Top 15 Wrestling Couples You Wish Had Stayed Together

Over the years there have been so many wrestling couples of note. Wrestling fans and the media take delight in hearing about what’s going on behind the scenes and it’s even more interesting when relationships off-screen then get translated into storylines in front of the cameras. It’s just sheer entertainment watching things unfold – how things pan out between real-life wrestling couples.

There’s a ton of promiscuity in the wrestling business. Many men and women have been accused of sleeping with others to make their way to the top and open doors for themselves. However, some just seek comfort in the arms of their fellow wrestlers after another long and arduous day in the life of a professional wrestler. Sometimes these hook-ups develop into something more serious, and the wrestlers actually begin dating. On occasions it works out; John Cena and Nikki Bella, The Undertaker and Michelle McCool, Sable and Brock Lesnar; these are some of the power couples that come to mind – just a few names that have gotten together and have ended up sailing into the sunset hand in hand. But there have been plenty of instances where it didn’t work out – wrestlers that have broken up for one reason or another.

These are the top 15 wrestling couples of yesteryear that we – and we’re sure many of you would agree – wish had stayed together and rectified their problems, and continued down life’s road as a wrestling couple. Obviously we're in no position to decide who should have stayed together. The decision to break up is between the two people in the relationship and only their decision. This is simply saying from an outsider's perspective how we viewed these couples. There's just a part of us that would have loved to see them stay together, and live happily ever after.

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15 DDP - Kimberly 

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DDP got involved in the wrestling industry quite late, as a manager no less. He made his in-ring debut in 1991, and he’s since become one of the most loved figures in pro wrestling. DDP’s just an all-round good guy and the fans love him. Whether it’s his motivational speaking, or today his relatively new concept of DDP Yoga – he’s a do-gooder and so wrestling fans want the best for him.

In 1991 DDP got hitched to Kimberly Bacon, known to wrestling fans as Kimberly Page. They were married for 14 years, before things just fizzled out and they went their separate ways. It seems as if their relationship just lost its spark because there was no animosity towards each other during their separation. Everything was quite amicable; they separated in 2004 and divorced the following year. Kim said following the divorce that they were as close as they’ve ever been. It makes us wonder then why they felt the need to separate in the first place.

14 Terri Runnels - Goldust

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After breaking up with Brian Pillman, Terri began dating Goldust and the pair got married in 1993 while both were involved with WCW. They welcomed a daughter into their family a year later, but then the problems started for Terri. Everything between Terri and Goldust was hunky-dory, but then Goldust’s dad, Dusty Rhodes, began to voice his disapproval in their relationship and create trouble for the otherwise happy couple and soon after Terri and Dusty just didn’t get along.

He accused Terri of being a gold-digger and spread rumors about her being unfaithful. In the end, all of this got to Goldust and he just couldn’t turn a blind eye to the rumors. Years of marriage were broken up. Terri and Goldust still loved each other and had an amazing relationship after they divorced. There was never any real animosity between the two, that’s why we’re sad to have seen them go their separate ways.

13 Triple H - Chyna

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This was a huge relationship back in the day. Chyna and Triple H embarked on a relationship in 1996 and it quickly got very serious. They lived together for a period and dated for about four years. Initially, they weren’t forthcoming about their relationship; Triple H was already a prominent name in the industry at that time and Chyna didn’t want people to judge her, thinking she’d used Triple H to enhance her own career. But things came crashing down in 2000. It’s rumored that they split up because Triple H was unfaithful and had already started dating Stephanie McMahon. Other sources say the breakup was mutual – they parted ways because Chyna didn’t want kids.

Whatever the reason for their breakup may be, it was evident they still had feelings for each other. There was a lot of heat that led to her dismissal from WWE, and when Chyna tragically passed away, Triple H was very vocal in expressing how much he cared for her, how much she meant to him.

Chyna always had to contend with personal demons, so no relationship she was in would’ve ever been sunshine and roses unless she got her problems sorted out. But for the most part, her relationship with Triple H was a happy one. Perhaps if they’d stayed together, Chyna would still be among us, as Triple H is the sort of character that would help Chyna out and be by her side as she addressed her mental and substance abuse problems. Chyna’s boyfriend after Triple H, Sean Waltman, certainly didn’t help. Chyna may have still been here and it would be interesting to see where Triple H would’ve ended up. No doubt he’d still be in wrestling, but would he be at the helm of WWE?

12 Nikki Bella - Dolph Ziggler

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Nikki Bella still seems like the young, hot new talent on the scene, but she’s actually been around for ages. She began her wrestling career back in 2007 where she started out wrestling in developmental territories as one-half of The Bella Twins, with her sister. It’s no surprise that she and Brie attracted plenty of attention; it was Dolph Ziggler who was the lucky man and her first meaningful relationship in wrestling. They were together when both were in developmental, so it would’ve been interesting to see how they would’ve grown and developed through the ranks together if they remained a couple. They were together for about six years, and it’s always sad to see a couple put so much time into a relationship only to see it eventually fall apart.

