Top 15 Wrestler/Weapon Relationships

The technical wrestling term is “foreign object” but that really just means weapon. Professional wrestlers have been incorporating weapons into their matches for many years. The evolution of weapon use in the ring has become far more complex than ever before, as anything can be used to inflict harm on one's opponent.

Over the years, we have seen many objects used to benefit a performer. The best examples of these weapons usages can be found within the confines of the hardcore wrestling world where matches can be absolutely brutal due to the use the weaponry positioned around and under the ring or in some cases (ECW days), the weapon in question can be obtained from an audience member.

The following article will focus on the wrestlers who have taken weapon use to another level. The ones who found sickening solace in bashing an opponent with their weapon of choice. The ones who have made these “foreign objects” part of their repertoire. In many ways, the weapon has become a friend, a close confidant, and go-to buddy when all else has failed and a quick solution is a must.

This piece will include the likes of baseball bats, tables, and chairs. The misuse of a musical instrument and the barbaric use of a sledgehammer. The discussion of a drunkard and his cane as well as an Irish club that is surrounded by folklore. The weaponry is vast and the men behind these objects are each unique and unconventional in their own right.

Now, let us get into our vicious compilation of mad men, mayhem, and the malicious use of everyday objects in the squared-circle. This is an examination of men and their weapons. The sadistic bonds formed from infliction and incomprehensible punishment. The stories of those who have become one with their weapon.

These are the top 15 wrestler/weapon relationships:

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15 Jim Duggan - 2x4

via bleacherreport.com

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan is best known as the flag-waving superstar whose immense patriotism would often lead an arena of fans into an loud “U.S.A.” chant. However, while Duggan proudly marched to the ring with his American flag, it was not the only thing Duggan carried along.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan had a weapon on hand during his matches – a weapon best associated with carpentry. This weapon was of course a long piece of wood – a 2x4 to be precise. The All-American man and his blue-collar weapon.

14 Finlay - Shillelagh

via wwe24seven.com

The longtime tough guy who we have come to know as Finlay is no stranger to violent in-ring action and certainly no stranger to the use of weaponry. The choice object for Finlay is fittingly an Irish cane, the shillelagh.

The Irishman has used his native weapon on more than one occasion to aid him to victory or simply hurt an opponent. When the luck of the Irish just isn't enough to gain the victory, it's time to pull out the old shillelagh.

13 The Undertaker - Urn

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The Undertaker's urn has long been a subject of great mystery in WWE. The urn is thought to have possessed the powers and even the soul of The Undertaker. The golden urn seemingly held all the answers we had in regards to The Deadman.

The Undertaker and his urn were eventually distanced as Taker began to alter his persona and take on different roles in WWE. During his early years in WWE, the urn was not just the focal point of The Undertaker's presence but was also used as a weapon on many occasions.

12 William Regal - Brass Knuckles

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Brass knuckles have been used by a number of different wrestlers in a number of different promotions. Therefore, when the knucks became a regular cheat-tactic for William Regal, they were not necessarily the most unique weapon around.

However, they seemed to work differently with William Regal. Perhaps it was the Southpaw punch or the whole concept of a distinguished English gentlemen resorting to such lowlife actions to secure a victory over his opponent. Whatever it was, it worked.

11 Hollywood Hogan - Weight Belt

via thesipadvisor.com

Hulk Hogan will always be remembered as the quintessential “good guy” of professional wrestling. The Hulk Hogan of the 1980s was telling all the kids to say their prayers and take their vitamins; a true role model for the youth culture.

Then everything went black and Hollywood Hogan was born. The leader of the New World Order was no longer the hero of children; he had turned his back on the Hulkamaniacs. During this evil tenure, Hogan would do anything to win including lashing his opponents with his own weight belt.

10 Al Snow - Mannequin Head

via espanol.wwe.com

Remember, anything can be considered a weapon in the world of professional wrestling – even a creepy mannequin head being carried around by an even creepier character known as Al Snow; an ECW alumni and former hardcore hack in WWE.

The mannequin head was appropriately named “Head” and Al Snow would often incorporate this falsified human skull into his matches. However, Head was much more than just a weapon to Snow. Head was also a friend.

