Top 15 WWE Divas Who Were Only Hired For Their Looks

The WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment and even back in the earlier days when it was the WWF, with the F standing for Federation, entertainment was always a huge part of the package coming complimentary with wrestling. From wrestlers jumping off the ropes, to tactical mat wrestling, to submission moves to the beautiful gorgeous Divas and much more, it all gelled together to present the fans the complete package of entertainment.

The Divas have been an integral part of WWE for decades now. The wrestling ability of WWE Divas over the decades has been a positive component in its high points, adding talent and glamour, to the WWE. Right from ‘The Fabulous Moolah’, to Molly Holly, to Trish and Lita, to the current crop of Divas revolution including Charlotte and Paige, wrestling has always been the core essential for WWE divas.

But this has not been true for every diva in WWE. There has been a group of divas who are not exactly known for the wrestling abilities or rather but they certainly did well on the glamour scale. A beautiful face with a stunningly hot body will always be a great sell in the entertainment industry and WWE is no different in this aspect.

For years, we have seen the WWE get some WWE Divas aboard who could easily provide for a great eye candy but their contribution minus that would probably not be the greatest.

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15 Maria Kanellis

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Competing in the 2004 WWE Diva search, the former reality T.V. Star, Maria came 5th in the contest but was still hired by the WWE. From being a backstage ring announcer, Maria never really kicked into the wrestling mode and needless to say, her highest contribution to WWE came in her testimony to get Eric Bischoff fired and the lip-lock with champion John Cena. Oh yeah, she did also lose her tooth filling when Trish Stratus slapped her, but that was not exactly proper wrestling. Maria has since heavily improved in the ring during her time in ROH, but that certainly wasn't what WWE was thinking of back in 2004.

14 Jillian Hall

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Jillian Hall was a part of the MNM faction and managed JBL, back when she had, what was termed as, ‘a growth’ on the left side of her face. Jillian’s highest point in terms of entertainment was when JBL hired her as his image consultant and during JBL’s rivalry with the Boogeyman, her ‘blemish’ was eaten off her face by the Boogeyman. Yes, some worms were put across her chest and down her skirt too. She then went on to have a 'bad singer' gimmick while never really impressing anyone in the ring.

13 Kaitlyn

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Kaitlyn started her career as a fitness model and even won the best physique award in a national competition 2007. Good looks with a good physique could very well have been a recipe for a great diva but even after putting Kaitlyn through two years of WWE development program, her performances in NXT as well on the main roster could easily be termed in four simple words “Not fit for WWE”. She was sloppy in the ring and somehow just could not convert herself into a WWE wrestler.

12 Summer Rae

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The cornerback and captain of a Lingerie Football League (LFL) team from 2008 to 2011, Summer had the ingredients of a great face, hot body and the sexiness that could hold your attention. From being an in-ring announcer in NXT, Summer did switch lanes to in-ring action but soon settled for the valet/manager role. She first paired up with Fandango in the dancer gimmick followed by the latest gimmick of being involved in the ‘Rusev-Lana-Ziggler’ saga. Just like the season, Summer is very hot but her in-ring abilities are yet to be proven.

11 Rosa Mendes

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If you are a vivid surfer of the Internet, you might have come across the question on some WWE forum asking whether Rosa Mendes is the worst Diva in WWE history. Mendes has witnessed some positive gimmick changes but hardly any positive changes in her wrestling abilities. From Beth Phoenix’s intern to managing the tag-team champions Primo and Epico to Fandango’s dance partner in 2014, her roller coaster ride has seen many twists and turns but apart from her amazing Costa Rican/Czech mix, she has not offered much to the WWE.

10 Eve Torres

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Eve Torres apparently has a Blue Belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and also does kick-boxing. Coming from such an athletic background, it comes as a surprise as to how bad Eve Torres really was in the ring early on in her career. Although she has been a three-time Divas Champion but the 2007 WWE Diva Search winner was never as good with her moves as she was with her looks. She did improve towards the end of her career, but still never was great in the ring.

9 Brie Bella

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Both the Bella twins lack some serious in-ring talent but Nikki is close to breaking the longest Divas Title streak so it would be unfair to her being counted in this list. WWE probably hired the twins solely for the fact that twins sell in the entertainment sector. Hot twins would seemingly sell double.

