Top 15 Wrestling Valets You Forgot Existed

Valets are used for multiple reasons in the world of wrestling.

In most cases, the women accompanying their counterparts to the ring are usually romantically linked, often marketed as an on-screen couple and sometimes the romance continues when the cameras aren’t rolling, too.

It’s easy for a heel to get cheap heat when someone attractive walks them to the ring, since it gives fans another reason to hate the athlete. Valets are used for their looks more often than not, a reoccurring theme that has surrounded the women of professional wrestling for a while now. The female accompaniment can also be responsible for getting a wrestler over, especially if he is breaking into the business, and it’s a plus if that valet is good at talking (think of Sunny or Lana). One can’t forget the inclusion of valets in storylines, which has turned wrestling into an edgier product over the years.

At the end of the day, valets are seen as female managers, yet they’re more than that. They’ve always been a large part of the show, regardless of how they’re being used. In the glory days of professional wrestling, fans were treated to sweetness of both Miss Elizabeth and Missy Hyatt, and the ferocity of Sherri Martel and Luna Vachon.

The popular valets of the 1990s were also the forefront of establishing World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) “Diva” image, primarily spawned by the likes of Sunny, Sable and Marlena, and the women of the Attitude Era including Trish Stratus, Debra and Miss Kitty. Some of the most notable valets, like Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson and Francine weren’t even in WWE until Vince McMahon bought out his competitors.

To this day, valets are still being used, and it’s hard to remember everyone who has graced ringside while watching their significant other go to work.

Without further ado, here are 15 wrestling valets you may have a hard time remembering:

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15 Cherry

via fanpop.com

When WWE saw fit to promote Sim Snuka and indie talent Cliff Compton as the greasy Deuce n’ Domino, they needed a doll-like figure reminiscent of gals from the 1960s to enhance the look.

In came Cherry, who often sported a skirt and tied up hair to resemble a waitress straight out of Jack Rabbit Slim’s.

She competed inside the squared circle, too, but eventually WWE couldn’t find a reason to keep her around.

14 Major Gunns

via gerweck.net

Tylene Buck, better known as Major Gunns, became one of World Championship Wrestling’s (WCW) most popular valets during her stay in the Misfits In Action, a stable led by General Rection (Bill DeMott).

The sexual innuendo was out in full force and it doesn’t take a meteorologist to figure out why Buck was given that name. Buck’s character was in the middle of a war brewing between the Misfits and Team Canada, and she eventually turned her back on the United States to join Lance Storm. She had a stint in Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) as well, and now devotes her time to starring in adult films.

13 BellaDonna

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Joining forces with the eerie and creepy father James Mitchell, BellaDonna was one of TNA Wrestling’s original knockouts, portraying more of a goth image in the vein of Daffney and Ariel.

She was a valet for The Disciples of The New Church, often finding herself in the thick of it all at ringside, or caressed affectionately by Mitchell in the grossest of ways.

12 Amy Weber

via wrestlingnews.co

Most wrestling fans recall one of John “Bradshaw” Layfield’s associates, Jillian Hall, not because she was his image consultant, but because of the growth on the left side of her face and the terrible voice she had while singing.

Before JBL turned his attention to Jillian, though, Amy Weber served as the image consultant in his heel stable, The Cabinet, and often accompanied him to the ring.

Weber left WWE in early 2005, and works as an actor, model and came out with her own album in 2012.

11 Shaniqua

via prowrestling.wikia.com

After winning Tough Enough alongside Jackie Gayda, Shaniqua made her presence felt as a valet to Shelton Benjamin and The Basham Brothers. While with the brothers, she flirted with dominatrix themes, often bringing a stick with her to ringside.

Shaniqua was resorted to a gimmick of giving a Rikishi-style Stink Face to unfortunate foes before being released. Had Shaniqua appeared sooner in WWE, you’ve got to wonder if she was better suited for the Attitude Era instead of WWE’s hit-or-miss era known as the early-2000s.

10 Elektra

via obsessedwithwrestling.com

During a time where women such as Chyna, Jacqueline and Nicole Bass were making waves due to their impressive physiques, one woman in ECW was looking just as imposing.

Elektra came into the fold in late 1999, serving as a valet to Danny Doring and Roadkill when the former needed a replacement for Miss Congeniality (better known as Lita, who was WWE bound).

The New Yorker served as a mouthpiece in promos, flaunting and flexing in a way that would make The Narcissist proud. The brunette was also once married to Big Dick Dudley, and starred in the Sopranos as an extra in the Bada Bing strip club.

9 Kimona Wanalaya

via caws.ws

Continuing with victims of unfortunate and sexualized names, Kimona Wanaleya rose to prominence in ECW during the heated rivalry between Tommy Dreamer and Raven.

First introduced by Raven as a replacement for Beulah McGillicutty, who was pregnant with Dreamer’s child, Wanaleya took part in some of the promotion’s raunchiest segments, which included a make-out session with Beulah and a striptease at the ECW Arena which led her to rethink about her role in the business.