9 Jeff Jarrett - Guitar

via thescottishsun.co.uk

Jeff Jarrett has deep roots in the professional wrestling industry. While he never quite achieved superstardom in WWE, Jarrett is still a well-accomplished wrestler who has manged to make a good living from doing what he loves.

You may recall seeing Double J walk down the aisle with a guitar in hand – not to serenade anybody but to sacrifice the beautiful instrument over the head of an opponent. Jeff Jarrett and his guitar, playing the swansong of his adversaries.

8 Mr. Fuji - Salt

via officialfan.proboards.com

Something as simple as salt could prove to be a harsh and literally blinding aspect of a wrestling match should Mr. Fuji be involved. Mr. Fuji performed as an in-ring competitor for twenty years before settling into a managerial role in WWE.

Mr. Fuji was dangerous as both a wrestler and manager and was known for throwing salt into the eyes of his opponents – temporarily blinding them in order to gain the upper hand and pick up the victory for himself or his team.

7 The Sandman - Cane

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Extreme Championship Wrestling was once home to the biggest bunch of freaks, weirdos, and misfits in professional wrestling. One of those outcasts was none other than The Sandman – a belligerent drunkard who was all about raising hell.

The Sandman didn't wrestle his opponents in any traditional sense, he simply fought them and did the best he could to kick some ass. The Sandman would often pull out his cane during his matches and unload his aggression on anybody around.

6 Bob Orton - Cast

via kayfabenews.com

“Cowboy” Bob Orton – father of The Apex Predator – had one of the more unique situations come about in regards to his personal weapon. Orton had suffered a legitimate injury during a match with Jimmy Snuka in which he broke his left forearm.

However, once the injury healed in real life, the gimmick of Orton having to wear a cast on “doctor’s orders” continued. This would enable Orton to use this cast at will on an opponent. Effectively having a weapon in plain sight.

5 Edge and Christian - Chairs

via s739.photobucket.com

The Con-Chair-To was a maneuver made famous by one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history: Edge and Christian. The charismatic Canadians who helped redefine tag team wrestling were not only humorous but totally harmful.

Their innovative use of the steel chair to create a spot all its own was fantastic. The sound of the two steel chairs colliding whilst connecting with the head of another man was somehow masterful and unmerciful at the same time.

4 The Dudley Boyz - Tables

via inquisitr.com

“D-VON … GET THE TABLES!!!” Who didn't shout along at home whenever Bubba Ray Dudley got that look in his eye? You knew what was coming next and whether The Dudley Boyz were face or heel; the gathering of the tables was always exciting.

Performers going through a table was nothing new but what The Dudley Boyz were able to accomplish was make the process more of a spectacle. The way they put somebody – male or female – through a table was with complete force.

3 Mick Foley - Barbed Wire Bat

via wwesuperstarwallpaper.com

What would a hardcore legend be without some form of hardcore weaponry to support his lunacy? When it came to Mick Foley/Cactus Jack, a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat would suffice as his chosen battle weapon.

The bat would come into play during many of Foley's iconic hardcore matches – often used to slice open the forehead of competitors. In many cases, the bat would be used on Foley himself but such a circumstance was to be expected during a Mick Foley match.

2 Sting - Baseball Bat

via sportskeeda.com

Speaking of baseball bats and legends, let's move on to Sting and his black baseball bat which became a symbol of his new persona when he dropped the colorful face paint and become the melancholic black and white version of the Stinger.

Sting and his trusty baseball bat would often take on the New World Order all by themselves. The baseball bat would some times feel more like a tag team partner to Sting rather than a weapon. The reliable wrecking weapon.

1 Triple H - Sledgehammer

via wwehunks.com

The #1 wrestler/weapon relationship has to be Triple H and his sledgehammer. The Game and his sledgehammer have become one. When Triple H is spotted searching under the ring, you know damn well what is coming.

The sledgehammer has been used to help Triple H win some big time matches. Most recently, Triple H managed to pick up a victory over Sting at WrestleMania thanks to a knock out blow courtesy the sledgehammer.

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