Top 15 Wrestling Legends Who Should Have NEVER Went To TNA

For most of it's tenure, TNA had made several of their own stars. Wrestlers such as Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, and AJ Styles all became household names because of TNA. Eventually, to compete with WWE, they had to bring in professional wrestlers who casual wrestling fans would know. TNA went completely overkill with the idea of this. It worked in some instances where the younger guys were the one's looking strong. However, with bad booking the legends were not used very well. Not only were they used horribly, they were brought in and constantly got the better of TNA originals also known as the guys that helped make the company. This is partially the reason as to why TNA is close to shutting its doors today. Their reliance on older talent led to them failing to get any younger guys over. TNA bringing in these legends did nothing to benefit the company, all it did was hurt them, and failed to get them on the same level as WWE. They had to have spent a ton of money on these talent. This money could've have went to to the younger talent in the wrestling world.

Here are 15 legends who should have NEVER went to TNA

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19 Scott Hall

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Scott Hall was in the very first segment in the history of TNA. He made very few appearances from then to 2004. Then he returned in 2007 and was supposed to be part of a team with Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe. But Hall no-showed the event and received a live verbal bashing from Joe. According to Nash, Joe would be on the receiving end of two slaps from Nash. He returned once again in 2010 and formed the 150th version of the nWo except this time it was called The Band. The Band featured Nash, Hall, and Sean Waltman until Waltman was off television while he was dealing with Hepatitis C. He was replaced with Eric Young who was feuding with them. Scott Hall along with Sean Waltman would be released by TNA in June of 2010.

18 Scott Steiner

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Scott Steiner is one the most colorful characters in professional wrestling. He was brought in to TNA in 2006 as Jeff Jarrett's bodyguard. After a break he later returned as Christian Cage's special consultant. In both groups, Steiner accomplished very little. An entertaining highlight during his run was his partnership with Petey Williams. Petey went out of his way to look exactly like Scott. Sadly this partnership came to an end when Steiner was revealed to be a member of The Main Event Mafia. This tenure came to an end after he was taken out by Samoa Joe. He rejoined the company in 2011 to go against Immortal. Steiner obviously ended up joining the group because, well, it's TNA. He became inactive and was released in March of 2012.

17 Team 3D (The Dudley Boyz)

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Team 3D are better known as The Dudley Boys to casual wrestling fans. Like everyone on this list, their time in TNA made absolutely no sense. The Dudleys flip-flopped from face to heel on multiple occasions prior to their split. The split is one of the lone bright spots as the character Bully Ray was created because of it. After the split, the debut of Aces & Eights happened and Brother Devon was one of the members. Bully Ray feuded with Aces & Eights for much of their existence. So the sensible thing to do is to have the leader be revealed as Bully Ray. After Aces & Eights thankfully ended Ray turned face again after trying to destroy the company and attempting to take out Dixie Carter by putting her through a table which he was successful in doing.

16 Raven

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Raven was an integral member during the earlier days of TNA. The issue however was that they continued to try to rehash old ideas with him. They recreated The Flock on several occasions with names such The Gathering and Serotonin. These groups were unable to get any steam under them and the fans had seen it several times already. Raven's tenure in WWE may have been disappointing, but at least they never tried to recreate The Flock. After a hiatus with the company, Raven formed a team with Dr. Stevie Richards to try to help cure Abyss of his old hardcore ways, which they failed at. TNA then tried to have another ECW reunion but for some reason called them E.V 2.0 and they even defeated the younger group of Fortune in a Lethal Lockdown match.

15 Rob Van Dam

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Rob Van Dam always looked a step slow while he was in TNA. I believe he even admittedly said that he wasn't to into working for TNA during his tenure. While he was there, he won the TNA World Championship from AJ Styles on one of the few episodes of TNA on a Monday to go against WWE. His reign came to an end because of Van Dam getting injured in storyline. After holding the title for most of the year, he wasn't even involved in the title match at Bound for Glory. Instead he wrestled the man who took him out in Abyss. He failed to regain the title on numerous occasions and changed his sights to the X-Division Championship, defeating Zema Ion for it at Bound for Glory. His reign lasted over a 100 days and lost it to Kenny King. Van Dam would return to WWE shortly after.

14 The Great Muta

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The Great Muta is one of the greatest talents to never wrestle in WWE. So you may be asking why is he a legend? Muta ruled Japanese wrestling for the entire 1990s and the early 2000s. He wrestled short stints for WCW as well before his departure. But we are talking about his two short stints with TNA. He did absolutely nothing for both short tenures. His first tenure had him just appearing in a segment with Christian Cage. The second appearance had Muta teaming with Sanada and Yasu in a victory against Chris Sabin, Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels. It may not look as if he did much which is my main issue, but Muta is a ton better than TNA and would have been better off not going at all.

13 Voodoo Kin Mafia (The New Age Outlaws)

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The Voodoo Kin Mafia was a team of BG James and Kip James better known in WWE as The New Age Outlaws. It could have worked out but their main objective was that the new D-Generation X sucked (which it did). But every week for much of 2006, they performed worked-shoot promos against the WWE. In fact their name was a play on the initials of Vincent Kennedy McMahon (VKM). The purpose of this was for them to to say how bad the WWE had become. They had even went as far as to go to a WWE House Show. They then feuded with Christie Hemme which included Kip James ripping off her top. The team came to an end after Kip James turned on BG James and he became Cute Kip for the Beautiful People.

