Top 15 Wrestlers Who Were WAY Better After They Unmasked

The pageantry of pro wrestling has always been one of the many aspects to attract fans to the show. Colorful characters were always necessary and it has led to unique attires being worn to compete. Masks became one of the fixtures involved in the wrestling business for wrestlers wanting to cover their faces. Some did it for the cool look of being visually similar to a superhero. Others just wanted to hide their flaws. A mask can give you an excuse not to talk or get exposed by a lack of facial expressions not being able to add to a character.

Mexican wrestlers have been wearing masks for years due to the tradition of it being in the sport. It gets passed down from generation to generation and is more respected by the fan base there. The pros and cons to wearing a mask are both long lists but some wrestlers are better off with them. Rey Mysterio and Jushin Thunder Liger are legends thanks to implementing the mask into their personas. The other spectrum features many talents that were limited by the mask and who excelled after losing them. We’ll break those down as we look at the top fifteen wrestlers that were much better after ditching their mask.

15 Gregory Helms


The in-ring skills of Gregory Helms have always delivered but he struggled in his early WWE career. Following the purchase of WCW, WWE gave him an opportunity and were impressed by his work ethic. Helms found great success when transitioning into The Hurricane character. The persona stemmed from Helms’ real life fandom of the comic book industry and took a page from the Superman comics. Helms was obviously the Hurricane but tried to live with both identities apart similar to Clark Kent as Superman.

14 Abyss


TNA has seen the majority of their homegrown stars get fed up and ditch the failing company over the past few years. Abyss is the rare exception as he still holds a roster spot as one half of the TNA Tag Team Champions with Crazy Steve. The hardcore matches have seen Abyss literally give his body to the betterment of the promotion. Abyss would suffer the same fate as anyone residing in a company for a long period of time with one character by getting stale.

13 Justin Credible


Aldo Montoya's gimmick left a lot to be desired when it came to masked wrestlers. PJ Polaco was given the role and couldn’t get over with the extreme limitations preventing him from showing his talent. The mask looked like it was made by a kindergarten arts and craft class and Montoya became a laughingstock among wrestling fans. WWE released the talented wrestler for failing to succeed with the mask and it was the best thing to happen to his career.

12 TJ Perkins


TNA is known for frustrating wrestlers and wrestling fans with poor decisions. TJ Perkins was signed after years of great work on the independent wrestling scene. Most of the top wrestlers of the time had stints in PWG and ROH to show off their talent and TJP delivered in both promotions. This led to TNA signing him for the X-Division but decided to put a mask on him with the old Suicide character.

11 Chris Kanyon


The fact that Chris Kanyon wrestled under a mask for years in WCW is sometimes a shocking tidbit to many fans. Kanyon portrayed the Mortis character and actually did a good job with it. Eric Bischoff had a fixation with the Mortal Kombat video game at the time and wanted a few characters similar to the fighters in the series. Mortis was fine but definitely had a short shelf life.

10 Jerry Lynn


Jerry Lynn will go down among the most underrated wrestlers in the industry. His in-ring work was second to none with a guaranteed entertaining match any time he stepped inside a wrestling ring. WCW employed him in the mid-90s under the moniker of Mr. JL. The Cruiserweight division was booming with the introduction of various masked luchadors and that led to Lynn being forced to wear a mask as well for his character.

9 Juventud Guerrera


The Mexican wrestlers signed to WCW for the Cruiserweight division were all talented enough to perform great matches but it was hard to showcase personality. The mask limited their upside and their inability to speak English made it difficult to connect with the American fan base. Rey Mysterio was the exception to the rule due to his “once in a generation” talent and smaller stature giving him an advantage.

8 Ricochet


A current instance of a wrestler being hindered by a mask is Ricochet. The independent wrestling superstar wrestles in Lucha Underground under a mask as Prince Puma. Lucha Underground fans love him and he’s arguably the top star in the promotion, but everyone knows it’s him under the mask. Ricochet is allowed to wrestle without the mask or character restrictions in other companies, mainly New Japan. Most regard him as the best high-flying wrestler in the business and among the best talents outside of the WWE.

7 Eddie Guerrero


The late Eddie Guerrero makes almost every longtime wrestling fan’s list of greatest all-around performers in the history of pro wrestling. Many of those fans aren’t even aware of his successful stint in New Japan during the early 90s. Guerrero worked as the second incarnation of masked wrestler Black Tiger. His work was amazing but it was clear he would need to unmask to get the best of his potential.

6 Chris Benoit


Similar to Eddie Guerrero’s story, Chris Benoit achieved his first big success in pro wrestling under a mask in New Japan. Benoit wrestled as The Pegasus Kid and captured the prestigious IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship over the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger. His in-ring work was clearly elite and he ended up unmasking shortly before making the jump to the United States in hopes of becoming a bigger star.

5 Daniel Bryan

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The story of Daniel Bryan getting trained by Shawn Michaels is well documented but not everyone knows of his early career as a masked man. During training, Bryan showed a natural aptitude to deliver in the ring but he lacked the personality. The idea of a mask was pitched to hide his flaws of not being able to express his emotions during matches. Bryan wrestled as The American Dragon during tours of New Japan and even in his early WWE tryouts.

4 Mick Foley


WWE giving the character of Mankind to Mick Foley was initially a genius move. The character had great depth and shined in various epic feuds against The Undertaker. Foley’s ability to tell a story and portray a character like no other is the main reason the character excelled with the terrifying mask. After a while, WWE realized Foley would have to change things up and it resulted in losing the mask.

3 Alberto Del Rio


As the son of legendary masked wrestler Dos Caras, Alberto Del Rio spent the majority of his career in Mexico under a mask. The tradition made sense for the situation and he achieved huge success as one of the biggest wrestling stars in the country. WWE ended up finding him and offered a contract to come over to the United States without the mask. Del Rio’s handsome features and ability to cut great heel promos in the right story made you wonder why he ever covered his face.

2 Sami Zayn


The story of Sami Zayn’s unmasking is one of the times WWE can say they truly knew better than the internet. Zayn achieved great success on the independent wrestling scene under a mask as El Generico. “The Generic Luchador” pretended to be from Mexico and became a beloved figure in ROH, PWG and various other independent promotions across the world. Everyone expected Generico to continue in WWE after he was signed but the decision was made to unmask.

1 Owen Hart


Owen Hart is remembered fondly among wrestling fans eighteen years after his unfortunate passing. His legacy lives on due to his incredible work as one of the best wrestling performers we’ve had the pleasure of watching. Owen actually wore a mask during his first stint in WWE as The Blue Blazer. WWE didn’t want to initially introduce him as Bret Hart’s brother, so they put him under a mask to portray a wholesome superhero character.

The gimmick had no legs and Owen eventually started to wrestle without the mask. One of the greatest wrestling storylines took place when he turned on big brother Bret to start a sibling rivalry. Both Hart brothers put out classic matches against each other at WrestleMania X and SummerSlam 1994. Owen played the perfect heel with cowardly antics that was represented perfectly by his mannerisms and expressions. The unmasking of Blue Blazer and the introduction of Owen Hart gave WWE was one of the best performers and greatest heel characters in wrestling history.

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Top 15 Wrestlers Who Were WAY Better After They Unmasked