11 Torrie Wilson - Billy Kidman

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Former shy girl Torrie Wilson came out of her shell when she embarked on a career in wrestling in 1999. She got into wrestling because of her boyfriend – he brought her along to a WCW wrestling show – and she was instantly spotted by Scott Steiner. Her relationship with her boyfriend at the time quickly ran its course and she began to get heavily involved with David Flair on-screen – some say off-screen as well – and Billy Kidman.

Torrie was involved with Kidman pretty much from the time she entered the industry; they dated for four years before tying the knot in 2003. Their marriage lasted five years, meaning they were together for nine total. We all wish they’d have stayed together because nine years is one hell of a commitment – it’s never nice to see marriages of that length break up.

Part of Torrie’s decision to leave WWE was because she was having lots of problems with Kidman. We wish these problems didn’t occur or they’d have worked through them because it would’ve been awesome to see Torrie strut her stuff in the current era.

10 Stacy Keibler - Test

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Stacy’s dated some huge stars during her time in the wrestling and movie industries. In her seven-year wrestling career, she was romantically linked with David Flair, and also dated Andrew “Test” Martin, with whom she was romantically involved with in storylines and in her private life.

Test can count himself lucky that he managed to hook up with such a drop dead gorgeous lady during his first stint with WWE. But his personal and drug abuse issues ultimately meant the relationship was only heading in one direction. It’s difficult to see a pretty accomplished wrestler succumb to the draws of drugs. Stacy and Test were very much in love and the break up may have contributed to his emotional and substance abuse problems getting worse. We wish they’d have stayed together because it might have meant Stacy would still be in the industry, but more importantly, that Test would probably still be around having addressed his problems.

9 Melina - John Morrison

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Melina Perez and John Morrison were one beautiful wrestling couple. After calling it quits with Mike Knox, Melina began dating John Morrison. From the word go they were very much in love, and were dating on and off for about 11 years. That’s a seriously long time to be committed to one person, and it’s very sad it had to be ruined by people sticking their noses in and spreading vicious rumors.

Rumors were spread that she was hooking up with Batista behind Morrison’s back, which Melina has always stringently denied, claiming that they were just friends. But it was ultimately the rumors that caused this couple to go their separate ways. It’s sad – if Melina’s to be believed – because Melina’s said that Morrison was the love of her life and she did everything within her power to keep them together. More than a decade after they broke up, she’s said the rumors still haunt her; she’s probably wondering what might have been, as many of us are too,

8 Alberto Del Rio - Charlotte

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Alberto Del Rio’s known in the wrestling industry for being a bit of a ladies man. He’s been married once, is rumored to have hooked up with numerous wrestlers, and is currently involved in a relationship with Paige, whose WWE future has been up in the air since her relationship with Del Rio became public. In fact, they’ve recently become engaged, but what a lot of people don’t know is that just before their relationship, Alberto was actually hooking up with Charlotte. Because of this, Charlotte and Paige had a lot of hostility towards one another which has made for some interesting segments. But you can’t help thinking what would have been had Alberto and Charlotte stayed together.

Charlotte’s far better suited to him than Paige and they just looked like a real sweet couple. They’re a lot closer in age, so it’s likely they’d be a more mature couple.

7 Batista - Rosa Mendes

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We’ve mentioned how Melina and Morrison would have been a beautiful wrestling couple, but if Batista and Rosa Mendes had stayed together, they’d have been the hottest couple in the industry by far. They’d probably be the faces of the WWE – or whatever promotion they’d have been working in by now; you can see it now – Batista and Mendes standing side by side adorning wrestling posters and billboards.

We wish Mendes and Batista had stayed together, but in reality, there was no chance of that happening. Batista was WWE’s resident man whore – that’s saying something considering the likes of John Cena and CM Punk were also on the roster – so it was only a matter of time before he’d move on to his next female conquest.

Batista and Mendes dated for a short period in 2009, and of the many women he’s been with, Mendes seems perfectly suited to him, and capable of taming the beast that is Batista. If they’d stayed together, perhaps she’d have had more success in WWE and Batista would still be there as a stalwart of the promotion.

6 Jerry Lawler - The Kat

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Jerry Lawler, like many wrestlers, has been married several times. As we know, life on the road makes it tough for wrestlers to hold their relationships together. At one point, Lawler was married to Stacy "The Kat" Carter. Carter's on-screen role in WWE was initially as Chyna's sidekick, but she would eventually break out on her own to feud with Terri Runnels.

