Top 15 Wrestlers With Hot WAGs You've Probably Never Seen Before

Being a wrestler means leading a pretty hectic lifestyle. It means living on the road, out of a suitcase, in hotel rooms, and so it can be pretty tough to first establish and then maintain any sort of a stable family life. That’s why a lot of wrestlers hook up with or are actually married to fellow wrestlers, because that’s one type of person who knows what it’s like living the life of a pro. Understandably, this always makes for some pretty juicy news in the wrestling industry, one pro hooking up with another. These guys and girls can’t escape the limelight even if they wanted to, and very often it’s these kind of relationships that makes them even more high profile. But some wrestling WAGs just don’t like the limelight, don’t find the prospect of having cameras shoved in their faces because of who they’re associated with all that appealing.

It’s more common that such WAGs aren’t actively involved in the industry, and prefer to stay in the background. Consequently there are quite a few wrestling WAGs out there that we really don’t know much about, that many people are unlikely to have seen before. These are 15 of these women; hot WAGs who you’ve probably never seen before.

15 Stephanie Washington (Bret Hart)

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In his heyday, Bret Hart was a legend, one of the greatest wrestlers to have ever graced the ring. But the guy’s now getting on a bit, is approaching his 60s, and certainly looks it. Those decades spent wrestling have taken their toll, and Bret now looks haggard, ready to enjoy some quiet time with his beautiful wife, and why wouldn’t he with someone like Stephanie by his side. His wife on the other hand, Stephanie Washington, is absolutely stunning. They got hitched in 2010 when Stephanie was just 27, and have been together, ever since.

Before tying the knot, Stephanie worked as a receptionist at Bradley L. Parker DDS, but has now taken on the role of a doting wife, and can be seen now again accompanying Bret to various soirees and events. But in comparison to a lot of other wrestling WAGs out there, she keeps a very low profile, only getting glammed up now and again to accompany her hubby out and about.

14 Denise Reso (Christian)

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Vince McMahon was always hesitant to push Christian and one of the reasons was about as shallow as you could get. McMahon flat out didn't like Christian's face. Yup, McMahon felt Christian was one of the ugliest people he'd ever come across in his life. Well, one lady didn't think so; German fitness model Denise Reso. The two have been married for a long time, but Christian has mostly kept his personal life private, as the two don't really have a bunch of pictures together posted on social media, like a lot of other couples here. Having a wife as beautiful as his, Christian probably doesn't care so much about what McMahon thinks of his face. All that matters is what his lovely wife thinks.

13 Catalina White (Jack Swagger)

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Jack Swagger certainly didn’t have the greatest of times in WWE, but one thing that must have kept him going was his stunning wife, Catalina White. As WAGs go, they don’t come much hotter than Catalina. She really is gorgeous, a goddess of a WAG if ever there was one, and seeing her with her hubby could just make you scratch your head in bewilderment.

You’ve probably seen Catalina from back in the day, but she’s been very quiet – compared to everything she used to get up to – and has simmered down since getting hitched. This hottie used to be a glamor model, gracing the front covers of some esteemed magazines and lads’ mags, and she even tried her hand at wrestling too. That’s why, if you cast your mind back to 2008, you may be able to remember her as Saylor James, but her stint in wrestling was short-lived, and she got back to her modeling. You may have seen Catalina before without knowing who she actually was, but if you haven’t you’ll certainly be scouring the internet looking for more of her pics now!

12 Pamela (R-Truth)

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Ron Killings aka R-Truth, has been around for a hell of a long time and is a pretty solid performer without being spectacular. His career really took off when he returned to WWE in 2008, and he’s been with the promotion ever since. But wrestling hasn’t been his sole focus; he’s got a couple of other strings to his bow, including acting and rapping, so he’s certainly been a busy dude over the years. He’s been busy in the bedroom too, and is a dad to five kids, one of which he has with his current wife, Pamela. The two married in 2011, she’s absolutely stunning – many would say way out of his league – but she seems to be a very private person.

She did the whole Twitter thing for a few months last year, but then just stopped and has gone quiet. We don’t really know a whole lot about R-Truth’s other half, so she’s certainly one WAG most of you wouldn’t have set eyes on before.

