Top 15 Wrestlers You Wouldn't Recognize From These Old Photos

Fans love the wild, and crazy looks of their favorite wrestlers. They easily can recognize them, and if they saw them in public, it would be a madhouse scene. The wrestlers listed here, may appear unlike they currently look, and also way younger. This article includes yearbook photos, photos found in magazines, and random pictures taken, even in family portraits. Wrestlers are beloved figures in the entertainment industry. Before their fame, it is interesting to identify, or at least try to identify pictures, and "who's who". A group of the people in this list, or at least a couple guys, may have looked better in their youth. Said simply, they are now peculiar looking.

Pictures here were found through school yearbook photos, and obviously locations listed previously. Even if they are not crazy pictures, they will make the viewer look a couple extra times. From Vince McMahon, to Mark Calaway, these guys look wicked different in their youth. For one, Mark Calaway looks slightly frail, and geeky in his high school yearbook portrait. I think readers will be especially excited to see Macho Man!

WWE fans remember their favorite guys, as the leaders they were in the time they wrestled. In other words, looking at these people differently is difficult for these people. Many people would struggle with the very possibility of them looking at their favorite childhood stars differently. They saw them a certain way, and that image resonates with fans, as a lasting mental image.

Are there some wrestlers who have always kind of looked the same? No there are not, because everyone is always evolving physically into a different "look". It's unstoppable, and a natural part of life. This list is cool, interesting, fun, and entertaining.

Here are The Top 15 Wrestlers You Wouldn't Recognize From These Old Photos.

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15 Goldberg

via bitwebmagazine.com

When looking at this picture without the heading, could you honestly tell that it's Bill Goldberg? His eyes look so gentle and the clean cut face does not lead you to believe he's an unstoppable monster. Goldberg was WCW's hottest star at one point thanks to his historic undefeated streak. Part of his appeal was his look; a bald head, goatee and simple black trunks. Goldberg is probably very thankful that he switched his look once he pursued wrestling.

14 Rob Van Dam

via wwfmirrorimages.com

Okay, so not all of us look exactly like we do when we were kids, but nobody in a million years would ever be able to tell this was Rob Van Dam. RVD is such a free spirit, nowadays, an open advocate for the use of recreational marijuana and is all around one of the coolest guys to ever enter the wrestling business.

RVD ruled the land of the extreme in ECW before making the jump to WWE and there's no way anybody could have foreseen him as one of the cool dudes of the future.

13 Xavier Woods

via johnnyetc.com

Xavier Woods actually is pretty well built here for a high school kid. He has an afro here with glasses on, which doesn't lead you to believe he'd be the voice of The New Day. Woods is a bright guy, as he attended Furman University and earned a master's degree in psychology. That part's believable after looking at this photo, but you've gotta admit, you just don't see future WWE star when looking at this photo.

12 Shawn Michaels

via pinterest.com

Shawn looks like the kid that just knocked up your daughter, dumped her, and now your daughter is crying in her room. Okay, maybe he only looks like this, and only in this particular photograph.

Michaels appears to be sweaty, and he obviously is very young looking here. Now 50 years old, "Hickenbottom" is grinding in the television news world. This picture is from his days in Arizona, where he grew up.

11 Rikishi

via bitwebmagazine.com

Rikishi is pretty skinny in this picture, and looks like he may have been a running back. People must be confused seeing this picture, because he's fat now, and very skinny here. Okay, maybe he isn't skinny, but he's in good shape and certainly more trim. He also has an afro, that looks like Michael Jackson's in his youth. Wearing a number 55, he looks like a young Ahmad Rashad with his hairdo.

10 The Undertaker

via cloudinary.com

Mark Calaway looks like a total nerd in this picture. If I didn't see research claiming this is his photo, I would laugh if you told me this was Mark Calaway. Calaway is in great shape nowadays. It's a mystery as to what kind of shape he was in here.

He looks like the kid who got beat up at the door, attempting to get into parties. If this was the case, he would now be able to beat those people up, and clearly would. While he looks a little creepy in this picture, it's not the cool creepy that we got accustomed to from The Undertaker. This old picture strikes fear in a different way.

