Top 15 Wrestling Feuds That Started For The Stupidest Reasons

While fans enjoy the in-ring action as much as anything, the life blood of wrestling lies in the feuds. Without a great storyline and feud, there's no reason to tune in week after week. A big difference between pro wrestling and competitive sports, is there has to be the added element of why they're fighting. In sports, it's for a championship. In wrestling, it could be for a championship, but there are only a select few titles, so not every wrestler will be fighting for one. That makes it even more important to find a reason for two wrestlers to feud.

Sometimes when you're watching a match that's set to end a feud, you find yourself wondering, 'why did this feud start again?'. Usually that means the reason is so insignificant or you just choose to forget it.

Today, we'll be going through wrestling feuds that started for the stupidest reasons. The reasons can range from being incredibly petty to being downright offensive to viewers. There are some that you would expect to see on a soap opera, but not in a wrestling promotion. Without further ado, here are the 15 wrestling feuds that started over the stupidest reasons.

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15 Harlem Heat 2000 Fights For "T"

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By 2000, WCW was being run by Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo. The duo were an odd pairing and needless to say, they came up with some ridiculous storylines in WCW. One thing they did do right was pushing Booker T as a singles star, as he was a clear cut talent who was ready for bigger things after paying his dues. The only problem was how they started his singles career.

Having been kicked out of Harlem Heat by his brother Stevie Ray, Booker began feuding with the new group, which now comprised of Stevie Ray, the former Ahmed Johnson and the former Clarence Mason. This feud began with Ray claiming the name 'T' belonged to Harlem Heat, and should be given to Ahmed Johnson (now dubbed Big T). Booker would eventually lose a match to Big T, thus losing the letter for a brief period.

The whole thing was forgotten when Russo hit the reset button on WCW in April of that year.

14 Big Boss Man Mocks Big Show's Dead Father

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Now, if someone mocked your dead father in real life, obviously you would have a legitimate reason for hating that person and would probably want to do something to honor your deceased father. In this context though, it was just a tasteless angle and didn't exactly engage the fans.

In reality, Big Show's real life father had passed away years earlier and this angle just looked silly. Boss Man crashed The Big Show's father's funeral and made off with the casket after attaching it to his car.

The feud would go until Armageddon 1999 where Show would defeat Boss Man in a quick squash match. When you're trying to handle the subject of death in a wrestling storyline, it's very tricky and needless to say, this wasn't exactly handled well by creative. The feud probably ended so quickly because they realized their mistake.

13 Big Boss Man Feeds Al Snow His Dog

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The Big Boss Man didn't exactly have a banner year in 1999 and particularly, his last half of 1999 was saddled with some of the worst feuds you could ever imagine. This feud was apparently inspired by a real-life prank played by Mr. Fuji who cooked a neighborhood dog that he hated and fed it to the owner. This act was despicable and WWE thought it was a good idea in a storyline to get Boss Man some heat.

Al Snow walked around with his dog Pepper everywhere, but one day, Boss Man kidnapped Pepper. When Al Snow showed up at a hotel to claim his dog, Boss Man instead offered him some food. After taking a few bites, the evil Boss Man revealed that Snow had just eaten his dog.

This of course, all led to the infamous Kennel From Hell match at Unforgiven. Come to think of it, every part of this feud was stupid.

12 Talk Show Hosts Go Wild

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Fans were excited to see that two of their favorites, Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho, would be feuding earlier this year. The way the feud started though, was a little uninspired, as it was simply a matter of fighting over whose talk show should get air time.

Jericho has hosted the Highlight Reel for years, while Ambrose has recently introduced the Ambrose Asylum. Shane McMahon canceled the Highlight Reel on a RAW segment in favor of the Asylum, and just like that, we had a feud. This was a very disappointing way of pitting these two guys together. Jericho has done great work as a heel this year and fans had been waiting for Ambrose to score a big win over a rival. When he defeated Jericho on back-to-back PPVs, the whole thing didn't seem like that big an accomplishment, as it was hard to dismiss the trivial reason for why this feud started.

11 Al Wilson

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This was one of the most ridiculous feuds in the history of wrestling. Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson being pitted in a feud wasn't such a bad idea, as pairing two attractive women in a feud was the norm in WWE at the time. The reasoning though, was absurd, as Dawn Marie revealed she had developed feelings for Torrie Wilson's father, Al. The storyline included Dawn marrying Torrie's father, only to have him pass away on the honeymoon after too much sex.

