Top 15 Wrestling Couples Who Had Ugly Breakups

The life of a professional wrestler can be difficult at times. The constant travel, media obligations, and office meetings must be hard to handle on a weekly basis, let alone doing it around 320 days

The life of a professional wrestler can be difficult at times. The constant travel, media obligations, and office meetings must be hard to handle on a weekly basis, let alone doing it around 320 days throughout the year. Believe it or not, pro wrestlers work harder than most athletes. What other sport requires their Superstars to perform every week over the course of 365 days?

With that being said, it must be awesome to be a pro wrestler who is young and carefree. The WWE is like a traveling circus. The Superstars wrestle in front of different crowds each and every week. Sometimes, wrestlers travel across the globe to perform in front of fans from different countries. While it may be tough to be away from your family, the chance to experience things that you wouldn't otherwise be able to experience must be a great feeling.

The opportunity to see the world and earn a living doing something you love is second to none. However, maintaining a healthy and loving relationship with a significant other is almost impossible for most wrestlers. While there are definitely some success stories out there, most real life wrestling relationships end up bursting into flames.

So, what does end ugly mean exactly? Well, it means a number of different things actually, and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about once you get started with this list.

The most obvious and unfortunate wrestling relationship that ended badly was between Chris and Nancy Benoit. As tragic and heartbreaking as the Benoit murders were, the incident will not be included on this list. That's a whole level above a simple breakup. With that, enjoy this list of the Top 15 Wrestling Couples Who Had Ugly Breakups.

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15 Sable and Marc Mero


Sable is one of the hottest female Superstars in WWE history. She debuted alongside her then-husband Marc Mero in 1996. The couple stayed together until 2004.

While Mero and Sable's marriage ended on good terms, an incident involving the couple's on-screen characters ruined Marc Mero's future forever. In 1998, Sable powerbombed Marc Mero in the center of the ring. It was an extremely embarrassing moment for Marc, and his career would never bounce back.

Sable went on to make a fortune in the WWE, while Mero was released from the company in 1999. Today, Sable is married to Brock Lesnar. Mero also remarried in 2009 to a woman named Darlene Spezzi.

14 Terri Runnels and Goldust


Goldust and Terri Runnels were married for several years before their eventual divorce in 1999. Terri Runnels was incredibly hot in her prime, and she appeared alongside her husband as a manager in the mid-90s.

While it seemed that Goldust and Terri were deeply in love with each other, Goldust's father, Dusty Rhodes, believed that Terri Runnels was nothing more than a money hungry gold digger. Dusty's ill-will towards Terri ruined the couple's chance of success from the beginning.

Aside from Dusty Rhodes not approving of his son's wife, Goldust began using drugs and alcohol more than ever. Needless to say, the relationship between Terri and Goldust quickly spiraled out of control. The couple despised each other until their divorce.

Thankfully, Goldust and Terri have patched things up.

13 The Undertaker and Sara


The Undertaker is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Aside from being the most talented big man ever, The Phenom is also Vince McMahon's all time favorite wrestler. While The Undertaker is a master in the ring, he's had his fair share of trouble outside of the squared circle.

During the WCW invasion angle in the early 2000s, The Undertaker brought in his wife Sara Frank to be his manager. The couple was very much in love. The Undertaker even got a tattoo of his wife's name on his neck. Taker was rocking the "American Badass" gimmick at the time, and I guess he thought it would be a good idea to come to the ring with his wife on the back of his motorcycle.

However, Sara's time on-screen was short lived, and her marriage to The Undertaker did not last forever. The couple split in 2007, and Taker was forced to remove his wife's name from his throat.

12 Mickie James and Kenny Doane


Truth be told, I'm not quite sure how Kenny Doane landed such a hot chick. Mickie James was a huge Superstar in the mid 2000s, and Kenny was nothing more than a Spirit Squad member.

The WWE did everything they could to push Kenny to the top of the roster. He worked with Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Randy Orton, but Kenny still had a tough time getting over. On the other hand, Mickie James was over with the fans big time. She worked with the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita on a weekly basis, and it wasn't long until she became the WWE Women's Champion.

Any fool could see that the relationship between Mickie James and Kenny wasn't going to last forever. According to Kenny, Mickie James ended up cheating on him with John Cena. While James has denied Kenny's claims, the former Spirit Squad member is adamant about his beliefs.