Wanaleya also appeared in WCW as Leah Meow.

8 Gorgeous George

via ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com

Managing “Macho Man” Randy Savage in the later stages of his career while in WCW, Gorgeous George was a far cry from Miss Elizabeth (and the first Gorgeous George, George Wagner).

Stephanie Bellars was Savage’s girlfriend at the time, and the Illinois native, who looked edgier than the usually silent Elizabeth, could have been compared to Stratus, since she wore similar outfits when she wasn’t coming down the aisle in just a bikini.

After her time in wrestling, Bellars married Doyle from punk band The Misfits.

7 Hiroko

via caws.ws

Made to look like a geisha, Hiroko’s time in WWE was just as short as Kenzo Suzuki’s, serving as her real-life husband’s valet.

She often translated for Suzuki while the two were seen on SmackDown, and even locked horns against Torrie Wilson before the pair moved over to the Raw brand. Both Hiroko and Suzuki never made their Monday night debuts, both released due to budget constraints.

6 Lady Blossom

via tumblr.com

Before Stone Cold Steve Austin was the beer-drinking bad ass that terrorized his boss, he cemented his status in the wrestling industry while in WCW, where he was known as “Stunning.”

Jeanie Clarke married Austin after she dated Chris Adams and Billy Jack Haynes in the 1980s. As Lady Blossom, the blonde accompanied Austin to the ring during his early days in World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW), and when the two moved to WCW, she often interfered in his WCW Television title matches. She’s also partly responsible for coming up with Austin’s gimmick that made him a superstar while feuding with McMahon in WWE.

5 Fifi The Maid

via wcwworldwide.com

When Ric Flair returned from his stint with WWE in the early-1990s, WCW aired a talk show segment titled A Flair For The Gold, introducing Fifi The Maid (Wendy Barlow) as Flair’s valet who would clean and present gifts to the Nature Boy.

Soon after, Fifi became a huge star, used on-air for multiple segments including drawing numbers for the Lethal Lottery at Battle Bowl 1993 along with Gene Okerlund.

Barlow recently appeared on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap as Flair’s current love interest, proving her and her beau are cut from the same cloth when it comes to materials.

4 Midajah

via pixgood.org

When Scott Steiner traded his University of Michigan jackets for chain links, he usually walked into arenas across America accompanied by his “freaks,” which were two or three women that latched onto his immense and freakishly-big arms.

Midajah was the most notable “freak” and one that eventually stood alone as Steiner’s valet. Originally part of the group of valets that surrounded the New World Order, Midajah became one of the most popular women in WCW at the time. She didn’t say much, considering Steiner has a presence on the mic, but she did take part in feuds on the side, and even wrestled a few times.

3 Marianna

via wwedivas.wikia.com

Headbanger Mosh had some pretty unfortunate gimmicks, to say the least.

Looking back on WWE history, one of the worst gimmicks ever was Beaver Cleavage, an off-shoot from Beaver Cleaver with a perverted touch. Making that transition possible was Marianna, Beaver’s valet at the time.

Marianna was Beaver’s mother, billed as Ms. Cleavage. She would appear in black and white vignettes with her son, often offering her son some of mother’s milk when he needed it for his cereal. When WWE ditched the gimmick, Beaver became more of a natural character as Chaz, and Mrs. Cleavage was officially announced as his valet, Marianna.

The Canadian bodybuilder didn’t last long as a valet, but did gain some notoriety in the bodybuilding world when she graced the cover of numerous magazines in the late-1990s.

2 Symphony

via wrestlingforum.com

At first glance, Symphony looks familiar, yet there’s not much to say about her time in WCW because she accompanied The Maestro for short period while the ship was starting to sink.

Often wearing a red or black gown to match her significant other’s wrestling attire, Symphony didn’t have as big of an impact in WCW than WWE. While under McMahon’s company, Symphony will be remembered for her role as Ryan Shamrock, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Ken Shamrock’s little sister. While in WWE, Ryan’s escapades with Val Venis infuriated her brother, and she also was a member of the PMS stable that accompanied Meat (Shawn Stasiak) to the ring.

1 Peggy Sue

via wrestlingforum.com

The Honky Tonk Man had an abundance of charisma during his heyday, enough to make you believe he was a real-life Elvis Presley impersonator.

Complete with the rock star’s image, a lady started to accompany Honky Tonk Man to the ring and dance with him after his matches. She was known as Peggy Sue, and looked exactly like a girl that would follow Elvis around from town to town. Peggy often wore a long black skirt, her blonde hair tied in pigtails while masked by large black sunglasses with a white frame. Causing raucous while Honky tried desperately to win his matches, Peggy was a perfect menace in disguise.

That’s because Peggy’s character was made possible by Sherri, when Jimmy Hart wasn’t dressing up drag to play the part.

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