Top 15 Wrestlers Who Screwed Up And Hurt Their Opponent For Real

Injuries can happen at any time, anywhere, regardless of physical activity. Even a missed step leaving a front porch can lead to a sprained ankle. Obviously, the risk is higher for professional athletes. Some might argue that the risk is the highest in the world of professional wrestling.

The matches are predetermined, but there’s a lot of physical activity that had so many components within each move. Even the basic powerbomb requires a good grip from both parties and excellent control as one lifts another to bring them down. The complexity increases when it comes to suplexes, various strikes, and high-flying assaults.

Add in the factor that wrestlers are often competing in hundreds of matches throughout the year with no offseason, and the risk of suffering an injury increases even more. With all of that in mind, there will be mistakes made in the ring. There’s just too many opportunities for one to happen. It can happen to just about anyone in the pro wrestling world.

True, most injuries can occur when someone is inexperienced with a certain move or still young in their career. But even some of the greatest legends in the industry have a black mark here and there. No one is perfect as these superhuman men and women of wrestling are still, indeed, human.

There are actually two ways a wrestler “screws up” and hurts an opponent – 1) something went wrong in the match; 2) they let personal issues get in the way and become careless.

Regardless, the following are 15 examples of top pro wrestlers who screwed up and hurt their opponent during a match.

15 15. D’Lo Brown’s Powerbomb Paralyzes Darren Drozdov


Darren Drozdov might not have been one of the biggest names in the WWE’s Attitude Era, but he certainly made quite the impression during his time after playing college and professional football before pro wrestling. Drozdov was facing D’Lo Brown during a television taping in Uniondale, N.Y. in October 1999. It was a simple powerbomb that went wrong and paralyzed Drozdov from the neck down.

14 14. Mabel Breaks Undertaker’s Face


Long before he was part of the Attitude Era as Viscera or was last seen on television as Big Daddy V, the 400-pound big man was first known as Mabel in the mid-1990s. Originally part of the Men on a Mission tag team, Mabel was viewed as a possibly rising star. Early in his singles run, he showed some potential with squash matches that led to him winning the King of the Ring crown.

13 13. Jack Swagger separates Wade Barrett’s shoulder


Wade Barrett was often viewed as someone who couldn’t catch a break. He did, but mostly in terms of injuries that set his WWE career back. One of the most crucial came during a 2014 match against Jack Swagger during a SmackDown taping. While holding the WWE Intercontinental Championship, Bad News Barrett was on the rise as some fans hoped he would be getting an eventual main event run.

12 12. Flapjack from The Great Khali leads to death


It’s not normal for a wrestler to accidentally kill another in the ring, but it was an unfortunate situation that came up from The Great Khali’s training in 2001. Well before he would debut in the WWE, he was training at a camp for All Pro Wrestling in California when he was delivering a flapjack onto another student, Brian Ong. Khali’s flapjack was apparently done incorrectly as Ong landed badly.

11 11. Ahmed Johnson breaks Faarooq’s Ribs


Ahmed Johnson was a very muscular athlete who certainly got a big push from the WWE during the 1990s because of his physique. However, he still had a lot of things to work on. One of them was being able to work safely and professionally. During a tag team match where Johnson teamed with the Legion of Doom against the Nation of Domination at WrestleMania 13, Johnson delivered a spinebuster that injured Faarooq.

10 10. Ryback hurts CM Punk, multiple times


During CM Punk’s controversial podcast interview with Colt Cabana, the former WWE Champion called out a lot of people in the company. One wrestler specifically mentioned was Ryan “Ryback” Reeves. The two had a feud in 2012 for the WWE Championship and Punk suffered a number of injuries during the feud. After one minor injury, Punk was willing to work on a clean slate.

