15Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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Nobody in the wrestling business embodies the ring psychology aspect of the business more than Jake "the Snake" Roberts. Paul Heyman described Jake as a performer who simply "had 'it,' a guy who had that intangible, a guy who truly came through the camera and captivated your attention." But personal demons -- like many others you'll see on this list -- derailed his career in the 1990s; drug and alcohol abuse practically controlled Jake's life for decades. But that's only one half of the story of how he and WWE had a falling out: in 1992, Pat Patterson stepped down as a writer for the WWE and Jake was told that he would be taking his place, but that never happened because Vince decided to keep Pat's position vacant. Jake asked for his release immediately, and he mentions in his "Pick Your Poison" DVD that he regrets ever making that decision.

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