9 Sable

via johnnyetc.com

Sable looks brunette, and strikingly young. I'm sure looking back on this, Sable is a bit embarrassed, as she is much more attractive nowadays, even as a grandmother at 48 years old. Sable looked much more innocent in this too. There was no way anybody could have predicted what a bombshell she would become. Imagine all the guys that could have went out with her in high school and passed on her because she looked plain. Now, no man on earth has a chance with her, because you'd have to get through Brock Lesnar.

8 Stone Cold Steve Austin

via tumblr.com

You could say Steve put on some pounds since this picture, and it looks like he aged a million years. Stone Cold isn't jacked in this photograph, but his pretty boy blonde hair pales compared to his badass baldness in 2016.

He is looking extremely non-threatening in this photo, with a huge smile on his face. That does not look like the toughest SOB in the WWE. Both of these aspects will not be repeated in a 2016 photograph of Austin, he wouldn't let it happen. Instead, he'll flip the bird.

7 Ric Flair

via pinterest.com

It looks like Flair just took a dump, and posed for an awkward photo shoot. Flair was obviously a lot more beefed up in his early career. Following a plane crash in 1975 that nearly took his life, Flair was left severely injured and lost much of his beefy muscle mass. From there he adopted a lean look, which is The Nature Boy we know today.

Nowadays, Flair wears old 70s jackets, and looks like a male dancer. Flair is an interesting personality indeed, and he may not be so intrigued by this photo.

6 Randy Orton

via pinterst.com

Orton looks like a scrawny kid, who does NOT wrestle. In this young picture, I bet if someone told him we would wrestle for a minute, he might not know what the sport even is, let alone what lifting weights is. He just looks like an average teenager with an awkward smile. No one could have thought he'd become one of the biggest stars of his era.

Orton is jacked in 2016, and holds many titles in his career. This article isn't a "Where Are They Now", but it's better to establish a connection between the guy's former self, and new self.

5 Mick Foley

via photobucket.com

Mick Foley looks like he could be a homeless man nowadays. Like Orton, he appears to be a scrawny kid, who plays tennis or golf, not a wrestler. Foley's looks shine through without the huge unkempt beard. This is also before years of wear and tear on his body. Foley looks like a normal kid; he looks like one of the kids beating up The Karate Kid, along with William Zabka.

Foley looks like a stereotypical stoner, and his long hair in 2016 is much different from his crew cut back in high school.

4 "Macho Man" Randy Savage

via imgur.com

Like other wrestlers on this list, Randy looks skinny, and not prepared to enter the crazy wrestling world. Savage looks like he would be attending a good college, and being a scholar. He then moved to Staten Island, NY, and moved to Kentucky. Macho Man was pretty jacked after beginning his wrestling career and even post retirement, nothing like his yearbook photo.

Randy Savage looks way too normal in this photo. Somewhere in that skinny kid though, the Macho Man was lying in wait.

3 Kevin Nash

via johnnyetc.com

Kevin Nash looks like the dude that beat up your son, and is also on the wrestling team. He doesn't look completely different, but his proper look would throw you off. He sure doesn't look like the rebel he became as part of the nWo. Nash seems like he could be a wrestler one day in this picture, unlike the other wrestlers on this list. Nash in fact, pursued a basketball career and got a break in WCW once that didn't pan out.

2 Jesse Ventura

via bitwebmagazine.com

Jesse Ventura has now turned into a conspiracy theorist who runs television shows. In this photo, he appears very angry, or just disinterested in taking a picture. He also appears preppy, maybe he went to a private school growing up.

Ventura grew up in Minnesota, out in the midwest. He had a normal upbringing, and actually felt the need to announce recently he will "not" be running for president. I bet Trump was so intimidated.

1 John Cena

via pinterest.com

Cena likes to rap, and maybe he was trying his hand at a couple of high school events when this photo was captured.

He does resemble himself today, but he's way less jacked back here. Cena looked much skinnier, and more innocent here.

Cena has said that he was bullied as a kid, which inspired him to bulk up. If only those bullies saw him now. "By the time I was 15, I was a built kid, and the comments didn’t come so often, and the people making fun of me sort of fell by the wayside,” Cena said.

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