Top 15 Wrestlers Who Were Inspired By Comic Book Characters

Comic books have been around for as long as many of us can remember. We all grew up with the tales of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and the entire DC and Marvel Universe's.

This inspired many children as they grew up learning about all the tales of their favourite hero or villain.WWE Superstars were children once as well and many of them are self-confessed nerds.

The likes of Sasha Banks, AJ Lee, CM Punk, Batista, Rey Mysterio, and Alexa Bliss have all shared the fact that they love to read comic books in their spare time and have all introduced elements from the comic book world into their wrestling gimmicks.

When the movies are made into films (Ironman, The Avengers, The Suicide Squad, Captain America), it allows these stars to be unveiled to a much bigger audience so the WWE roster is then allowed to use their colours or moves and the WWE Universe can pick up on it much easier.

Whether it's their attire, their name or even the name of their wrestling moves, the following stars have proved that they love their comic book characters so much that they feel they deserve to be a part of their alter ego.

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16 The Shield: Agents of Shield

via wrestlingnews.co

The Shield were without a doubt one of the most dominant tag teams in WWE history. That was until Seth Rollins turned on his brothers Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in favour of The Authority and in turn split The Shield up for good.

But before The Shield debuted, the only version of The Shield that many of the WWE Universe were aware of was Marvel's Agents of Shield. While the name of the stable is similar to the group mentioned in the comic books, there are not many similarities between the two groups. The agents do often wear SWAT gear when on raids, which could be where WWE came up with the idea of The Shield's famous attire. Or this could just be a random coincidence.

15 Alexa Bliss: Harley Quinn

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Alexa Bliss was promoted to WWE's main roster during the official draft back in July and has since been performing on the SmackDown Live brand. She is currently the Number One Contender for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

With the release of The Suicide Squad this summer and the immense amount of success that the film had, Alexa began dressing the same as Harley Quinn, who is the girlfriend of The Joker. Harley has a main role in The Suicide Squad film and has been so popular since the release that a film all about Dr. Harlene Quinzel has been sanctioned and will star Margot Robbie as the true story of The Joker's psychiatrist turned girlfriend is told. Hopefully, Alexa Bliss will have compelling storylines similar to Harley Quinn.

14 AJ Lee: Black Widow

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AJ Lee is a self-confessed nerd. She loves everything comic book related and even once admitted to staying at home the night of her prom because she prefers to play video games. The former three-time Divas Champion was so much of a fan of one particular comic book hero that she named her finishing move after her.

Much like The Black Widow spider, AJ showed that she too could destroy males when she had finished with them and did so to the likes of Kane, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and Dolph Ziggler. But much like The Avengers heroine Black Widow, she became a likeable person and triumphed in the end. AJ was small but fierce and could definitely hang with the current Women's Division if she should ever return.

13 Neville: Red Arrow

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Neville is, without a doubt, one of the most underutilized wrestlers on WWE's current roster. He is a former NXT Champion and deserves much more of a push than WWE are giving him, mostly because of his incredible agility and insane finishing move.

The Red Arrow or Arsenal as the comic book hero is also referred is the name of Neville's Corkscrew Shooting Star Press that he performs from the top rope. The Green Arrow came into WWE for a feud with Stardust last year and Neville teamed up with Oliver Queen/Steven Amell and the duo looked right at home as WWE's two resident superheroes. Neville may never reach true hero status in WWE but he remains a fun Superstars to watch in the ring.

12 Blake and Murphy: Iron Man

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Everyone loves to dress up. WWE likes to put on a show and the WWE Superstars like to ensure that it is a show that is remembered so when they are given their freedom to design their own costumes, it makes sense that they choose actual heroes.

When Blake, Murphy, and Alexa Bliss were a tag team in NXT they would often be seen wearing Ironman attire. This was certainly a statement to bring in one of The Avengers biggest stars and it saw them to a Tag Team Championship reign. Sadly they switched their attire to a Freddy Kruger theme and broke up not long afterwards. Maybe it was the clothing that was the real problem. While Alexa Bliss has made her way to the main roster, neither Blake nor Murphy has yet to receive the call.


10 Nikki Bella: Wonder Woman

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Nikki Bella and her sister Brie have dressed up as Batman and Robin for a Tag Team Match on SmackDown for Halloween before, but when Alexa Bliss began dressing as Harley Quinn a few weeks ago, the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time decided that she was not going to be upstaged.

At Backlash a few months ago all six SmackDown Live Women (excluding Eva Marie) fought it out for the right to become the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion and despite the fact that Becky Lynch came out on top, it was Nikki Bella and Alexa Bliss who made their headlines for their tribute attire to the women of DC. Nikki would cosplay as Wonder Woman for the match up against Alexa's Harley Quinn.

9 Sting: The Joker

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Sting is perhaps best known for The Crow gimmick that he has been performing for many years in WCW and decided to keep when he made the switch over to WWE. Having been in the wrestling industry for many years, Sting has decided to shake his character up a few times.

When he was wrestling in TNA, he reached a point where he decided to try a new crazy Insane Icon character. This character had a white face and bright red lips, as well as the red face paint and the mentality of a certain character. This has led many of the wrestling world to agree that Sting was cosplaying as The Joker. One of the biggest villains in Gotham City and a complete thorn in Batman's side.

