Top 15 WWE Divas Who Had Their Breasts Enhanced

Breast augmentation isn’t a rare thing to find in the WWE. In fact, if I were looking at divas who hadn’t gone under the knife, I’d struggle to fill this list. The practice was especially rampant in t

Breast augmentation isn’t a rare thing to find in the WWE. In fact, if I were looking at divas who hadn’t gone under the knife, I’d struggle to fill this list. The practice was especially rampant in the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras, where divas were rarely looked at for their in-ring talent, but rather used as glorified cheerleaders, with their matches being unofficially designated bathroom breaks. While there were some undoubtedly talented wrestlers during these eras, they were never treated with the same respect as the male superstars were.

We’re approaching a new era for women in wrestling, with wrestlers like Sasha Banks and Charlotte becoming popular through their ability on the mat rather than just their looks. As a wrestling fan and an advocate for women equality, I welcome the change. There’s been some fantastic matches on NXT and WWE over the past year that prove that women can do it just as good as men, and we have plenty of amazing matches to look forward to with the current crop of women.

That being said, inside me, and I daresay most men, is a 13-year-old boy who gets really excited by breasts. I can’t help it. It’s a gut reaction I get when a pair of big ol’ boobs are flashed in my face. So as we leave this era of artificially improving yourself to try and get male attention and enter the world of #givedivasachance, it feels apt to give this 13-year-old part of my brain one last ride with the WWE, indulging it for possibly the last time. Allow me to guide you through the hallowed halls of WWE Boobie History as we walk down mammary lane with the Top 15 Best Boob Jobs in WWE History.

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15 Gail Kim

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Gail Kim made history when she won the WWE Women’s Championship in her debut in 2003, and although she was great in the ring, she never quite got the push that some of her peers did. What did get a nice push though, was her breasts.

While they weren’t as outstandingly big as some of the others on this list, Gail’s implants rounded off nicely and looked perfectly natural on her body. They were never going to make your eyes pop out of your sockets, but they certainly enhanced an already beautiful figure.

14 Cherry


You may have to stretch your mind to remember the duo of Deuce and Domino, but their manager Cherry should be fresh in every man’s mind. She often looked like the waitress at a diner, complete with the voluptuous chest enough to make teenage boys forget their order of a shake and fries.

Large, eye-catching, and often helped by tight tops, Cherry quickly becomes the main focus of Deuce and Domino, a tag team that was always destined to be overshadowed by the other two stars in their team.

13 Stephanie McMahon

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You know, Stephanie McMahon’s implants often looked weird and fake. If she wasn’t wearing a tight top that covered them completely, they never looked the part. But despite that, they still gave us some of the best moments of her career.

She was very tolerant of letting superstars make fun of her enhancement, giving us the classic Chris Jericho “Let the boobies hit the floor” promo in 2001, where he continuously made fun of the balloons attached to Stephanie’s chest.

McMahon proves that just because your implants look fake, unnatural, and at times just disturbing –it doesn’t mean there isn’t any enjoyment to be had from them.

12 Jacqueline


Jacqueline was a gifted athlete, already having years in the wrestling industry when she joined WWE in 1998, but in order to grab the attention of the Attitude Era male crowd, she chose to get some work done. Jacqueline never quite recovered athletically, and her WWE career would almost would be completely forgettable as a result.

But she gave us one incredible memory that cements her legacy. At Capital Punishment 1998, after being pinned by Sable, Jacqueline attacked the referee Tim White. During the confusing ending, Sable ripped Jacqueline’s top off to reveal her breasts. Having studied the clip very closely for research purposes, I have deduced that losing her athleticism may have been worth it.

11 Beth Phoenix


Beth Phoenix left the company abruptly in 2012, depriving the world of the alternative diva of that generation. Slightly fuller and stronger than a lot of her peers of that generation, she was a different type of diva for the alternative crowd. This was helped quite a bit by her generous implanted breasts. In an era that was transitioning between Trish Stratus and Nikki Bella, Beth Phoenix provided that alternative look to keep fans coming back.

She’s since started a family with former WWE Superstar Edge, meaning the R Rated Superstar has fulfilled many dreams of fans of the alternative look wrestlers.

10 Maryse


On the subject of superstars marrying divas, what did a guy like The Miz have to do to win the affections of a bombshell like Maryse? With the gorgeous face, velvety blonde hair and the fact she sometimes spoke in French, Maryse’s near-perfect implants completed her look and made her the most interesting thing in the Divas division for a good while. Especially considering her in-ring ability wasn’t half bad either.