11 Lauryn McBride (Jerry Lawler)

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You’ve probably heard about Jerry Lawler’s fiancée, Lauryn McBride, but in terms of having seen them together, some of you may have done, but wouldn’t have believed she’s his fiancée. She could be his daughter, but fiancée, really? That’s probably the common reaction people will have when seeing them together.

Jerry’s been around for absolutely ages, has had a ton of success in the ring, but plenty out of it too. He’s been with some stunning women, but Lauryn has to be at the top of the list, and when you set eyes upon her, you’ll see why. She’s young, is in her twenties, and isn’t your typical WAG. She pursues her own business interests, isn’t just content to be Jerry’s doting partner, although she does accompany him to various events from time to time.

10 Bess Katramados (Big Show

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Big Show’s another one who’s had a long and stable relationship, which has perhaps translated to his success and stability with WWE inside the ring too. A stable family life equates to a stable professional life, and vice versa, and Big Show’s certainly enjoyed that. Bess Katramados is a woman who’s been a constant in his life, well, since 2002 when they got hitched, and he’s shared some of the best times of his life with her. But Bess isn’t really one to bask in the limelight, doesn’t like all the glitz and glamour that comes with being married to a wrestling superstar. At least that’s the impression we’re getting anyway. She seems to be a very private woman, so much so that there aren’t even many pics of her and her hubby out there. But from those few that have made their way onto the world-wide web, it’s evident that she’s gorgeous, a stunning WAG, one of the hottest wrestling WAGs around.

9 Galina Becker (Roman Reigns)

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Roman Reigns and Galina Becker have been together throughout his wrestling career, since they were in university in fact. Yep, they were college sweethearts, got together, and stuck together over the years, but as his fame escalated, Galina remained grounded, allowed her hubby to do his thing whilst she remained in the background. Both Roman and Galina aren’t exactly crazy about revealing all about their personal lives. When Bray Wyatt held up a pic of Roman’s daughter during a promo, he was quietly seething, because this is one man who likes to keep his family out of the spotlight as much as possible. That’s why people probably haven’t seen a whole lot of Galina. She’s beautiful, and the spotlight would love her, but that’s not her style or her family’s.

8 Kim Kessler (Randy Orton)

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Randy’s a superstar of the ring, and recently, after getting hitched to Kimberly Kessler, has become one half of a superstar, super-good looking couple. You can see why they’re together – they just fit, seem compatible.

Randy took on a lot when he got with Kim. He became stepdad to her three kids, and they’ve had one of their own since – quite the happy little family. Kim’s therefore got her hands seriously full when Randy’s away on wrestling duty, so it’s understandable people don’t get to see a whole lot of her, certainly less than they’d like to. Now and again the couple post pics of themselves and their family, but aside from social media pics, the stunning Kim Kessler’s a pretty quiet woman – well you’re going to be when Randy Orton’s your other half!

7 Karina Steen (Kevin Owens)

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No offense to Kevin Owens, but he’s batting way out of his league when it comes to getting with Karina! She’s absolutely gorgeous, has model-like looks, and has become the backbone of his life, of their family, ever since they got married a decade ago. Over the years he’s never tired of singing his wife’s praises, and is always saying that he loves her, she’s his everything, really soppy things like that, but seeing Karina we can understand why.

Karina used to be very active on social media, which is pretty much the only reason we know anything about her, but even her social media activity’s slowed down of late, thought to be because of online bullying. It’s clear why Keven would want to protect Karina, but how anyone could have a nasty word to say about her is beyond me.

6 Wendy Barlow (Ric Flair)

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Ric Flair’s had a string of high profile relationships over the years and has gained a reputation for being a bit of a ladies man, for getting about a bit. He hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to marriage – he has been married four times – but hopefully for his sake and Wendy’s it’s going to be fifth time lucky when he ties the knot with fiancée Wendy Barlow. Wendy’s someone who probably won’t be known to a whole lot of you. She has been involved in wrestling before, as Ric’s WCW ring valet where she went by the name Fifi the Maid, but aside from that brief involvement in wrestling and the few appearances she’s made with her hubby-to-be, there’s not much we really know about Wendy. She’s certainly not one of Ric’s most high-profile companions.

