Top 15 Wrestling WAGs You Would Love to Steal for Yourself

Many would say that professional wrestlers have the best lives. They get paid to work out, perform in front of millions around the world and they can have any woman they want. Much like any other spor

Many would say that professional wrestlers have the best lives. They get paid to work out, perform in front of millions around the world and they can have any woman they want. Much like any other sport, wrestlers usually have their own set of “groupies” waiting for them. In the wrestling world, they are called "ring rats," who are notorious for hooking up with wrestlers after the show.

There are some wrestlers, on the other hand, that choose to settle down. Instead of running through the locker room or even fans, they chose one. There have been many wrestlers who have dated and even married within the business. There are others who were married already and decided to bring their wives with them on the road to be their ring valet.

Diamond Dallas Page once said that Macho Man Randy Savage told him the best thing he could do is keep his wife away from the business. Savage, who was married to Miss Elizabeth, learned his lesson the hard way and their marriage did not survive.

There are quite a few wrestlers who do not heed the warning of the Macho Man. Some wrestlers are currently dating or even married to their coworkers. When fans see these women, they cannot help but think of how lucky the Superstars are. Instead of settling for a different woman every night, they have that one special woman who is hot, and in some instances, fans only see during WrestleMania season. Here are the top 15 wrestling WAGs that any man would want for themselves.

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15 Kori Campfield (Wife of Kofi Kingston)


Kofi Kingston’s wife Kori Campfield is someone fans only see during the annual Hall of Fame ceremony, but she is gorgeous. Kofi may run around every week with a comic nerd and a 300 pounder who may make some feel uncomfortable with his incredible dancing, however, when he goes home, it is evident why he jumps so high. While fans may not know much about her, she is someone they look forward to during the red carpet every year the night before WrestleMania.

14 Denise Hartmann (Wife of Christian)


Fans clearly can see why Christian is enjoying retirement and that's partially because he has managed to keep his beautiful wife, Denise Hartmann, out of the WWE spotlight. Christian met her in 2001 while on tour in England. During the time with Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, and Stacy Kiebler walking around the same locker room, no wonder he wasn't phased. Besides Hartmann is a former model herself and will easily make the WWE Universe jealous of Christian.

13 Lana (Fiance of Rusev)


When fans see Rusev, they would never picture him with a woman like Lana. She joined the WWE while accompanying her actual boyfriend to the ring and instantly became was must-see television. At WrestleMania, Lana entered the ring for the first time and the wrestling fans absolutely loved it. Fans look at Rusev and will be quick to say that he is not a heartthrob. They may not like Lana's accent, but her looks on the other hand would make anyone jealous of Rusev.

12 Maria (Wife of Mike Bennett)


Mike Bennett has become a must-see wrestler for one reason and that's so fans can see Maria. The former Playboy cover girl has been a fan favourite since the mid 2000s. However, since leaving WWE and ditching the ditzy girl gimmick, she has become even more attractive. Once leaving WWE, she wrestled in various promotions, even winning her first championship in FWE (Family Wrestling Entertainment). When she joined Ring of Honor, she stood at ringside with her signature shorts making her the reason to buy a front row seat. When Bennett's music hits the fans may cheer, but it is clearly for Maria.

11 Galina Becker (Wife of Roman Reigns)


Many may wonder why Roman Reigns will not embrace his female audience. Some females actually believe he looks better than his cousin, The Rock, the man who captivated the female demographic during the Attitude Era. However, when they see his wife, Galina Becker, the reason is very clear. Quite simply, she is gorgeous. Becker and Reigns were college sweethearts and now they have come full circle by getting married. Fans only see her during the red carpet events and it is clear why Reigns would not want her in the locker room with the boys.

10  10. Collette Foley (Wife of Mick Foley)


Mick Foley is one of the most lovable guys in the history of professional wrestling, but fans would never vote for him to win a beauty contest. For that reason, they would never expect him to be with a beautiful woman like Collette Foley. Mrs. Foley is as beautiful as they come and they even had a daughter by the name of Noelle who seems to break the Internet every month. Having a beautiful wife that gives you beautiful children is the American Dream.

