Top 15 WWE Divas Who Must Be Amazing Between The Sheets

The WWE is the number one wrestling promotion in the world. Every professional wrestler dreams of one day becoming a WWE Superstar. However, making it to the big show takes a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication. While it's difficult for talented male athletes to make it into the WWE, it can be even harder for women. Sexism still exists in the workplace, and that includes the world of professional wrestling as well.

For decades, the WWE has used the sex appeal of women to gain television ratings. WWE Divas were never taken seriously, but that has changed over the last few years. Talented WWE Divas such as Paige, Nikki Bella, and Charlotte have participated in classic wrestling matches. For the first time ever, WWE fans are interested in watching women wrestle for more than just the typical reason. Rather than just dreaming about which Diva would be amazing in bed, the fans closely analyze each movement and hold. We focus on which WWE Diva is selling the best. We focus on the stories and the rivalries.....Who am I kidding?

While we all love watching a good WWE Divas wrestling match, every warm-blooded heterosexual man is still fantasizing about which WWE Diva he would love to spend the night with. But, before you dive into this list of the top 15 WWE Divas who must be amazing between the sheets

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, make sure that your wife or girlfriend is not around! This list is hot, and you are going to want to experience it without your significant other breathing down your neck.

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15 Chyna

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Chyna was the original manager of D-Generation X. Shawn Michaels and Triple H used her "assets" in a number of memorable promos. Aside from being a muscle-bound vixen, she was actually pretty talented in the ring. Chyna's hard hitting style made her a favorite among WWE fans. During her rise to the top, Jim Ross famously billed her as the 9th wonder of the world.

Unfortunately for Chyna, the WWE has basically erased her from existence, and it's most likely due to her past relationship with Triple H. But, to be honest, Chyna's recent behavior would not go over well in the PG era. Her sex tape with X-Pac is infamous, but there are even more 'adult' footage of Chyna floating on the internet as well. Nonetheless, all of her experience must make her good in bed.

14 Natayla

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Natayla is one of the most talented WWE Divas on the current roster. She also happens to be one of the prettiest as well. While Natayla may have somewhat of a muscular body, she's no Beth Phoenix. Whether you want to admit it or not, Natayla is hot! She wrestles in a powerful manner, but she's also technical in the ring as well. Aside from being a great wrestler, Natayla has a good heart. Her loving nature would make one assume that she's very giving, and that's always a good thing. While her husband Tyson Kidd may ignore her sexual advances, it's most likely due to his inability to perform. That, or he's too busy fantasizing about Cesaro in a pair of tights.

13 Lana

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Millions of WWE fans fantasize about Rusev's incredibly hot wife Lana. Her short skirts and long legs could make a man go wild. Lana is a powerful woman that demands respect. Sharing a bed with her would be unforgettable, but she probably expects perfection. Lana's hot Russian accent only intensifies the lustful dreams that so many WWE fans have for her. Could you imagine how you would feel if she commanded you to "crush?"

12 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon is the most powerful woman in the WWE. She is also the daughter of Vince McMahon. Stephanie gets everything and anything that she wants. The pampered WWE queen wasn't always stuck up. In fact, she was once a fan favorite, but that time has long past. What would be more amazing than sleeping with the busty daughter of Vince McMahon? Triple H was definitely wondering the same thing, and it must've been good. Hell, "The Game" decided to marry her afterwards.

11 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee is a short but compact WWE Diva that so many of us loved. She is truly a beautiful woman, and she definitely knows it. Unfortunately, AJ Lee is no longer a performer in the WWE, but we have not forgotten about her short shorts and high socks. Aside from being one of the longest reigning Divas champion, AJ is well known for other reasons. Throughout her career, she's had a history of hooking up with several WWE superstars, including Kane. Nonetheless, AJ is a firecracker, and her cheerful spirit would make for a very fun time in the bedroom.

10 Rosa Mendes

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This spicy Costa Rican bombshell has been showing off her incredible body for years. Before she was ever in the WWE, Rosa was a model. Although Rosa isn't extremely talented in the ring, she more than makes up for it with her beauty. Aside from being physically perfect in every way, Rosa happens to play on both sides of the field. Sharing a bed with her would be amazing. It's not hard to imagine that Rosa would invite a friend, or two, or three, to join you in a lustful night of sin.

