Top 15 Wrestlers You Forgot Were Members of the nWo

Three letters which can strike fear into the heart of the most far gone conspiracy theorist while stirring up great feelings of paranoia; contributing to the loss of mind as one slowly becomes traumat

Three letters which can strike fear into the heart of the most far gone conspiracy theorist while stirring up great feelings of paranoia; contributing to the loss of mind as one slowly becomes traumatized with one's own voice inside of one's head. Fear everything for these three letters shall shake the foundations of society. These three letters are N, W, and O. Placed together, they stand for the New World Order.

The New World Order have come to brainwash your children and sacrifice the innocent for their own well-being. They have come to take everything away from you and your family. Evil is Alive and Satan will soon be knocking at your door. Pray for your salvation all that you must; it will not keep you safe from the horrible darkness which you are about to endure. Only the Globalist shall find refuge for they are the true self-chosen.

(Yes, people believe in such things. Now, let's move on to the wrestling part of our story).

In 1996, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash would "invade" WCW. The rogue duo were viewed as Outsiders from the WWE and left many to believe that WCW was truly at war with WWE and not just in the ratings. These were the seeds that would soon sprout into one of the most famous wrestling angles of all time when Hulk Hogan would abandon all of his beliefs to join Hall and Nash and form the "New World Order of wrestling, brother."

The stable would become one of the greatest professional wrestling factions of all time. However, the nWo would have its ups and downs throughout its tenure as the group would split into subdivision factions and the number of members would continue to grow on a weekly basis. The final (active) incarnation of the nWo would be a less dangerous version brought into WWE following their victory over WCW in the Monday Night War.

With so many members to keep tabs on, you may have forgotten some of these past nWo members. Therefore, we present the following article.

These are the top 15 wrestlers you forgot were once members of the nWo:

15 Big Bubba Rogers


WWE fans will best remember Big Bubba Rogers as Big Boss Man - the "prison guard" turned professional wrestling heel. Undoubtedly the most successful gimmick ever portrayed by Raymond Traylor (real name).

In late 1996, Big Bubba Rogers would join the nWo for a brief stint within the faction. In the Spring of 1997, Big Bubba Rogers was contractually removed from the nWo and thus his time with the group was over; having never made that big of on impact while a member.

14 Konnan


As mentioned in the intro, the nWo would often split into separate factions. One of which become known as the nWo Wolfpac - a face version of the long time heel stable and a new take on the angle.

Along with Kevin Nash and Randy Savage, Konnan would help piece this new red and black version together, which was actually a cool twist for a while but would eventually run its course and the confusion of nWo alignments would continue throughout the remainder of its WCW tenure.

13 The Giant


Over in WWE, Big Show has carved out a comfortable career as the true giant of the modern era of professional wrestling. However, Paul Wight (real name) would taste his first successes over in WCW where he was billed simply as: The Giant.

Prior to the over-expansion of the nWo, the group was a tight-knit faction of former WWE Superstars. The Giant was then added to the group for obvious reasons (who wouldn't want a massive man on their side?). However, The Giant's time with the nWo was overshadowed by those with political pull which would contribute to Paul Wight packing his bags and heading to WWE.

12 David Flair


David Flair may not be his father - or his sister for that matter - but has taken his share of bumps inside of the wrestling ring. Most notably in WCW. What you may not recall is that David Flair was once a member of the nWo.

In February 1999, David Flair would join forces with the nWo. However, young David didn't live up to the expectations of the group and was tossed aside the following months. It may have been a short visit but the fact remains that David Flair was there.

11 Horace Hogan


Keeping with less popular relatives of the biggest names in professional wrestling, we come to Horace Hogan - the nephew of Hollywood Hulk Hogan and once a proud member of the nWo family.

Needless to say, Horace Hogan did not quite stack up to his famous uncle and would eventually find himself as a member of the nWo Black and White; otherwise known as The "B-Team." The  place where the non-main event talent were sent to live and play in the shadows of the big boys.

10 Masahiro Chono


Masahiro Chono is a legend of Japan as well as a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Chono is credited with providing the foundations that help build the nWo Japan over in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

However, his affiliation with the group was not limited to NJPW as Masahiro Chono was brought over to the United States and would align himself with the Americanized version of the faction for a short period of time in WCW before heading back overseas to Japan.

