Top 15 WWE Love Triangles

The WWE has been telling stories to its fans since the very beginning. Some of which have been epic tales and others that have left fans scratching their heads and wondering just what the hell that wa

The WWE has been telling stories to its fans since the very beginning. Some of which have been epic tales and others that have left fans scratching their heads and wondering just what the hell that was all about. Some of the better stories have come from the WWE's incorporation of the love triangle. Let's face it, a love triangle is always attention-grabbing. Three-way dances of the heart have been the focal point of many books and movies and WWE is no exception.

For some perverse reason, people enjoy watching romances fall apart because of a third party. We have become desensitized to heartbreak and infidelity. Perhaps it makes us feel better about our own failed romances.

This article will dive directly into the middle of the dirty debacle that is the love triangle. Over the years, the WWE has provided some great content on the subject and we are here to breakdown the best forbidden triple-threat affairs.

This list will include a variety of superstars and their roundabout romances. From current stars to legends. From attitudinal assailants to pipe-bombers. Yes, many of the best WWE performers have all had their turn in a love triangle storyline.

The following article will focus on love, in a loose sense as this is after all the fictitious world of WWE. However, you will notice as we go along how some of these stories have resulted in real life happy endings and, of course, one of which that was a factual off-screen love triangle.

Prepare yourself for tales of love and loss. Betrayal and Broskis. Humor and heartache. The emotional journey of pretend partners and even the involvement of parents. The love stories the were given to us from our beloved WWE.

So, let's get right into the soap-opera that is a wrestling romance as we take a look at the top 15 WWE love triangles:

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15 John Cena/Zack Ryder/Eve


Who can forget Zack Ryder sitting in his wheelchair with flowers and that goofy look on his face when he found John Cena kissing the girl of his dreams, Eve?

The story goes: Cena was involved in a heated feud with Kane who had recently returned as a version of his former self – demented and determined to destroy. Kane had victimized Ryder more than once and was the reason for his being in a wheelchair and now had his sights set on Ryder's girl.

When Kane attempted to take Eve away in an ambulance (Cena and Kane were set to have an ambulance match at the upcoming Pay-Per-View), John Cena just happened to be around the corner and was there to save the darling in distress. Eve would then slap a passionate lip-lock on her hero.

14 Val Venis/Yamaguchi-San/Mrs. Yamaguchi-San


Val Venis made his WWE debut back in 1998 and was portrayed as a an adult entertainer. The gimmick was raunchy but worked well within the Attitude Era.

His first angle was that of a depraved love triangle when he became involved in a feud with the Kai En Tai stable and was said to have had an affair with the wife of Yamaguchi-San – manager of Kai En Tai. This would lead to a provocative angle when Yamaguchi-San attempted to castrate Venis.

13 Edge/Big Show/Vickie Guerrero


The Rated-R Superstar, Edge, has been involved in numerous angels over the years – many of which have become some of the most memorable in WWE history.

However, there was always something off-putting about the on-screen relationship between Edge and Vickie Guerrero. Nevertheless, the WWE made the most of this false love affair and the storyline lasted for quite some time. What was even more off-putting was the involvement of Big Show.

On the road to WrestleMania XXV, Edge was set to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Big Show until John Cena presented Edge and the world with some very revealing backstage footage of Geurrero making out with Show.

The title match would become a triple threat with John Cena walking out with the strap, but an awkward love triangle came about in the process.

12 Kane/X-Pac/Tori


The WWE debut of Kane is certainly one of the most meaningful debuts of all time. The Undertaker's brother made an immediate impact upon his arrival. Kane was big, mean, and scary – a great character all around.

In 1999, Kane became involved in an on-screen relationship with Tori, which in a sense humanized The Big Red Machine. This romance would spill over into Kane's feud with his former tag-team partner, X-Pac. In December of '99; Kane was afforded a shot at the WWE Championship with the added stipulation that if he should lose, his girlfriend would have to spend Christmas weekend with X-Pac.

Thanks to the New Age Outlaws, Kane would lose the match and Tori would be forced to spend her holidays with X-Pac. Upon her return to Kane, she insisted that X-Pac was a total gentleman. This was the beginning of the end for the couple, as she would eventually turn her back on Kane for X-Pac.

11 John Cena/Dolph Ziggler/AJ Lee


AJ Lee is a great in-ring performer but for a while was thrust into the role of Raw General Manager (still don't get what WWE was going for there). Naturally, because she is a beautiful woman, there had to be some obligatory affair storyline involving one of the superstars. Which superstar? Well, who do you think?… John Cena of course.

Because of this, AJ would step down from her position as Raw General Manager but would continue her involvement with John Cena. The relationship would last until the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Pay-Per-View where John Cena would challenge then Money in the Bank briefcase holder, Dolph Ziggler, in a ladder match with the contract on the line.

The match would end when Cena – who was well on his way to the briefcase – was pushed off the ladder by AJ, ensuring Ziggler the victory and beginning a brand new on-screen relationship.

10 Shawn Michaels/Rick Martel/Sensational Sherri


Shawn Michaels made his WWE debut as one half of The Rockers tag-team – an exciting young duo who captivated audiences. Then one day, Michaels decided to throw his partner Marty Jannetty through a barber shop window and the world was introduced to the “Boy Toy” version of Shawn Michaels.

His affiliation with Sensational Sherri is well-documented. Sherri; who worked along side Michaels as his manager, would carry a mirror out to the ring for Michaels to admire himself in and was the voice of the original version of “Sexy Boy.”

