Top 15 Wrestlers You Wouldn't Believe Are The Same Age

The career of a professional wrestler is certainly not for everyone. You spend almost all of your time on road. The only time you can take a vacation, so to speak, is when you suffer an injury. At least in today's world, wrestling companies are more forgiving with injuries. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, before drug tests became mandatory, wrestlers would take a plethora of pain pills just to make it through the next match. If you combine those pain killers with drugs and alcohol, your body is going to eventually start to break down. A good portion of the wrestlers on the list below are great examples of what happens when you don't take care of your body. Their rough lifestyle on the road has them looking a great deal older than they actually are. On the flip side, some wrestlers who once lived a hard life style have managed to remain in great shape through exercise and good nutrition.

Another theme when it comes to the wrestlers included on this list, are the ones that had a late start to their wrestling career. Wrestling isn't like most professional sports. For example, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to start an NFL career after the age of thirty. However in wrestling, thirty years old is still considered young. As long as they take care of their body, wrestlers can continue their careers well into their forties. You might think some of these wrestlers on this list must be young considering they started their careers not too long ago, but you would be wrong.

Without further ado, here some wrestlers that you will not believe are actually both the same age.

15 15. Tully Blanchard & Hulk Hogan - 62 /

Despite spending a lot of time in court recently, it still looks like The Hulkster has found time to go to the gym. If it wasn't for all his knee and back problems, Hulk Hogan looks like he could still go in the ring.

Tully Blanchard is best known for being an original member of The Four Horsemen. He had a long career, wrestling for over three decades. All those hard years on the road, plus probably one too many nights partying with The Nature Boy, has Blanchard looking more like 72 than 62.

14 14. Lex Luger & Ron Simmons - 58 /

In his debut with the WWE in 1993, Luger's character was known as The Narcissist. Before every match he would pose in front of mirrors, admiring his chiselled physique. Luger's day's of looking like a bodybuilder ended in 2007 when he suffered a nerve impingement in his neck, which left him confined to wheelchair. Luger today looks like nothing but a shell of his former self.

13 13. Paul Heyman & Shawn Michaels - 50 /

Although Paul Heyman started his managerial career in 1987, he didn't make a name for himself until he joined WCW in 1988. He may have only been twenty-two at the time, but he already looked he was in his mid-30s. It feels hard to believe that over a quarter century later, he is only fifty years old.

12 12. Jushin Liger & The Undertaker - 51 /

Jushin Liger is a legend in Japan, with his career spanning over thirty years. Although, with the way he still moves, and the fact that he wears a mask, you could't tell that he's 51. The WWE Universe was able see Liger in action for themselves at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn in 2015. He showed that he can still pull off moves that younger guys wouldn't even attempt on his way to defeating Tyler Breeze.

11 11. Zack Ryder and Baron Corbin - 31 /

It seems hard to believe, but Zack Ryder has been on the WWE main roster for nearly a decade. He made his WWE debut in 2007 at just the age of 21. His career has definitely seen more lows than highs, but he's still only thirty years old. Ryder still has a lot good years of wrestling left in him.

10 10. Ken Shamrock & Brian Knobbs - 52 /

Ken Shamrock might just be the meanest looking 52 year old on the planet. Even at his age, he still occasionally fights in the octagon. He hasn't won a fight in a while, but you have to give the man credit for still not being afraid to fight. If Shamrock ever wanted to comeback to the WWE for one more match, he surely wouldn't look out of place with his current physique.

9 9. Sheamus & Jeff Hardy - 38 /

Sheamus didn't make his debut on the WWE main roster until 2009, but he had already spent seven years honing his craft in Europe. At nearly 40 years old, it looks like the days of him being a WWE Champion are over, which most WWE fans would be fine with.

If you can believe it, Jeff Hardy was actually only 16 years old when he made his WWE debut in 1994. Twenty-two years later and he is still going strong. That is an incredible feat considering his age and all of the high risk moves he's done throughout his career.

8 8. Lance Storm & Batista - 47 /

You would think Lance Storm is older than he is, based on the fact that he has been in the wrestling industry for over a quarter century. He started his wrestling career all the way back in 1990. He retired from full-time wrestling in 2004 and now runs his own wrestling school in Calgary.

7 7. Titus O'Neil & Jamie Noble - 39 /

Titus O'Neil is another example of someone who had a late start to their wrestling career. After playing arena football for a few seasons, O'Neil began his wrestling career in 2009 at the age of 32. He's nearing the age of forty, but you wouldn't know that with his phenomenal physical condition.

6 6. Stacy Keibler & Rosa Mendes - 36 /

Stacy Keibler made her first wrestling appearance for WCW all the way back in 1999. Stacy joined the WWE after WCW was bought out in 2001 and became one of the most popular Divas of all-time. After leaving the WWE in 2006, Keibler became famous for her two year relationship with George Clooney. She eventually married Jared Pobre in 2014 and they have one daughter together. Despite being in her mid thirties and having a child, Keibler could still easily pass for someone in her twenties.

5 5. Diamond Dallas Page & Fred Ottman - 60 /

It's hard to believe that Diamond Dallas Page is sixty years old. He definitely doesn't look like an old man, thanks in part to his own DDP Yoga. You wouldn't think he's that old, considering he only starting wrestling full-time in the mid 1990s. He was actually already 35 years old when he first started to wrestle. DDP made his latest in ring appearance at WrestleMania 32, where he proved he could still go despite being practically a senior citizen.

4 4. Billy Gunn & The Sandman - 52 /

At the age 52, Billy Gunn looks like he might be in the best shape of his life. He even competed in a power lifting competition in 2015, albeit with the help of performance enhancing drugs, which got him left go from the WWE. He a had short main roster run with WWE in 2013 and proved he could still go with the young guys.

The Sandman became famous in ECW for drinking beer and smoking cigarettes prior to his matches. If you add the fact The Sandman was as extreme as you can get as a wrestler, you get somebody that looks a lot older than what it says on his birth certificate.

3 3. Kevin Nash & One Man Gang - 56 /

During his prime in the 1990s, Kevin Nash was known as "Big Sexy." Two decades later and you could still call him the same thing. At the age of 56, he might just be in the best shape of his life. If wasn't for so many injuries, he looks like he could easily still have another run in the WWE.

2 2. Tank Abbott & Booker T - 51 /

Tank Abbott's wrestling career in WCW may have been a bust, but there was a time where he had the greatest knockout power out of anybody in MMA. The way he is looking now, he looks like he would hurt himself throwing a punch. Abbott was supposed to make his MMA return in 2015, facing off against Dan Severn. The fight never happened because Abbott failed his physical, which was not at all surprising.

Contrary to Abbott's WCW career, Booker T had a very successful time in WCW. He hasn't wrestled a whole lot since 2012 and you have to wonder why he doesn't wrestle more, considering the amazing shape he's still in at the age of 51.

1 1. Sting & Dynamite Kid - 57 /

Sting finally announced his retirement from the ring at the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. He had a long and successful career that lasted over thirty years. His final match took place at Night of Champions in 2015 against Seth Rollins. Even at his age, he was still able to hold his own before he was hurt in the match.

The story of Dynamite Kid is a tragic one. He was considered one of the greatest workers of his time. However, due to his hard, high risk style of wrestling, he suffered numerous injuries throughout his career. Instead of taking time off to heal, he would just take more pain pills and continue to wrestle. He was also considered a small wrestler, so in order to bulk up, he started heavy steroid use. All of this led to an early retirement before he hit the age of forty. He has suffered many health complications since the end of his career, including a stroke in 2013. He is now confined in a wheelchair and he could easily pass for a man in his seventies.

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