5 Chelsea Green (Zack Ryder)

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This is a bit of recent news right here, a relationship that began to blossom just a month ago. Until recently, WWE star, Zack Ryder was in a pretty high profile relationship with fellow WWE star, Emma. Emma’s a drop dead gorgeous woman and the two really did cut quite a cute couple. But all good things have to come to an end, as the saying goes, although Zack moved on and got some more good news pretty quickly. He’s now dating Canadian WWE Tough Enough contestant and current Impact Wrestling star, Chelsea Green.

She really is stunning, but unless you’re a fan of the indies and keep up to date with the various goings on in the wrestling world away from WWE, it’s unlikely you’re going to have seen Chelsea before. She is pretty active on social media though, so those of you who like the look of what you see can easily get your fix of Chelsea.

4 Sarah Bäckman (Bo Dallas)

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Unless you’re in the fitness world or are a proper wrestling aficionado, Sarah Bäckman is a name that’s unlikely to ring any bells, but set eyes on her pic and she’s definitely someone you won’t forget in a hurry.

Swedish born Sarah is still young at 25, but she’s already accomplished a hell of a lot. She’s a real estate broker, somewhat of a TV personality in her native Sweden, an arm wrestling champion and she’s done the whole pro wrestling thing too. She was in WWE working in NXT, but requested a release from her contract, and after a couple of years was let go in 2014. Sarah’s a bodybuilder and is super-hot – if you like that kind of look – but unless you were a fan of NXT and watched it for those two years, or unless you’re into arm wrestling, it’s unlikely you’d have seen Sarah before.

3 Kori Campfield (Kofi Kingston)

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This is one WAG who likes to keep a really low profile; very little is known about Kori Campfield, and there aren’t many pics of her circulating on the world-wide web either, because she’s a very private person, doesn’t do the whole social media thing and doesn’t make too many appearances. But from those pics we do have of her, we can certainly call her one of the most gorgeous wrestling WAGs around.

Kori got hitched to American-Ghanaian Kofi Kingston, high-flying member of The New Day back in 2010, and they have two kids together. But that’s pretty much all I can say about Kori, who doesn’t like to bask in the limelight with her hubby, who likes to take a back seat and be Kofi’s rock in the background.

2 Beth Britt (Jeff Hardy)

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Jeff’s far from a quiet guy, and his wife has appeared by his side from time to time, but they just don’t really look like a couple and they don’t broadcast every aspect of their relationship, shout about it from the rooftops.

The brothers are totally unalike on the relationship front. Matt’s been in a number of high profile relationships over the years, including with divas Lita, and Ashley Massaro, before he began dating Reby Sky and subsequently married her in 2013. Jeff on the other hand has been with Beth Britt for absolutely ages, since 1999. He had a kid with her, married her in 2011, then had another daughter and they have a nice family dynamic going on there. Beth’s nowhere near as high profile as Reby Sky, so perhaps she gets overshadowed by her sister-in-law, but that’s just the way she likes it, and it’s kept their family whole and grounded over the years.

1 Katie Forbes (RVD)

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RVD’s been through a lot during his long and illustrious career in the wrestling industry, and someone who’s been ever-present, who’s been his rock throughout the good and the bad times, has been Sonia. Talking about WAGs you’ve probably never seen before, Sonia’s got to be up there too, because throughout their 17-year marriage we didn’t see a great deal of her, didn’t see a whole lot of her, although she’s now out of the picture, RVD’s ex-wife.

But someone new is in the picture, someone who’s on another planet when it comes to hotness and all-round sex appeal. How on earth did RVD manage to swing a woman like Katie Forbes? They met at a wrestling convention when they had signing booths next to each other – yes, she is a wrestler. Most of you probably haven’t seen her – although she’s probably become more recognized of late now that she’s associated with RVD – because she’s not with any of the world’s top promotions. Her career’s still in its infancy, and so far, she’s been making the rounds on the indies, wrestling with promotions such as Canadian Wrestling's Elite, Pacific Coast Wrestling and River City Wrestling.

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