Top 15 WWE Divas Who Drastically Changed Their Appearance

It’s safe to say that for the most part, wrestling is a looks based business. Some wrestlers have been given their spot just because of the way they appear on camera, heck some wrestlers have even made their gimmick off of their muscles; Chris Masters, and Scott Steiner come to mind.

Male wrestlers can usually get by without having the biggest arms, a defined six pack, or even a sculpted chest. Women wrestlers, WWE Divas especially, are held to a much higher standard of physical appearance. It’s hard to say whether or not the common fan understands why every female wrestler is a bonafide 10, or why they all could grace the cover of most men’s magazines. Sure every few years you will get a Kharma, or an Aloisia, but never at the same time, and they are definitely the exception more than the rule.

The truth is that WWE has a bar set that most of their Divas need to be able to reach in the physical realm. Due to this, the ladies of WWE either need to drastically change their appearance before joining the company, or adversely change the way they look after. In the case of getting into wrestling, some of the WWE Divas have been known to receive elective surgery to enhance or reduce certain features.

After spending years in the wrestling business, some former Divas can’t help but change their appearance, due to self control, personal reasons, or health issues. In some cases, they need to remove breast implants to help with back pain, or other times they need to reduce their muscle mass to live a normal life. In any case, the older Divas get, the harder it becomes to maintain a figure that WWE fans have been accustomed to.

Today we will be looking at 15 WWE Divas who at some point drastically changed their appearance before, during, or after their run in WWE. As always if you disagree leave a comment below, and let us know your thoughts.

15 Dana Brooke

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NXT Women's wrestler Dana Brooke may be new to the wrestling scene, but that doesn’t exclude her from this list. While her physical appearance hasn’t changed as drastically, she is in the middle of making massive muscle gains. Brooke’s arms continue to get bigger from show to show, and are much larger than her run in the professional body building circuit during the early 2010s. At this rate, she could bulk up to the size of former Diva Beth Phoenix.

14 Nikki Bella

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This one might be a cheap entry, but it’s so glaring when she is compared to her identical twin sister. Nikki Bella effectively ruined her twin magic gimmick by deciding to get a breast augmentation in 2013. When she stands next to Brie Bella there is no denying that the two now have two big differences, but hey at least it’s easier to tell them both apart now. It's not just that though; if you take a closer look at Nikki, she has also added on some lean muscle and looks a lot more toned now than she did in her early WWE days.

13 Torrie Wilson

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Two time Playboy cover model and former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson has never been hard on the eyes. Since retiring from wrestling, Wison has taken an extra interest in fitness, transforming her fit body into an ultra toned physique. Additionally, while it can’t be confirmed, plastic surgeons believe that Wilson has received a nose augmentation, as well as botox injections to retain a youthful look. Whatever the case, Torrie is still smoking hot at 40 years old.

12 Natalya

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Natalya was born with wrestling in her blood, becoming the only woman to ever receive training in the infamous Hart family “dungeon”. Being the only woman among a class of men seemed to delay Nattie’s feminine blossoming, as her first promo pictures show her more tomboyish side than anything else. She didn’t embrace traditional female gear, and her physique wasn’t nearly as defined as it is today. In some of her earlier photos you can even see a bit of extra weight on her midsection, which has been replaced by sex cuts now.

11 Lita

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Former WWE Diva Lita naturally looked beautiful for the first half of her run in the company, but changed heavily during the latter half of her career. Besides two glaring differences, Lita also looks as if she has gotten botox injections in her face, making her features stiffer than they once were. This is especially evident during her Hall of Fame Speech, where she didn’t move her eyebrows once.

10 Trish Stratus

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Since leaving the world of wrestling, Trish Stratus has turned into a completely different person (physically) than she was in the WWE. First, Stratus has dyed her trademark blonde hair back to brunette, sparking a debate about which Trish is best. The former Women’s Champion also removed her implants shortly after leaving the WWE, giving her a tighter more toned appearance since starting her own yoga program.

9 Sable

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If you want to see a completely different Sable than the one we got to know on WWE television, take a look at her high school yearbook picture. The brunette innocent girl is a far cry from the sexualized vixen that Sable would become in the world of wrestling. Additionally, although it can’t be confirmed it looks as if Mrs. Lesnar may have gotten a few botox injections; this truly sets herself apart from her high school photo.