8 Mickie James: Elektra

via comicbooks.tumblr.com

Whenever WWE events decided to fall on Halloween the company decided that it was a great idea to have all of the Divas dress up and compete in a fancy dress contest. This went on for many years and the company actually wondered why the women weren't taken seriously, but it gave some women a chance to show off their nerd side.

Back in 2009, Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Layla, and Natalya all competed in a Halloween costume contest with Mickie deciding to dress as Elektra. She is the love interest of Dare Devil but herself is an assassin for hire. Mickie obviously won the contest since her costume was the best out of the four. The others were a bullfighter, a devil, and Michael Jackson.

7 Rob Van Dam: Iron Man

via caws.ws

Given the fact that Rob Van Dam could return to WWE at any time right now and still perform at the highest level at 45- years-old is probably an indication that he is the real superhero here. That being said, even RVD has to cosplay as his favourite Marvel character sometimes.

During his time in TNA, Rob often came to the ring wearing a singlet that was in Iron Man's colours and made him look like a real-life superhero. Obviously, Iron Man is Tony Stark and more recently has been a part of The Avengers films. Iron Man has also had a huge role in Captain America's latest Civil War film, but before that Iron Man also had three of his own films that explored his origins in the Marvel Universe.

6 Finn Balor: Venom, The Joker

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There isn't a lot that you can't do if you're Finn Balor. Over the past few years Finn has decided to paint himself using the same colours as The Demon for high profile matches. It is thought that The Demon is very close to Venom who is known quite well in the Marvel Universe.

The teeth and tongue part of Balor's Demon are very similar and it isn't the first time he has decided to branch out to include comic book characters in his matches. Balor used to paint himself as many different things before he was signed to WWE and even once cosplayed as The Joker for a match in the UK. He is a self-confessed comic book fan so this could be his tribute to all other fans of Venom.

5 Rey Mysterio: Cosplay Genius

via mrxpunchout.wordpress.com

There could be many arguments for the fact that Rey Mysterio is one of the biggest comic book fans in WWE history. He also has the most adaptable attire. In fact, he has been able to come out to the ring as many different superheroes over the past few years.

Mysterio came to the ring at WrestleMania XXVII as Captain America. He has also been seen as The Joker, The Flash, Ironman, Spiderman, and Batman over the past few years. He has stated many times that he is a huge fan of comic books and the fact that he is able to dress up as his favourite superheroes or villains for some of the biggest matches of his career shows that at heart Rey Mysterio is still a child that loves to read stories.

4 The Hurricane: The Green Lantern

via rebrn.com

When Gregory Helms was The Hurricane, it was quite obvious that he was WWE's answer to a superhero. There hadn't been a superhero in WWE prior and before long The Hurricane was joined by Super Stacy as Stacy Keibler donned a mask and became a heroine as well.

Dressed in bright green with his cape and mask, it was quite obvious that The Hurricane was a cheap knock off of The Green Lantern character. The Hurricane even has a tattoo of The Green Lanterns ring on his finger, if that wasn't obvious enough. A movie version was made about The Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds (who is now Deadpool) back in 2011 but it was considered a flop and no one speaks of it anymore.

3 Kofi Kingston: The Riddler, Iron Man, Superman

via wwe.com

Maybe it's the fact that Kofi Kingston has a young child. Or maybe it's because right now he's living his dream so he is allowed to do whatever he wants, but more often than not Kofi will show off his favourite Marvel and DC Characters by wearing shorts with their logos on them.

Kofi has been seen wearing The Riddler, Iron Man and Superman over the past few years. Since Kofi has been a part of The New Day he has had to wear the same attire as Xavier Woods and Big E, but when he becomes a singles competitor again, hopefully, he will continue to cosplay in his own way. Sometimes you have to keep your eyes sharp to catch these signs of superheroes in WWE.

2 Melina: Spiderwoman

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Melina is still one of the best female wrestlers to have ever graced a WWE ring. She is a former Women's and Divas Champion and she obviously occasionally glances at a comic book. Back in 2010, the SmackDown Divas participated in a Halloween Tag Team match and Melina came to the ring as Spiderwoman.

Known as Jessica Drew in the Marvel comics, Spiderwoman was known by many names while she was a part of the Marvel Universe and made appearances alongside Iron Man. Spiderwoman is not a very well known Marvel character with her male counterpart much more popular, so Melina obviously searched hard to find that outfit.

1 CM Punk: Anarchy

via wwehdwallpaperfree.blogspot.ca

CM Punk loves comic books so much that he has begun writing them since he left WWE. He had his first one published in the build up to his UFC fight and is hoping to continue to write more. It is also thought that his character while he was in WWE was very similar to Anarchy.

Anarchy is a character that has always had a problem with Authority much like CM Punk did for most of his WWE career. The duo also dress similar with their hoodies that both can be seen wearing. Add this to the fact that both characters don't look like heroes and we have some real anti-heroes here. Anarchy is a teenager who is smart enough to talk himself into being a hero which is much like Punk, who doesn't look like a quintessential wrestler, but was smart enough to talk himself into opportunities that he fully deserved.

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