debate as it pertains to the career of Hot Rod.

Aside from his wrestling career, Roddy Piper was a man of an eccentric nature. Nobody has rocked the kilt quite like Piper as the one-of-a-kind wrestler - despite his best intentions- captured the hearts of an entire community.

2 CM Punk 

via wrestlingnews.co

Perhaps you hate him at this point. Perhaps you feel the love. Perhaps you don't give a damn about CM Punk. Whichever position you choose, one thing is certain: Punk himself doesn't care about that opinion.

This is vividly reflected in the appearance of CM Punk; an alternative-looking, dirty, street-kid whose "Punk" persona has proven to be more than just a wrestling name. Punk lives punk-rock.

1 Mick Foley 

via lamorhairstyles.com

The Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley is so much more than just a man who brutalized his body for the sake of professional wrestling. Foley is a best-selling author, comedian, and all-around lovable character.

As fans have grown accustom to over the years, Mick Foley's style is simplistic at best: sweatpants, flannel, hair, beard. That's Foley. Truly a human being who lives without worry of fashion sense or opinion.

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