Top 15 WWE Divas Who Would Never Show It All

The WWE Divas are idolized by millions of wrestling fans from around the world, and it's not hard to see why. It's not easy to become a WWE Diva. In fact, it's nearly impossible for most women to even come close. The WWE is the big show, and every superstar on the roster is special.

Not only must the female athletes of the WWE be talented, but they have to be gorgeous as well. Let's face it, when was the last time that you saw a truly hideous WWE Diva? The answer is probably never. Today's WWE Divas are expected to be beautiful, talented, and athletic.

Current WWE Divas like the Bella Twins, Paige, and Sasha Banks meet all the requirements of one Vincent Kennedy McMahon. While we are currently in the PG Era, Mr. McMahon still demands that the WWE Divas are perfect in every way. During the Attitude Era, Vince McMahon hired the hottest females around. Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, and Lita will probably come to mind right away.

The Attitude Era offered viewers a completely different product than the one we are stuck with today. On a weekly basis, fans were treated to beer bashes, strip poker, and a whole lot of T&A. The times were crazy back then, and it wasn't uncommon for WWE Divas to pose naked for Playboy. Torrie Wilson, Chyna, and Sable were just a few of the Divas who showed everything for their fans. While many of the hottest Divas posed for Playboy, there are plenty who were either offered, or outright never would have done it.

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15 Debra

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Debra debuted on WCW television in the 1990s. She was married to Steve McMichael at the time. Debra's presence was quickly felt by the millions of people around the world. She was a very busty star, and she loved showing off her amazing cleavage. Not only was she blessed in the chest, but Debra also had a pair of amazing legs to go along with her double Ds.

After a few years of marriage, Debra and Steve McMichael ended up getting a divorce. In 1998, she joined the WWE. It wasn't long until she fell in love with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the couple got married shortly thereafter. The real life couple appeared on-screen several times throughout the early 2000s. Nonetheless, Debra was drop dead gorgeous, and she definitely had the perfect assets for Playboy or Hustler. However, she never took such an offer back in the day.

14 Natalya

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Natayla is a third generation superstar who comes from a bloodline of greatness. Her father is Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, and her grandfather happens to be Stu Hart. With that type of family background, one would think that Natalya is destined for greatness.

In the ring, Natalya is a confident general who demands respect. Outside of the squared circle, she is the loving and caring wife of Tyson Kidd. While many fans wish that Natayla would pose naked, it's most likely never going to happen. Odds are that she would refuse any serious offer, and it's not hard to see why. She comes from a long line of legendary wrestlers, and she's also married. She also takes her role in the WWE very seriously as being a role model to other Divas and for young girls out there.

13 Kelly Kelly

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During her run in the WWE, Kelly Kelly was among the hottest Divas on the roster. In fact, she was predominantly used on-screen because of her sex appeal. Kelly Kelly wasn't the greatest wrestler, but boy was she popular with the fans.

Throughout her career, she posed for a number of different magazines, including Maxim. While her beach bikini pictures left little to the imagination, she never did pose for Playboy.

12 Victoria

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Like Trish Stratus and Lita, Victoria was one of the greatest workers during the Attitude Era. She was extremely over with the fans, and she was also very attractive. Victoria was a bit more muscular than most women on the roster at that time, but she was still gorgeous.

She was a woman who was proud of her in-ring skills, and she didn't want to be known for starring in Bra and Panties matches. Victoria was a serious competitor, and she never wore anything too revealing. While she was most likely offered to pose nude, Victoria stayed classy and clothed throughout her career.

11 Melina

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This Latin bombshell was one of the hottest WWE Divas to ever grace a wrestling ring. She debuted alongside Johnny Nitro (John Morrison) and Joey Mercury. Aside from being a talented performer, most wrestling fans remember Melina for her amazing entrance and flexibility.

Throughout her career, Melina never had a problem showing off her physical assets. However, when Playboy and other magazines came knocking, she refused to strip off all of her clothing. While her real life partner John Morrison was a decent worker, he was an even luckier man.

10 Molly Holly

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Molly Holly wasn't the sexiest WWE Diva of her time, and she wasn't the most talented either. Nonetheless, her wholesome presence on-screen eventually got over with the fans.

Ultimately, her greatest success came when she partnered up with The Hurricane. Like her partner, Molly Holly became a superhero. She was known as Mighty Molly Holly. The fans loved the gimmick, but her sex appeal only decreased. While it isn't exactly known if Playboy came knocking, Molly always had the wholesome image and that's likely why she never would have even entertained such an offer.

9 Ivory

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Not many people remember this, but Ivory actually debuted in 1986 as Tina Ferrari. While she didn't make it to the big leagues until 1999, Ivory had more than a decade's worth of experience before she even stepped foot inside of a WWE ring. As a worker, Ivory was one of the best. She was even pretty skilled on the mic as well. Her role in the Right To Censor group during the Attitude Era was over big time.