11 Kevin Sullivan and Nancy Benoit


Before Nancy Benoit married Chris Benoit in 1997, she was married to Kevin Sullivan for several years. The relationship between Kevin and Nancy ended when Nancy cheated with Benoit.

While the cheating scandal was a huge deal, Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit remained professional in front of the cameras. In fact, they even worked a lengthy program together. Their matchups were brutal and hard hitting.

Nancy and Kevin got divorced in 1997. Later that same year, Nancy got married to Benoit. Unfortunately, we all know what happened to the Benoit family later on in life.

10 Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky


Velvet Sky is one of the hottest TNA knockouts in the history of the company. She literally has a booty to die for.

Now, getting back to the topic at hand. Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky got together while they were working together for TNA. However, it wasn't long until the couple eventually split.

Nonetheless, it wasn't long until drama ensued on Twitter for the world to see. Velvet Sky and Chris Sabin argued back and forth with each other until Sabin basically told her to cut the $h*t.

According to a popular rumor, Velvet Sky allegedly cheated on Chris Sabin with Bubba Ray Dudley.

9 Melina and John Morrison


Not long ago, it seemed that John Morrison would have a very successful career in the WWE. He was a gifted performer who could do it all. Morrison had the look, the skill, and the charisma, but he did not have the right push behind him.

Most people believe that John Morrison was buried because of his tumultuous relationship with Melina. John and Melina were the kind of couple that broke up every other week. During one of their regular breaks, Batista allegedly hooked up with Melina.

John Morrison claimed that he had no idea about Melina's extracurricular activities. However, Batista stated in his book that Morrison knew exactly what was going on. Nonetheless, the drama that regularly occurred between Morrison and Melina caused problems backstage, and it ultimately lead to the release of both Superstars.

8 CM Punk and Beth Phoenix


CM Punk might just be the luckiest man alive today. I mean, he is married to AJ Lee. But, before Punk ever settled down with Lee, he had his fair share of fun with the rest of the women in the WWE.

The list of women that Punk has been with include: Lita, Felice Herrig, Maria Kanellis, Kelly Kelly, Mickie James and Becky Bayless. Damn! That is an impressive list. Oh wait, I forgot to mention Beth Phoenix.

CM Punk and Beth Phoenix were together for a couple of years before eventually splitting. Not one to kiss and tell, CM Punk has rarely spoken publicly about his past relationships. With that being said, his thoughts on Beth Phoenix were heard loud and clear when he called her a "douche bag" on the radio.... That's no way to talk to a lady Punk......Pipebomb.

7 Triple H and Chyna


Triple H and Chyna were in a serious relationship from 1996-2000. Chyna debuted in the company as Triple H's bodyguard. While they were quite popular with the fans, they gained much more notoriety when they teamed up with Shawn Michaels to create D-Generation X.

Chyna and Triple H were very much in love. Unfortunately, their union wouldn't last forever. It is widely believed that Triple H began cheating on Chyna with Stephanie McMahon. Chyna even revealed that she discovered a love letter from Stephanie to Hunter.

Chyna was released from the WWE soon after the relationship between Stephanie and Triple H became public.

6 Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth


Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth were married from 1984 until 1992. The couple was deeply in love for the majority of their relationship. However, the "Macho Man" was known to be very protective over Miss Elizabeth. In fact, Hulk Hogan once stated that Savage would lock Elizabeth in the locker room during his matches.

There were even rumors that Randy Savage locked Miss Elizabeth in their home for weeks at a time. The strange relationship caused outsiders to step in and offer words of advice. Savage believed that Hulk and Linda Hogan talked Miss Elizabeth into leaving him.

However, no one knows exactly why Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth broke up, but it was a sad day for the WWE Universe when they split nonetheless.

5 Kurt Angle and Karen Angle


Kurt Angle is without a doubt one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. He accomplished so much during his WWE career, and he had some great moments in TNA as well. However, not many people know that Kurt was battling with drug and alcohol addiction for the last few years of his life.

When Kurt Angle joined TNA, he decided to bring his wife Karen along for the ride. The couple were a part of several great storylines in TNA. But, Kurt's bad habits eventually got so bad that Karen decided to leave him for another man, and that man happened to be Double "J" Jeff Jarrett.

