Top 15 Wrestling Memes That Are SAVAGE AF

Wrestling is a show. It doesn’t matter when you start watching it, if you watch it, or even if you hate it. You have to admit that for the people who like it, wrestling is a show that feel others can compare to. All you need to do is take a look at any of the WrestleManias and observe the number of people organizers managed to put together to watch a show of that magnitude. And with that extreme popularity, wrestling is also a sport that takes a big chunk of the online market for memes. All you need to do is Google, search on Facebook, Twitter or even Tumblr and you will find so many wrestling memes you won’t know what to do with them.

Some wrestling memes are funny, some are sweet, some are awesome, and then there are those that are just savage AF. We won’t give anything away before the list comes around, but real wrestling fans might know what we have in store for you. Just think back to everything you know about wrestling, and reflect on the famous figures, the things they did, the things they might still do, and you could get a good glimpse of what the most savage memes ever made about wrestling are all about.

So without any stalling, you better hold onto your seats because there will be some emotions crushed when this list is through because here are the top 15 wrestling memes that are savage AF. And a word of caution, if someone asks what a Cenapede is, don’t even think about it, just run away.

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15 Better get those A's

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Most people who have already reached adulthood will have without a doubt been through something like this. Well, we hope you haven’t been through something exactly like that, but you know where we are going with this.

From middle school to high school and even in college depending on what kind of parents you have, getting your report card can be one of the most stressful moments in a young person’s life. It doesn’t matter how often you get your grades back or how many of them you’ve gotten so far. Every time a new report card is about to come out, it doesn’t matter how much of a nerd a person is; they feel that cold in their belly of knowing that if the results shown on that little piece of paper are less than what your parents expect; you might be in quite a pickle.

Now, if your dad grabbed you by the neck and lifted you like this wrestler did, you might want to call the cops. Anyhow, we certainly understand the feeling of fearing the possibility that something like this could happen.

14 Can't see him

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John Cena is one of the most famous wrestlers of all time. He has won at all, and he has done it all. And all throughout his career, he had one catchphrase that stood above all the others, and that legendary line was: “you can’t see me.”

We heard Cena say that countless times, but still it never gets old. He already explained that it was a joke from his little brother and had something to do with a dance he did from a song, but wrestling fans don’t care that much about the roots if they can still make fun of Cena for it. Most notably, wrestling fans who are fond of making memes.

Take the meme above as an example, this is just a taste of the many “couldn’t see me” memes featuring John Cena roaming around on the Internet. Still, the odds are that if John Cena liked a girl, she probably would find a way to see him.

13 What?

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This one is just too funny. It is the result of mixing the head of a wrestling fan, with the creativity of the legion of trolls who rule the Internet. In case you don’t know, the human centipede is one of the grossest movies of all time. It would be a spoiler for most movies, but this movie has the whole plot on the title. The movie is literally about some crazy guy trying to make a human centipede by; you guessed it, connecting several human beings into an unspeakable monstrosity.

It is only fair that of the many wrestling fans who are not too fond of John Cena, one of them after watching this great movie would have the idea and the creativity to come up with a wordplay to mix the plot of the film with a few John Cena action figures.

12 Before and after

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AJ Styles has made himself a very profitable career in wrestling. He has been around since the late 90s and is still kicking with the best of them. One thing about Styles that defers a bid from his results in the ring is his appearance.

While wrestling fans are used to seeing the super macho dudes banging it out against the ropes with their thick beards, bald heads and mean faces, this guy certainly escapes the norm. During his younger days, despite being as big as he is, Styles looked like a kid as the meme above rightfully described him, he looked like a troubled youth. And while many had expected him to look more like a traditional wrestler as the years went by and he progressed in his very successful career, Styles did no such thing. He kept the long hair, and instead of looking like the next Hulk Hogan, now he looks like the mother of his old self.

11 When Flair attacks

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Ric Flair is without a doubt one the greatest wrestlers of all time if not the best of all time as he is widely regarded. Nevertheless, while he may have been a great performer in the ring, he also had his share of problems outside of it. Even with the barrage of people and multitudes who gathered to watch him fight, Flair never ran away from the fame of being a ladies man.

All we need to do to check that out is look at his papers. To go along with the many championship belts he tallied in his 40-year career, Flair also had four marriages, and God knows how many side girls on the road while he wasn’t married. One way or the other, if you call home and Ric Flair answers the phone, you might not even want to come back because that ship has already sailed.

10 Missing

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Wrestling is one of those sports in which there are almost too many people who were labeled as “the next big thing.” With that in mind, it is impossible for every single one of those guys to live up to the ridiculous expectations. Want it or not, the sport is like a pyramid, and there are not that many free spaces at the top. This meme was still a bit too rough though. Milk cartons have widely been used around the world to display pictures of missing children, in the off chance that somebody who was buying that milk carton might have seen the child and would help the authorities to solve a crime. We don’t know how well that has worked for the police around the world, and parents of children of missing children, but we're certain of one thing. When it comes to wrestling, there are a lot of faces that could be put onto those milk cartons and would still never be found again.

9 Sting feeling that itch

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Who would ever think it would be okay to put a statue near Sting? The man is a monster when it comes to destroying other people’s property. If you don’t know what we are talking about this check out this clip from Raw back in September 2015:

Yeah, that happened. So follow the train of thought here: If this man has already destroyed Seth Rollins' statue with a garbage truck, how would it be okay to put him anywhere near somebody who is receiving a new statue, let alone if that person was Ric Flair?

