Top 15 WWE Diva Instagram Posts For 2017 Thus Far

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Or in simple terms, a collective place for fanboys to gawk at the amazingly hot female roster that the WWE has to offer. Whatever way you want to spin it, the following fifteen posts by some of the hottest ladies to hit the ring will have you picking your bottom lip up off the floor.

While the WWE has recently gotten away from hiring more of the model like females to come in and try to become wrestlers and has focused more on the actually talented in ring performers, it doesn't stop the fact that many of them are absolutely stunning from head to toe. In actual fact, many of the current wrestlers have flipped the script, becoming models after they have found success in the squared circle.

Whether they are taking Instagram selfies or having someone snap their pic in a photoshoot, the current roster of WWE females have secured themselves a long lineup of followers who appreciate their beauty. Regardless of if they are ring action pics, evening wear pics, workout day pics, beach day pics or lounge wear pics, the following fifteen beauties have captured the attention of the WWE Universe thanks to these stunning photos.

15 Carmella

Happy #fabulousfriday 💋

A post shared by Leah Van Damme (@carmellawwe) on

The 29 year old Princess of Staten Island (who is actually from Massachusetts) quickly became one of the focal points of the SmackDown Live women’s division after making her debut on the blue brand roster last summer. After starting off her WWE career in NXT as a sidekick to Enzo and Big Cass, Carmella started to branch out into singles action, fairing fairly well for herself.

Unfortunately when the trio was called up to the main roster, they were split, with the tag team heading to Raw and the former LA Lakers cheerleader joining SmackDown. Although she started as a fan favorite (despite a horrible version of the moonwalk), Carmella’s attack on Nikki Bella has led her to becoming one of the top heels on Tuesday nights. No matter how tight her abs are and no matter how much fish net she wears, Carmella’s recent horrible storyline with James Ellsworth has not done her any favors, but nevertheless she's very captivating to the eye.

14 Alexa Bliss


A post shared by Lexi Kaufman (@alexa_bliss_wwe_) on

Valentines Day with the reigning SmackDown Live Women's Champion looking seductively innocent in a little sheer baby doll dress and high heels, YES PLEASE! One of the hottest newcomers to the WWE main roster, the 25 year old beauty has taken over Tuesday nights and has proven that she belongs in the spotlight with her superb verbal bouts with Daniel Bryan and tremendous in-ring abilities.

A former cheerleader and competitive bodybuilder, Bliss recently took advantage of an untimely injury to Naomi, who was forced to vacate the title and found herself in a championship match against her long time rival Becky Lynch. With the victory over the Lass Kicker, Little Miss Bliss became the first two-time SmackDown Live Women's Champion.

13 Lana

Despite her return to The Bulgarian Brute's side and a heel turn, Lana is still one of the most over WWE female performers, evident by the fans breaking into "We Want Lana" chants on a weekly basis. While she more than fills out a tight mini skirt and a blazer every Monday night, sadly only Rusev gets to enjoy the stunning blonde with a pair of sexy red thigh high stockings, a skimpy black undergarment and just enough of a tease up top to keep everyone salivating for more.

In the PG era of the WWE, this tease of a pic leaves countless improper thoughts in many male fans' minds. Add to that a thigh gap that would capture top ratings anywhere. The picture gets better and better the more you look at it.

12 Nikki Bella

Nikki may think her posterior looks flat and the subtle invite to see the plumpness is extremely tempting…ah John Cena is a lucky man! Although the older (by 16 minutes) of The Bella Twins had her naysayers throughout the early portion of her WWE career, her in-ring abilities and matches have both improved greatly over the last couple of years. After returning to the ring from a lengthy absence due to a neck injury, Nikki, thankfully, wasn’t thrust back into the SmackDown Live Women’s Title scene, but rather put into supporting storylines with Carmella, Natalya and most recently Maryse.

With her pivoting (and extremely riveting) ring entrance, the 33 year old and longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history has been rumored to be parting from the ring shortly after WrestleMania 33 in order to rest and rehab her injury, along with settling into a family role with Mr. Cena.

