Top 15 Wrestlers Who Should Do DDP Yoga

Isn’t it funny how many of us believe when athletes reach the age of 40 or 50 their time may be up and those athletes wind up retiring or becoming coaches or sports analysts. However, for former World

Isn’t it funny how many of us believe when athletes reach the age of 40 or 50 their time may be up and those athletes wind up retiring or becoming coaches or sports analysts. However, for former World Champion from WWE, Diamond Dallas Page aka DDP, defied all those odds by doing yoga, yes yoga. Dallas Page created his own business called DDP YOGA basically being his form of training combined with what he’s learned in the past and yoga. This not only changed his life, but for many others as well.

DDP YOGA was featured on the television show, Shark Tank looking for a business deal showing it’s the real deal. Page shared his own story saying his career in WWE was going well until he was 42 where he hurt his back and doctors told him his career was in jeopardy and they recommended that he try yoga. Of course, he wasn’t inclined to try yoga at all, but he was desperate and because of a simple few poses, he was able to return back to the WWE ring. In fact, Page competed in last year’s Royal Rumble match and was able to perform his signature move the “Diamond Cutter.” His appearance surely was a bang.

Now at 59 years old, Dallas Page stands at 6-foot-5 with incredible flexibility and a great physique. Unfortunately, he was unable to earn a deal on Shark Tank, but DDP YOGA became a popular brand with its inspiring life changing stories. For example, there’s a Youtube video in which a disabled war veteran, Arthur Boorman couldn’t move around without the help of crutches and braces providing support for his back and knees. Now after doing DDPYOGA, he’s able to run and walk on his own power and touch his toes with ease. There are more stories like his and DDP YOGA has proven that it works just a few before and after pictures can change people’s minds.

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15 Tyson Kidd


Tyson Kidd is another big name in the WWE where his career is in jeopardy due to a serious neck injury. Kidd more known for his acrobatic moves and the Sharpshooter that he tributes to Bret 'The Hitman Hart'. Kidd finds himself on the sidelines around the same age Daniel Bryan had to retire. Bret Hart is currently dealing with his own battle at the moment against cancer so fans are hoping he’ll be okay and back around the WWE once more. As far as Kidd’s WWE career goes, it might be over, but Kidd can still stay in shape and strengthen his neck and back much like Bryan did by doing DDPYOGA.

14 John Cena


Yes, its crazy to think John Cena would need to do any sort of yoga. As someone that’s packed with loads of muscle, imagine a muscle man with incredible flexibility. All that muscle Cena has, imagine him jumping onto his opponent off the top rope landing on them, now that certainly would not be a good ending. Cena has been in the WWE for quite a while and there’s no doubt he’ll continue be part of it. At the moment Cena is recovering from a shoulder injury, so he could add this to therapy and workout routine in time for WrestleMania. Cena's also nearing 40 and adding DDP Yoga to his training may help prolong his career.

13 Booker T


As many of us know, Booker T became a commentator for both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown. Booker T can of course still do his signature, “Spinaroonie”, but it can be more flawless the next time he decides to do it with DDP Yoga. It can help provide more flexibility and body strength for Booker T. What exactly is the “Spinaroonie? Well its basically being able to twist your whole body in a full circle while your legs are twirling in the air. Maybe after a couple workouts of DDP Yoga, the “Spinaroonie” can be done with even more style. Maybe with yoga. Booker will still be able to do it through his 50s.

12 Ric Flair


The Nature Boy, Ric Flair is obviously busy supporting his daughter who’s the WWE Divas champion, Charlotte, but that doesn’t mean Flair can’t do DDP Yoga. Charlotte will probably want Flair by her side as long as she can so this may benefit Flair. Being the Nature Boy at 66 years old is lots of work and he’s still out there wooing the crowd, but this can put him in even better shape. So when he trots down the ramp next time with Charlotte in a fancy suit, he can do it with even more pride with every stride he takes.

11 Seth Rollins


The former WWE champion, Seth Rollins suffered a knee injury and the last time the WWE saw him was at the Slammys winning Superstar of the Year 2015. He accepted the Slammy walking with crutches so while he’s recovering, he could add DDP Yoga to his recovery process. There’s no doubt Rollins is a high risk wrestler and after being with The Shield he can slam his way back to the WWE ring. As much as fans might’ve hated him backstabbing the Shield and joining The Authority, Rollins decided to do what was best for business. This time he can do what’s best for him and try DDP Yoga.

10 The Big Show


Paul Wight better known as the Big Show could give DDP Yoga a try mainly because he’s the world’s largest athlete weighing over 400 pounds with his punch being a definite knockout. He could choose to keep being the giant that he is who many can’t push around, however if the Big Show was more mobile in the ring, he can be an even bigger threat than what he already is. He’s similar to John Cena because both have a ton of muscle, but if all that muscle is bouncing around in the ring it would be hard for their opponents to stop it.

