Top 15 WWE Divas Who Are Hotter Than Eva Marie

Eva Marie has been a focal point for many fans in WWE and not in a positive way. She is fantastic to look at with her fiery red hair and build, looking terrific in her outfits and she has a nice smirk

Eva Marie has been a focal point for many fans in WWE and not in a positive way. She is fantastic to look at with her fiery red hair and build, looking terrific in her outfits and she has a nice smirk. However, her ring work is filled with botches and her mic work is even worse. Many believe it’s her role on “Total Divas” that’s led to any real pushes for her and her recent suspension shows her issues. However, she still remains a top face among the WWE's women and the company keeps wanting to use her more.

That includes pushing her as the hottest woman around, which many feel is more than a bit off. It’s not just the current crop of women who are incredibly hot but slews of past ones who turned up the sexy attitude big time. It takes more than just looks to be hot. In wrestling, it could be all in the way a woman carries herself.

As much as WWE can try to push Eva Marie as the hottest woman, she’s really a blip on the screen compared to so many ladies. Here are 15 of the best WWE women who put Eva Marie to shame and show how she’s not quite the singular beauty the company is pushing.

15 Becky Lynch


It’s remarkable how Becky was supposed to be done with wrestling by now. Rising as a good worker, Lynch was struck with a severe neck injury and appeared to be totally done with wrestling. Instead, she has made a fantastic comeback, reigning as champion in NXT and now on SmackDown. Something about an Irish redhead just wins fans over and Becky shows that off massively. Her ring attire is great to show off her fine body but she backs it up with an absolutely astounding work ethic that showcases amazing matches that put most male workers to shame.

That she doesn’t play the “Diva Game” too much just makes her hotter. Becky wants to show off more in the ring than with her body but that great charm and sex appeal can’t be beaten no matter what. It’s a remarkable comeback in both wrestling and sexiness for a lady who deserves it.

14 The Bella Twins


For a long while, Brie and Nikki got along using the twins gimmick, changing places in matches and showing off pretty well. They would dress alike but be fun with stuff like costume antics (the Mario Bros and others) and both looking amazingly hot. Their feud with each other was considered one of the worst in WWE history and yet they both looked hot mixing it up in tight shirts and shorts to help out. Nikki would surprise many by turning into an actually good worker in the ring, reigning for almost a year as champion and Brie showing some good stuff off as well. Both have settled into married life with Brie making a brief comeback but each has proven themselves as showing how two truly makes most anything better and hotter.

13 Mickie James


Mickie had been around the various indies for a while, including a stint in TNA that made her majorly over with a hot grunge style. In WWE, she was set up as Trish’s biggest fan and a great push was given to her as she turned heel. Her obsession with Trish actually got Mickie more over with the fans as they cheered her on despite being a heel. Mickie proved to have great ring work while also showing off her great body in various ways and her charm won even more fans over.

That was why fans were so upset about the “Piggy James” antics that forced Mickie to leave the company. She proved WWE wrong with her fantastic stuff in TNA as champion and it's a shame the company had to drive out one of their hottest ladies ever. But Mickie got the last laugh proving herself tops among the hottest ladies in the company and out of it.

12 AJ Lee


She is the dream girl of so many fans; great to look at but also a geek at heart who loves video games and comic books. The fact she looks stunning in T-shirts and shorts just adds to her appeal, as well as being a fantastic worker in the ring.

Her attitude also helped, as AJ pushed herself by getting over on her own merits rather than just flaunting her looks. Her partnership with CM Punk got her even more fans. Her ring work was great as Lee kept going, eventually holding the Divas Championship for 295 days. Her exit was in controversy, slamming WWE majorly and their treatment of women. While fans are hopeful for a return, Lee seems resigned to sticking to retirement. She's still looking so fantastic for her many fans as a geek girl gone hot who stood strong on her own merits.

11 Paige


Paige has a certain allure about her and her look is quite unique when looking at the typical women who have wrestled for the WWE. While almost every wrestler who goes to WWE tends to get a tan, Paige has instead embraced her fair skin, stemming from her English roots and she makes it work. She's done a great job of contrasting her fair skin with her dark hair and she knows how to strut her stuff, emitting a vibe of sexuality. What helps Paige's cause is that she's also entertaining in the ring and on the mic. To be considered hot as a female wrestler, you also have to have something more than your looks and Paige brings it all. Hopefully she'll be around in WWE for a long time.

10 Candice Michelle


From her breakout in the first Divas Search, Candice had a very nice appeal with her dark hair and rocking body. She soon took off with “Vince’s Devils” and a best-selling Playboy spread as well as achieving major fame with the “Go Daddy” commercials.

Candice soon shifted to wrestling and surprised many by turning into a good worker, holding the Women's title and rising up nicely as she fought through injuries to come back. She could still look gorgeous in a variety of costumes and flaunting her body but won respect by improving in the ring and was a hot presence for WWE, which was already packed with great divas. She left in 2008 yet Candice showed a great evolution of a worker whose hotness improved with her wrestling abilities.

9 Maria


While she didn’t win the first Diva Search, Maria did show off enough to get hired. She soon found a winning formula by being pushed as a ditsy interviewer with a funny aspect to her sexiness. Wrestling more, she showed off great legs and had a great build with bright red hair to become very popular, leading to a great Playboy spread. Her release was a surprise given how popular she was and was still pretty over with the fans. She had also improved tremendously in the ring.

In Ring of Honor, she got even hotter in ultra-short tights and a wicked attitude to rise up more. Currently, Maria is a bright spot to TNA as an egotistical Knockout and taking off very well as champion. WWE may have lost her but Maria showcased a great way to go from comedy to sexpot that boosted her up majorly for the fanbase.

