Top 15 Wrestlers You Would Hate To Have as a Relative

Vince McMahon has done a lot to entertain fans over the years with his countless WWE Superstars. They all play unique characters. Some play humorous dudes, giants, beasts, destroyers, high-flying speedsters, and so on.

And some of those wrestlers terrify us. The Undertaker, Kane, Batista, Big Show, Brock Lesnar, The Great Khali, and so many other wrestlers from the past and present have played remarkable roles as terrifying machines that you would never feel comfortable coming across.

The WWE has found ways to invoke fear into fans and wrestlers (in character of course) in so many different ways. And quite frankly, we're very fortunate that we never had to actually have some of these people in our everyday lives.

That's because, in all honesty, they would just freak the living daylights out of you. No one wants a professional wrestler in their everyday life. And when I say everybody, I mean most people.

Most people have enough hardships dealing with some relatives as is. Some are selfish, greedy, angry, whiny, and it continues. If we can't deal with some of our own, how would we handle relative wrestlers?

Some of the guys on the WWE roster are better fit for our joy and entertainment than to be relatives who would do nothing but complicate our lives and relationships with our families.

And for that, we need to take a look at the top wrestlers that you would never want to have as your relative. For better or worse, it works out better if you just follow them live instead of having them in your personal life.

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15 Chris Jericho

via wwe.com

Although you'd love to have Jericho be your older brother to beat up that bully twice your size, you wouldn't want him as a sibling.

That's because Jericho is able to roast anybody on the microphone. One of the best trash talkers ever, you don't want him to tell everybody at the dinner table everything that sucks about you.

You ever have that annoying cousin that doesn't stop bringing up all the annoying things you did in the past? That'd be Jericho in your family.

14 Rusev

via rickey.org

Rusev would be a tough relative to contain, because he's always angry and does nothing but cause trouble.

Plus, if you're having him over for dinner, chances are the big man would be able to take most of the food before everyone got their share. With his real-life girl Lana, he'd also just show her off to the family, making you single people look bad.

13 Triple H

via prowrestling.com

There's a reason he earned the nickname, The King of Kings, because Triple H has dominated the WWE like no one else and should break Ric Flair's World Title record by the time he's done (in my humble opinion).

Have Triple H in your family and he'll simply take down anyone who doesn't let him have his way. Imagine him recruiting all your cousins to take you down if you don't let him watch what he wants on television.

Triple H always gets his way. And he will do whatever it takes. That stubbornness would not sit well in any family.

12 Roman Reigns

via roman-reigns.net

Reigns would be that very socially awkward person in your family that you try entertaining but who refuses to say anything (because he sucks on the mic).

Your aunt drops him off at your house and you're forced to give him a few hours of entertainment, but he won't budge. He just sits there.

You ask him to be the MC at a family wedding? Don't think that would work well for him, either.

11 Charlotte

via therichest.com

Given that her father is the Dirtiest Player in the Game, you do not want Charlotte in your family.

She'd be able to scold you in any way possible. She'd find ways to steal from you, frame you for something you didn't do, and manipulate you in any way possible if you crossed her path.

Oh, and her father could deal with you if you had a problem. There won't be any "WOOOOOO!" chants in this family.

10 Xavier Woods

via reddit.com

Given how Xavier Woods reacted when Chris Jericho destroyed New Day's trombone, that's probably all you need to be convinced as to why he would not be an ideal relative for your average family.

Imagine if you stole his favorite toy? Stole one of his french fries? He would throw a major fit. He'd be that person that just whines and throws major tantrums any time he didn't get it his way.

We all have those people in our lives.

9 Titus O'Neil

via wwe.com

Given his recent suspension for telling Vince McMahon "Ladies First," during the Feb. 8 edition of Monday Night Raw, it's a sign you wouldn't want O'Neil in your family.

First off, he's huge and someone you better not try arguing with unless you'd want to pay a price. And second, he obviously didn't learn common sense in the way of never telling your boss what to do.

Imagine O'Neil trying to be in charge of every family reunion and disrespecting his elders. No thanks.

8 The Undertaker

via geekspodcast.com

Everything about The Undertaker is absolutely intimidating. Watching him on television makes me cringe. I can't imagine what it's like to have him as a family member.

Those dark, stone-cold eyes and his angry character would just terrify you. Plus, he'd probably love to play pranks on you by turning off the power late at night and then appearing right behind you.

And sometimes, jokes like that go too far.

7 Goldust

via cheap-heat.com

Goldust's character hasn't changed and he's always played that creepy, sneaky person who is always watching you like a hawk.

You wouldn't want someone like him in your family; always watching you and making you feel uncomfortable. Just ask R-Truth.

Sometimes, family members change their behaviors depending on whose around, but with Goldust, he's always completely nuts.

6 Bray Wyatt

via cagesideseats.com

Bray Wyatt has three guys who help him destroy anyone that's in the way of something he wants. Could you imagine having an older relative who has three tough brothers with him to beat you up anytime he wants?

Wyatt's character has no mercy and is a complete savage. He wouldn't care what he did to you. Follow his order, or you'll pay.

Yeah, that wouldn't be fun.

5 Rest of The Wyatt Family

via wrestlingphoto.tumblr.com

Gosh, who wants to have three guys three times your size just assaulting you for no reason other than due to the fact they have a leader to follow?

Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are all giants, and that's all that needs to be said here.

Personally, I would not want these guys being able to push me around in front of my family.

4 Sheamus

via toobrother.com

Here's the deal and it's similar to that of The Wyatt Family.

If you do anything to not grant Sheamus what he wants, he's strong enough to take you down. Even if not, he has three strong friends who he will use.

Plus, he's been a great suck up to The Authority and Vince McMahon, meaning he'd do the exact same to your parents in order to make himself look better and to sell you out. We've all been blamed for things that weren't our faults.

Sheamus wouldn't make that any better.

3 Kane

via ign.com

Kane is just like The Undertaker, but the other Brother of Destruction would be even worse. Because, Kane has done some very evil things in character.

If he's going to light Jim Ross on fire, electrocute and torture Shane McMahon, crash Edge and Lita's wedding, what wouldn't he do? Kane would be the main man when it came to torturing a family.

Like Goldust, he'd quietly stalk you and attack when you least expect it. Does that sound like a relative you need?

2 Big Show

via cagesideseats.com

Just imagine The World's Largest Athlete walking through your home, before he looks at you, you look at him, and he shoulders you away.

And then, he's just staring at you quietly, expecting you to do anything he wants of you, and knows he doesn't have to ask. Goodness, who wants a man over seven feet tall tormenting them like that?

Last time I checked, he knocks people out with one punch. I hope to never be on the receiving end of that from him.

1 Brock Lesnar

via wrestlingnewsco.tumblr.com

He feeds off of destroying other machines (see Undertaker, Roman Reigns, Big Show) and loves the energy. He is The Beast who thrives off of destroying everything in his path. Quite frankly, he's one of the most intimidating people on earth.

Everyone has a relative they're scared of, and maybe it's that one person whose half your size but can scream and terrify you. But this guy would have no mercy in doing anything to torment someone.

He could beat up his boss in Mr. McMahon, meaning he could hurt a family member if he wanted to.

Thank goodness Brock Lesnar (in real life) has more class than that.

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