Top 15 WWE Divas With The Most Impressive Dating Resumes

The role of women in the WWE has changed drastically over the years. In the early days of the WWF, women were featured as everything from valets and managers to legitimate wrestlers. The spotlight is most certainly on anyone that steps into the ring as a female talent within the WWE.

The wrestling industry can be a tedious and all-consuming one, so often the romantic lives of a sports entertainer will occur within the company, and with others inside of the entertainment industry who can fully understand the commitment and schedule thats involved in touring around the world. The dating pool can often get murky and complicated in the world of professional wrestling. It can always be risky business to date those that you work with and have to continue to work with after you breakup, but that reality can be exacerbated by the cliquey and gossip-filled world of the locker room. There are some Divas who have chosen to date outside of the wrestling world, but still in the related worlds of sports and acting.

Here we examine the relationships, marriages and even affairs that some of the most famous WWE Divas have been involved with over the years. It's a veritable who dated who rundown that spans the entire twentieth century, and includes WWE Superstars that we still watch on television to this day. This list is full of legends, champions and some of the most interesting characters in the history of the WWE.

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15 Emma

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Tenille Dashwood, known to wrestling fans as "Emma", is an Australian native that made her debut in the WWE back in 2012. She has had a difficult time launching on the main roster, though she is a part of the RAW brand currently. Her new character "Emmalina" had months of debut teasers, which fans eventually learned was due to her inability to get a good grip on the character that they wanted her to portray.

Despite her failure to launch, Emma has been featured quite a bit over the past few years and she has managed to make a few love connections along the way. She dated NXT wrestler William McNamee, known as "Mac Miles" for some time. Emma has also been romantically linked to Zack Ryder over the past year.

14 Paige

via wrestling-edge.com

Saraya-Jade Bevis, known to wrestling fans as Paige, has been involved in professional wrestling for most of her life. She came to the WWE as an English import and part of a wrestling family. Paige has the distinction of being the first ever NXT Women's Champion and a two-time WWE Divas Champion. She hasn't been on television for awhile now, unless you watch the E! Network "Total Divas" reality show, but she is set to return soon. Part of the reason that she has had issues lately is her dating choices.

Paige was dating, and engaged to, "A Day to Remember" guitarist Kevin Skaff for a time. The two would eventually part ways, and if the Total Divas storyline is to be believed, it was due to Paige's inability to commit. Recently, Paige has been seeing former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio, who parted with the company under poor terms, has led to a rift between Paige and the WWE. The two are now engaged, though their relationship began before Del Rio had even split with his wife.

13 Medusa

Via Heartbreakers.me

Debra Miceli began her wrestling career in the mid-1980s. She would eventually become a huge draw for the WWF during the 1990s under the in-ring name Alundra Blayze. She was brought-in to the WWF to bring back their women's wrestling division, and she dominated it during the two years that she was there. It was in 1995 that she made history during an infamous episode of WCW Monday Nitro. She appeared with the WWF Women's title and threw it in a trash can, renaming herself "Medusa".

She was married for a time to fellow WWF alumni Eddie "Hot Stuff" Gilbert. The two would divorce and she later married NFL guard Ken Blackman, but the couple would also divorce in 2011. Medusa married for a third time to Sergeant Major, Alan Jonason, whom she is still with to this day.

12 Brie Bella

Via WWE.com

If you have watched the unceremoniously retired wrestler on WWE programming then you've no doubt heard her battle cry, "Brie-Mode!" If you watch her on their E! Network "Total Divas" or "Total Bellas" reality shows, then you've come to know Brie as uptight and even a bit pretentious. She has adapted a lot of her hippie mentality from her long time relationship with former WWE Superstar and current SmackDown Live General Manager, Daniel Bryan.

The environmentally conscious duo married back in 2014 and are now expecting their first child. Prior to dating the "YES!"-man, Brie was attached to Richie Kotzen, the guitarist for 1980s hair band Poison.

11 Sunny

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Tammy Lynn Sytch joined the WWF in 1995 and took on the in-ring persona of "Sunny". Sunny was one of the first women in the WWF that was brought in for her looks. She acted mainly as a valet and manager, often donning a swimsuit on-screen. Sunny would go on to be AOL's "Most Downloaded Woman of the Year" in 1996, which was a huge deal back then for you youngsters out there.

