Top 15 Wrestlers Who Would Make a Great Vice President to Donald Trump

United States 2016 Presidential Election candidate Donald Trump is a...character. The outspoken, loud-mouthed, limousine riding, jet flying, wheeling...wait a second how disgraceful of me to compar

United States 2016 Presidential Election candidate Donald Trump is a...character.

The outspoken, loud-mouthed, limousine riding, jet flying, wheeling...wait a second how disgraceful of me to compare him to the legendary status of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, a wrestling icon.

Trump is well on his way to winning the GOP nomination, meaning that it's time for him to get serious about his plans when he faces off against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders from the Democratic Party.

That means that he needs to start thinking about who he will want to be his right-hand man (or woman) if he becomes the next President. Although that's still a long way away, he could look at a deep pool of talented stars in a certain promotion to help him out.

Why not look for a WWE Superstar to help you out? Trump hasn't learned to sound exactly smart and professional. Even his wife, Melania, has said in interviews she would like him to tone it down and sound classier.

Trump actually lives the life of a mega-star wrestler: He's famous, filthy rich, always travelling, mouthy, arrogant, and is as much loved as he his hated.

The Donald has a lot of behavior issues he needs to fix up, and perhaps a WWE superstar as Vice President would help him out. The only question? Who in the world should enter a world of politics if Trump wins?

In all honesty, there's no way he's picking one of them to help him should he be elected in office. However, we're allowed to ponder the "what if" scenario. Here are the 15 best wrestlers that would be great fits as Trump's Vice President.

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15 Brock Lesnar


So, Trump absolutely despises anybody who questions his integrity or anything he says. The man has a huge temper problem and if he could, he clearly would pound his "honesty" into someone.

Well, he could just use Lesnar to do it. The Authority loves to have Lesnar destroy anybody in their way, namely Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. But Trump could use a guy like Lesnar.

Who would want to deal with Lesnar? If you question him or Trump, you don't want to go to Suplex City. Trump could hire Lesnar simply to shove his beliefs down other people's throats by means of intimidation.

14 The Undertaker


Similar to the point of Lesnar, The Undertaker is simply a destroying machine and would also be a terrific Vice President, because again, he'd force others into believing what Trump wants them too.

Plus, The Undertaker had a 21-0 WrestleMania streak, so he'd know a thing or two about succeeding long-term, kind of how he's kept his body in terrific shape despite nearly three decades of putting it on the line.

So in that case, Trump could look up to The Undertaker by means of sustainability: Maintaining fan support and winning both eligible terms.

13 Hulk Hogan


I just can't help but accept the fact these two would be alike. Trump is a racist and he's made that abundantly clear.

Hulk Hogan did make racial comments and said he's to a point, a racist. But that's not why Hogan would be terrific in the White House as the second-in-command guy to Donald himself.

Trump was on a reality show, The Apprentice, while Hogan starred in Hogan Know's Best. These two know drama and how it shapes their lives. They've lived similar lifestyles, so it'd make perfect sense to do a partnership together.

12 Bray Wyatt


Bray Wyatt and his Family are basically a group full of rednecks who like to terrorize people and gang up on anybody that isn't on their side and dares cross paths with them.

Since Trump likes to terrorize people by telling them they need walls to keep refugees and immigrants out, he and Bray Wyatt would certainly intrigue one another for many reasons.

But none more than the fact they like to invoke terror into people against them.

11 Roman Reigns


WWE loves to overhype Roman Reigns, one of the most boring main faces the company has tried pushing to the top of a card.

The media has also been on Trump's side for large parts of his election. Anything he does or says, they'll turn into front page news. Spreading his messages so much have clearly appealed to  right-wing Americans.

However, both Reigns and Trump are overhyped with not a whole lot to show for it...yet. Until both men show what they can really do, there's no reason for us to buy into the fact they'll #MakeAmerica(OR WWE)GreatAgain

10 Vince McMahon


This is too obvious to the fact that I'm not willing to make it number one.

Mr. McMahon and Donald Trump are great friends in real life (which billionaires in America aren't these days?)

These two also had storylines where they feuded against each other multiple times in the WWE, and they were entertaining. Trump has made many appearances with the company, and it'd only be fair to return the favour by asking his friend to join him if he won the election.