11 Sasha Banks

Last night in Vegas!! Need a @lyft use the code Sasha to save some $$

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The Boss's revealing body clenching outfit may allow you to look past the purple hair (for those of you who have issues with it). As one of the sexiest women on the WWE roster, Sasha's outfit leaves very little to the imagination and we all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

While Banks comes across as a tough as nails, take no nonsense type individual (which no doubt is completely fine with many of her warmblooded fans), this selfie shows that she also has a very lady-like demeanor. Although she had her struggles keeping her hands on the Raw Women's Championship over the past year, she remains a fan favorite as chants of "We Want Sasha" still fill arenas on a weekly basis. With a number of high profile and historic matches on her resume, it's only a matter of time before fans see The Boss return to the top of the mountain.

10 Maryse

💕 #wwesaintpaul Photo cred: @reneeyoungwwe

A post shared by Maryse Mizanin (@marysemizanin) on

After making her debut with the WWE just over a decade ago, Maryse was unfortunately released from her contract in 2011, following a leave of absence due to surgery. Fortunately for fans, the Canadian bombshell returned to the ring last spring as her husband's manager/valet. In coming back, she played a crucial role in helping to resurface her husband's career.

While she hasn't taken part in an actual match since 2011, it appears as though plans are in the works for the 34 year old Montreal native (her French accent is like icing on the cake) to team up with her husband in an inter-gender tag match at WrestleMania 33 against John Cena and Nikki Bella. If you think Maryse fills out a dress well, wait until she dons her ring gear once again!

9 Eva Marie

Possibly the most stunning Calvin Klein model since Marky Mark, this black and white pic of Eva Marie just makes you want to channel your inner Ron Simmons and say DAMM! Yes, we all know that Eva has had her struggles in the ring, but her latest storyline in which she used any and every excuse to avoid having to wrestle was actually one of the most entertaining pieces Ms. All Red Everything has done since joining the WWE.

While she has recently exchanged her fire red locks for a more traditional brunette look (far more appealing IMO), the rumors have been flying around about a possible release from her contract with the WWE following a 30 day suspension for an apparent violation of the Wellness Policy. If you take into consideration how much time and effort Vince, Hunter and others have put into the Eva Marie character over the years, both in and out of the ring, chances are fans will see the return of Natalie Marie Coyle sooner or later. And if not, there is little doubt that the management team at CK will create opportunity for her.

8 Natalya


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Hmm, a body clenching black body suit that wraps itself around Natty's frame, oh my! At 34 years old, Natalya is the veteran of the WWE women's roster, but that doesn't take away from her stunning good looks and amazing figure. Whether she's playing a role on SmackDown Live or on Total Divas, Neidhart is one of the most popular, yet under-appreciated ladies in the entire WWE.

Considering that Natalya has been part of the WWE since 2008, it's unfortunate that she has had only had the honor of holding a championship belt once in her lengthy career. It's equally as unfortunate that a wrestler of her talents has been placed in a number of horrible storylines including anything from an odd couple team up with The Great Khali to one in which she had a flatulence problem. As with her beauty, the Canadian's in ring talent is extremely under appreciated.

7 Summer Rae

I built my Empire up like Lucious.

A post shared by 🔹Summer Rae🔹 (@daniellemoinet) on

Sports bra, check. Yoga pants, check. Abs for days, check. As far as her in ring character goes, Summer Rae hasn't really amounted to much during her time with the WWE other than a low-mid carder and the occasional valet to Fandango, Dolph Ziggler, Rusev and Tyler Breeze.

With curves in all the right places and a physique that gives any of the females wrestlers on the WWE roster a run for their money, Summer Rae still has potential to hash out a career in the ring (see Nikki Bella). If by chance fans don't see the blonde haired, blue eyed beauty with legs that remind some of former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler, than chances are you may see her on the big screen as she works on perfecting her craft as an actress.

6 Mandy Rose

Happy Saturday! 😎 #GoldenGoddess

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Happy Saturday and Golden Goddess indeed! Ah, to be that rock. After joining the WWE as part of the sixth season of Tough Enough, Mandy Rose has made a big splash (bikini, splash, get it?!?!) with the company as she not only joined the NXT roster but also signed on to appear as a member of the cast on last season's Total Divas.