9 Naomi

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Naomi is a bootyful WWE Diva that we can't help butt love. Her in-ring skills seem to be improving each night that she performs. Naomi is also a very energetic and athletic woman. In fact, before she became a WWE Diva, she was a cheerleader for the Orlando Magic. While her booty is hard to miss, she's actually very pretty as well. A night in bed with Naomi would be crazy! Her finisher is called the "Rear View," and it would most likely be the last thing that you see before getting knocked unconscious.

8 Sable

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Sable has aged quite a bit since her prime days, but she is still incredibly hot. Sable debuted in the WWE during the mid 1990s. She was the manager of Marc Mero, but it wasn't long until Sable had the spotlight all to herself. The Attitude Era was red hot during Sable's rise to the top, and she was a perfect fit for the times. Sable didn't mind showing off her entire body for the WWE fans. In fact, she stripped down to practically nothing on several different occasions. Today, Sable is married to Brock Lesnar, and even talking about sharing a bed with her could get you a one-way ticket to Suplex City. But, it might be worth it.

7 Paige

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Paige is the bad girl that you don't bring home to momma. Her in-ring skills are only amplified by her extreme beauty. She is a WWE diva that has a lot going for her. Not only is she physically hot, but her English accent adds to her incredible package. Although she appears to be a ruthless heartbreaker, there seems to be a sweet side to her as well. Paige looks like the type of woman that would enjoy role-play, and that's always a good thing during "sexy time."

6 Lita

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I bet you wouldn't mind if this high-flying WWE diva landed in your bed. Before Paige and AJ Lee, Lita was the original bad girl of the WWE. Her aggressive attitude and high risk moveset made her a fan favorite almost immediately. Lita's real life relationship with Matt Hardy is well documented, but her affair with Edge is even more infamous. As a manager of the Hardy Boyz, she didn't mind showing off her thong. But, with Edge, she performed a live sex celebration on Monday Night Raw. Her history shows that she's a girl that would most likely do it all in the bedroom. However, one amazing night is all you should expect from a girl as adventurous and flirty as Lita.

5 Sunny

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Before Sunny became a celebrity adult film star, she was known for being the hottest WWE diva of her time. It's no secret that she loved to show off her incredible body. In fact, that's why most WWE fans loved her. While Sunny has aged quite a bit since her heyday, she would undoubtedly be amazing in bed. According to dozens of professional wrestlers, Sunny slept with a lot of the WWE locker room during the 1990s. If you happen to be disgusted at the thought of sleeping with Sunny, just remember, practice makes perfect.

4 Eva Marie

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This relatively new WWE diva has gained quite the notoriety over the last couple of years. While she isn't the best worker in the ring, her amazing looks help her get by. In fact, wrestling fans have fallen in love with her fiery red hair and hot body. Eva Marie is a girl that will do what it takes to get the job done. Dying her hair red proves that she is adventurous, and that goes a long way in the bedroom. She also has a history of being provocative. Before Eva Marie made it in the WWE, she took semi-nude photographs for a few less than reputable companies. Eva is a bad girl, and every man needs that in his life at least once.

3 Stacy Keibler

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The 5-foot-11 blonde bombshell is one of the hottest WWE divas of all time. She debuted in WCW as Miss Hancock during the Monday Night Wars. Upon seeing her, Vince McMahon knew that he needed her assets on WWE television. Keibler loved showing off her long legs in ridiculously short mini skirts. Aside from being incredibly hot, she was also a great athlete. A night with Stacy Keibler would be unforgettable. Those long legs could bend and open into amazing positions. While Keibler is unfortunately married, a man can dream, can't he?

2 Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus is arguably the greatest WWE Women's Champion of all time. She fought in great matches against Lita, Victoria, and Mickie James. While she was an amazing competitor, men loved her for other reasons. Trish was hot! Hell, she's still hot, but her physical prime was during the early 2000s. Trish Stratus was stacked in all the right places, and she moved with a seductive gracefulness that we will never forget. One can only imagine the Stratusfaction that Trish would deliver behind closed doors.

1 The Bella Twins

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Nikki and Brie Bella are arguably the hottest WWE divas on the roster. Nikki is currently dating John Cena, and Brie is married to Daniel Bryan. Choosing only one Bella twin to sleep with is just wrong! Let's face it, twins are supposed to do everything together, and why should we break them apart when it matters most? Each sister offers something different. Nikki is stacked from head to toe, and she's also the thicker twin. Brie is more natural, and she's probably a bit more eager to give. A hardcore handicapped matchup against the Bella twins would most likely end in submission. Nonetheless, it's a matchup that any man would look forward to participating in.

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