Top 15 Wrestling Moments That Made Us Feel Uneasy

While the WWE has since toned down some of their sometimes outrageous storylines we have seen in the past, there have been many of moments throughout the WWE that scarred its fans for life. All through the years of professional wrestling, we as fans have seen some pretty odd storylines that made us wonder how they ever made it onto the televisions of wrestling fans. It seems as though we have seen it all in the world of uncomfortable wrestling moments. From Kane getting intimate with a dead person to Vince McMahon wrestling God, being a wrestling fan can come with more feeling than just pride or excitement.

In this article, we will be looking at the top 15 WWE moments that scarred us for life. Some of the items on this list are just completely ridiculous, and it really makes me question how I can even take wrestling seriously anymore. Professional wrestling is all about the entertainment factor in the end however, and these moments, even though they were uncomfortable, didn't fail to entertain.

As always, feel free to leave any other scarring WWE wrestling moments in the comments below, as we would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Here are the top 15 WWE moments that scarred us for life.


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15 The Undertaker Hangs The Bossman

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During WrestleMania XV, both The Undertaker and The Brood hung Big Bossman on the Show of Immortals. This moment really looked like it belonged in a horror movie, not professional wrestling. Yes, the WWE thought it would be a good idea to hang one of their wrestlers by their neck from a rope. Obviously the hanging was staged, but it definitely made viewers uncomfortable to say the least. It was extremely unsettling to see The Bossman hanging from a rope, gasping for air like he was actually dying in front of our eyes.

Even though the staged hanging obviously wasn't real, to young viewers, or anyone else for that matter, the "death" of Big Bossman was one of the most scarring moments in wrestling history.

14 Vince Interviews Melanie Pillman

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In 1997, WWE Superstar Brian Pillman tragically died unexpectedly the day of the Badd Blood  PPV of a serious heart condition that went undetected. Brian Pillman had a great wrestling career, but the WWE didn't handle his death the way they should have. Obviously the wife of Brian, Melanie Pillman, should have had ample time to heal with her family, but Vince thought it would be a good idea to interview the widow just one day after her husband's death.

Vince even went on to probe a little too much with Melanie, as he asked some seriously uncomfortable questions regarding allegations that Brian had a drug problem and who would now support the family after his passing. Watching the distraught wife of Brian Pillman answer nosy questions from Vince was definitely sad to watch.

13 Raven Crucifies The Sandman

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Raven and The Sandman had a very intense feud leading up to the controversial moment between the two. On October 26, 1996, Raven and The Sandman were in the middle of a match when Tyler Fullington, Sandman's son, intervened by helping his father. When both The Sandman and his son were embracing after their victory, Raven hit The Sandman with a kendo stick, knocking him to the mat. Both Stevie Richards and the Blue Meanie came out to the ring, got a wooden cross from under the ring and tied the Sandman to it and they ultimately ended up "crucifying" him.

ECW fans attending the show were left speechless as they watched The Sandman being crucified, and it was so controversial among fans that Raven had to break character and apologize for his actions.

12 Vince McMahon Vs. God

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Probably the most offensive tag-team match in all of wrestling, this one is just ridiculous. After Shawn Michaels found religion in the early 2000s, Vince told Shawn that his win at WrestleMania was an “act of God.” This statement by Vince, was followed up with a tag-team match for Backlash in 2006. The match pitted Vince and his son Shane against Shawn Michael and…God. God’s entrance was a lone spotlight that shined on the entrance stage.

The fans let the company know how they felt, as the entire match was drowned out by boos. To make matters worse, McMahon got the win, meaning he beat the almighty God. Yes, this tag-team match was somehow a thing in the WWE. God vs. The McMahons could honestly have been number one on this list, as the moment made every single fan turn off their television in unison.

11 Jeff Hardy Wrestles Under The Influence

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Jeff Hardy was one of the most popular wrestlers on the scene at one point, but his questionable decision-making in his personal life ended up leading to his demise. A prime example of this could be seen at the 2011 TNA Victory Road match, which pitted Jeff Hardy against Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The match started off bad, as Hardy’s theme music played for over 30 seconds until Jeff finally found the entrance.

When he did show up, he stumbled awkwardly to the ring, obviously under the influence of something. When the match began, Hardy avoided Sting as best as he could, most likely realizing he could not compete with the aggressive Sting. After easily getting Hardy to the ground, Sting forcefully held him down for the count, ending the pitiful match quite quickly. The disappointment in Sting’s eyes after winning the title was very apparent, as he had to end the match before it got even worse for Hardy.

10 The Mass Transit Incident

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Going into some of the deeper and darker wresting incidents for this one, the Mass Transit incident which happened in ECW was one of the most brutal and saddening moments of all time in wrestling. The infamous accident occurred in 1996, at the Wonderland Ballroom in Revere, Massachusetts, for a house show for ECW. The match pitted Eric Kulas, an inexperienced 17-year-old who lied about his age, against New Jack of the The Gangstas stable. Towards the end of the match, the incident occurred when New Jack bladed Eric Kulas, or Mass Transit as he was called, way too deeply with a surgical scalpel. As the blood spurted from Kulas’ head, he then passed out, ending the match.

How something like this was able to happen, with a kid lying his way into a dangerous wrestling promotion, is beyond belief. Additionally, at this point, ECW almost became too violent to watch on television, which is most likely the reason for the increased censorship of the product. Watching the blood spew from the young wrestler definitely scarred anyone that has seen the match.

9 Vince Says The "N" Word

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All I have to ask with this one is why? Backstage at the 2005 Survivor Series, Vince McMahon uttered one of the worst words in American history. Trying to act hip with John Cena, Vince awkwardly said “What’s up my n***a!” on live television. It was obviously planned, as we then see McMahon walk by the confused and outraged Booker T. It may be worse that it was planned because somehow a group of people liked the thought of this terrible idea.