She was paired for a time with "The Bodydonnas" tag team of Zip and Skip. "Skip" is the on-screen name for Chris Candido. Sunny and Candido were high school sweethearts who continued to date until his death in 2005. Sunny would also engage in an affair with WWE Legend, Shawn Michaels, for some time in 1997. There were rumors of other hook-ups, but nothing that can be confirmed.

10 The Fabulous Moolah

Via Slate.com

Mary Lillian Ellison, better known to wrestling fans as "The Fabulous Moolah", began her illustrious career in the squared circle back in 1948. She continued on as a big name in professional wrestling well into the glory days of the WWF in the 1980s. She was the first ever WWF Women's Champion, a belt that she would hold eight times. The world lost Moolah in 2007, but she left behind a rich legacy, including a fascinating personal life. Moolah was married three times, to Walter Carroll, wrestler Johnny Long and wrestler Buddy Lee. In 1952, Moolah also dated infamous country western bad boy Hank Williams. She has gone on record saying that he wanted to marry her, but his drug addiction was a huge obstacle for her. Williams died two months after the two stopped seeing each other.

9 AJ Lee

Via Armbarexpress.wordpress.com

AJ Lee (real name April Mendez) was a fan favorite WWE Diva, three-time WWE Divas Champion and even served as the General Manager of RAW for a time. On-screen, she was attached to everyone from John Cena and Daniel Bryan to CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler, but off-screen her real dating life was a whole other story

AJ Lee was dating Ring of Honor/TNA wrestler Jay Lethal for a while. Lethal trained AJ Lee early-on in her career. Currently, AJ is married to former WWE Superstar and current MMA fighter, CM Punk. Punk infamously got his release papers from the WWE on their wedding day. Her memoir "Crazy Is My Superpower" is due out in April.

8 Sable

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There were few women in the WWE, or entertainment in general, that got more attention in the 1990s "Attitude-Era" than Sable. Rena "Sable" Marlette, was one of the very first women in the WWE to wear the moniker of "Diva". She came into the company at a time when the Monday Night Wars were heating up between the WWF and WCW and it was her in-ring ability coupled with her sex appeal that catapulted her not only to huge notoriety within the WWF, but also on mainstream magazines, like TV Guide and Playboy. She was the Pamela Anderson of wrestling and in the 1990s that meant big money and high ratings.

Sable's real-life relationship with wrestler Marc Mero became a reality-based on-screen arc in the WWF. Mero was Sable's second husband and their marriage lasted from 1993 until 2004. Sable then entered into a somewhat rocky relationship with Brock Lesnar. The two were on and off for a while, but eventually married in 2006. They have two sons and are together to this day.

7 Torrie Wilson

via naijanow.com

Torrie Wilson was crowned Miss Galaxy in 1999, which caught the eye of the WCW. Ted Turner and company soon signed Wilson to a contract and brought her into the sports entertainment industry. Wilson wasn't an amateur wrestler, in fact, she wasn't even a fan of wrestling growing up, but she entered at a time when her looks were more important than her in-ring ability. It was thanks to this that the WWE brought her into the company and made her a big player once the WWE absorbed WCW. Wilson remained in the WWE until 2009.

During her time with the WCW, Wilson began a relationship with wrestler Billy Kidman. The two would remain in a relationship after the transition over to WWE and married in 2003. The marriage would last a few years as they eventually finalized a divorce in 2008. Wilson soon rebounded with "Spirit Squad" member Mitch (real name Nick Mitchell). They managed to stick together until 2011, when Wilson moved on to someone more known in New York Yankees third baseman, and notorious ladies' man, Alex Rodriguez.

6 Nikki Bella

Via UPI.com

Nikki Bella has the distinction of being the longest reigning WWE Divas champion of all-time. Nikki and her sister Brie were brought into the WWE based on their twin gimmick and they have endured as two of the most visible and well-known women in the WWE. They have starred in E! Network reality series "Total Divas" and the spinoff series "Total Bellas". That's not to ignore her in-ring ability, it turns out Nikki delivers one helluva spear!

