Top 15 Wrestlers Who The WWE Should NEVER Bring Back

WWE always has a plethora of different stars on the roster; that’s one thing they’re not lacking – stars and lots of them. There are a few stalwarts of the promotion still going strong, but the Superstars of yesteryear are gradually beginning to fade away from the wrestling scene, giving new talent a chance to follow in their footsteps.

WWE’s unquestionably the biggest wrestling promotion out there, so for many, just to get a gig with the promotion is enough for them to retire happy. Some wrestle with WWE’s developmental territories, some get a chance to show what they’re worth on the main roster, and others wrestle for a few years and then move on. Others meanwhile make names for themselves and become Superstars with the promotion. But one thing’s for sure, they all – well the vast majority of them anyway – move on, whether it’s just for a change, due to disciplinary issues, or because they’ve fallen out of favor with the promotion.

Many have also come back. When they split amicably with WWE and continue with their wrestling development elsewhere, there’s always a chance that WWE will welcome them back in the future with open arms. But for some, there’s no chance of that happening – well there shouldn’t be anyway.

These are the top 15 wrestlers who should never be brought back by the WWE.

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15 Alberto Del Rio

via WrestlingRumors.net

Alberto Del Rio’s now had two stints with WWE, and he’s had a reasonably successful time with it too. His first period with WWE was between 2008 and 2014 – that’s a pretty long and decent spell – but it ended in fairly dire circumstances. He was fired due to unprofessional conduct after a backstage altercation with a member of staff, but the company still saw his worth and invited him back just a year later. In August of this year, Alberto got into hot water with the promotion again and was suspended for violating WWE's Wellness Policy – a month later his contract was terminated for good.

He's been given two chances with WWE, and both have ended in pretty bad circumstances; he may be pushing his luck if he wants to return, but WWE looks to be fed up with Alberto – and rightly so - and will probably never invite him back for a third time.

14 CM Punk

via cagesideseats.com

From the WWE’s point of view, CM Punk should never be recalled to the company – not that he’d want to – because of the tirade of abuse he’s launched at Vince McMahon, the management and just the entire concept of wrestling. Sure, he had a right to be pissed off – things had been brewing for years between Vince and Punk, and it all ended in rather catastrophic circumstances when Punk was handed his termination notice on his wedding days of all days! Judging by what’s happened between Punk and WWE before and since he got fired, I think it’s safe to say that the WWE won’t be welcoming him back with open arms any time soon. But after a disastrous MMA debut, rumors are circulating that Punk’s looking for a way back into the fold. Still, he should never be brought back – this relationship’s far too broken to try and mend.

13 MVP

via fansided.com

For Montel Vontavious Porter, MVP doesn’t stand for Most Valuable Player because his performances with WWE certainly didn’t warrant him being called that.

He did start out as a guy who could hold his own; he was a decent performer with a solid personality and more than decent on-screen presence, but when he turned face, he essentially signed his termination papers – he spent the rest of his time with the company as a mid-carder; after exhibiting so much promise and talent during those initial stages, things ended on a damp squib.

MVP just didn’t have the in-ring talent and the style that’s synonymous with the world’s biggest promotion. His wrestling ability is suited to New Japan Pro Wresting, and to a lesser extent, Lucha Underground, but he shouldn’t be brought back to the WWE, simply because he’s not the right fit for the promotion.

12 Chavo Guerrero

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Let’s face it, Chavo Guerrero is famous for belonging to the Guerrero wrestling family, but that’s about it. He gained prominence in the industry when he teamed up with his uncle – the late, great, Eddie Guerrero – but he’s never really lived up to his uncle’s or father’s, for that matter – wrestling ability. He thinks way too much of himself; he called himself a wrestling legend when he made his professional debut with TNA. Let’s not run before you can walk, eh Chavo!

From that moment on, he spent the majority of his time as a mid-carder, and has never come close to achieving legendary status.

In terms of his relationship with WWE – and when he requested a release – he was very disrespectful. That decade-long relationship obviously meant nothing to him, so the WWE should just let him be and not even think about bringing him back onto the roster.

