Top 15 Wrestlers You Should Hate More Than Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns' timely nose surgery helped World Wrestling Entertainment plot the perfect plan to get him over, but fans, much to the dismay of Ranjin Singh and Vincent Kennedy McMahon, got behind Tripl

Roman Reigns' timely nose surgery helped World Wrestling Entertainment plot the perfect plan to get him over, but fans, much to the dismay of Ranjin Singh and Vincent Kennedy McMahon, got behind Triple H during his brutal attack on the imaginatively nicknamed the Roman Empire. Though Hunter succeeded in getting the fans cheer for Reigns during his absence, his return was met with a chorus of boos, and fans denied buying his assault on the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, which was bizarrely brought to an end by Jack Swagger and Mark Henry of all people.

Given the heat Reigns gets from the WWE Universe, it appears as though fans will genuinely hate him and not his character even if he goes through a heel turn. As things stand, Reigns appears to be a bigger failure than the Mohammed Hassan angle, and as such we wrote the top 15 reasons why he is not over with the WWE faithful. Though fans hatred for the 6-foot-3 wrestler is comprehensible, the current WWE roster features more punchable faces than that of the Rock's cousin.

Currently, Bo Dallas boasts the pride of being the owner of the most punchable face in the roster, and the rest of the Social Outcasts deserve more scorn than Reigns, but, much like the Ascension and the Miz, they get away with the prize for being the wrestlers you hate more than the last member of the Shield. Accordingly, the following article lists 15 superstars that deserve more hate than Roman Reigns but are surprisingly earning plaudits from the so-called pundits and WWE Universe alike.

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16 Honorable mention: Michael Cole


Since Michael Cole can and should never be tagged a wrestler despite his 14-minute match with Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania XXVII, he does not make the list, but true wrestling fans ought to hate him for ruining wrestling with his horrible commentary. With Jim Ross not around to help the fans tolerate his voice, he plays a major role in bringing the ratings down; thereby, he is causing the slow demise of the television program we all grew to love. Here is hoping that Mauro Ranallo replaces him on Monday nights soon.

15 Erick Rowan


Before Braun Strowman came for the save, he was regarded as the worst wrestler among the Wyatts, with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper winning the crowd over with their fantastic acting, mic skills and wrestling moves. With the Wyatts often booked to lose, his involvement in any match means that it is a certain loss for the team fans desperately want to go on a winning run. If he did not stand at 6-foot-8, grow a long beard, and weigh over 300 pounds, he would probably be plying his trade with TNA now, and that could not be a better reason to boo a wrestler.

14 Tyler Breeze


Should there be any reason other than his penchant for clicking selfies to hate Tyler Breeze, the Gorgeous One? WWE loves keeping up with time, but much to their dismay, it backfires more often than not. Given his cringeworthy gimmick, fans will likely never get behind him, but he can never be a credible heel either, at least as long as he is called the Sultan of Selfies. For the poor character building, WWE Universe should boo him more than Reigns.

13 Heath Slater


Social Outcasts have been mentioned in the introduction paragraph for being the obvious entrants in this list, but this list would never be complete without Heath Slater in it. All of his gimmicks have been cringeworthy and fairly similar, and someone of his physique should never be wrestling in the most followed wrestling promotion. Both his microphone skills and in-ring abilities are below par, and, by the looks of things, his WWE contract will likely not be renewed (sigh!). In fact, he should have joined his former tag-team partner Justin Gabriel in the independent circuit in the wake of his loss to Lita, as he has been irrelevant ever since.

12 Alberto Del Rio


Months after facing the axe, Mexico's Greatest Export returned to dethrone John Cena as United States Champion on his second debut with WWE. Alberto Del Rio acts cocky and always tries to be the first to enter the ring when the League of Nations walks down the aisle. Given he represents the Authority and is the most vocal member of the League, fans should jeer him more than Roman Reigns, but, thanks to his dismal character building, the fans are more or less indifferent when he appears on the screen of late.

11 Stardust


Marriages always signal happiness, but Stardust's marriage coincides with a huge downward spiral as far as his WWE career is concerned. He lately jobs to jobbers in Main Event and teams up with the most irrelevant tag-team in the Ascension. With Goldust himself looking irrelevant in this era, his rip-off in Stardust has become a figure of mockery. Fans should hate him as his Stardust gimmick completely ruined the career of the wrestler formerly known and widely loved as Cody Rhodes.

10 Kofi Kingston


The Ghana-born high-flying wrestler has had quite an illustrious career in the mid-card, winning the Intercontinental Championship four times, United States Championship thrice and numerous tag team titles. However, he continues to botch his moves on a regular basis. Besides his botches, his fake Jamaican accent will never be forgotten, and he boasts the pride of being the least interesting member of the only entertaining tag-team, the New Day. Do you need more reasons to loathe him?