There were definitely many young viewers tuning into this, and it might of even been the first time they heard the word, making it a very uncomfortable moment for parents that now had to explain the history behind it. This was definitely an uncomfortable moment.

8 CM Punk Pours Out Paul Bearer's Ashes

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This idea would have been offensive even if Paul Bearer didn’t actually die, but the fact that he actually did pass away three weeks earlier makes this one of the most disgusting segments ever. CM Punk was in need of a little advantage against The Undertaker, so he stored Taker’s deceased manager’s “ashes” in an urn. During their feud, CM Punk poured out the ashes on The Undertaker. Paul Bearer’s son was upset with the angle, and voiced his displeasure with the WWE. Going way over the edge on this one, this feud had one of the those moments when you just had to shake your head. With death being such a touchy topic, seeing CM Punk be so disrespectful was one of the worst moments we have seen in professional wrestling.

7 Tommy Dreamer Does Anything

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Tommy Dreamer was never anything special talent wise, but he did do some pretty outrageous things during his time in the WWE, and you need to give him some respect for that. Tommy didn't have much of a gimmick other than just being a regular guy who did disgusting things on RAW, such as eating his own hair or brushing his teeth with a toothbrush used on a dog's teeth. During a match against The Undertaker, Tommy did one of the grossest things a man could do, as he drank a cup full of The Taker's tobacco spit.

It scarred anybody watching it as it probably activated some gag reflexes to viewers of the match. Tommy will at least go down in history as one of the company's best workers willing to do some of the unthinkable.

6 Fritz Von Erich Has A "Heart Attack"

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The Von Erich family is easily one of the most tragic accounts in all of wrestling history. On Christmas Star Wars 1987, the WCCW had Fritz Von Erich stage having a heart attack, which was in very poor taste due to all of the death the Von Erich family has had to endure. Five of Fritz's six sons preceded Fritz in death, with three of them tragically committing suicide. The WCCW even had announcer Marc Lowrence recount the still controversial angle, and it was truly sad to watch Marc become so distraught over something that wasn't even real. Death has found it's way into wrestling many times, but I think this is a perfect example of a company exploiting death in a very distasteful way.

5 The Chris Benoit Tribute Show

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While the WWE thought they were honoring the legacy of one of their best wrestlers during the time, the Chris Benoit tribute show turned out to be one of the worst events in WWE history. In 2007, Benoit, his wife, and his child were all found dead in their home, and it was believed the three were murdered. The next night, the WWE had a three-hour tribute show dedicated to Benoit, but it was quickly discovered that Benoit had actually murdered his family and than committed suicide.

Benoit hasn't been mentioned again in the WWE, and the company definitely jumped the gun a bit early in dedicating a show to one of their employees who turned out to be a murderer. Another poor decision by the WWE.

4 Papa Shango "Curses" The Ultimate Warrior

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The Ultimate Warrior is easily one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time, and his feud with Papa Shango turned out to be one of the most scarring moments in all of wrestling. Papa Shango has been known for being able to get into his opponents' heads, and during a match against The Ultimate Warrior, Shango put a "curse" on the Warrior, making him convulse and become extremely sick. Watching The Ultimate Warrior needing to be held down while he winced in pain was one of the most uncomfortable moments for a wrestling fan. The Ultimate Warrior was very respected and admired by many, and his fans were definitely scarred for life when they had to witness one of their favorite wrestlers become extremely vulnerable to Shango's voodoo magic.

3 Snitsky Kicks Lita's Baby

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Snitsky was built as one of the biggest and baddest heels in the company during his time with the WWE, and his legacy may have began during his feud with Kane and his girlfriend at the time, Lita. Lita was "pregnant" at the time of one of their matches, and Stisky pushed Kane into Lita, causing her to miscarriage, which is already one of the more sickening moments in WWE history. During a segment on the Highlight Reel with Lita as the guest, Snitcky came on bringing a baby to the stage to mock Lita over her miscarriage.

While on the stage, Snitsky punted the plastic baby into the stands, which solidified himself as one of the most brutal heels in WWE history. Seeing a baby, fake or not, punted into the air was a scarring moment for fans of wrestling everywhere.

2 Vince McMahon Fakes His Own Death

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We all know that Vince isn’t afraid to swing for the fences in his storylines. However, the time that he faked his own death was a total swing and a miss. Yes, this actually happened somehow. On Vince’s appreciation night on RAW, a video was shown of Vince’s limo exploding, leading many to believe he was dead. Death is nothing to be joked about, as many screaming fans even called 911 to alert the police of the “accident.” Vince and the WWE should just stick to putting on entertaining matches in the ring because like we have seen, a lot of their out of ring material just comes off as ridiculous.

Watching Vince's limousine explode on live TV was easily one of the most scarring moments of wrestling fans everywhere.

1 Katie Vick

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Who would have thought that necrophilia would make its way into a wrestling story line? Well, it did, and it definitely scarred us for life. Triple H came out to do an interview, excited to reveal a dark secret in Kane’s history. Triple H explained how Kane allegedly had a girlfriend named Katie Vick, who was sadly killed after Kane tried to make sexual advances on her, which led to him crashing the car. Triple H also went on to show a video of Kane visiting Katie’s open casket. The video then shows Triple H (dressed as Kane) remove Katie’s clothes, get naked, and then climb into the coffin, where he has sex with her dead body.

He then proceeds to pick up a piece of Katie’s brain matter, and he proudly exclaimed “I screwed your brains out!” This is, by far, one of the most sickening storylines we have ever seen in all of wrestling.

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