9 Kurt Angle


The Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle may or may not need DDP Yoga because he’s still wrestling to this day, but now that he’s finished with his TNA farewell tour, he could take upon this. Angle is currently taking indie bookings now that his TNA contract has expired and he’s left quite the legacy there as well. Despite that, WWE fans still remember the Olympic Gold Medalist most for his seven years in WWE. He too is reaching his 50s soon so this may be a good workout once he retires. Now instead of stretching other wrestlers’ legs around in his famous Ankle Lock, he can stretch that Olympic body around. It would do wonders for his neck, knees and back, which have taken a lot of damage from all his wrestling years.

8 Jerry Lawler


The longtime commentator and Hall of Famer, Jerry “The King” Lawler is great to have for commentary. However, a couple years ago, Lawler had a scare during Monday Night Raw. While he was calling a match, Lawler soon had a heart attack, leaving fans worried. He’s back now and still doing commentary and will do so as long as he can, but maybe if he tried DDP Yoga his health may be a lot better.

Plus, WWE fans surely don’t want to see something like that happen again especially to one the all-time greats. Lawler also still wrestles in his local Memphis promotion and could surely benefit from it.

7 Triple H

Jonathan Bachman/AP Images for WWE

The current, WWE champion and also the COO of the WWE, Triple H is definitely a big threat for wrestlers including Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Brock Lesnar who eagerly want a title shot. Triple H may not even need DDP Yoga because he’s “The Game”, but he’s almost reaching 50 and then the time will come in which Triple H needs to go back to his suit and hang up his wrestling gear for good. Triple H can then give DDP Yoga a try or do it during his current WWE title run.

6 Sting


The iconic Sting whose definitely one of the greats and will be inducted in the Hall of Fame later on this year has shown he can still wrestle after facing Triple H at WrestleMania. Sting then suffered a neck injury to Seth Rollins at Night of Champions which has many wondering if Sting will ever wrestle again, already in his latter 50s. If he does comes back strengthening his neck and back with yoga would help his cause. WWE fans were shocked when Sting returned to the WWE and maybe if he tries DDP Yoga, they’ll be even more shocked with his overall strength.

5 The Rock


It’s almost insane to say this, but even the People’s Champ, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could use DDP Yoga. The Rock will always be the People’s Champ, but he can add this workout on top of crazy workouts he already does. Plus, The Rock made another rare appearance to Raw helping out his cousins, The Usos and also to announce that the People’s Champ will in fact be at WrestleMania 32. DDP Yoga can help The Rock prepare for WrestleMania whether or not he decides to wrestle. Keep in mind the last few times The Rock wrestled, he tore his hamstring (WrestleMania XXVIII) and his pelvis (WrestleMania XXIX). Those are two areas yoga could stabilize and strengthen.

4 The Undertaker


The iconic Deadman known as The Undertaker will no undoubtedly live on forever, but as grateful as it is to have him still in the WWE ring, he too isn’t getting any younger. With 25 years experience in the WWE, it may soon be time to hang those boots up. At 50 years old having to hear The Undertaker is gassed or hurting after a match is definitely something WWE fans don’t want to hear. So if DDP Yoga could help The Undertaker continue to appear at more WrestleMania events. WWE fans can be excited about that.

3 Daniel Bryan


As WWE fans learned recently, former superstar wrestler, Daniel Bryan announced his retirement recently. The YES movement was stronger than ever, it was sad to see him go because his career was at its highest level. People were just awaiting his return back in the ring hoping the YES movement would continue, however he suffered head and neck injuries causing him to retire much like Edge. The Rated-R superstar, Edge actually gave DDP Yoga a try while he was still wrestling in the WWE before he too had to call it quits. Either way, if Daniel Bryan decides to partake in DDP Yoga, it could help set him up for a healthy post-retirement life.

2 Vince McMahon


The Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon doesn’t seem like he’s aged at all because he’s super ripped. Still, at 70 years old it truly shows age does not matter so whatever McMahon is doing it’s working. It’s possible he could already be doing DDP Yoga which is great, but all that muscle that he has, he’s probably spending a good amount of time lifting weights. Let’s be honest, if McMahon wanted to add more flexibility, he could with DDP Yoga which would be a huge plus. He’s clearly in great shape, but maybe he could add to his muscle. Remember how awkward McMahon was as a wrestler? Surely, yoga could have added some coordination.

1 Mick Foley


This former Hall of Famer definitely had an incredible career in the WWE, but he’s not exactly aging like Diamond Dallas Page. At 50 years old, Mick Foley should give DDP Yoga some serious consideration. Of course, Foley is busy doing his comedy tour, but to take a hour or two to do this workout, it would surely make things easier for Foley. Foley always walks around with a noticeable limp, undoubtedly from all the damage he took in his wrestling career. It'd be great to see a trimmed down Mick Foley comfortable strolling on stage or up the ramp when he makes WWE appearances.

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Top 15 Wrestlers Who Should Do DDP Yoga