12 Mick Foley

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Mick Foley joined TNA in late 2008. Something even crazier than that is that Mick Foley is a former TNA World Champion. He defeated Sting at Lockdown 2009 when his feet hit the floor first. His reign lasted way too long. He held the title over Kurt Angle, Abyss, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe. He then lost his title at Slammiversary to Kurt Angle. He would go on to form a relationship with Abyss because they're both "hardcore." He won the TNA Legends Championship once. Then, Foley and Ric Flair had a bloody Hardcore match on an episode of Impact in 2010 which is probably the highest moment of both of their TNA careers. He then became a "Network Consultant" and feuded with Immortal. Foley refused to renew his contract, and he was gone in June of 2011.

11 Randy Savage

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Some may be in shock that Randy Savage was even in TNA. But indeed he was. In fact, he wrestled his last match in TNA. He joined TNA in 2004 and went against the alliance of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Jeff Jarrett collectively known as the Kings of Wrestling. Savage teamed with AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy against the three at Turning Point. Savage was then "attacked backstage" leading to a Handicap match for most of it. After a while, he made his way down to the ring to help Styles and Hardy and he pinned Jarrett after a punch. Savage and Jarrett were supposed to have a match for the NWA Championship at Final Resolution but Savage retired because of health concerns. Savage's time in TNA could have been used much better, but instead it was wasted on him being in the ring for less than two minutes.





6 Ric Flair 

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Ric Flair's tenure in TNA made no sense. He was partnered with AJ Styles which also made no sense as AJ Styles is the antithesis of Ric Flair. Styles is a good Christian man who is married and settled down with his kids. Ric Flair has legendary stories about his crazy antics that are too long to list. Also, he feuded with Jay Lethal for pretending to be him, but befriended and managed AJ Styles who acted like him as well. Flair was then on the search for a new Four Horsemen, and the group that became of it was AJ Styles, Beer Money, Kazarian, and Matt Morgan. The group would end up turning on Flair and turn face making Flair look like a moron in the process. Flair doesn't speak to highly of TNA to this day.

5 Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan came to TNA in an attempt to bring them in to the mainstream light. When he got there, it was one of the worst things to ever happen in the history of professional wrestling. Hogan joined TNA on January 4, 2010. To go against this, WWE brought back Bret Hart. Bret Hart easily had a much more important impact than Hogan on Impact. Then he turned heel in late 2010 and formed Immortal. Immortal was a stable consisting of roughly half of the TNA roster. The Immortal storyline came to an end after he plodded around the ring in a match with Sting at Bound for Glory 2011. He brought in his daughter Brooke Hogan for whatever reason and she departed without accomplishing anything. He left TNA in 2013 with Dixie Carter hanging on his leg begging him not to leave.

4 Jim Cornette

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Jim Cornette is one of professional wrestling's greatest minds. He joined TNA in 2005 to help create an alternate wrestling program to go against the WWE. Things looked somewhat promising until TNA had the bright idea to rehire the man that ruined WCW, and takes credit for the boom for in the late '90s. That man is of course Vince Russo. Cornette in various interviews has blamed Russo for ruining TNA and wrestling for that matter. Not only that, Cornette was fired for "threatening" Russo which Cornette has claimed to be untrue multiple times. So in short, TNA chose Vince Russo instead of Jim Cornette to help lead their company. Obviously, this was a horrible decision as the company it's in its final stages before closing down.

3 Kevin Nash

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Kevin Nash has a lot of undeserved hate from people in the wrestling business. They say he never drew money when he was champion, but many wrestlers will tell you that the wrestling business was at a low point in the middle of the 1990s. They also say that he was only in it for the money, but his reasoning for jumping to WCW in 1996 sounds very reasonable. He joined TNA in 2004, when honestly TNA is beneath him. He did help the X-Division greatly when he formed the Paparazzi Productions with Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine. Then he rarely wrestled while he was in the Main Event Mafia mainly due to injury. Management tried to reform the nWo in 2010, but called it The Band instead. The group featured Eric Young and D'Angelo Dinero of all people. He left TNA after Hogan announced the creation of Immortal on an episode of Impact.

2 Sting

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Sting was in TNA  way longer than he should have been. Because of his long tenure with the company, the fans were never given the dream match they've been yearning for in The Undertaker versus Sting. He won the TNA Championship on multiple occasions, but two of his most infamous are two of the worst moments in wrestling history. Sting faced Jeff Hardy at Victory Road 2011. Jeff Hardy was under the influence of what we can assume were drugs. The match went under two minutes and Sting retained. His second moment came against Bobby Roode at Victory Road the very next year. Sting went for his signature move, The Scorpion Death Drop and he hit his head on the a unfolded steel chair and that was the finish. That moment has to be an embarrassing moment for a stellar career.

1 Kurt Angle

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Kurt Angle joined TNA and was immediately pushed straight to the top of the company. They started him off in TNA very hot by having him end the winning streak of Samoa Joe. The pair would feud until Lockdown 2008 where Joe won the TNA World Championship for the very first time. Angle would become the leader of the Main Event Mafia until that dissolved in late 2009. Then he feuded with Jeff Jarrett in 2011. The feud was almost too personal as Jarrett was married to Kurt Angle's ex-wife Karen. Angle would turn face and heel several times before his departure in 2016. Angle is obviously way better than TNA, and should have never been there to begin with. Angle still works for independent companies as fans are still waiting on his return to WWE.

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