9 Natalya (Wife of Tyson Kidd)


Tyson Kidd and Natalya have known each other since they were children. There is an episode of Total Divas where Natalya is wearing lingerie in an attempt to turn Kidd on, but he is more concerned about watching wrestling. This set Twitter on fire and every man said if that was them, they would NOT be concerned about what was happening on the television. Natalya is also an athlete who easily gets along with the boys, so for many men, that’s a perfect wife.

8 Maryse (Wife of The Miz)


How in the world did The Miz get Maryse? That is a question many fans ask. Maryse, a former WWE Diva, is a dream for every guy that loves tall blondes. During her time in WWE, she graced the cover of the 2007 Playboy, Girls of Canada. They say behind every good man is an even better woman. Even if fans do not think The Miz is a great man, there is no denying that Maryse is a great woman. She even helped her husband win the Intercontinental Championship on the Raw after WrestleMania 32.

7 Brie Bella (Wife of Daniel Bryan)


In 2014, Daniel Bryan captivated the world with the Yes Movement en route to winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. But what was better than that was marrying the love of his life, Brie Bella. Brie comes off as a wholesome woman who takes care of her man. She is one who would rather sit at home on a Friday night and watch a movie instead of partying like it's 1999. His career may be over, but Daniel Bryan is far from unhappy with Brie Bella as his wife.

6  6. Nikki Bella (Girlfriend of John Cena)


One would believe that John Cena has the perfect life. He is the face of one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world and he has a hot girlfriend named Nikki Bella. Nikki is simply a conversation stopper. While fans may not be huge on her in-ring work, there is no doubt that when she comes through the curtain, she has their attention. John Cena has played with her emotions as far as not wanting to marry her, but there are thousands of other guys who would giver Nikki the diamonds that she seeks.

5 Jennifer Hudson (Fiance of David Otunga)


While David Otunga may not be an active WWE participant, he is still on the roster. When you come home to the Oscar and Grammy award winning Jennifer Hudson, there is clearly no need to complain about not being used on the roster. Hudson is absolutely beautiful. She has made quite a name for herself on the big screen and in the studio. With the culture of the locker room the way it is, it is clear why Otunga keeps her away from the wrestling business.

4 Sable (Wife of Brock Lesnar)


While fans would never attempt to take her away from Brock Lesnar, it is very clear they would love to have her. Sable was perhaps the most over person on the roster next to Stone Cold Steve Austin during The Attitude Era. Even in her 40s, Sable is still a beautiful woman. The former WWE Women’s Champion and Playboy covergirl captured the WWE audience like no other before her. If she were to come through the curtain today ,all of the women would still want to be her and all of the men would still come to see her.

3 Eden (Wife of Stardust)


Stardust (Cody Rhodes) has had a very interesting WWE career. While fans thought on a few occasions that he was close to breaking through the glass ceiling, he still remains on the midcard. However, when he goes home, he has a main event wife. Eden Stilles is one of the most beautiful women in the WWE. Stardust has absolutely no reason  to complain in life. Whenever there is a WWE photo shoot, fans know that Eden’s pictures are must-see. Who would not be happy with a woman that beautiful?

2 Renee Young (Girlfriend of Dean Ambrose)


Dean Ambrose may be The Lunatic Fringe, but he knows a beautiful woman when he sees one. Renee Young is one of the hottest women in WWE. Because she is not a wrestler, she leaves a lot to the imagination. She is the dream of any wrestling fan, because she too grew up loving the business. Prior to joining WWE, she often appeared on a podcast with former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas and Arda Ocal (known as Kyle Edwards in the WWE). Here she let everyone know that just because she is a pretty woman, does not mean she do not know her wrestling history. Dean Ambrose is one lucky man.

1 Naomi (Wife of Jimmy Uso)


Jimmy Uso is one of the luckiest men in the world. He entered the WWE training facility and found a wife. Jimmy and Naomi met in developmental and grew in the business together and eventually married. Naomi is the complete package. She is a beautiful woman who is shaped nicely and is also very athletic. For Jimmy, she serves as stepmother to his children as if they were her own. Any woman who can love children that are not her own would be the perfect wife. This alone makes Jimmy Uso the luckiest man in professional wrestling.

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