11 Matt Morgan

via bleacherreport.com

Matt Morgan’s proof that big guys don’t necessarily guarantee success and star quality. WWE has had its fair share of big guys over the years, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we put Morgan on a list with the likes of Big Show and André the Giant.

Morgan came into WWE’s plans when he competed in Tough Enough II and showed some promise, which is great during the initial stages of a career, but promise has to materialize into something more substantial, and it never did with Morgan. It’s a case of what could have been for Morgan; he didn’t live up to his potential or the potential others thought he had in him.

He did pretty well with TNA after he left WWE, but he should never be brought back. WWE just doesn’t need another big guy prancing around the ring; audiences want to see wrestlers with talent, not just size.

10 Matt Sydal

via rohwrestling.com

Matt Sydal spent seven years with the promotion without accomplishing anything of note. He did win a solitary championship – a Tag Team Championship with Kofi Kingston – but apart from that, his period with the company was forgettable to say the least.

He did burst onto the scene, was somewhat exciting, and did have something about him, but it just never translated into any form of notable success. Combine his lack of accomplishments with his issues away from the ring, and it was only a matter of time before WWE decided to let him go, which they did in 2014.

Granted, he’s had his fair share of injuries, but he’s also been suspended twice for Wellness Policy violations – the most recent of which was a 60-day suspension.

He’s a decent performer – a solid mid-carder – but WWE has too many of those right now. Add to this his unreliability, and he should never get another chance with Vince’s company.

9 Carlito

via wrestlingrumors.net

Carlito’s another guy who had plenty of promise and potential, none of which translated into any major accomplishments with WWE. He did well wrestling in the tag team division, winning a couple of championships with his brother, Primo, but aside from that, there was nothing of note. The Caribbean gimmick he portrayed was a bit of fun, but eventually fizzled out and Carlito was left in no man’s land and turned into just another guy on the roster. This may have been the reason for his self-destruction towards the end of his stint with WWE. He had a substance abuse problem and stuck two fingers up at the company when it offered him help.

If WWE’ s willing to overlook all of his misdemeanors, the only possibility of him coming back is if he teams up with Primo once again, but Primo’s moved on and so should Carlito.

8 John Morrison

via insidepulse.com

For some reason, John Morrison gained a huge fan following during his time with WWE. Perhaps it was because he had the looks, had the body, was in a relationship with Melina, but he was never a World Champion and didn’t win anything of note.

He started off his career with WWE and stayed with the promotion for just under a decade. They were eager to see him grow and develop, but eventually decided he had already done all he could do. His release was also due to some major injuries. Also, he wanted more time to himself and was fed up with the creative side of things. In the end, the split was mutual.

Sure he had the Adonis-like figure, but apart from that, there was zilch.

Although it’s been said WWE may welcome him back in the future, they shouldn’t. He’s perfectly suited to life on the independent circuit, not with the world’s biggest wrestling promotion.

7 Jeff and Matt Hardy

via wrestlingboom.com

Once upon a time, The Hardy Boyz ruled the roost in WWE; they were a mightily effective duo – a tag team the fans loved to see – and undoubtedly one of the best teams in the business. Today, they’ve made TNA their home, but they’ve each had their fair share of issues.

Towards the latter end of Matt’s tenure with WWE, he behaved like a real brat, treating the company that had made him a Superstar with a tremendous amount of disrespect. He put on a load of weight, didn’t seem like he gave a damn when in the ring and was just waiting for his release. He also wasn’t in the greatest of place in his life mentally – it was thought he was ready to end his own life at one stage – and he was let go from yet another promotion.

Jeff’s also had his issues; he’s had run-ins with the law, had substance-abuse issues, and like his brother, is just a shadow of his former self. They’re both past their prime and it would be ludicrous to even consider bringing them back to WWE.

6 D'Angelo Dinero

via tumblr.com

This guy’s been a mid-carder throughout his entire career. D'Angelo Dinero must have thought that he’d hit the jackpot when he made the transition from boxing to wrestling, and was picked up by WWE straight away. However, he failed to impress and didn’t win anything on the main roster. After four years with the promotion, Dinero’s career fizzled out. He wrestled in a few dark matches, and then after a long absence from televised events, he was let go. As far as his career on the independent circuit and TNA goes, he hasn’t achieved anything of note either. That’s 13 years in the industry with his only accomplishments coming when he was wrestling with WWE’s developmental territories.