8 Chyna

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Chyna has changed her looks so many times, that it is hard to pin down when the “drastic change” actually happened. If you look at her prior to her WWE debut, and compare it to Chyna now, they seem like completely different people. Originally the former Playboy Model was a bodybuilder, thus losing most of the soft tissue in her chest, which lead to her obtaining breast implants.

Chyna would seek an even more surgery, having her chin resculpted into a less square shape, and rumored to have elected to have nose surgery as well. Additionally the former Intercontinental Champion has lost significant muscle mass, making her a fraction of the size she once was in WWE.

7 Stephanie McMahon

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We couldn’t have a list of the most drastic changes in looks without including the Billion Dollar Princess on it. Stephanie McMahon looked like an innocent school girl during her debut in WWE in 1999, but quickly changed into a sexualized Diva within a year of being featured on screen.

McMahon would eventually emerge all of sudden bustier in 2001, and admitted that she had gotten implants on an episode of The Opie and Anthony Show the same year. The former WWE Women’s Champion has since had her implants removed, and shaken off her baby weight to get ripped. Mcmahon has actually gotten in such good shape, she has been featured on the cover of Muscle & Fitness in 2015.

6 Eva Marie

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Everything about Eva Marie is different than it was a few years ago. Her natural brown hair has been replaced by thick bright red “hair”, her nose has been changed due to a rhinoplasty, and her choice to get breast implants was made evident on an episode of Total Divas. Despite all of that, you can’t take away the fact that she is in excellent shape, even if some of her physical features aren’t real. It appears that she's someone WWE wants to build around.

5 Kaitlyn

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Before joining the WWE Kaitlyn was in really great shape, in fact she was so shredded that she competed and placed in female fitness competitions. During her time in WWE, Kaitlyn continued to put on muscle mass, and has continued to do so since her departure in 2014. Due to her continued focus on gains, the former NXT winner is now huge, and with a different hair color is nearly unrecognizable from her initial run as a bodybuilder in 2007.

4 Aksana

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Another case of bodybuilder turned WWE Diva, Aksana’s photos prior to her WWE run would leave any fan confused as to her identity in the company. Sporting blonde hair, and a much slimmer/muscular physique, Aksana won the 2009 Arnold Classic. Her figure in WWE, while very fit, is much softer than her time competing in bodybuilding competitions. Aksana's most memorable time in WWE were her backstage segments with Teddy Long and briefly managing Cesaro.

3 Sunny

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Tamara “Sunny” Sytch has lived an interesting life to say the least. Sunny at one point was the “most downloaded woman of the year”, and was one of the most sought after female entertainers in the world. The WWE Hall of Famer had girl next door looks, a great personality, but a sexy side that fans ate up. Sadly after the death of her boyfriend Chris Candido, Sunny began displaying a destructive behavior that not only wreaked havoc on her personal life, but her body as well.

Sunny has literally bared it all since leaving WWE, posing completely nude for Missy Hyatt’s website, as well as inking a deal with Vivid Entertainment to star in a pornagraphic film. By showing everything, fans can see how differently the Original Diva looks. She has put on a lot of weight, has permanent circles under her eyes, and her skin doesn’t have the same glow that it once did.

2 Vickie Guerrero

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Does Vickie Guerrero really count as a Diva? For the sake of this argument, and considering she has been a valet, wrestler, and personality, we think so. Vickie lost an amazing 52 pounds during her run in WWE, prompting many jokes aimed at her looks by management. The joke doesn’t seem to be on Vickie however, with the former General Manager of Raw posing for pictures in two piece bikinis in recent photo shoots.

1 Jillian Hall

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Jillian Hall has to be number one on this list, due to the fact that we’re still not sure if the before picture is actually her. The evidence says that it is the former WWE Divas Champion, just prior to some major surgeries. By the looks of it, Hall chose to have her lips augmented, as well as her breasts, and possibly her cheeks. Additionally, she has lost a bit of weight, which could be from working out furiously, or liposuction… again it’s hard to tell.

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