The Miz put it best when he said “When you speak French, it’s hot”, but to be honest, I think Maryse would have been hot regardless.

9 Eve Torres


The winner of the 2007 Diva Search had a good career with the WWE, highlighted by three Divas Championship reigns and two perfectly sculpted breasts. I almost feel like congratulating the surgeon on his work with Eve, as they suit the fiery ex-diva remarkably well, especially considering most fake breasts look a little off. Eve’s chest suffers none of that, and instead enhances an already bedazzling figure.

8 Sunny


The original Diva and AOL’s most downloaded woman in 1996, Sunny is a lasting memory for any wrestling fans of the 90s. She was a classic beauty, who knew she looked good and knew how to show it. Helped quite a handful by some surgically assisted boobs.

Her career has spiraled downward since being fired from the WWE in 1998, and even resorted to showing her breasts on cam to fans for as little as $50. A sad ending to one of the companies most recognizable faces, and most memorable mammaries.

7 Eva Marie


It’s not often I feature Eva Marie on a list for something positive. She’s been a constant frustration for me with her lack of in-ring ability and her terrible mic skills, but even I have to admit that she does look good. Her striking red hair certainly makes her stand out from the crowd, but the implants in her breasts elevate her looks to be the best on the roster.

Admittedly, her implants did rupture and cause her to have emergency surgery, but I’ll ignore that. This is your moment Eva. This is the only time I’ll say “Well done, you".

6 Chyna

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It wasn't just breast enhancements that Chyna got. After enjoying a run as a silent, dominant enforcer behind D-Generation X, Chyna made some physical changes to grow her starpower in the company. She had some work done on her breasts, as well as restructuring her jaw to highlight more of a feminine look. Chyna would go on to even greater success, winning the Intercontinental Championship and even posing for Playboy multiple times.

5 Torrie Wilson


A winner of Miss Galaxy, Torrie was always going to set the WWE alight when she joined in 2001. She was always the crowd pleaser, being a staple of the “Bra and Panties” match and even posing for Playboy. Her look was accentuated with her huge bra size, and she used her breasts to really push her own sexuality, making her one of the most popular Divas of all time during her time with the company.

Even now, years after she’s left, when people talk about the hottest Divas of all time, the conversation always comes around to Torrie Wilson and her wonderful boobs.

4 Nikki Bella


While the Bella Twins was a unique gimmick, it can be hard to distinguish which of the twins you’re looking at. Over the years they’ve found ways to make themselves different from each other, and one of the big changes was Nikki Bella’s boob job.

Honestly, as much as I want to talk about big and bouncy they are now, I’m just impressed that they’ve used her bigger breasts as a way of telling them apart, and even utilizing them in story moments where Brie pretends to be her sister by stuffing her bra. Genius usage of her surgical procedure.

Maybe Jimmy Uso should consider getting breast implants?

3 Lita

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Lita was a girl who didn’t need to have it done. She rocked the alternative look, and her slim physique combined with her punk fashion made a huge hit with the Attitude Era fans who were cheering for the Hardy Boyz.

But one day she showed up on TV and it was obvious. They were bigger, fuller, and suited her more than you would have though considering the more slender look also worked for her. She was always going to be one of the most memorable Divas of all time, but on that day she became just a little bit more memorable.

2 Sable


Ah Sable, the breats that launched a thousand ships. When Sunny started a revolution of highly sexualized women in the WWE, Sable continued to lead that trend with a smile on her face and an almost illegal amount of cleavage.

Never afraid to get her top off, she left many lasting memories with the company. Unfortunately, despite her apparent willingness to do so, she wasn’t entirely happy with how she was treated by the company, and ended up suing them for sexual harassment. Remember, if a girl is happy to show off her figure, it’s fine to appreciate it – but it does feel a little weird knowing she was unhappy to be doing a lot of the things we remember fondly about her.

1 Trish Stratus

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There’s no denying it – Trish Stratus was the first example of a perfect diva. She had the dynamite looks, the amazing body, and her in-ring ability and work ethic were threatened only by Lita’s. She will always be one of the most famous female wrestlers of all time, and her ascension to the top was no doubt assisted by the time she put her breasts under the knife.

Watching her as a younger boy, I remember being completely distracted by the generous cleavage she displayed in most matches, and it wasn’t until I was older that I could look back and appreciate her in-ring ability (though, it was still hard to completely focus). She's had them removed since retiring, but she still looks amazing.

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Top 15 WWE Divas Who Had Their Breasts Enhanced