8 Lita


Amy Dumas had a good look with her lush red hair, athletic build and that fabulous dragon tattoo covering a shoulder. Just a valet at first, Lita showcased a good skill at copying wrestlers with moonsaults and had a style unlike any other woman on the roster. Hooking up with the Hardy Boyz just added to it, with Lita soon becoming a winner with the fans with her great heat and she got better in the ring.

She suffered a neck injury shooting “Dark Angel” that hurt her momentum, but she came back pretty well from it to continue to shine in the ring. Her bikini shoots could be fantastic and show off a great body, but she refused to go fully nude. She became hotter and more controversial with her affair with Edge, showing off a lot more and displayed a wicked attitude that just made her hotter. While out of the business now, Lita still remains loved by so many fans for showing a mix of attitude and athleticism. She certainly paved the way for many women to follow her.

7 Torrie Wilson


At first just a valet, Wilson began to rise up more in WCW with her hot looks, with an All-American charm, but showed a bright humor too. Brought into WWE, she soon was pushed in various programs, most notably the infamous feud with Dawn Marie over Torrie’s “dad”, Al. Despite how nuts that got, Wilson stood out with her amazing outfits, often showing them off nicely at Halloween shows in various costumes.

She also got into a program with Sable that involved sharing a very hot Playboy spread and just added to her astounding popularity, including working with Candice and Victoria as “Vince’s Devils”. While she left the company in 2006, Wilson continues to look amazing. She's much fitter nowadays, as she's mostly focused on being a fitness model. Either way, Torrie Wilson today and Torrie Wilson back then, is hotter than Eva Marie.

6 Sasha Banks


The Women's Revolution has gotten a lot of attention lately, despite how some folks claim WWE is blowing it. However, Banks showcases a fantastic mix of an incredibly hot woman matched by a terrific in-ring worker. Her look is terrific with her colorful hair and sultry smile, showing her body off in tight leather outfits and rocking a slew of jewelry as she saunters to the ring. Once inside, she breaks out a fantastic move set, slamming opponents with her great skills, able to go to the ropes and brawl it out nicely.

Her matches with Bayley were hailed as the best bouts (male or female) of 2015 and has turned her into a major star. Her reign as RAW Women’s champ was cut short by injury but she’s coming back and proving herself more. Sasha proves herself as one of the hottest ladies both in the ring and outside it and you can take that to the bank.

5 Stacy Keibler


Those legs. Mention Stacy and the first thing that comes to mind are those 42 inch stems that she loved to show off. An experienced dancer, she was one of the few reasons to tune in to the terrible last days of WCW with her great outfits despite bad storylines like being with David Flair. In WWE, she got to show off much more from managing the Dudleyz to various costume contests. She wasn’t a great worker but that didn’t matter as much as it was her amazing looks that got her ridiculously over with the crowds as well as her fun humor. Keibler has moved to acting and some dancing and while she wasn’t a top draw as a wrestler, any time she got to show off those gams was a great moment for WWE fans and ranked Stacy high among a list of the hottest Divas.

4 Sunny


It’s sad that Tammy Sytch has become better known for her behavior outside the ring than when she was the hottest woman in wrestling. Sunny debuted in WWE in 1995 and she was one of the hottest women around. Dressed like an aerobics instructor, she soon took off managing various teams, able to look stunning in just about any outfit and a standout in bikini shoots. She truly paved the way for so many Divas who followed, parlaying into commentary and major success, including being the first majorly downloaded lady of the internet.

Her fall has been notable with drug issues and various escapades as well as talk of affairs with Shawn Michaels among others. But in her prime, few women could touch Sunny in terms of her incredible beauty and sex appeal and she was a Diva before that term came along to make WWE must-watch for so many.

3 Melina


Her role has been marred a bit by the stories of her bad attitude backstage and the ego that led to her exit. But that doesn’t take away from how amazingly hot Melina could be from her debut. Her great looks and hot outfits helped but what got attention was that famous spread-legged ring entrance that fans adored. She would soon become a good worker in her own right as champion and holding her own in various feuds. Melina’s outfits remained hot and she still excelled when it came to boosting her work nicely in the ring.

Whether decked out in some Vegas-style costume or her regular tights, Melina could be a good presence that pushed sex appeal with her looks. Sadly, her ego led to major issues backstage and her eventual release but for a time Melina was able to give the Divas some very spicy appeal to push them more.

2 Sable


For all his good work in the ring, Marc Mero’s biggest contribution to wrestling was introducing his wife Rena to the business. At first just his valet, Sable began to win fans over by pushing the sex appeal in the Attitude Era in outfits that often ran the risk of breaking network censors. Her work in the ring was so-so but Sable pushed the sex appeal of the Divas big time to elevate them majorly for the entire fanbase and led to the rise of the division we know today. That led to her Playboy spread which just got fans going for her more and pushed her up higher.

Rena has admitted to letting the fame get to her head and creating a huge ego that led to her walkout from the company in 1999 and a lawsuit. She returned in 2003 and proved herself still ably hot with a feud with Torrie Wilson and another nude spread. She left in 2004 on better terms and prefers to be low-key today to watch her family but Sable helped push the current run of Divas and a bar for sexiness few have topped.

1 Trish Stratus


She remains one of the greatest in all of wrestling. When Trish first arrived in 2000, she was a stacked blonde in tight outfits and cowboy hats, instantly over by her looks. She was involved in various feuds and did a good job as ringside eye candy. But then she transformed into one of the best female workers around, a terrific wrestler who handled that with her sex appeal. She could balance bikini shoots with great matches and be over as both a face and a heel to push the company up more. She held the Women’s title multiple times and stood tall among the Divas until her retirement in 2006.

Still in amazing shape, Trish has popped up several times since and still looks amazing to remind fans how she can pull off the sexiness like no other Diva while remaining a great worker in the ring.

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