Top 15 Wrestling Moments That Completely Creeped Us Out

Professional wrestling has been known to stir up a variety of emotions. There are times when we are genuinely excited when one of our favorites achieves “the boyhood dream” and it comes true like it d

Professional wrestling has been known to stir up a variety of emotions. There are times when we are genuinely excited when one of our favorites achieves “the boyhood dream” and it comes true like it did Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XII. We also find ourselves left speechless and shocked when the impossible happens, like Brock Lesnar defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX.

Happiness, sadness, shock, doubt and a number of other feelings come into play during different moments in pro wrestling. And then there are moments where we are left feeling a little uneasy at best. Creepy moments happen all the time in wrestling. It’s bound to happen when the creative writers behind the scenes try to formulate a variety of gimmicks and characters.

Not everything is going to be sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. When having a diverse collection of personalities, there are going to be some who represent the weirdest of the weird and the creepiest of the creeps. It has always been said that art often imitates real life. Any given population is going to have their creeps and weirdos. Professional wrestling is no different.

The following are 15 of the most memorable moments in wrestling that completely creeped out their fans.

15 CM Punk Singing ‘Happy Birthday’


CM Punk has always been known for his abilities on the microphone. The Second City Saint can drop pipebombs, but he can also carry a tune. A very creepy tune. In 2010, Punk came out with the Straight Edge Socitey to crash a family gathering led by Rey Mysterio. Punk was already a little creepy looking with the long black hair and full beard as an underrated villain on SmackDown.

Punk was challenging Mysterio for a match at WrestleMania about a month away. Then he noticed Mysterio’s daughter crying. Punk would then call Mysterio a coward in an effort to get the match before Mysterio got his family out of the ring. Punk would close out the segment singing “Happy Birthday” as the family left. Punk’s eyes as he sang said it all.

14 It’s a Bouncing, Baby … Hand?


The entire love interest storyline between “Sexual Chocolate” Mark Henry and Mae Young was disturbing enough as it was. But this was during the Attitude Era, where just about anything that could be written and was put on WWE television. In 2000, Young announced that she was pregnant and that Henry was the father. After having suffered a powerbomb from Bubba Ray Dudley, Young eventually “went into labor.” The entire segment was awkward, even with Young telling the doctor her last period was in the 1960s.

Young would deliver the offspring; a prosthetic hand covered in some kind of goo that no one really wanted to know more about. Many fans had the same sentiments of Gerald Brisco, who was puking during the “birth.” At least it all had a happy ending as we saw a “grown-up” hand during RAW’s 1,000th episode in 2012.

13 Jake Roberts’ Wedding Gift


There are some people who actually like snakes. The rest of us, not so much. Snakes alone can be considered extremely creepy as they slither around with that tongue sticking out. But Jake “The Snake” Roberts felt that it would be the perfect wedding present back in 1991. The segment was part of the wedding reception between “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. After so many feel good moments, the couple opened up their gifts.

Elizabeth screamed in horror as a snake popped out from a box she opened up. This gave The Undertaker and Roberts a chance to attack Savage. Roberts then brought the snake closer to a screaming Elizabeth. Viewers who already hated snakes had another visual example of why they dislike them so much.

12 Boogeyman Eats Jillian Hall’s ‘Mole’


Martin Wright did an amazing job to creep out WWE fans as The Boogeyman. Just about everything with this gimmick was weird, outlandish and was memorable in its sick, twisted way. Everything from reciting nursery rhymes to eating a handful of worms was creepy in itself. But his infatuation with Jillian Hall’s growth on her face took things to an entirely different level.

On a January 2006 episode of SmackDown, The Boogeyman had Hall to himself in the ring during an episode of Piper’s Pit. Poor Roddy Piper had to witness him lick the mole before biting it right off her face and eating it on television. While the mole was a product of makeup artists, that doesn’t make the moment any less creepy and gross. Especially when the bloody thing was dripping droplets into The Boogeyman’s mouth.

