Top 15 Wrestlers Who Would Be Better Than JBL on Commentary

Color commentary is something Michael Cole has dwindled at throughout his career in the WWE, and other wrestlers such as Bryon Saxton, Corey Graves, Booker T and his colleague JBL have joined him. The

Color commentary is something Michael Cole has dwindled at throughout his career in the WWE, and other wrestlers such as Bryon Saxton, Corey Graves, Booker T and his colleague JBL have joined him. There are many candidates as to who could join the commentary panel, both retired and current Superstars if something could ever shake up the color commentary team. The good news is that the WWE has a talented range of wrestlers to choose from who could have a decent career being a commentator. You only have to look in the direction of some wrestlers who have their own segment on WWE programming and others who are good on the mic.

For example, Miz TV is usually featured before and after pay per views, and is interesting to watch so The Miz is a good person to consider calling matches; that is if he doesn’t mind taking time out of his acting career to work commentary. Also, there’s Dean Ambrose who has guested on Jericho's Highlight Reel, and now has the Ambrose Asylum, providing entertainment for the WWE Universe. So both Jericho and Ambrose are both good people to have, plus, they’ve already called matches before so it’s not something they’re used to.

Being as big of a name as some of these wrestlers may be, it would still be hard to replace some of the commentary veterans. But if anyone would be able to fill the shoes of the color commentary, it would be one of the WWE Superstars listed here today. Color commentary has been a lost art for a while now in WWE. While many of us were probably excited when JBL first began commentary, his act has grown old. He can't seem to decide whether to cheer faces or heels and we know him best for his 'c'mon Migggall' line. His shouting often has nothing to do with the action and just sounds obnoxious.

There has to be some talent that could do a better job than him at the announce table, right?

Here are 15 WWE Superstars (past and present) Who Would Be Better Than JBL on Color Commentary.

15 Edge & Christian


If the WWE seems content to have three-man booths, Edge and/or Christian could add some good humor to the booth. Both have the ability to play face or heel and they have good on-air chemistry. The Edge and Christian Show keeps improving and appears to be a a mainstay on the WWE Network. Both stars are retired and they seem to enjoy sitting with a microphone and entertaining the audience. These two are paired together because either one would make a great choice.

14 Mick Foley


Mick Foley briefly had a stint on color commentary back in 2008, but it led to his WWE departure. Foley had some great potential on commentary but he often butted heads with Vince McMahon, who is constantly shouting into his announcers' headsets. Foley though, is incredibly articulate and has the ability to make the audience laugh. Foley with Mauro Ranallo on SmackDown could make an amazing team and blow the RAW announce team out of the water.

13 Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels is very comfortable in retirement and seems to have no desire to be near a wrestling ring, unless it's for the occasional appearance. There's no doubt though that HBK's charisma and big personality would shine on commentary. Who better to give insight into a match than perhaps the greatest in-ring performer of all time? HBK did some occasional guest commentary back in his hey-day and shined in the role when given the chance.

12 Kevin Owens


It's no fluke that Kevin Owens is enjoying the success that he has since joining the WWE, with his great matches and his excellent mic work propelling him to the top. Before coming to the WWE, Kevin Owens (then Kevin Steen) actually would work commentary for Canadian shows. With that experience under his belt, he could be fill in the role of the bad guy behind the announce table if he chooses to do so. We saw him briefly fill the role at Payback and he flourished, putting his cohorts to shame.

11 Sheamus


As much as people love or hate the "Celtic Warrior", he’s still effective on the mic. He’s loud and aggressive which helps him get his point across. Sheamus is a person that sticks to his roots, so he wouldn't mind taking on a heel role while working the mic. He’ll make jokes if he has to, but if he wants to be heard he’ll usually raise his voice which suits best for calling matches. It'd also be interesting to hear a thick Irish accent at the announce booth.