9 9. Mr. Kennedy’s Botched Suplex on Randy Orton


Ken Anderson had a pretty successful rise in the WWE when competing as Mr. Kennedy (pause, Kennedy), but injuries affected his rise to the main event spotlight. His job with the WWE would ironically come to an end after hurting one of his opponents legitimately. During a 2009 tag team match billed as Team Lakers vs. Team Nuggets, the returning Kennedy put Orton in a backdrop suplex.

8 8. Chris Benoit Breaks Sabu’s Neck


Chris Benoit had a long career in professional wrestling that can be viewed as one of the best for a technical wrestler. His career is marred by the double murder-suicide in 2007. Regardless, Benoit had some great moments in his career and some not-so-great ones, too. Early in his career with ECW in November 1994, a young Benoit flipped Sabu over him in a way that didn’t look like any kind of proper suplex or backdrop.

7 7. Owen Hart’s Piledriver on Steve Austin


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin developed a reputation through the 1990s as one of the toughest pro wrestlers in the industry. He was always willing to finish a match despite an injury. One moment that stands out was during SummerSlam in 1997 when he faced Owen Hart for the Intercontinental Championship. During the final moments of the match, Hart would put Austin in a tombstone piledriver, but Austin’s head was not completely protected and he suffered a broken neck.

6 6. Seth Rollins Breaks John Cena’s Nose


Seth Rollins has received a bit of a reputation for superstars getting injured in matches with him. However, one can say he isn’t 100 percent at fault for Sting’s neck injury in 2015 and Finn Balor’s shoulder injury at last year’s SummerSlam. However, it’s a little harder to defend Rollins from an incident that happened back in July 2015 during a match for John Cena’s United States Championship.

5 5. Ultimate Warrior injures Ric Flair 


It might not be a surprise for some fans to imagine the Ultimate Warrior being viewed as reckless. Based on how he ran around the ring and threw his opponents around, Warrior seemed like someone who may have caused a few more bumps and bruises than normal. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair was certainly one of his biggest critics, especially during one of his podcasts in October 2016.

4 4. Goldberg’s Kick Ends Bret Hart's Career


The late 1990s featured a lot of stars in WCW, including Bill Goldberg and Bret “The Hitman” Hart at the top of the mountain. The two would face off in the main event of WCW Starrcade 1999 in a no-disqualification match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. It was a good match that was marred by a kick from Goldberg to the head of The Hitman. It was so brutal that Hart was forced to retire.

3 3. Brock Lesnar Breaks Hardcore Holly’s Neck


It’s been mentioned that many of the injuries that happen in the ring are complete accidents. For the most part, no wrestler really wants to injure another superstar. Brock Lesnar received a lot of criticism from fans after a match with Hardcore Holly in September 2002. Lesnar set Holly up for a powerbomb, but it looked like there was a mistake when Holly was held for a few seconds before he was dropped right on his head.

2 2. Kurt Angle Drops Shane McMahon on his Head


Shane McMahon has developed a bit of a reputation for being a tough guy, despite never being a full-time wrestler on the WWE roster. Still, he’s had some great matches with memorable spots. One came during the 2001 King of the Ring pay-per-view in a match with Kurt Angle. The Street Fight match saw both men wrestle towards the stage where Angle was supposed to throw McMahon through one of the plexiglass plates.

1 1. Undertaker Hurts Shawn Michaels’ Back


Before he was a born-again Christian who gave us some of the best matches through the WWE’s Ruthless Aggression era in the 2000s, Shawn Michaels’ career looked to be over in 1998. During the 1998 Royal Rumble pay-per-view, Michaels defended the WWE Championship against The Undertaker in a casket match. At one point, the Heartbreak Kid was sent over the ropes with a backdrop.

As he went out of the ring, Michaels' lower back connected with the edge of the casket. He would get through WrestleMania XIV where he dropped the title to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The injury led to a surgery where doctors fused the ruptured discs in his spine. It’s not fair to put all of the blame on The Undertaker, but there was certainly miscommunication and the distance for the back body drop was misjudged.

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