Ivory was a major star in the WWE, but she was a bit older than the rest of the Divas. In fact, she was in her late 30s when she debuted. Nonetheless, Ivory was hot, and the fact that she never posed nude was a let down.

8 Miss Elizabeth

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During the 1980s, Miss Elizabeth was one of the most popular characters on WWE television. Her real life relationship with the "Macho Man" Randy Savage is still talked about to this day. Their love for each other on-screen was real.

Unlike other WWE Divas, Miss Elizabeth barely showed any skin at all. She would accompany Randy Savage to the ring in beautiful dresses and gowns. While we all respected and loved Miss Elizabeth, it's hard to deny that some of us were wondering what she looked like underneath that dress. Unfortunately, the "Macho Man" most likely would have forbid Miss Elizabeth from posing in any type of provocative magazine, let alone Playboy.

7 Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte Flair is the daughter of the "Nature Boy," and some people may think that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. However, Charlotte Flair is all business, and she prides herself in being a great worker. While her father may have been a wild man, it's hard to imagine that Charlotte would ever pose nude for a magazine publication.

Ric Flair is idolized by hundreds of professional wrestlers. The thought of his daughter posing nude doesn't make any sense. Although she is very attractive, I have a feeling that Charlotte's talents will be kept inside of the ring throughout her career.

6 The Bella Twins

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Nikki and Brie Bella are two of the hottest WWE Divas on the current roster. These sisters are gorgeous, and they both happen to be great workers. A nude spread featuring the Bella Twins would be a dream come true for most WWE fans. Unfortunately, the likelihood of that occurring is slim to none.

Both sisters happen to be in extremely committed relationships. Not to mention the fact that Brie is married, and she plans on having children in the near future. On the other hand, it wouldn't be hard to imagine that Nikki would be down to pose for Playboy. However, she may be getting married to John Cena in the near future, and we wouldn't want to see only one Bella Twin posing naked anyway. Wait, maybe we would.

5 Naomi

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This WWE Diva is currently one of the most popular females on the roster. From what we can see on Total Divas, Naomi is beautiful, sweet, and caring. She married Jimmy Uso (Jonathon Fatu) a few of years ago, and the couple seems to be deeply in love. This is a good thing for Jimmy Uso, but a bad thing for WWE fans.

Marriage tends to ruin the chances that a Diva will pose for Playboy. Nonetheless, had Naomi ever posed naked, it would have been quite the sight to see. Unfortunately, Jimmy Uso is very protective, and we will most likely never see Naomi naked.

4 Lita

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Lita is known as one of the greatest performers of all time. She took the Women's Division by storm in the early 2000s. Her high-flying style and bad attitude made her a favorite among the WWE fans. While Lita spent most of her time with Matt Hardy on and off screen, most people thought that Lita was the type of girl who would bare all for the right amount of money.

After all, she cheated on Matt Hardy with Edge. Hell, Lita even performed in a "live sex scene" with her new lover on Monday Night Raw. So, the fact that she never posed for Playboy is kind of bizarre. Apparently, Lita was offered to pose nude on a number of different occasions. However, she refused all of the offers.

3 AJ Lee

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Before abruptly leaving the company in 2015. AJ Lee was one of the most popular Divas on WWE television. She was also one of the best workers and longest reigning champions. Although we are currently in the PG Era, AJ Lee would have been an amazing addition to the list of WWE Divas who have posed for Playboy.

Back in 2012, AJ Lee said she would never pose for Playboy, or any similar publication:

“I can barely wear a low-cut shirt. I’m a prude and I think that’s what works for me - being very innocent and prudish.

“It’s gotten me pretty far and there are certain things that should be left to the imagination. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s not for me,” she added.

Nonetheless, we hope to see AJ Lee back in the WWE regardless.

2 Trish Stratus

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Many WWE fans consider Trish Stratus to be the greatest WWE Diva of all time. She was a talented in-ring performer, and she was also very attractive.

Trish Stratus has taken some amazing photos over the years. In fact, most of her pictures featured tiny articles of clothing that were barely visible. On more than one occasion Trish stated that she was interested in posing for Playboy, unfortunately, it never happened. Perhaps she was just saying it on the record, because if she really was interested, Playboy should have brought a dump truck full of money to her house. One can only assume that Trish wanted more money than she was offered.

1 Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler is one of the most popular WWE Divas of all time. Keibler is beautiful from head to toe, and her legs seem to go on for days. The fact that Stacy Keibler never posed for Playboy is insane. In fact, it's downright criminal.

Torrie Wilson and Sable posed numerous times for Playboy, but Stacy Keibler did not. Even though the WWE was at the pique of the Attitude Era, Vince McMahon and Hugh Hefner could not convince Stacy to pose naked. Nonetheless, Stacy Keibler is probably still the most popular WWE Diva of all time.

After wrestling, she was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, and she was also in a relationship with George Clooney for several years. While she was very successful outside of the ring, we will always remember Stacy Keibler for exciting the fans with her short skirts and high heels.

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