Nikki struck up a relationship with WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler, dating for some time when the Bellas first entered the WWE. The company would bring their past relationship to light in order to create on-screen heat for Ziggler on the "Total Divas" series. Nikki is well-known today as the long-time girlfriend of John Cena. The two have been together since 2012.

5 Chyna

Via WWE.com

The career of Joan "Chyna" Laurer was a unique one in the WWF. She entered the company in 1997 as a bodyguard for Triple H and she went on to be a part of DX. Chyna was the first woman ever to enter the Royal Rumble, and she engaged in a number of matches against male Superstars. She would go on to be a popular symbol of the change and revolution involved with the Attitude Era.

She ended her run with WWE in 2001 and would go on to make six pornographic films. One of those XXX films was a home video with her then love interest Sean Waltman, also known to wrestling fans as DX member X-Pac. Prior to that, Chyna also dated Triple H during their time together in DX.

4 Kelly Kelly

Via WWE.com

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly (real name Barbara Jean Blank) was a swimsuit model and broadcast journalism student when she joined OVW, a developmental territory utilized by the WWE at the time. Kelly Kelly would make her on-screen debut during the reboot of the ECW brand. Her initial character was primarily brought in for sex appeal, but she would go on to win the WWE Divas Championship and hold the title for a respectable run.

Kelly Kelly had a rather extensive dating resume within the WWE. She first began seeing Andrew "Test" Martin, with the two ending their relationship shortly before his death. Kelly Kelly has also been tied to other WWE Superstars, such as Batista, Chris Jericho, Justin Gabriel and even CM Punk. She went on a date or two with actor Jeremy Piven in 2009 and is currently married to NHL star Sheldon Souray.

3 Stacy Keibler

via Parade.com

Stacy Keibler was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens, when in 2000 she began working for WCW as a Nitro Girl, after winning a contest. During her time with the WCW, Keibler struck up a relationship with the son of Ric Flair, David Flair. The two dated for a short time and even worked on-screen together. Keibler was known by the moniker of "Miss Hancock". She quickly became the WCW's answer to Sable and Sunny by doing sexy table dances while dressing provocatively. These changes came once Vince Russo took over of WCW.

Keibler was brought into the WWE as one of the top Divas once they purchased WCW. Keibler started dating the late wrestler Andrew "Test" Martin. Their relationship began off-screen and eventually carried over into the story arcs on television. The two dated for a few years, but it soon ended. Stacy Keibler may have the distinction of the most famous dating resume, as her relationship with actor George Clooney made worldwide headlines for a time. The two began dating in 2011 and continued to see each other for two years.

2 Lita

Via WWE.com

Amy Dumas made her debut in the WWE under the name Lita back in 2000. Lita would help usher-in a new era of women's wrestling that would foretell the "Divas Revolution" of recent years. She was a four-time WWE Women's Champion and took part in the first ever women's main event match on Monday Night RAW.

Lita had a well-known relationship off-screen with another on-screen Team Xtreme member, Matt Hardy. Their relationship lasted for years, until Hardy found out that she was having an affair with Adam "Edge" Copeland while Hardy was out with an injury. The real-life feud took to the internet and eventually was adapted for on-screen drama, as well. Leaving all the mess behind her, Lita would pair-up with Phil "CM Punk" Brooks in 2009. The rumor is that CM Punk and AJ Lee's relationship possibly overlapped with Lita a bit.

1 Mickie James

Via onlineworldofwrestling.com

Mickie  James has been a professional wrestler since 1999. She would start her career in TNA, but eventually moved to the WWE in 2005. She had a run in the company that included her winning the WWE Divas Championship. Her dating choices have made her a controversial figure in WWE. She has been connected to everyone from Jake Damien, Kenny Dykstra, Magnus, CM Punk and Joey Mercury.

She most famously dated John Cena back when she was with Kenny while Cena was still married. The two have been accused by Kenny of having an affair, a charge that James has acknowledged over the years. James is currently a part of the SmackDown Live! roster along with Cena and his long-time girlfriend Nikki Bella.

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