Top 15 WWE Divas Wardrobe Malfunctions

The sexual overdrive of the adolescent male leaves him desiring female flesh more than any other philosophical meaning or purpose. His tormented hormones and awkward teenage years leave him a terr

The sexual overdrive of the adolescent male leaves him desiring female flesh more than any other philosophical meaning or purpose. His tormented hormones and awkward teenage years leave him a terrible self-gratifying mess and he would rather experience the touch of the female anatomy over discovering the secrets of the universe.

The common problem among many of these young men is that the touch of a female is something too far gone to ever attain - at least in his own mind. This leaves him with nothing but his wild imagination. The new-age-teenager is lucky when compared to those of the past for he has access to the internet.

There was once a time when skin magazines were the main source of his fantasy. However, they were sometimes difficult to acquire and once he had his hands on one, it became his and his alone. Sure, his friend can look at it while they were over at his place but they could never borrow his prized publication.

From magazines he would graduate to adult films. Now, these were even more difficult to acquire and were usually passed down from an older sibling or friend. Once he was in possession of a film of this nature, he would discover a brand new haven in which he could waste and wallow his hours away.

The adolescent male wrestling fan would obviously love the WWE Divas and would tune in to watch not only his favorite Superstar but his favorite female fantasy every Monday Night - hoping each week to catch a glimpse of something beneath figure-hugging outfits the women would wear to the ring and ever now and then, his wish would come true.

Yes, the WWE Divas have had their share of slips and pop outs over the years and believe it or not, we are here to count them down like the desperate little teenage boys we all are on the inside.

These are the top 15 WWE Divas wardrobe malfunctions:

15 Cameron

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WrestleMania XXX was an epic night for the WWE. The fans would witness their unwashed hero Daniel Bryan capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship while as well as the conquering of The Streak at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

That night in New Orleans also featured a Divas Championship Invitational style match which basically placed every Diva on the main roster in the ring at the same time. Unfortunately for one participant, a faulty top would expose her to the world on the "grandest stage of them all."

14 Aksana


You may recall Aksana as the on-screen girlfriend of Cesaro or one half of Foxsana (an alliance formed with Alicia Fox). Certainly not the most memorable Diva of all time but she was there ... for a while.

13 Dawn Marie


Dawn Marie was first introduced to the American wrestling audience by way of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Eventually, Marie would make her way to WWE where her sultry attitude was embraced even more.

While with the company, Dawn Marie would tale part in a controversial angle involving Torrie Wilson and her father. Which resulted in sexual tension between the Divas and Marie marrying Al Wilson while in their underwear (Strange storyline).

12 Kaitlyn


By all accounts, Kaitlyn has retired from in-ring action; walking away from the business at a young age to focus on other aspects of her life. During her tenure with WWE, Kaitlyn was once the Divas Champion.

11 Maryse


The Montreal native, former WWE Diva, Maryse has since left the company behind to pursue other endeavours. In the process, Maryse would marry a well-known WWE Superstar: The Miz.

10 AJ Lee

The following wardrobe malfunction is undoubtedly the most tame on our list but in the interest of fairness (points if you understand that reference), we will include what is considered to be risqué in the modern WWE.

We speak of course about everybody's favorite (prior to the NXT girls) Diva, AJ Lee and the rolling up of her t-shirt which would expose the WWE audience to her black bra. Yes, the bra counts as a malfunction.

9 Rosa Mendes


The following wardrobe malfunction was "planned." This according to an episode of Total Divas where the returning Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox where shown discussing Rosa's plan to have some sort of televised incident.

The "plan" would of course follow through when Rosa Mendes would conveniently have her shorts pull down while attempting to re-enter the ring following an outside altercations between the Divas.

8 Brie Bella


Brie Bella is supposed to be the "hippie" twin, right? Therefore, anyone who understands true hippie culture would believe that Brie exposing a little bit of nipple to the world would not be such a big deal.

7 Nikki Bella


Every chauvinist male will admit that he would rather take a peek at Nikki Bella over Brie as it pertains to their chests. Well, we already covered Brie, now let's move on to the other side of the Bella twins.

While Stephanie McMahon was feuding with Brie, she would often impose her power on Nikki as a way to punish her sister. This would lead to Nikki being placed in a Handicap Match on Raw where a number of Divas would pummel the lone Bella.

6 Jacqueline


The validity of this wardrobe malfunction can be called into question due to the fact that it transpired during the legendary Attitude Era - a time when seemingly nothing was off limits in WWE.

5 The Kat


The Kat was never a ground-breaking Diva and certainly doesn't qualify at the top of any "greatest of all time" lists. However, the former wife of Jerry "The King" Lawler claims a spot in out top 5 sleaze with her infamous crowd flash at Armageddon 1999.

The Kat had just won the WWE Women's Championship and decided to celebrate by flashing the live crowd a shot of her breasts. Reports indicate that Sgt. Slaughter was meant to cover her body prior to any exposure by was late with the towel.

4 Eve Torres


Eve Torres came along at a tricky time for women in the WWE - having competed in the Divas Search, the days of strong female competition were over and the days of the Divas Revolution were far off.

Nevertheless, Eve Torres made the most of her situation and turned out to be a solid in-ring performer, having won the Divas Championship on three separate occasions which may be overlooked by her unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

3 Stephanie McMahon


Is Stephanie McMahon technically a Diva? Who cares, she is making this list anyway. Besides, what kind of list would this be if we didn't acknowledge Stephanie and some of her mishaps over the years?

If you recall the on-air wedding of Triple H and Stephanie then you my recall Triple H blowing up the ceremony with derogatory words and an onslaught of violence. You may also recall Triple H pushing Stephanie to the canvas.

2 Stephanie McMahon ... Again!


Yes, we are adding yet another Stephanie McMahon wardrobe malfunction to our list. Yes, once again it involves her breast. And yes, once again the reason for her exposure came at the hands of Triple H.

1 Lita


One of the most infamous segments in Monday Night Raw history came when Edge and Lita decided to have a "Live Sex Celebration" in the middle of the ring following Edge's first ever WWE Championship victory.

The segment drew a huge rating and while clothes were actually removed under the covers, exposure to the camera was not part of the plan. However, with a slip of the sheets, Lita's entire breast was in plain view.

The live crowd loved what they were watching which is apparent from their reaction.

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Top 15 WWE Divas Wardrobe Malfunctions