When the WWE released Carter in 2001, Lawler quit the company in protest. Unfortunately, during The King's absence from WWE, the two would eventually split up and Lawler returned to the company. The whole situation must have been an emotional roller coaster for The King and obviously, we don't wish that on anyone. Perhaps if they stayed together, WWE would have welcomed both back with open arms.

5 Kelly Kelly - Test

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Kelly Kelly won the WWE Divas Championship - her only major accomplishment in her six-year career – but she looked mightily hot doing it. During her time in the limelight she was one of the hottest women around and unsurprisingly she got a lot of attention from the guys on the roster at the time. Some of this attention was reciprocated; Andrew Martin aka Test was the lucky guy, and they were involved in a two and a half year relationship with each other.

Test was a successful pro in his own right. He won a number of championships with WWE, but was constantly battling drug and alcohol addictions. As much as Kelly loved him, she just couldn’t go through life with a man with problems as severe as Test’s. So they called it quits and shortly after, Test was found dead due to a drug overdose.

The same reason we gave for Test and Stacy, stays true for Test and Kelly Kelly. A good woman could have helped Test battle through his personal demons, and possibly live up to his full wrestling potential.

4 CM Punk - Mickie James

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If Batista is wrestling’s resident ladies man, CM Punk’s certainly did everything he could to battle him for that title. During his time in the industry, CM Punk was renowned for hooking up with anyone with a pulse; he slept with much of the female talent, but rarely stayed with one woman for too long, that is until he settled down with AJ Lee.

Mickie James has also hooked up with a lot of wrestlers. But this hook-up with Punk occurred well before either of them were established pros – they got together when they were both wrestling on the independent scene. As they grew in the business and became prominent names, we came to learn about their characters; they’re both strong, fiery characters – both are superstars and have wild personalities – perfectly suited to each other. It would have been super interesting had they continued their relationship during their WWE days. CM Punk didn’t do too badly for himself, but they’d have both gone on to rule the roost had they still been together.

Ironically both stars left the WWE on bad terms, but if together, would that still have had happened?

3 Lita - Matt Hardy

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It’s always sad to see a long-term relationship come to such a bitter end. Lita and Matt Hardy first met in 1999, and there was an instant attraction. They did something about it and began dating a few months later. This wasn’t just a fling – it was serious stuff and they were totally committed to each other, that is until Lita decided to turn his world upside down. They had been dating for six years before Lita decided to cozy up to Edge, who happened to be one of Matt’s good friends at the time. Needless to say, Matt was furious and they broke up straight away. It was a sad way to end their six-year relationship, although the subsequent Hardy – Edge feud did make for some entertaining viewing.

The affair was nothing but a short-term fling, and because of Lita’s antics, she ruined her rock-solid relationship with Matt. The affair also broke up Edge's marriage, and he got divorced shortly after that.

We wish they were still together because they were so good together and at one point, seemed inseparable. We also wish the affair didn’t happen because it hurt a lot of people; hindsight’s a wonderful thing, but it did happen and no one can really blame Hardy for walking away.

2 AJ Lee - Jay Lethal

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It’s hard to imagine AJ Lee without CM Punk by her side. AJ was Punk’s latest conquest, but she has to be credited for making an honest man out of him, which many once thought was near impossible to do.

What a lot of you probably didn’t know - because she seems like such a sweet and innocent girl – is that Lee has also had plenty of hook-ups during her time in the industry before Punk came into the picture. Her first was with Jay Lethal. Jay was training Lee at the time and they actually began dating.

It would’ve been interesting had they stayed together, firstly because trainer-trainee relationships are always intriguing. If they’d have stayed together, perhaps Lee would still be with WWE, or maybe ROH or at least in the wrestling industry, which we’d all have loved to have been the case. Lee retired in support of her husband CM Punk's lawsuit of the WWE, effectively giving up her dream.

Them still being together would mean that Punk may still have been playing the field; his antics are always entertaining from an outsider’s point of view.

1 Randy Savage – Miss Elizabeth

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"Macho Man" Randy Savage enjoyed an illustrious career in the wrestling industry. Regarded as one of the greatest pros in wrestling history, he decimated opponents in the ring, but was also battling with a rather nasty habit – his cocaine addiction.

Savage married Miss Elizabeth about a decade into his career. She was just starting out in the industry; they were involved in plenty of storylines together and started dating in the meantime. The duo tied the knot in 1984 and were together for the next eight years before calling time on their relationship.

Savage married again but we’d have loved them to stay together. Had they continued their relationship, they would’ve been an extremely high profile couple in the industry, and could have continued to be as iconic as they were in the 80s. They may also have still been here today, fighting fit and going strong, having helped each other overcome their personal demons. When Savage died, alcohol and drugs were found in his system, as was the case when Miss Elizabeth passed away in 2003.

Obviously Savage had his faults in the relationship, usually being overprotective of Elizabeth. If they could have worked on that problem, they'd be revered as the greatest couple in wrestling history.

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