He certainly has a personality, a decent set of mic skills, but it would be crazy if the WWE brought him back – unless they needed another solid mid-carder, which they don’t.

5 Jeff Jarrett

via SEScoops.com

Jeff Jarrett had a decent time of it with WWE, winning the Intercontinental Championship, European Championship, and Tag Team Championship with the promotion. But, for those of you who know wrestling, you’ll know that TNA is where Jeff belongs. That’s because Jeff’s the face of TNA; he’s won numerous accolades with the promotion – unsurprising since he is literally the face of TNA, which he formed with his father back in 2002. Winning so many titles with a promotion that you’ve formed – well, there’s a lot of people who’ll have a few choice words to say about that.

Although Jeff’s wrestled with other promotions after he formed TNA, it just doesn’t make sense for him to be brought back to world’s biggest promotion. Today, he’s just an investor in TNA and plays a few backstage roles, but he’s essentially formed one of only a few companies that can be considered to be WWE’s rival. Bringing him back would just be ludicrous.


via wwe.com

Rob Van Dam’s been a prominent figure in the industry for quite some time; he’s been at the top of his game for quite a while and has gained a large fan following, but it’s with WWE that he rose to fame.

RVD’s had a couple of stints with WWE. The first time around, he left the promotion in 2007 after needing some time to himself. Sure, WWE could understand that and they welcomed him back again for a short period of time in 2013.

But his time with the promotion was tainted with controversy, and although this wasn’t the official reason for his departure, WWE must have been getting sick of it.

His high-flying style captured the fans’ attention, but now it’s nothing new. He’s talented – there’s no doubting that – but he’s had his time and has done all he could do with the promotion.

3 Teddy Hart

via AkPetCare.com

Teddy Hart is currently wrestling on the independent circuit, but what a lot of you guys probably didn’t know is that the babyfaced Teddy made his debut way back in 1995 – amazingly at just 15. WWE must have seen something in him because a few years later, they signed him to a developmental contract, making him the youngest wrestler to ever be signed with the promotion. He spent four years with the promotion, but had an attitude the size of Long Island and was given his termination papers. However, WWE realized that he was still young at the time and invited him back for a second stint in which he wrestled mainly in dark matches between 2005 and 2007.

However, he’s also wrestled with TNA and Ring of Honor and has been released for – you guessed it – attitude problems. His attitude aside, he’s been accused by some top pros of putting other wrestlers in danger in the ring.

CM Punk once said regarding Hart's dangerous moves and  bad attitude: “No worries though, if it gets you anywhere, I’d bet my life and 100 dollars that you’d find a way to ruin it for yourself with your out of control ego as well as your piss poor attitude.” Enough said.

2 Colt Cabana

via youtube.com

Many would say Colt Cabana rose to fame during his time away from WWE; he only wrestled with the promotion for a couple of years and didn’t win anything of note during that period.

Although he has gained plenty of championships with numerous different promotions, he’s perhaps most famous for his podcast – a famous episode with CM Punk will come to everyone’s minds. His friendship with CM Punk has also put him in the spotlight, although this looks to be over – for the time being anyway.

Cabana now has somewhat of a fan following, but that’s not getting away from the fact that he’s just a mid-carder; you can’t see him ever challenging the top guys in WWE for championships. He’s probably not in WWE’s good books either after siding with Punk in his lawsuit against a WWE physician.

1 Adam Rose

via wrestlingnews.com

Adam Rose spent six years with WWE and was only released recently in the summer of 2016, but judging by what went on in his life during the latter stages of his stint with WWE, it’s pretty safe to say that he won’t be getting an invitation to come back anytime soon.

Rose has had a troubled life; drinking and violence consumed a large part of his childhood and teenage years, and he fell into that downward spiral once again.

Let’s face it, he was never one of the stars in WWE. As harsh as it may sound, he was pretty much expendable, so when he began getting into trouble with the law and having personal issues, it was time to shut the door on his WWE career. Let’s see how successful Rose becomes on the independent circuit, since it’s probably a case of that door with WWE being shut for good.

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