9 Charlotte


Charlotte gets her spot here for being aAs a part of the Divas Revolution. However, it is not just about the Divas Revolution, as she clearly lives off her father's legacy. Though she could have a better career without her father by her side, she is a permanent resident of Botchamania, and her acting is downright horrible. If fans censure Reigns for enjoying the benefits of hailing from the Anoa'i family, they should hate her equally, given their similarities. One has to note that Reigns has hardly had someone as over as Sasha Banks to work with.

8 Sin Cara


After Mistico's departure, the Sin Cara character has pretty much lost its relevancy in WWE, as everyone knows that Hunico – the man who played the impostor Sin Cara role only months earlier – is the man behind the mask. With Kalisto gaining momentum, Sin Cara persona will be dumped after the Lucha Dragons lock horn with each other in a predictable and monotonous feud. For all the botches, irrelevancy and wasting their time, which WWE would otherwise be fill with more meaningful (or maybe not) League of Nations matches, fans should hate Sin Cara more than the former Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle in Reigns.

7 Ryback


Ryback silently is trying to surpass Big Show's tally of face and heel turns, and nobody really cares about him anymore as the WWE Universe is slowly starting to dismiss the importance of being muscular. Despite spending more than 12 years with WWE, he has not learned the art of wrestling whilst the likes of Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, and even The Miz have been able to not just learn the trade in a shorter period but also become legends. Ryback, on the other hand, continues to produce NXT level wrestling. Fans boo Reigns for bypassing the toils of developmental circuits and NXT, but somehow love getting behind Ryback, who is arguably worse than David Otunga inside of the ring.

6 Sheamus


In order to thrive in any industry, one has to make as many contacts within the industry as possible, and nobody in WWE has understood that better than Sheamus. With Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, CM Punk and the likes sustaining multiple concussions on their course to stardom, the Celtic Warrior earned multiple title reigns just by being Triple H's gym partner. He fails at getting the WWE Universe getting invested in his storylines and is absolutely boring. He looks out of shape but has a Hall of Fame-worthy career ahead of him thanks to his connections.

5 The Miz


Should The Miz swap places with Zack Ryder, he will be fantastic asset, given his incredible mic skills and acting, but WWE's shameless attempts to portray him as a serious wrestler make a good number of fans hate him wholeheartedly. As evinced by the fans' love for AJ Styles, microphone skills can be compromised, but being a sloppy inside of the ring is an unforgivable crime. Though a bout between the most must-see superstar in the WWE and the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will likely be a boo-fest, wrestling gods will be pleased only if the boos for the Miz outweighs that of Reigns.

4 Ric Flair


Whilst the PG audience is unready to cheer for modern-day veterans in Batista and Chris Jericho, Ric Flair is trying desperately to appeal to them with an outdated character. If he woos less or does not woo at all, he can certainly boost Charlotte's stocks, but his constant dancing and kissing antics often take the limelight off his daughter. The Nature Boy is currently doing more harm than good to his daughter's career. He deserves every gram of gold in his two Hall of Fame rings, but he should be booed more than Reigns for his abuse of popularity.

3 Kevin Owens


Nothing proves WWE is in a bad shape than Kevin Owens being the best heel in the roster. For starters, KO looks more like a Domino's delivery guy than a wrestler. His promos are tolerable only because not a lot of wrestlers in the current roster have mastered the art. Given his indie roots and huge belly, it is amusing how Vince McMahon has given him two Intercontinental Championship reigns this early into his WWE career

Reigns, at least, boasts a wrestler-like appearance when compared to Owens and deserves much less hatred than him. Also don't you think it's about time heels actually get booed out of the building instead of cheered, because fans think "it's cool"?

2 Braun Strowman


Braun Strowman's poor wrestling abilities need no introduction, and it appears as though his induction into the Wyatt Family is the nail in the coffin as the Wyatts' win record has since been worse than that of Alicia Fox. In hindsight, WWE should have made him go through rigorous training in the developmental territory as they are in no rush to pass the torch, with Big Show and Kane still putting in a shift. Apart from frowning at his opponents, he fails miserably at selling his gimmick and it surprises everyone at TheSportster how he gets less flak than Reigns, who is a much better wrestler than the Black Sheep.

1 Brock Lesnar


The Beast Incarnate may look fish out of water in the list, but, in fact, he deserves the inclusion. He bothers the least about fans, who crave for watching him throw even their favorite wrestler with an evil smirk on his face. He capitalizes on WWE's need for a dominant figure as no one else cuts the mustard. With the big guys in Big Show, Mark Henry, Kane, the Undertaker, and Braun Strowman not being booked as an unstoppable force (due to legitimate reasons), WWE are left without a choice but to pay him huge chunks of money only to fight every now and then. On the other hand, Reigns, the John Cena 2.0 literally bleeds for his fans in the PG Era.

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Top 15 Wrestlers You Should Hate More Than Roman Reigns