10 Chris Jericho


Jericho has obviously done a lot going back to the ECW days, and because of it he’s developed into a character that people hate and love. No matter what people think of Jericho, he likes to run his mouth and he’s good at it. That’s why he had his own segment known as the Highlight Reel much like Miz TV. Plus being the lead singer of the band Fozzy, Jericho would have no problem having his voice be heard.

9 Sting


As was recently announced, Sting has retired from professional wrestling, so being behind the announce table could be an option for him. Even though he didn't speak often while in WWE, when he did, people listened. If you go back farther in his career, especially in TNA, Sting had some great backstage segments and promos. Now that he’s hung up his boots and called it quits, Sting can take the opportunity of showing the WWE Universe that he can do more than wrestle.

8 Dean Ambrose


Dean Ambrose has become a hit with the WWE Universe, with fans cheering everything that he does, and for good reason. Ambrose has the ability to put on his comedic charm, but also turn on a level of seriousness at the drop of a hat. He’s also become a WWE favorite to watch so the WWE Universe will probably want him there long term. Whether it’s in the ring or behind the announce table they’ll want him making noise.

7 Titus O’Neil


Titus O’Neil is someone with great enthusiasm, who brings lots of energy around the WWE Universe. Even outside of the ring, Titus likes to help people, and make others smile. Though his mic time has been limited as of late, O'Neil has potential as a voice of the WWE. He’s called matches before so he’s had experience there, and he's even had his own segments during breaks and before matches. He can provide laughter for the WWE Universe and is a person that can keep them tuned in.

6 Stone Cold Steve Austin


From the "whats?" to the "hell yeahs", Stone Cold Steve Austin is a fan favorite in the WWE. Fans would love to have Steve Austin behind the announce table. Austin has always had skills on the mic, but since starting his own podcast, his broadcasting skills have increased tremendously. Everyone knows what he can do on the mic annoying others, but entertaining them at the same time. He’s an individual that can be funny yet serious at the same time. Some obstacles would be that Austin doesn't need the job and there's no way WWE would be able to contain him with a live mic.

5 Xavier Woods


Forget the trumpet playing for a second and recognize what Xavier Woods can do on the mic. Woods helps provide entertainment by making jokes and talking about how great The New Day has become when given the mic. Additionally, he hosts his own YouTube show, which has seen him come into his own at calling events. Woods has now done commentary a few times since coming to the main roster, and fits right in doing color commentary. He's never going to be a top singles star, so this could be a great way of keeping him around for a long time.

4 Zack Ryder


It sucks that Zack Ryder hasn't gotten a big enough push in his wrestling career, despite being an entertaining Superstar. He’s a wrestler that the WWE Universe gets hyped for, and if he ever decides that he’s done wrestling, Ryder can try out commentating. The "Long Island Iced Z" even had his own show on YouTube, so he’s used to being on camera and talking. Although, this isn’t a job where he can run around all over the place, Ryder could still provide the WWE Universe with his WOO WOO WOO ways.

3 The Miz


The Miz obviously is not camera shy, since he’s acted in movies and has his own segment for the WWE called Miz TV where he interviews guests. The Miz has no problem talking about himself, but also asking the hard hitting questions. He’s comfortable being on the mic which is why WWE uses him so much, in so many different roles. The Miz is probably a strong candidate for the WWE, if they are ever in need of people calling the shots.

2 Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan is another recent retiree. RAW has felt like it's been missing something without Bryan around. If we can't get him in the ring, we'd love to have him at the announce table. Bryan has incredible wrestling knowledge and has a genuine personality. If there has to be a heel commentator, Bryan would make for a great babyface foil. He's more entertaining on the mic than given credit and there's no doubt he would flourish in the role.

1 The Big Show


The Big Show has done some guest commentary work recently. He was on commentary to advance his own storylines and he actually did a great job in selling the action. Big Show is more talented on the mic than people think, especially when he's able to just be himself. He seems to be getting phased out as a full-time wrestler now, so a move to the commentary booth may be in his future. It would take some time, but what a presence Show would be on commentary.

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