Top 15 Wrestlers Who Were Complete D-Bags To Their Spouses

Human beings can be absolutely terrible at times, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. And as you must already know, good relationships are getting harder to keep as the age moves along.

For wrestlers, though, things are doubly difficult. They're constantly on the road, in the company of attractive members of the opposite sex, who they're sometimes made to fake a relationship with. There's also the matter of being a household name and everyone wanting a piece.

Some of these athletes have been responsible a good few heartbreaks. And they will never be able to run away from the fact that they were (or are) complete douchebags to their partners, as well as friends and coworkers, despite being heroes to many fans.

The cheating scandals do provide some great entertainment, though, and the WWE will never miss a chance to capitalize on such misfortunes as they do drive ticket sales up. However, they do frown upon a few incidents - yes, they do care about integrity sometimes, after all, it's still a business at the end of the day.

That said, below is a list of 15 wrestlers, both past and present, who were real a-holes where their spouses and partners are concerned.

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15 Stacy Carter

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Known as The Kat during her time in the business, Stacy Carter wasn’t actually a wrestler. She was a valet who made the most out the WWE when she could, and even held the Women’s Championship on one occasion.

Rising to fame after flashing her breasts during Armageddon in 1999, Stacy would also marry Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, who would quit the show after his wife was fired as a form of protest. He returned after they were divorced, though, also revealing that she had cheated on him during their marriage.

As former two-time Women’s champion Ivory Moretti recalls, Stacy was a ‘poison’ who just used Lawler because of his position in the promotion.

"She was a poison,” Moretti said in an interview. “She used her Jerry Lawler card just to get on board and Jerry Lawler was an announcer, so he's got a lot of push on who he can say great things about and interject about during his two hours on TV and then he's also privileged to be in on the writers' meetings.”

14 Bret Hart

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Bret Hart was once the biggest thing in wrestling, and he took full advantage of it. The former star, who has also dabbled in both writing and acting, was also the most famous Canadian at one point in time, and his name is still very respected.

Hart married Julie Smadu in the early 80s, and the couple would have four kids during their very rocky relationship which saw them split and make up several times before finally going through a divorce in 2002. He would marry twice after ending things with Julie, and later admitted to cheating on her several times in his autobiography Hitman.

In the book, Hart claims that the ‘lust was stronger than the guilt’, also fessing up to often picking up good looking women for sport.

13 Lita

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Lita would prove the vixen who broke up the friendship between Matt Hardy and Edge midway through the 2000s. Named Amy Dumas, the female superstar started out with Matt, but later fell for Edge.

Of course, the WWE capitalized on the rivalry it brought about, making it into a huge attraction while Matt suffered.

“We were slightly disconnected while I was at home recuperating because he was still 100% into his career and I was 100% out of it at the moment, because I had to be,” she said of her deteriorating relationship with the Hardy Boy during an interview. “And I remember thinking ‘Yeah we’re not gonna be together after our careers are over because that, that is our bond.

“The way we view life, our interests, they don’t really align you know?”

12 Bray Wyatt

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This is the most recent case on this list and the details still aren't all out yet, but it seems Bray Wyatt was in fact unfaithful to his wife and long-time sweetheart Samantha. Samantha filed for divorce a few months ago and cited that her husband had an affair with WWE ring announcer JoJo. Recently Wyatt and JoJo have been seen arriving at WWE arenas together, pointing to the possibility that they are in fact, an item. Samantha also wrote in her divorce filings that Bray "walked out" on her and their two children a few months ago. Again, we have to take this all with a grain of salt until more facts are presented, but where there's smoke, there's fire.


11 Melina

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The two-time Diva’s Champion, whose full name is Melina Perez, was involved in a long-standing relationship with John Morrison. The pair went through many poor spells, a few of which were believed to be brought about by her relationship with The Animal Batista.

Batista, however, denies having an actual affair with Melina. He instead claimed that he got down and dirty with the now 38-year-old beauty while her relationship with Morrison was on pause.

“Melina and John weren’t together anymore,” Batista said. “He was always aware of what was going on, and she was very honest with him. They split up and moved apart, and we started dating each other. She still considers him her best friend in the world. But he always knew exactly what was going on.”

10 Triple H

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It's hard to determine if it was solely Triple H who was at fault in this relationship falling apart (those close to them say Chyna was far from perfect) but what does seem to be true is that Triple H began seeing Stephanie shortly after their wedding storyline began and before they knew it, life was imitating art. Triple H and Chyna saw each other for quite a while during Hunter's relationship with Chyna and Chyna claimed she was released shortly after confronting them about it. Any way you slice it, dating someone before you've broken up with someone else is wrong and we wish things had gone differently for Chyna in the aftermath of this relationship.

9 Terri Runnels

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Terri Runnels worked as part of the WWE for eight years, and she’s probably the one most responsible for leaving Goldust, whose real name is Dustin Runnels, a very broken man. Dustin and Terri married in 1998, against the wishes of his father Dusty Rhodes, and paid for it quite heavily.

Terri was said to have cheated on her then husband with Shawn Stasiak, another wrestler whom she managed for a brief period. The pair went through a divorce six years after tying the knot, but Terri denied ever having an affair and accused Dusty of spreading false claims of gold-digging (can’t blame her) and stepping outside of her marriage.

Since their divorce, though, Goldust and Terri have been able to develop a great friendship. But Dustin isn’t letting his guard down for anyone. Just ask R-Truth.

8 Chris Jericho

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Six-time World Champion Chris Jericho always had the look of a playboy about him, so it’s no surprise his name’s on here. But like Hulk Hogan, the New York native is also a professed Christian.