What is often forgotten about the Michaels/Sherri pairing is the love triangle in which they were involved in the summer of 1992 when Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel did battle over the affection of Sensational Sherri. In fact, the two would have a match at SummerSlam where neither man could hit his opponent in the face. Perhaps the most vain match in WWE history.

9 Matt Hardy/Kane/Lita


Here we have another love story which involves Kane (I never realized that Kane is really The Big Red Love Machine). This time Kane became tangled up with the then real life couple of Matt Hardy and Lita.

The angle saw Kane repeatedly attacking Hardy and them attempting to seduce Lita. What followed was the kidnapping and eventual impregnating of Lita with Kane said to be the father of the unborn child. From there we would witness the “Till Death Do Us Part” match between Hardy and Kane at SummerSlam where the winner would be granted Lita's hand in marriage. Kane would emerge victorious and marry a reluctant Lita the following night on Raw.

Their child was lost on Raw when Gene Snitsky hit Kane with a steel chair causing him to fall on Lita thus leading to a miscarriage. Kane and Lita would remain an on-screen item until her betrayal and siding with Edge (more on that story still to come).

8 CM Punk/Daniel Bryan/AJ Lee


While the love triangle storylines of the PG-Era are not quite as risque as they once were, any angle that leads to a series of matches between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan merits recognition.

This story involved the WWE Championship, a brief appearance by Kane (again!), multiple marriage proposals, and some great wrestling. Yes, sometimes great wrestling still shines through in WWE. The end result, Punk remained WWE Champion and was in the midst of his historic 434 day title reign, AJ would became the new Raw General Manager, and Daniel Bryan and Kane would form Team Hell No!

7 Goldust/Brian Pillman/Marlena



If the previous entry was not risque enough for you, our next entry will cater to your greasy needs with the love triangle of Goldust, Brian Pillman, and Marlena.

Unfortunately, this storyline did not play out entirely due to the untimely death of Brian Pillman but it still managed to provide some pretty entertaining television. Pillman, who was pining for Marlena would win her in a match against Goldust. Pillman would them send Goldust a picture of Marlena handcuffed to a bed.

The original storyline called for an on-air wedding which would have seen Marlena leave Goldust for Pillman. Such a tragic and early death for such a terrific performer.

6 Torrie Wilson/Dawn Marie/Al Wilson


In 2002, Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie were involved in a slightly creepy, somewhat sexy love triangle when Marie attempted to marry Al Wilson – father of Torrie.

Marie would then develop feelings for Torrie Wilson and offered to call of the wedding if she would meet her in a hotel room – where the two would share a kiss. However, despite Wilson holding up her end of the bargain, Marie would marry Al anyhow on an episode of SmackDown while in their underwear.

This would lead to the storyline death of Al, who was said to have suffered a heart attack caused by their sexually-charged honeymoon. Wilson and Marie would end their feud at Royal Rumble 2003 in a “Stepmother vs. Stepdaughter” match where Wilson came out the victor.

5 Chris Jericho/Christian/Trish Stratus


The next love triangle was great for many different reasons: the matches were awesome, the promos were excellent, and all three superstars involved gave it their all. However, I still chuckle when I think back to the “Canadian Dollar Bet” between Chris Jericho and Christian. (look it up if you can).

Jericho and Christian would meet in a match at WrestleMania XX (underrated match) with Stratus getting involved and “inadvertently” costing Y2J the contest. Following the match, Stratus would complete the turn on Jericho and reveal that her and Christian were a couple.

4 Jake Roberts/Rick Rude/Cheryl Roberts


This storyline has been regarded as an angle far ahead of its time and has been called a precursor to the Attitude Era. The year was 1988 and “Ravishing” Rick Rude had been selecting random women from the crowd to kiss following each of his victories. This was known as the “Rude Awakening.”

One night; Rude chose Cheryl Roberts – the real life wife of Jake “The Snake” Roberts. When she refused the kiss, Rude began insulting her which led to a slap in the face for Rude and The Snake coming to the aid of his wife.

What ensued was a heated feud between the two men throughout the summer of '88 where Rude would dawn a pair of wrestling tights sporting the image of Mrs. Roberts … Groundbreaking angle.

3 Edge/Matt Hardy/Lita


The love triangle that occurred between Edge, Matt Hardy and Lita on television stemmed from real life circumstances.

Matt Hardy and Lita were together for a long time before she would stray and begin an affair with Edge, who was a real life friend of Hardy. This incident would eventually make its way to WWE programming when the lines of reality and fiction were once again blurred.

Matt Hardy has never been the most quotable wrestler but his words on Edge were fueled with raw emotion: “it's kill or be killed, Adam, and Matt Hardy will not die!”

2 Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage/Miss Elizabeth


The Mega Powers were a team that once consisted on Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Miss Elizabeth as manager.

This triangle is perhaps most memorable due to the WrestleMania V WWE Championship match between Hogan and Savage, as the bout contained one of the best build-ups in history with Elizabeth stuck in the middle of the two biggest stars in the company.

The match itself would see Elizabeth take the “mutual corner” while Hogan would prevail with his second WWE Championship.

1 Triple H/Kurt Angle/Stephanie McMahon


Triple H has feuded with the best that the business has to offer but one feud that may not garner as much attention as his feuds with the like of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, or Shawn Michaels was his feud and love traingle storyline with Kurt Angle.

Angle was apparently smitten with The Game's spouse, Stephanie McMahon, thus enraging Triple H and leading to conflict with his wife. Triple H would lambast Angle and even insinuate that Angle was a homosexual (these kind of things were still allowed back then).

Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Stephanie McMahon put together some great material during this love triangle storyline which is why they receive the top spot on out list.

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