Top 15 Wrestlers You Didn't Know Got Divorced

Wrestling is a weird business. People associated with wrestling are almost always on the road; we have often heard claim that they spend more than 300 days away from their families.

While visiting every continent there is to visit on a yearly basis ought to be fun, every wrestler needs his or her time with the family. Their need for being with the family intensifies when the wrestler is married. Thanks to their inability to spend time with their spouses, we often see them seeking divorce just a few years into their marriages.

Being on the road often leads to infidelity as rings rats and their male counterparts are forever on the lookout to get it on with the toned bodies. Infidelity is an unforgivable act that only a few spouses put up with.

Many allege that John Cena’s first marriage (to his high school sweetheart named Elizabeth Huberdeau) ended only because of his being a philanderer, sleeping with fellow talents and fans while he was away from his wife. Every wrestling fan knows about Ric Flair’s marriages and the amount of money he has spent on alimony.

To battle such drama, most wrestlers now marry fellow wrestlers, and such marriages seem to last longer. The Undertaker and John Cena have been trendsetters in many ways, and they have set another trend by marrying wrestlers after their marriages to non-wrestlers failed. However, there have been many exceptions as Steve Austin’s marriage to Debra Marshall ended unceremoniously.

The following article looks at 15 wrestlers whose divorce (or divorces) is less known to the fans. You can add more to the list by mentioning such lesser known divorces in the TheSportster's comments' section.

15 Tamina Snuka

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Tamina Snuka, thanks to her perpetual injury concerns, has been unable to build enough momentum to be considered a credible on-screen character. Teaming up with Natalya and Carmella to form the Welcoming Committee seems to be working in her favor as many fans seem genuinely interested in SmackDown Live’s women’s division; however, her future beyond that is uncertain.

Her wrestling career might not have even kick-started had she not elected to be a role model to her two daughters in light of her divorce. She was married to Brandon Polamalu between 1995 and 2003, and she even went back to college shortly after her divorce while working as a janitor simultaneously to support the family before turning to wrestling.

She had not wrestled until 31; she earned the Lin Maivia Scholarship to train at the Wild Samoan Training Center only in 2009. Thanks to her family connections, she made her World Wrestling Entertainment debut just a year later.

14 Bret Hart

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In a recent TheSportster article, we discussed a grandfather-of-two in Bret Hart marrying a woman of his daughter’s age in Stephanie Hart. His infidelity throughout the course of his 20-year marriage with Julie Smadu, the eventual divorce and several reunions are also well documented. However, many overlook his second marriage with an Italian beauty named Cinzia Rota. The marriage lasted four years, and the couple had to part ways thanks to their difference in opinions when it came to where they should reside.

The Canadian all-time great may have his own Simpsons action figure, but divorce is a territory where Ric Flair remains unrivalled as the latter has four divorces as opposed to the former’s two. The Hitman may have the lead if he chooses to part ways with his current wife, though.

13 Raven

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Despite winning titles with Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, Impact Wrestling and WWE, it is safe to say Raven has had an underwhelming career, especially given his talent. Only smart marks seem to approve of his genius as the more casual fans hardly even remember him anymore. With his filing a lawsuit against WWE over their negligence with regards to CTE, the probability of his returning to a WWE ring even for a cameo has become zero.

Given his extremity of his wrestling style and intoxicant-filled lifestyle, one may expect him to never lead a normal life. However, he managed to find love at 44; he married a model named Selina Kyle in 2007, with the marriage lasting six years. Strangely, she has not updated her Twitter, Facebook or even her portfolio in over six years now.

12 The Sandman

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Many of Steve Austin’s mannerisms are attributed to The Sandman, whom many consider the best character during ECW’s prime. Winning the ECW World Heavyweight Championship a record five times, he came across as an important figure at ECW Arena. However, he failed to translate his ECW success to success in the WWE as he has never been able to lift a WWE title, unlike Tommy Dreamer or The Dudleys.