Chances are that fans will see Rose be brought up to the main roster fairly soon as Vince loves beautiful blondes with killer abs, ample busts, booty and muscles (don't we all). Does this remind anyone of a former WWE Superstar, Trish Stratus? Yes indeed! Thanks to a training regiment of yoga, pilates, crossfit and dance, the 5'4"  New Yorker has given a reason for nearly 700k fans to click on the blue "Follow" button. Now if we can just get rid of that boyfriend Michael, then some of us might have a chance.

5 Liv Morgan


A post shared by L I V Morgan 👅 (@yaonlylivvonce) on

She's currently dating the "Certified G" Enzo Amore, which kind of makes us hate him. But let's not get sidetracked. While sadly one of her earliest appearances on NXT was to job to Eva Marie (yes Miss All Red Everything actually won a match), Morgan would eventually carve out a role for herself on the development program feuding with Peyton Royce, Billie Kay and most recently NXT Champion Asuka.

At 22 years old, Morgan is a little on the young side, taking into consideration that she has roughly only one year of in-ring experience. So, the potential for a promotion to the main roster is there, but may not be any time soon. That's okay though, as thanks to the WWE Network, for only $9.99 we have the opportunity to watch Morgan develop before our eyes.

4 Emma

Emma, Emmalina, Tenille Dashwood. Call her what you want, but we can all agree that calling her stunning may be an understatement. With assets like her's, it's a wonder why Emma has struggled to find television time as aside from her beauty, the Australian born wrestler has displayed lots of in-ring talent.

Before hitting the NXT scene, Emma floated around the indie wrestling circuit, making appearances on both sides of the border and in her homeland. Sadly as with Natalya, Emma has been on the end of a couple of silly gimmicks that take away from her in-ring abilities. But we're not here to just talk about her wrestling skills, no, not when we're privileged to have Emma (or is that Emmalina) peering over her shoulder, looking at us seductively.

3 JoJo

At just 22 years old, JoJo may have more curves than a California Highway and a booty that may be only second to Naomi's. After coming up through the ranks and spending most of her early days on Total Divas as Eva Marie's sidekick, JoJo has found herself as one of the focal ring announcers and backstage interviewers on the Raw brand.

While it's unlikely that we'll see JoJo Offerman in the squared circle (yes, daughter of former MLB infielder Jose), don't a pair of ring tights encourage us to want to see her perform in the ring? Most of us would probably think so. Hell, if she continues to fill out dresses like the one above, fans may be more than willing to look past her in-ring abilities and just give her any damn title she wants!

2 Naomi


A post shared by WWE Superstar NAOMI (@trinity_fatu) on

She might have had to relinquish her first ever WWE Championship due to injury one week after pinning then champion Alexa Bliss, but that'll just give every reason for Naomi to hit the gym and come back better than ever in an effort to regain the title. Judging by her Instagram photo, working out is nothing new to the former Funkadactyls member.

Known more for her luscious posterior, which for a short time was even given its own ring name (The Rear View), fans have been hoping that Naomi would be given a chance to run with a title, considering that she has been with the WWE's main roster for over five years. Although she has an abdominal section that would give Lego Batman a run for his money, the former Orlando Magic cheerleader still possesses all the right lovely lady lumps that make fans want to “Feel the Glow.”

1 Kelly Kelly

Enough said #casamigos @casamigos #dirty30

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FORE! Though more like TEN! Seriously where does the lineup begin to be Kelly Kelly's caddy? While she hasn't actually been in a wrestling ring since 2012, rumors have it that Barbie Blank-Souray will be returning to the WWE for WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. After starting her wrestling career as an exhibitionist (judging by her Instagram pic, she hasn't given up that role just yet, but we certainly aren't complaining) in the ECW, Kelly turned to actual in-ring action for the better part of four years and even captured and held the WWE Divas Championship for 104 days.

But seriously folks, if you're still reading this blurb and not actually focusing on booking your next tee time at El Dorado, you need to give your head a shake (Green fees start at $168 USD, just saying).

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