Jericho, whose birth name is Christopher Keith Irvine, has been married for 17 years, having wed the stunning Jessica Lockhart in 2000. However, tales of his philandering have circulated from time to time, especially when tweets meant to be private messages suggested that he was stepping out on his marriage.

"Well u can invite her too! Gotta take care of my Aussie girls (happy emoji) U ever come to the US?" one of them read. Of course, that was quickly deleted.

There were also rumors of Jericho sleeping with former Diva Kelly Kelly after a picture of the pair sharing a kiss surfaced online some years back.

7 Sunny

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Tammy Sytch, known by her ring name ‘Sunny’ is regarded as the WWE’s very first Diva. The now 44-year-old is still quite attractive, so you could imagine just how much hot she was back in the day. Well of course you don’t have to imagine; that’s why we have a picture. But yeah, she was hot and is still kinda hot.

Anyhoo, Tammy was known to have had an affair with Shawn Michaels during the 90s. Despite being in a relationship with another wrestler named Chris Candito (who went by the name Chris Candido), she blatantly pursued romantic escapades with the Heartbreak Kid (and others).

"Shawn was easily the best I ever had," Sunny said of the infamous affair during a sit-down. "Shawn was easily the best. We just clicked. Everything we did was just perfect, so nobody has topped him."

6 Edge

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Earlier, we mentioned Lita’s breaking of Matt Hardy’s heart for Edge, but we didn’t mention that Edge was also in a relationship himself. The wrestler was married to Lisa Ortiz, his second wife, before hooking up with Lita.

The marriage wouldn’t last much more than a year. Having tied the knot near the end of 2004, the couple would end things in 2005, with Lisa referring to her ex and his new partner as cowards.

“I had heard somewhere that she tried to call me to apologize but that was a lie,” she wrote in an open letter on Hardy’s forum following his departure from the WWE in 2005. “I have tried to call her numerous times with no luck unless I call her from Adam's cell, only then does she answer. They are both cowards they are both liars and they both need major psychological help.”

5 Rocky Johnson

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For many wrestling fans, Rocky Johnson’s gift has been the biggest of all. The former star is partly responsible for the existence of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and even more so for his son’s career as he was the one who trained him.

While Dwayne can do no wrong in the eyes of the millions… and millions of The Rock's fans out there, we can’t say the same for his father. The Rock was said to have a strained relationship with Rocky due to the performer always being on the road, and things would get even worse when he found out that the man he looked up to as his idol was seeing another woman.

Rocky is believed to have led an affair with a female named Luan Crable for 25 years. In a 2013 interview, Luan recalled a young Dwayne calling her and asking that she stayed away from his father.

“He was only 12 years old, and he called me, yelling, ‘Stay away from my dad, and leave my mother alone!’ ”she said. “I told him that it was between adults and that he didn’t understand.”

All’s well that ends well, however.

4 Ric Flair

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The Nature Boy Ric Flair was as extravagant as his ring name suggests, and it wasn’t all just an act. He was quite the lover of the good life back in his younger days, and possibly even now. The 68-year-old is considered to be the best wrestler to ever grace the WWE by a large section of supporters, and they’re well within their right to think so as he boasts 16 World Championship titles.

Flair is believed to have been quite the philanderer as well, and has been married four times. His last wife Jacqueline "Jackie" Beems divorced him on the grounds of him having numerous affairs and humiliating her with other women during the marriage.

She didn’t take it all on the chin, though. The former World Champion is known to have called the police on more than one occasion after getting whacked by Jackie.

Flair is currently engaged to his former manager Wendy Barlow, having popped the question last July.

3 John Cena

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John Cena is now engaged to one half of the Bella twins; Nikki to be precise. Yet she probably should have a few concerns, based on the way his first marriage ended. Cena is what may would consider a playboy, and has had no trouble getting around. He’s even confessed to sleeping with six fans in one session.

Cena married his high-school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009. And it would take them just three years to end things, with the pair filing for divorce in 2012. The superstar blamed the fallout on a house remodelling, but Elizabeth claimed that things went south because Cena cheated on her with multiple women.

Four months later, Cena would hook up with Nikki, who he proposed to during the last WrestleMania and is due to marry any time from now.

2 Batista

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Dave Bautista, known as Batista by wrestling fans, has already been married three times and is the not-so-proud star of two failed marriages. The semi-retiree certainly seems the poor common denominator here, in terms of being the cause, but is hoping that his current union lasts more than eight years, which is the length of time the previous one spanned.

The Animal, as he’s also known, married Glenda Bautista in the early 90s, before divorcing in the latter part. He then married Angie in 1998, but would split with her in 2006. Given his wandering eye - yes he has the playboy reputation as well – it wouldn’t surprise us to know that his marriages collapsed due to him being, well… himself.

Dave is now married to professional pole dancer Sarah Jade, though. He’s probably trying his best to see this one through.

1 Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins was the 2015 Superstar of the Year, but that by no means suggests that it was an all-around great year for the Iowa native. Rollins, who is a two-time World Heavyweight champion, was engaged to Leighla Schultz, but things came crashing down in early 2015 after his phone got hacked and photos made it to the internet.

Unfortunately for Rollins, they were extremely saucy images of NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber. The photos were posted to Rollins’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, handing his followers quite the rush.

Schultz in turn posted her own nude photos of Rollins’ package out of revenge, terminating their relationship in the process. She was also bold enough to confirm that she was the one who exposed the star after a Twitter user suggested that she was not the one who really did the deed.

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