Kurt Angle discovered that Karen had been cheating on him for quite some time before she flat out left him. Jeff Jarrett received a lot of heat from the boys, and TNA President Dixie Carter.

Karen and Jeff Jarrett ended up getting married, and Kurt also found a new lover. Thankfully, Kurt has overcome his problems with drugs and alcohol as well.

4 Stone Cold and Debra Marshall

The "Texas Rattlesnake" is the most popular Superstar in WWE history. Aside from The Rock and Hulk Hogan, no one has ever reached the level of popularity as Stone Cold Steve Austin. With that being said, it was a sad day when Steve Austin was arrested for domestic abuse.

In 2002, police officers were called to the couple's home. The officers discovered bruises on Debra's eye and swelling on her neck. The baddest S.O.B was charged with domestic violence. Steve Austin was given a small fine, a year's probation, and 80 hours of community service. Austin and Debra divorced a short time after the incident.

In 2007, Debra appeared on Fox News. She told Sean Hannity that Steve Austin had beaten her three times. Debra also stated that Austin's rage was due to his steroid use. Debra also claimed that the WWE knew about Austin's abusive ways, but the company forced her to keep quiet due to the millions of dollars that Steve Austin brought in.

3 X-Pac and Chyna


X-Pac and Chyna started dating in 2003. Their relationship was wild and tumultuous. They were extremely passionate with each other in the bedroom. In fact, they were so passionate that they decided to make a sex tape, which was released in 2004.

The sextape was actually quite successful, but it did not stop Chyna's relationship with X-Pac from spiraling out of control. During their time together, X-Pac and Chyna became addicted to hard drugs. X-Pac preferred using meth, while Chyna enjoyed using cocaine.

In 2005, X-Pac called the cops on Chyna for beating him. Chyna was arrested for domestic violence, and the couple split shortly thereafter.

One of the last times that the estranged couple spoke to one another was on the 'Opie and Anthony Show' in 2015. Their on-air conversation turned into a heated argument. It was an extremely embarrassing moment for both Superstars.

2 Matt Hardy and Lita


The real life relationship between Matt Hardy and Lita was a staple of the Attitude Era. Lita and Hardy were fan favorites, and it seemed that they were truly in love. However, their relationship ended in horrible fashion.

Matt Hardy discovered that Edge was having an affair with Lita. Needless to say, Matt was furious, and he let the world know how he felt. The drama between Lita, Edge and Matt Hardy become too great to deal with. The WWE was forced to release one of the Superstars involved in the love triangle. Of course, it was Matt who received the pink slip, but it wouldn't be long until he was brought back due to the outcry from the WWE fans.

Edge and Hardy ended up working in a lengthy program against each other. Their matchups were violent, emotional, and entertaining. The feud ended with Edge defeating Matt in a 'Loser Leaves Raw' ladder match.

1 Sunny and Chris Candido


Sometimes, when a guy gets with a girl who is way too hot for him, he will do whatever it takes to stay with her. That statement couldn't ring more true for Chris Candido and his relationship with Sunny.

Chris and Sunny debuted in the WWE in 1994. They made up two thirds of the mediocre tag team ensemble known as The BodyDonnas. Chris Candido was a decent wrestler, but the girl at his side was a perfect 10.

Sunny used her good looks to boost the popularity of The Bodydonnas. Unfortunately, the fans and the wrestlers backstage only fell more in love with Sunny. Shawn Michaels, who was the top guy in the mid-90s, was extremely attracted to Sunny. HBK was also in his prime back then. He wasn't suffering from baldness or vision problems just yet. Nope, Michaels was truly the Heartbreak Kid back then, and Sunny's knees got weak whenever he walked by.

Chris Candido watched on as Shawn Michaels and Sunny engaged in a hot affair that lasted for nine months. However, Chris was still hopeful that Sunny would come back to him after she was done having fun. Well, Sunny did come back after she was done messing around with Shawn and other WWE Superstars.

Sunny played with Candido's emotions in a disgusting and manipulative way. But, it was ultimately Chris Candido's fault for taking Sunny back each and every time she was done fooling around with other guys. Chris Candido stayed with Sunny until his untimely death in 2005.

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