Apart from the excruciating scream of “Brie mode” and her horrendous in-ring abilities, the fact that Brie’s contribution to WWE has only been one proper feud with Stephanie McMahon and her marriage to Daniel Bryan, does not add much to support her case as a good WWE Diva.

8 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly had great looks and seemed like a personality that the WWE fans would love. In 2006, she became the youngest WWE diva on the roster. But being attractive was probably only asset as she just could not cut it in the ring. Bryan Alvarez of ‘Figure Four Online/Wrestling’ took a jibe at Kelly Kelly claiming he could teach a cat to run the ropes better than her. That probably sums up all there is to say about her.

7 Dawn Marie

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When you hear the name Dawn Marie, nine times out of 10, you will picture her steamy segment with Torrie Wilson back in 2002. The storyline saw, Dawn Marie wanting to marry Torrie Wilson’s real-life father. Dawn Marie though offered to call off the wedding if Torrie would go to a hotel with her for the night. You have obviously watched the kiss and while Dawn Marie’s contribution to WWE was pretty much just that, it will forever remain one of the hottest segments in WWE history.

6 Candice Michelle

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Probably, one of the hottest Divas in the last decade in the WWE, Candice Michelle had a series of injuries which just saw her go one step down after another. Many considered her to be too weak to be wrestling in the ring. Her contribution to the WWE is limited to mainly her steamy backstage segment with Mr. McMahon himself. She also was part of a hot trio along with Torrie Wilson and Victoria, known as the Ladies in Pink, later dubbed Vince's Devils.

5 Ashley Massaro

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The 2005 Divas search winner Ashley had the looks of a pop-star and even though the WWE really did their best to push her over, but there was just one small problem that hindered it. The problem was her in-ring ability which was absolutely pathetic. Add to that, she was no better on the microphone. She was great as an eye candy with her short skirts but even after years of experience, she was an utter failure in the ring.

4 Torrie Wilson

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Right from romancing Vince McMahon to multiple Bra and Panties matches, from numerous bikini contests to being involved in a lesbian kiss with Dawn Marie, there has hardly been any sexual string that Torrie Wilson has not tingled in the WWE. Arguably, one of the hottest Divas in the last 2 decades, Torrie left no stone unturned in making sure her hotness and sexy looks made up for her lack of in-ring abilities and the fans did not mind it one bit.

3 Stacy Keibler

John Giamundo / wwe.com

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If you had to pick just one entrance from WWE history, which you would love to watch on infinite loop, then Stacy Keibler with her sexy legs entering the ring would probably be right up there in your top picks. From her entrance, to the first ever Bra and Panties match, to her famous lap dance live on Raw given to Scott Steiner, there were several moments when Stacy blew the hotness meter off the charts. Stacy was probably every man’s dream at one point of time. Her in-ring capabilities might not have the best but her looks and the hotness quotient, more than made up for everything.

2 Debra

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The former beauty Pageant contestant and a phenomenal valet/manager, Debra is arguably the hottest WWE Diva ever in the history of the business. Her famous striptease at ‘Rock Bottom 1998’ after Jeff Jarrett lost to Goldust stands out as one of the hottest moments in WWE. Coupled with that, the numerous Bra and Panties match and her attractive legs, Debra managed to glide over the fans without anyone noticing her lack of wrestling skills. Though WWE did put her in the ring, her incompetence was clear for everyone to see. Regardless, Debra still remains one of the most famous WWE Divas and she did not even wrestle to get that tag.

1 Sable

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Back in 1998, Sable’s sex appeal was selling to every part of the WWE audience. People wanted to see more of Sable and at the ‘Fully Loaded’ pay-per-view in July 1998 they certainly got to see A LOT of her. Sable and then new-comer, Jacqueline, were in a war of words which then would turn into a Bikini Contest. Just as people were eager to see Sable take her top off, she left everyone speechless as she removed her gray top to reveal two hand prints painted on her magnificent breasts. The crowd completely lost it and who could blame them, right?

Sable, the cover girl for the April 1999 issue of Playboy, was involved in various Bra and Panties matches, evening gown matches plus her segments with Torrie Wilson could blow the roof off.

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