Top 15 WWE Attitude Era Stars Who Have Aged Terribly

Here are 15 Attitude Era stars that age hasn't been very nice to over the years.

The WWE has given us a number of different storylines and characters to indulge in ever since it was founded in 1980. One era of wrestling that particularly stands out among the rest is the Attitude Era. With plots driven by any and all things offensive, Vince McMahon and the rest of the company struck pay dirt in the professional wrestling industry while causing  quite a bit of controversy at the same time. The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H are just some of the names that gained prominence from 1997-2002, the time period in which the Attitude Era took place (the Ruthless Aggression era began in '02 after the WWF was renamed to the WWE for various reasons).

While those three household names continue to appear on our television sets week in and week out, not everyone that was a part of the company back then still has the glitz and glamour needed to compete in the squared circle. It's gotten to the point where notable names from the past have become almost unrecognizable. The WWE certainly likes to bring backs wrestlers from the old days for one night appearances but most of these people probably won't be brought back up any time soon. Here are 15 Attitude Era stars that age hasn't been very nice to over the years.

15 The Blue Meanie


14 Jeff Hardy


13 Faarooq


"DAMN!" What on earth happened? While Ron Simmons a.k.a. Farooq is getting close to 60, no one expected him to start looking like Mr. Jefferson. The former APA member is now a member of the WWE Hall of Fame and makes an appearance on television every now and then. Who can forget the stretch in 2006 when Simmons began showing up on RAW simply to say his signature catchphrase? It was so random the first time it happened but quickly became a running gag on the program. His last appearance came at WrestleMania 31 where he of course yelled "DAMN!" while celebrating Daniel Bryan's Intercontinental Championship win. As usual, it was funny.

12 Gangrel


11 D'Lo Brown


Nothing beats D'Lo Brown's head shaking. The former European and Intercontinental Champion is one of only four people to hold the belts simultaneously. As a member of the Nation of Domination, Brown gained a bit of fame while working with Faarooq, Kama and The Rock. After the stable split Brown would become a face and wrestled for both RAW and SmackDown before making his way to TNA and All Japan Pro Wrestling. Brown even had a forgettable short return to WWE in 2008.

10 Shane McMahon


9 Grandmaster Sexay


Maybe it's the bleach blonde hair that's making Brian Christopher look old. Come on Brian leave the horrible blonde dye jobs to Guy Fieri. The man formerly known as "Grandmaster Sexay" made a surprise return to the WWE during a promo on RAW in 2011. The whole thing was super awkward. Michael Cole told Jerry Lawler that he wasn't going to talk about his family simply because his family (Brian Christopher) would do it themselves.

8 X-Pac


Sean Waltman, better known as "X-Pac", has had his fair share of run ins with the law ever since his wrestling days came to an end. The man who became known for his patented Bronco Buster parted ways with the WWE in 2002 and competed for four years in TNA shortly after. From there, his life went in somewhat of a tailspin. In 2011 Waltman turned himself into authorities in St. Petersburg, Florida on two charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

7 Mick Foley


Mick Foley might hold the record for the most successful gimmicks during his time competing in various wrestling organizations. There really is no wrong answer when choosing your favorite character portrayed by Foley as every single one of them is fantastic. When Stephanie McMahon announced that Foley would become the new general manager of RAW, he made his way down the entrance ramp sporting a beard that made him look like a hobo. He always had a beard during his wrestling days but in 2016 it was so long that the rest of his face could barely be seen. The long hair didn't really help either.

6 Matt Hardy


5 The Undertaker

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The Undertaker has had one of, if not the most successful gimmick in professional wrestling history. After making his wrestling debut in WCW, Taker made his way to the WWE and has been with the company ever since. Hard to believe that it's been 27 years since he first appeared on Superstars. In 2000 we saw 'Taker debut the American Badass gimmick and it was just as awesome as his original character. With so many matches under his belt its understandable that The Deadman doesn't quite look as good as he used to.

4 Ken Shamrock

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Whether you consider Ken Shamrock to be a wrestler or a mixed martial artist, there's no doubt that his battles over the years have left him looking pretty rugged these days. "The World's Most Dangerous Man" became a fan favorite as soon as he entered the world of professional wrestling. His tough as nails demeanor really stood out in feuds with Billy Gunn, Goldust and The Undertaker. A role as a heel took place after Shamrock won the Intercontinental title in an eight-man tournament that was held to see who would take home the vacant title. He always seemed to be the kind of wrestler that fit the heel character better anyway.

3 Raven


While Raven is more so known for his days in ECW, the Philadelphia native did spend some time in the WWE as well. It was only right for him to compete in the Hardcore division and when given the opportunity he would bring a shopping cart full of dangerous items to the ring that could be used at his disposal. After being drafted to RAW in 2002, Raven decided to try his hand at broadcasting and became the new color commentator for Sunday Night Heat and Excess. The move didn't last long and the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion was back wrestling in the ring just months later.

2 Perry Saturn


Who can forget Perry Saturn and Moppy? The gimmick that had similarities to Wilson in Cast Away surprisingly worked. Saturn's bizarre relationship with the inanimate object went over well with the fans and he stuck with the character until Raven and Terri Runnels through Moppy into a wood chipper. After being released by the WWE in 2002, the former Radicalz member worked on the independent circuit for a few years before retiring from wrestling. For many years he was unheard from and friends and families began to worry that Saturn had gone missing.

1 Ahmed Johnson


Ahmed Johnson barely makes it on our list because he was released from the WWE in February 1998; however he gets our number one spot because he doesn't look anything like he he did 20 years ago. Unreal. He was always a big guy but not this big. Johnson made his television debut on an episode of RAW in 1995. He won the Intercontinental Championship one year later, becoming the first African American to do so. While the accomplishment is impressive, Johnson never received the push needed to become a true headliner. Injuries hampered his career and he was eventually released from the promotion in 1998.

In recent years Johnson has been vocal about Vince McMahon mistreating him during his time with the organization. We'll never know what exactly led to his release but what we do know is that his best days are probably behind him at this point.

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Top 15 WWE Attitude Era Stars Who Have Aged Terribly