9 Batista


"The Animal" played a man-destroying machine. This six-foot-six and 300-pound guy struck plenty of fear into the hearts of his opponents. Batista did this by showcasing himself as an angry man with a huge temper.

Trump has shown how huge of a temper he has. He's always fuming when someone debates with him in the election, and he calls just about every journalist he knows a loser on social media.

Both men have tempers (Batista has threatened fans before and even fought Booker T backstage).

Sounds like a great match to me.

8 Sgt. Slaughter


Slaughter played the proud, American military man during his Hall of Fame WWE career. Trump has made it clear how patriotic he is by promising to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. I'm sorry, but the hash tag is worth mentioning.

Anywho, back to reality. Slaughter obviously had the American pride with the character he played. Trump loves his country so much that he's ridiculously enough trying to keep immigrants out of it.

Plus, Slaughter attacked Canada in the past. Trump doesn't think Ted Cruz should be eligible to run since he was born in Canada. So, there's another ridiculous connection to think about.

7 Stone Cold Steve Austin


It's hard to think Austin would get elected to be Trump's Vice President after receiving a stunner from him many years ago.

But still, Trump would also see the talent that the Texas Rattlesnake had, that it'd be hard to pass up the opportunity to #MakeAustinMakeAmericaGreatAgain! Last time I use such a hash tag .

So, Trump says what he wants without caring what anyone will say or do against him. Austin did what he wanted to his boss, Vince McMahon, without worrying about being fired. These two did out-of-the-ordinary things without worrying about being judged.

That sounds like a great match, no?

6 John Cena


You can't help but think that Trump has said some of the dumbest things ever. He said he was always flirted with by women on The Apprentice (I doubt that).

His promises to keep immigrants out of America, calling females objects, and saying he hated the likes of John McCain for being captured are just a few silly things Mr. Trump has said.

Cena? Well, he's not that repugnant. He just says really annoying things that get tiring. "You Can't See Me," was cool for one day. "Rise Above Hate," was another irritating saying. These two can say whatever and make us roll our eyes, so we'll take them as a great pair.

5 Ted DiBiase


DiBiase went by the infamous "Million Dollar Man" character, and it was one of the most successful we've seen.

That being said, he'd also be great working alongside Trump. He liked to carry out a lot of money every time he appeared on screen, and he made the world know about it.

Trump always brags about the billion-dollar empire he created. Money buys power. Both men had it. So just take him, Trump. You've irritated us enough anyway, so maybe a million dollar man can be a billion dollar idea.

4 John Bradshaw Layfield


JBL played an loud-mouthed, cocky, and annoying Cowboy. He gloated about his money and always came out in a limousine.

Trump always brags about his money and seems to think he's flawless and has never made a mistake in his life. JBL also portrayed that character during his career as a wrestler for the WWE.

Mouthy. Rich. Jerk. The three stars align.

3 The Rock


As much as I hate to say it, Trump really does a great job of making his opponents look bad by acting child-ish with derogatory insults. It's a shame that he does this, but it buys him votes.

The Rock? Well, as great of a ring performer he was, he did his stuff best on the microphone. He would be a Hall of Famer even if his whole WWE career consisted of talking on the mic.

As for Trump? He said politicians are all talk and no action. Well, he's mastered the trash talk to win votes.

2 Triple H


The son-in-law of McMahon, a great friend of Trump, would also be a great fit for Vice President.

Trump has created the billion dollar empire. Triple H runs The Authority and is nearing the top of being the main boss in the WWE. He and his wife, Stephanie McMahon, headline the dominant faction.

Both men are rich and in plenty of power. The match is there.

1 Ric Flair


Ric Flair is the limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, son of a gun and his shoes cost more than your house, according to him.

Well, Trump rides limousines. He flies jets everywhere. He's had three wives, his third (and current one) being a supermodel. And yes, his shoes just might cost more than someone's house.

Flair played the million-dollar hot shot guy who can get any woman he wants. Trump thinks everyone loves him and must bow down to him. He, like Flair, finds himself untouchable.

So if Trump wins this election, he may as well just grab Flair, and scream "WWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

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