11 Every Vignette Featuring Kizarny


There’s just something about a character who comes from a carnival setting with children happily playing games and winning prizes. While Kizarny wasn’t a creepy clown, the fact that he spoke in a weird Pig Latin language with kids just seemed weird. For several weeks, the WWE showed vignettes of the soon-to-debut Sinn Bodhi at a carnival with other carnival acts. It was weird and, well, unique.

But there was just something creepy about how he would look at the camera with a giant smile saying “I am Kizarny.” The last one was filmed at night at the carnival where he stuck his hand in a bear trap, licked fire and said something along the lines of 'things are about to get weird'. The character would last only a few months on television before he was released. Parents with small children were probably happy.

10 WCW’s Seven Vignette


Plain ol’ Dustin may not have “sucked” like some people claim, but Dustin Rhodes certainly needed a gimmick to get him a spot on wrestling television. After years of portraying the homoerotic-based Goldust in WWE, the son of Dusty Rhodes would make a return to WCW in the fall of 1999. The vignette for a character named Seven got some people talking, but not in a positive way. With a face painted white and wearing all black, Seven was outside a child’s window for the vignette.

If that wasn’t disturbing enough, the two touched hands through the bedroom window and the child’s eyes turned black. Apparently, the character was considered a bit too creepy and wouldn’t last long. But it did provide Rhodes with a chance for a "shoot" promo about how we would “NEVER, EVER” forget the name of Dustin Rhodes. We also never forgot about Black Reign, unfortunately.

9 Big Boss Man Feeds Al Snow His Dog


Al Snow has had some interesting allies in the past, which famously includes a mannequin head known simply as “Head", but Snow also had a chihuahua named Pepper. During a feud with Big Boss Man in 1999, Snow’s dog was kidnapped and held for ransom. Snow was distraught and Boss Man told him that he would hand him Pepper back after the dognapping. Well, Boss Man was a man of his word.

Snow was invited to go to Boss Man’s hotel room, who offered him a meal. Snow was encouraged to eat in an effort for Boss Man to “do the right thing.” It was then revealed that the meal contained Pepper. This led to the Boss Man attacking Snow, pushing his face into the remainders of the Pepper plate.

8 Doink The Clown


If reports from a few months ago taught us anything, clowns can be extremely creepy. Even in 1992 when Doink The Clown began popping up among the audience at WWE shows, it made some people feel uneasy. Doink would play pranks on the fans and other wrestlers before he officially made his in-ring debut during a 1993 episode of WWE Wrestling Challenge. The music alone switched from happy carnival music to dark and brooding.

Doink would laugh one moment before his face turned serious. Kids in the arena looked creeped out and no one could blame them. The character certainly had memorable moments that were creepy. But the random sightings before his first match took the cake. How would you feel minding your own business at a wrestling match and a clown pops up randomly?

7 Undertaker’s Unholy Matrimony


The Undertaker during the Attitude Era was certainly an evil, and quite disturbing character in the WWE. He and his Ministry were a powerful force to be reckoned with in 1999, and the dark faction actually kidnapped Stephanie McMahon at the height of their popularity. They would eventually come out carrying her on a crucifix-like object. She was screaming in fear as they leaned it up against the ropes. The boss’ daughter was dressed for a black wedding.

Paul Bearer carried out the ceremony for this unholy union between Stephanie McMahon and “The Lord of Darkness.” Multiple superstars tried to stop the wedding, but failed before “Stone Cold” Steve Austin came out and ran throughout the entire Ministry. It was probably the only time Austin was thanked by Vince McMahon. Also, this isn’t the only time we’ll see the Deadman on this list.

6 Papa Shango Curses The Ultimate Warrior


The early 1990s saw a lot of colorful and unique characters in professional wrestling. The Ultimate Warrior was certainly one of the bigger names during this time. But he faced a very interesting opponent in the form of Papa Shango. The already creepy Shango came out after Warrior competed in a match. Shango had apparently cast a spell on the celebrating Warrior, who would then suddenly suffer from stomach pains.