This was all a stupid way of beginning a feud and apparently it was meant to go even further, with perhaps Torrie's sister being brought in. Dawn Marie has since said the angle was cut short. "I think it was supposed to go further and to be honest with you, I think someone pissed somebody off and it just got ended."

10 He Did It... For The Rock

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When Stone Cold was run over at the 1999 Survivor Series, all anybody could ask for a year, was, who did it? In reality, Austin had to take a year off, as his neck problems had caught up with him and he needed major surgery. When he returned, the stage was set for someone to feud with him and become a monster heel. Fans suspected that the no.1 heel in the company, Triple H, was the perpetrator, but it was then revealed to be the fun-loving Rikishi.

When it was revealed to be Rikishi, he said those infamous words, "I did it for The Rock." Those are the words everybody remembers, but Rikishi's admission also included being tired of WWE pushing "the great white hope" and overlooking Samoans. When he saw Austin in the parking lot, he saw an opportunity to clear a path for The Rock to climb the WWE ladder. Instead of being seen as a ruthless villain, Rikishi came off as a naive individual, who was perhaps just a misguided soul. It wasn't exactly the payoff fans had in mind. Despite this reasoning, which seemed to be of no ill intent towards Austin, Rikishi and Austin then squared off in a No Holds Barred match at No Mercy, which Austin completely dominated.

It was then revealed that Triple H was the mastermind, making Rikishi's reasoning pointless, and his relevance going out the window.

9 So You Think You Can Dance...

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Disco Inferno never really got any serious feuds and really, how could he when his gimmick was stuck in the 70s. Disco Inferno didn't have many heated rivals, but when he did get one, it was a fellow dancer by the name of Alex Wright. Wright began dancing before his matches, much like Inferno, to mock him and thus created a feud in WCW.

The two would eventually join forces to become the Dancing Fools, but the root of this storyline was simply idiotic. Wrestling fans don't tune into shows to see two guys arguing as to who is the better dancer. Thankfully Disco Inferno was never one to take himself or his character too seriously in wrestling, because if he did, he would have been one depressed individual.

The Dancing Fools didn't really make a big impact and were soon split up, with Wright and Inferno once again focusing on their singles careers.

8 Eddie Guerrero And Rey Mysterio Over Custody

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Custody battles are vicious affairs in the real world, as the well being of a child is at stake and parents will do anything to spend as much time with their kids as possible. It's a matter that's far too complex to be portrayed successfully on a wrestling show.

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio had incredible chemistry in the ring, and didn't really need a major storyline to get fans invested. However, in 2005, WWE took things way too far. After teaming up for a while, the pair spit when Eddie grew jealous of Mysterio after losing to him in consecutive one-on-one matches.

When Eddie turned heel, he claimed he had a dark secret to reveal and eventually told it, saying Rey's son Dominic was actually Eddie's biological child. This opened the door to Mysterio and Guerrero having a ladder match at SummerSlam, with custody papers for Dominic hanging over the ring. This was in poor taste, as an angle involving custody of a child just doesn't belong in wrestling.

7 Booker T And Edge Fight Over Shampoo Commercial

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Okay, after dealing with the subject of custody over a child, I suspect some of you need a little light-hearted humor to rebound. Fear not, as this next feud started over... a shampoo commercial! Booker T and Edge were still in the preliminary stages of their singles careers in WWE. The two needed something to do at WrestleMania X-8 and were thrown together.

The reason for this feud was the two were chasing a lucrative endorsement deal for a Japanese shampoo. With heads of hair like theirs, it was only natural for the two to be the top picks as spokesmen, right?

When Edge landed the deal over Booker, we got an intense battle at WrestleMania X-8 where fans were on the edge of their seats, wanting to see Edge prove why he deserved the shampoo deal... Well, not exactly. Fans were perfectly aware of how silly the feud was, with one fan even holding up a sign, "They Are Fighting Over Shampoo" as if to warn new viewers to take their bathroom break for that match.

It was a shame two talents like Edge and Booker were wasted on such a ridiculous storyline.

6 Zeus Wants Top Billing For "No Holds Barred"

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It was no surprise to anybody that the film "No Holds Barred" was a complete failure. However, Vince McMahon was determined to get some steam out of the affair, so he had Tiny Lister, who played the main antagonist Zeus in the movie, show up to attack Hulk Hogan. Lister's reasoning? He felt he was overlooked in the movie's billing and wanted to be listed as the co-star of the movie.