Most ECW fans remember his feud with Raven that saw his real-life wife Lori Fullington and son Tyler Fullington's becoming a part of The Raven’s Nest for the better part of a year. The couple remained together for over two decades before parting ways legally in 2007. He has since remarried as he now raises his nine-year-old daughter.

11 Big Van Vader

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Despite not winning anything but a throwaway Slammy Award at WWE, Big Van Vader definitely qualifies as a seasoned veteran having lifted WCW World Heavyweight Championship and IWGP Heavyweight Championship three times apiece. His medical diagnosis has revealed that he only has two years left to live, but newer reports suggest otherwise. Even old friend Diamond Dallas Page has offered to help him gain fitness.

Thanks to his journeyman career that has seen him be stationed in England, the United States of America and Japan, one might expect him to have gone through a tumultuous marriage at best. However, the former Los Angeles Rams center had been married for 29 years to Grace Connelly. The couple, who were divorced in April 2008, even have two kids together.

10 Victoria

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Despite departing WWE over eight years ago, Victoria continues to stay relevant, courtesy of a host of wrong reasons. She made headlines when Kenny Dykstra revealed that she had been John Cena's road girlfriend. She accepted his claims, but her then-husband Lee Varon never made any public statement about the same.

However, Victoria, a few years later, alleged him of an extra-marital relationship with an employee at a restaurant she owns; she even shamed her online, posting her number and picture online. Her tantrums were the final nail on the coffin as their 11-year marriage ended shortly afterward.

She seems to have moved on now as she has resumed taking independent bookings again. Her restaurant The Squared Circle, however, has remained closed as she now runs a gym named IFBB Pro Fitness.

9 Edge

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Here is another entry from the Ruthless Aggression Era. Edge's marriage to Beth Phoenix became public in light of her WWE Hall of Fame speech. The love triangle involving Matt Hardy and Lita is also well documented; however, even Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder may not be aware of his marital history as he has remained a private guy despite his cheery on-screen character.

His relationship with Lita ended his one-year marriage with Lisa Ortiz. However, that was not his first marriage. His first marriage saw him marry Val Venis' sister named Alannah Morley in 2001 after dating for over three years. The marriage ended three years later, in 2004. In the event of our counting his on-screen divorce from Vickie Guerrero, he has gone through as many divorce as fellow-Canadian Bret Hart.

8 Charlotte Flair

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While WWE often brags about Charlotte Flair's genetic lineage, they ignore her marital history as it hardly looks flattering. She has been married twice, with her first marriage to Riki Johnson taking place in 2010. The marriage lasted just two years; she joined NXT shortly after her divorce. She married United Kingdom wrestler Bram a year later, but the marriage went sour two years later. Bram's career looked doomed after their filing for divorce as he was arrested over domestic violence allegations, but he has since recovered to be a personage on the independent scene.

Given the heights she has reached, she likely has little time to think about a third marriage but, from what Paige and Alberto El Patron have showed us, you can never rule anything out in the crazy world of professional wrestling.

7 Debra Marshall

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Debra Marshall has enjoyed a storied wrestling career, even winning the WWE Women's Championship once. She also boasts an incredible marriage resume having married former NFL defensive tackle and one-time WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Steve McMichael and WWE Hall of Famer and six-time WWE Champion Steve Austin.

She used to accompany the former to the ring until their divorce in 1998; the couple had been married for 13 years. She waited no time before she moved on to a world beater-cum-wife beater in the Texas Rattlesnake. Their marriage turned sour in less than two years, with his assaulting in light of steroid and drug use three times. She has not been associated with wrestling ever again; she only pops up in low-budget television series and movies sporadically.

Her first husband has now been married to Misty McMichael for over a decade while her second married Kristin Feres in 2009.