Whether the statue will last or not, we can’t possibly know. But if history is to repeat itself, and Sting hasn’t changed too much since a couple of years ago, Ric Flair might want to keep that statue a little close to his person at all times. That is unless he would like to see it in pieces.

8 Negan?

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Some ideas are ready old, like the whole baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire trope. All you need to do is look at zombie movies, or even at any kind of Mad Max style of motion picture and the odds are that at some point you are going to run by a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire.

Still, as used up as that trope is, when Negan showed up with Lucille on the season finale of The Walking Dead, people went crazy. So it doesn’t matter how much the idea has been used, it can still be fun if you put a good spin on it.

Hence that savage meme up there making fun of Negan. This should be enough for someone who knows nothing about wrestling to understand that the guy holding that weapon up there would probably scare Negan even if it were just a little bit.

7 Nope

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For some people it’s a job, for some people it’s a passion, and for some people, it is a lifestyle. Like many other things in this life, we can't freely choose all the things we're going to love and the things we are not going to love. And people who love wrestling just can’t have enough of it. Yes, that was a savage meme, but if you are a hard-core wrestling fan or fighter, could you not imagine yourself doing the same thing?

People come, and people go, relationships start and relationships end, but one thing is for certain. If you like watching two guys or gals beating the absolute s*** out of each other inside a ring, you can never let go of that. Judge as much as you want, but the most hard-core wrestling fans would never let go of their passion even if it meant doing something as savage as what we just saw.

6 The Good old comparison

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There are many things you can say to insult a person. The English language already has a barrage of words that can usually be used as curses and insults. More than that, every day people are coming up with new ideas and ways of cursing at others. But still, making comparisons is one of the most efficient and easy ways to insult somebody.

Now, we're not saying that anybody here is a basketball fan. But honestly, if you were alive in the 90s whether you liked sports or not, the odds are very high that you watched Space Jam at least once. And if that is the case, you know exactly who is that heavy -looking fella over there. And if you don’t, you just need to go to YouTube and search for 30 seconds and you will understand why being compared to him is an insult. One way or the other, touché OP, touché.

5 Hair Styles

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L’Oreal is one of the most famous brands in the world. They have all kinds of products, anything from skin moisturizers to shampoos. And that is part of what makes this meme so savage and funny. If you've gotten this far on the list, you probably agree that there is a pretty high possibility that AJ Styles spends hours and hours in the locker room before a fight taking care of his hair. One might even guess that he spends more time taking care of his hair than many of the divas who wrestle in the big leagues.

Sure, we won’t be the ones to tell this to his face, but to whoever is brave enough to look that man in the eye and make fun of his well-taken-care-of hair, taking this meme to his attention might be the way to do it. So if you’re looking to break into the wrestling world here’s your chance.

4 Fight of the Century

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Brock Lesnar is one of the few wrestling sensations to migrate to the world of mixed martial arts and succeed to some extent. Nevertheless, his home is with wrestling, and that seems to be where he likes to be the most. Now, for a guy as big as Lesnar, it might be tough for promoters to find one single person to fight against him and make it look like a fair bout.

Hence why this Harambe meme is so savage. Because honestly, as much as we love Harambe for what he represents, it might take something bigger than a gorilla his size to take down Brock Lesnar. Still, one can’t help but wonder how fun it would be to watch this fight. But another fact that is for certain is that the good folks at PETA wouldn’t be too keen on this one.

3 Twister Problems

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WTF? What is going on over here?

Either we've made a mistake on the meme selection, or this is the most ridiculous Twister game ever to happen. Anyway, the legendary phrase set into stone by big E is a gold mine for people who love wrestling and make memes.


We’ve seen it used in the most ridiculous of ways and situations, but this one up here is something else. We don’t know what’s going on, we might not even know who these people are, but it doesn’t matter because if it contains a wrestling originated phrase, and it is used as savagely as it has been over here, it most certainly deserves a top three place on our list.

2 There Will Be blood

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If you haven't followed the news lately, a massive scandal involving violence used by a security team from United Airlines to remove one passenger from a flight the company overbooked has recently made waves around the country. That is the background for this meme. Nevertheless, relating to that particular episode is just what starts making this meme savage. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what caption that picture had, you could’ve written something like “thank God we found the kitty that ran away from Mrs. Robinson’s apartment,” it wouldn’t matter. When you put two guys in a picture bathed in what is supposed to be blood, you already have a savage picture.

With that in mind, we would like to pose a challenge to our dear readers and ask you to comment on what you think would be the most savage caption you could put on this picture.

1 Who's who?

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The Bella Twins are a pair of the most famous women in the history of wrestling. They’re both former WWE Divas Champions and fought for a long time as a tag team. Their tag team slowed down when Nikki refrained from appearing in both television and competition because of a neck injury that she suffered and would require surgery. Nevertheless, Brie kept fighting and even won at WrestleMania 32 before confirming that she would be taking an extended break from competing.

They are famous, but as it is a problem with many famous twins, it might be a bit tough telling these two apart, or at least it should be. But, as the meme above shows, there is an easier way of telling these two apart. And that meme, ladies and gentlemen, is as savage as it gets.

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