9 The Great Muta


The Great Muta is known the world over as an established Japanese professional wrestler as well as a well-accomplished Heavyweight Champion; having won major gold in a number of different organizations.

Perhaps a lesser known member of the nWo (to the American audience), The Great Muta would go to battle in Japan against the nWo before finally joining forces with the stable and officially placing his name in the nWo alumni booklet.

8 Curt Hennig


Curt Hennig, best known as Mr. Perfect, is one of the all time in-ring greats who often does not receive the proper acknowledgement. Hennig would never quite reach that top-level spot in WWE or WCW but left a lasting impression on professional wrestling all the same.

While in WCW, Curt Hennig would often find himself lost in the mix and never positioned in a favorable light. Yes, he did become a member of the nWo, but that did nothing to improve his position within the company and it wasn't long before Hennig was made a member of The "B-Team."

7 Jeff Jarrett


Jeff Jarrett has always been good but never great, especially during his tenure in WCW where Jarrett believed he should have been a much bigger player. In the year 2000, Jarrett would get his chance when the nWo was resurrected once again as nWo 2000.

However, WCW was on its way to the grave and another stale version of the once great faction was not going to rekindle enough interest to rejuvenate the suffering product. Jeff Jarrett would eventually become the leader of the nWo which was a far cry from the days of Hollywood.

6 Booker T


Booker T was one of the few WCW talents who did not grow enamored with the nWo during its rise to the top of the industry. Booker made his own choices and found success the hard way in WCW ... so, how did Booker T make this list? Keep in mind, the nWo did return in 2002.

This may not be the version of the faction that you love the most but technically the nWo were alive and active in WWE when Vince McMahon brought the boys back to the company for another run and it was during this time that Booker T would finally dawn the black and white t-shirt.

5 Rick Rude


"Ravishing" Rick Rude is another Superstar who fans can remember on one side or the other. While an active competitor in WWE, Rude was an entertaining talent. When his in-ring days were over, you may recall Rude and the role he played in the early days of D-Generation X.

Over in WCW, Rick Rude would once again find himself involved with a revolutionary wrestling faction when he would join the nWo - making him one of only three men that have been part of both groundbreaking groups.

4 Dusty Rhodes


The recent passing of "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes has brought about many fond memories and stories about a man who helped make professional wrestling a little more cool on the scene.

Dusty Rhodes is one of the greatest wrestling babyfaces of all time - a man who cut promos that could rally the nation behind him better than a politician. Therefore, when Dusty Rhodes joined the nWo, something didn't fit as the faction were at a point of mass expansion and the original focus had been lost.

3 Sting


If you recall, the nWo had their own version of the legendary Sting; a blatant ripoff of the original. During this time, the real Sting would take on a new identity as the brooding watcher of WCW - the ultimate loner.

Then, the loner sought acceptance and joined the nWo in a move that made absolutely no sense storyline or business wise. Sting was everything that the nWo was not and now that the last hope for WCW had flipped, the rotten core of the angle was exposed.

2 Bret Hart


Everything about Bret Hart in WCW felt like a flop. The Hitman was a WWE guy who didn't fit the WCW system. Despite being awarded their top championship, Hart never connected with the promotion in the same manner that he connected with WWE (prior to the Screw Job).

The nWo 2000 were originally led by Bret Hart as the latest incarnation of the group would prove to be nothing compared to the original rebel force that stomped through the WCW roster and helped changed the perspective of professional wrestling.

1 Shawn Michaels


You may not like the fact that the top spot on out list goes to somebody who only an nWo member in WWE but then again the purpose of this article was to remind you of those you may have forgotten were once part of the group.

While it may have been brief, when the nWo were brought into WWE, Kevin Nash would eventually bring in his old buddy from The Kliq, Shawn Michaels. Rumors circulating at the time claimed that Triple H (also part of The Kliq) was next to join but the WWE version of the nWo was soon laid to rest.

nWo 4 Life ... Vince McMahon FTW!

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Top 15 Wrestlers You Forgot Were Members of the nWo