Looking at this logically, why would Lister want his name on the top billing on such a terrible movie? If you were Hogan, you would just give it to him. Lister also expressed his anger in losing to Hogan in the movie and wanted to prove he could beat him in another scripted medium, I mean in real life.

The WWE was really reaching for something that wasn't there. No one liked the movie and nobody liked a character from the movie wasting their time on their television screens.

5 DDP Stalks The Undertaker's Wife

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When you think of the fun-loving Diamond Dallas Page, do you see a stalker? Apparently that's what WWE saw, as in Page's first WWE feud, he was revealed to have been stalking The Undertaker's wife Sara. Page showed a lot of courage in forgoing the buyout of his deal with AOL/Time Warner to go to the WWE and his gesture of good will towards WWE was instantly thrown away when he was given this feud.

Instead of building Page into a good mid-card star, like he was in WCW, WWE had Page come down and essentially get jobbed out by The Undertaker in a matter of minutes. Page's steam was instantly lost and he was made out to be just another pawn in the Invasion storyline.

4 Kevin Nash: "You Don't Call Me"

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Come on Triple H, why won't you give your buddy Kevin Nash an answer when he calls you?

Well, that wasn't exactly the reaction of fans when Nash made his return to WWE in 2011. Nash came in through the crowd and attacked CM Punk following his win at SummerSlam. His attack allowed Alberto Del Rio to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and defeat CM Punk for the WWE Championship. It was also later revealed in the storyline that Nash had used Triple H's phone to text himself, which would frame The Game in the attack.

Nash and Triple H would eventually meet at TLC to end this dispute. Why was Nash so upset at Triple H? Well, he revealed that he wanted to come back to WWE as a wrestler, but Hunter wasn't returning his calls. You mean Triple H didn't want a guy in his 50s coming back to wrestle? Aw, boo hoo Nash.

3 Tyson Kidd Steals Yoshi Tatsu's Action Figure

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It's understandable that some feuds and storylines are going to be aimed at kids more than the adults, but I bet even a lot of kids watching the product were saying how stupid this was. Yoshi Tatsu grew obsessed with his own action figure. On the NXT Redemption season, Tyson Kidd stumbled into Yoshi's dressing room to find a shrine to his action figure. When Kidd went to touch it, Tatsu appeared and got extremely protective of the toy. He then offered the toy a chocolate bar to eat. What?

This was like the scene in the movie "Major League" when Pedro Cerrano has a statue of Jobu, the voodoo God and offers him rum.

Kidd eventually tore the action figure apart and it led to a feud between the two. The leg that was torn from the toy was eventually hung on a pole in a match (Vince Russo, anyone) and won back by Tatsu, who restored the figurine. Ah, the good old days of NXT.

2 Jean-Pierre Lafitte Steals Bret Hart's Jacket

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Bret Hart was the WWE Champion for much of 1994, but in 1995, he was given some of the worst feuds you can possibly imagine. None of them were dumber than when the pirate Jean-Pierre Lafitte stole his signature leather jacket. Bret Hart has said he enjoyed working with Lafitte but the reasoning for this feud is what lands it at no.3.

Lafitte first began stealing Hart's sunglasses from fans and he finally crossed the line when he stole The Hitman's jacket. Oh no you don't, Lafitte!

They eventually faced off at In Your House 3. The two actually had good chemistry in the ring. Hart's match quality wasn't the issue in 1995, but when you're handed terrible storylines like these, it doesn't really matter how good your matches are. Fans need to be invested in a feud, and nobody was going to pay money to see a guy get his revenge over a stolen jacket.

1 Chris Jericho Spills Coffee On Kane

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Imagine you're in the break room at your office one day. You're strolling along and a co-worker mistakenly spills some coffee on you. Do you begin fighting your co-worker and look for your revenge. Or do you simply accept the apology and move on? Now, Kane has a short fuse on-screen and was burned as a youth, so he might be a little sensitive when it comes to people searing his skin.

Still, Jericho spilling some coffee on him isn't exactly the angle you want when starting a feud. The pair would meet in a match at Survivor Series and even went so far as to have a Last Man Standing match at Armageddon 2000. How did the WWE possibly get two months out of this storyline that revolved around some spilled coffee?

Jericho has poked fun at this on his podcast, as will any fan who remembers this ridiculous feud.

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