6 Rob Van Dam

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Rob Van Dam's personal life has largely remained private except for his marijuana addiction. Despite his perennial battle with his addiction, he has won the WWE Championship and TNA World Heavyweight Championship once. Additionally, he had been married to actress Sonia Szatkowski for 17 years. The couple exchanged vows during the zenith of his ECW career in 1998 and stayed together until 2015. RVD even called time on his full-time wrestling career to be a caregiver as she was recovering from cancer; however, she had recovered when they decided to part ways. She filed for divorce in July 2016 citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for her seeking divorce.

In April 2017, he had begun dating a voluptuous wrestler named Katie Forbes.

5 Big Show

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Given Big Show's friendly demeanor off the screen, one may expect him to be in a long marriage. Unlike few of his babyface runs, he does not disappoint as he has been in a 15-year marriage to his current wife Bess Katramados. Married in 2002, the couple even have two kids together. The Greek beauty works out with him and even bicycles around in their neighborhood in Florida when he is not touring the world.

However, his marital life has not always been a bed of roses as he had previously been in a marriage that only lasted three years. Their marriage failed as he chose to place his career above her in his pecking order. The couple even have a daughter named Cierra Wight.

4 John Bradshaw Layfield

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It is never easy to remain relevant in the wrestling industry for even a decade. Only very few have managed to be in the limelight for a long time, and John Bradshaw Layfield is one of the very few who have done that. Actively wrestling for WWE for 15 years and being one of the lead commentators on their flagships shows for over a decade now, he has had an excellent career.

He is now married to financial analyst Meredith Whitney for over 12 years now. Besides bullying weak-minded colleagues and cruiserweight wrestlers, JBL has been enjoying a fairly successful life.

However, his marital history hardly looks perfect as he had gone through one divorce in 2003. He married Cindy Womack during his NWA days, with the couple remaining together only till the APA reunion.

3 The Rock

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It is safe to assume that professional wrestling will never create another Dwayne Johnson. He has achieved astronomical success that Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan and John Cena can only dream of. During his Rocky Maivia days, though, one woman named Dany Garcia stood by him. The couple married in 1997 and remained together until 2007. However, their divorce never hurt their business relationship as she continues to be his manager and producing partner. She still plays a key role in his career as she often has a say in the movie he chooses or the role he plays.

The Rock has settled down, though. He now has a daughter with Lauren Hashian, with whom he was rumoured to have had an affair with in 2006, weeks after his divorce. His first wife has remarried as she's now married to bodybuilder Dave Rienzi.

2 Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels has been hitched to former WCW Nitro Girl Whisper, real name Rebecca Curci, for over 18 years now. The couple even have two kids together, with the eldest being 17 years old.

However, his marriage to Whisper was not his first as he was previously married to Theresa Wood. The couple tied the knot during his run as one half of The Rockers. Their marriage ended in an amicably settled divorce in 1994. It is easy to understand why the marriage ended as 1994 saw the rise of the Heartbreak Kid. While his rise to superstardom meant he was on road more than he used to as a Rocker, it also meant he got into ring rats' pants frequently.

He also entered a relationship with Chris Candido's girlfriend Sunny around that time, and alongside his The Kliq buddies, he swam in a sea of drugs, liquor and women. He now comes across as a changed man, practicing Christian like a textbook Christian does.

1 Sting

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Here is yet another born-again Christian. Sting is one of the most revered wrestlers in the industry now, but there existed a phase in his life that he is not very proud of. He used to have extra-marital sex while abusing drugs and alcohol simultaneously. He came clean to his wife Sue Borden, whom he had married in 1986, in 1998. She helped him in his recovery, but the couple had to end their 24-year marriage in 2010. They have two sons and one daughter together. None looks set to follow in their father's footsteps to a wrestling ring as both seem to have taken up football as their careers.

The Icon remarried in 2015, shortly after his WrestleMania debut bout with Triple H. He now resides with his wife Sabine Glenn and one step-daughter.

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