Medics then worked with Warrior behind the scenes, who would then puke on everyone in one of the most disturbing scenes in WWE history. This also continued a few weeks later when Warrior was cutting a promo as a black ooze suddenly flowed from his head. In a time when a lot of wrestling fans were young, this certainly made them feel uneasy.

5 Bray Wyatt and His Youth Choir


While things have been toned down a lot in the WWE recently, Bray Wyatt might be the creepiest character in today’s WWE. During a feud with John Cena, Wyatt was planning to use mind games in an effort to affect the leader of the Cenation before an upcoming cage match. The lights went out and the video package played to signify Wyatt’s presence. But all fans and Cena heard were children’s singing He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands.

After they sang, the lights went out again with Wyatt singing the tune this time while walking out with the lantern. He would lead the children to surround the cage as Cena watched. The lights went out one more time before the kids were now wearing the sheep masks. One of them sat on Wyatt’s lap as he rocked in his signature rocking chair. A very disturbing moment, especially when Wyatt laughed maniacally.

4 Undertaker Sacrifices Mideon


Dennis Knight was not one of the most famous members of the WWE roster during the Attitude Era. At least not until he was kidnapped and tortured by The Undertaker’s Acolytes in 1998 and renamed Mideon. There were clips and vignettes which showed Knight being chained in a dungeon and thrown into a room where it sounded like he was being attacked by something. About a week later, he appeared on RAW and was strapped on a table on the stage.

The Undertaker then came out and cut a very dark promo about Hell coming to Earth. The Deadman then stood over Knight with a dagger. Taker slit his own hand and poured his blood into a goblet that was given to Knight. That was followed by an Undertaker symbol being carved onto Knight’s chest. This was a very dark, very creepy Undertaker.

3 The Katie Vick Incident


When Kane was feuding with Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship in 2002, the Big Red Monster was showing more of a human side in front of the WWE Universe. But Triple H decided to dig up some dirt on Kane’s past that involved his former girlfriend Katie Vick, who died in a car accident years earlier. What followed is arguably one of the most uncomfortable segments in WWE history.

Triple H, dressed as Kane, appeared in a recorded segment entering a funeral home. A mannequin dressed as Vick was in a coffin and Triple H as Kane professed his love before he did... well, some things that shouldn’t be explained. There might be kids reading this. While it was Triple H’s character mocking the Demon, it was a creepy and unsettling moment.

2 Undertaker Tries to Embalm Steve Austin


If you haven’t noticed by now, The Undertaker during the Attitude Era was extremely creepy and evil. Not only did he sacrifice another wrestler and try to have an unholy marriage to Stephanie McMahon, Taker tried to make “Stone Cold” Steve Austin a dead man... literally. During a November 1998 episode of RAW, Undertaker knocked out Austin and brought him to a nearby funeral home where Paul Bearer was waiting.

While he was still alive, The Undertaker and Bearer were going to embalm Austin’s body, a process of preserving a deceased body. If that alone wasn’t creepy, Bearer was giggling and smiling as they were about to murder another wrestler. The Undertaker spoke in tongues with a dagger rising above Austin before Kane intervened for the save. Austin escaped, but this moment probably gave some fans some nightmares.

1 Heidenreich reads poetry to Michael Cole


Jon Heidenreich had his share of awkward moments during his WWE career. Aside from some fans believing he hurt the legacy of the Legion of Doom, he was quite the poet. But his delivery probably didn’t need to be so creepy. During an episode of SmackDown, Heidenreich kidnapped announcer Michael Cole and brought him into a room, pinning him against a door. Heidenreich stood very close to Cole, breathing in his ear and making all uncomfortable.

Then he grabbed Cole by the throat and read him a poem about the tears and pain he hid from everyone. And what better way to get ensure someone hears your written word, than by holding them by the throat and forcing them to listen? This was one of those moments where younger wrestling fans felt they needed an adult. Even some adult fans probably needed another adult - and some counseling.

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