Top 15 WWE Moments That Made Us Feel Uneasy

Watching pro wrestling is supposed to bring you lots of great action, exciting moments, and memorable matches. In an effort to please fans on a weekly basis, it’s only natural for things to get pushed

Watching pro wrestling is supposed to bring you lots of great action, exciting moments, and memorable matches. In an effort to please fans on a weekly basis, it’s only natural for things to get pushed too far. The WWE creative team has come up with some crazy storylines over the years. Many of these angles attempt to get a reaction out of fans and try to bring something unique. A lot of times this can lead to great scenes like when Stone Cold Steve Austin drenched the McMahons in a beer bath. Other, times however, WWE fans realized that the creative team has pushed things too far. When this happens, it can leave fans with an uneasy feeling.

Reliving some of these uneasy moments will showcase how much the WWE has evolved over the years. We are now in the PG era, so these uneasy moments are few and far between, but they were really prevalent in the WWE Attitude Era when writers and Superstars could get away with pretty much anything. Read on to see uneasy moments involving Trish Stratus, Lex Luger, CM Punk, John Cena, and the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon.

15 Trish Barks like a Dog


Trish Stratus was one of the best female wrestlers during the Attitude Era and beyond. She won multiple Women’s Championships and had excellent feuds with other Divas like Lita and Mickie James. Her ring skills were good enough to perform without being involved in some type of goofy storyline, but Vince decided otherwise, putting the two in an awkward program together.

It was already gross enough seeing McMahon make-out with Trish for several weeks, but things just went from bad to worse when he dumped her. In an attempt to keep her on board, Vince McMahon humiliated the Diva and forced her to beg for him. This led to Stratus getting down on her knees and barking like a dog. It was sickening and one of the most humiliating experiences that a WWE Diva has ever gone through. Luckily for Trish, her legacy surpassed this disturbing event.

14 Tim White’s Suicide Watch

Suicide is not a laughing matter, but the WWE creative team decided to play it up for laughs during the 2005 Armageddon Pay Per View. The main event of the event was a Hell in a Cell match between Randy Orton and The Undertaker. In an effort to showcase the dangers of the cell, Josh Mathews conducted an interview with former WWE referee Tim White. A few years prior, Tim White was injured during a cell match and was portrayed as traumatized ever since.

As Mathews kept pressing for answers, things became a little too real. Tim White pulled out a shotgun, stepped off camera, and all the fans heard was a loud shotgun blast. The police received several calls from concerned viewers and it was later revealed to be all a hoax. The suicide angle proved to be very distasteful and made many fans feel uneasy to say the least.

13 Lex Luger’s 911 Call

WWE Confidential was a great show that offered an unprecedented look behind the scenes before social media and the WWE Network took off. The show offered great takes on The Montreal Screwjob and the rise of various stars. In 2003, one of their segments went a little too far.

Shortly after the death of former WWE valet Miss Elizabeth, the WWE got their hands on the 911 call that Lex Luger made when he found her passed out. This chilling call was actually played on-air for the viewing audience. Something as real and heartbreaking as this is hard enough for adults to listen to, nevermind children. After the 911 call, fans were treated to a video package of Miss Elizabeth’s career; something that they should have stuck to in the first place.

12 Jeff Jarrett: Woman Beater


Chyna completely changed women’s wrestling in the WWE. Not only did she compete against men, but she entered a Royal Rumble and feuded with many top level Superstars like Chris Jericho. During one of Chyna’s early male feuds, she would compete against Jeff Jarrett. In an effort to prepare for a match against Chyna, Jarrett decided to attack random females in the WWE.

For multiple weeks, fans had to witness the unsettling sight of Jarrett smashing his guitar over heads of female wrestlers and guests of the WWE. He even put multiple Divas in a figure-four leg lock. The moments were hard to watch and showcased why men shouldn’t compete against women in the WWE, or pro wrestling all together. Thankfully, Jarrett’s last match was against Chyna as he left the WWE right after and fans quickly forgot about the tasteless storyline.

11 Jon Heidenreich & Michael Cole

WWE is known for creating a lot of strange characters. While this is okay, the actions of the bizarre Jon Heidenreich were not. During an episode of WWE SmackDown, Heidenreich attacked Michael Cole from behind and proceeded to drag the announcer to the backstage area. From there, he locked them both inside of a bathroom. In one of the most uncomfortable scenes to ever air on SmackDown, Heidenreich pinned Cole up against the door and began thrusting his body into Cole’s.

The entire scene looked like a sexual assault and continued for multiple segments. It was during the second segment that Heidenreich revealed that he wanted to read Cole a poem. The punchline to this visual gag didn’t even matter as fans had already seen enough and likely changed the channel. Surprisingly, this angle wasn't mentioned on SmackDown's 900 episode...

10 Daddy vs. Daughter


As the head honcho of the WWE, Vince McMahon wields a lot of power. He’s used that power to feud with his family for many years, but in 2003 he may have taken things too far. In a battle for control of SmackDown, Vince challenged his daughter Stephanie to an “I Quit” match at No Mercy. It’s hard enough seeing male on female violence, but this took things a notch further because it was Vince unleashing pain on his own daughter.

The culmination of the match and the most uncomfortable moment came when Vince began choking out Stephanie with a steel pipe. Thankfully, Linda McMahon threw in the towel and allowed the brutal moment to end. In a sick scene, Vince McMahon stood proudly over his beaten down daughter.

9 Paul Heyman as Paul Bearer


When a figure in the wrestling world passes away, it’s a sensitive time mourning such a loss. WWE often uses a wrestling death to help propel stories or honor the person, but in the case of Paul Bearer, things got taken too far. For weeks, CM Punk taunted The Undertaker about Bearer’s death. This was an ideal way to build heel heat, but things got taken a little too far in the final week before WrestleMania 29.

Standing on the stage under a small spotlight, CM Punk’s manager Paul Heyman stood fully dressed as Paul Bearer. He then proceeded to dump out an urn and taunt The Undertaker over the death. The moment was distasteful and pushed things way too far. Many fans disapproved of this moment and felt like it was not needed to create a compelling storyline.

8 Eddie Guerrero's Exploitation

Paul Bearer wasn’t the only WWE Superstar to get exploited through WWE storylines. The same thing happened following the sudden and saddening death of Eddie Guerrero. After Eddie’s passing, WWE Superstar Randy Orton would mock the late Eddie to his very own family and friends like Rey Mysterio.

There was one point when things got pushed a little too far. When Randy Orton was confronting Rey Mysterio, he stated that "Guerrero was not in heaven, but in hell." WWE audiences didn’t just boo like they normally would, they booed for the cruel and terrible line that was written for Orton to say. The line was said just weeks following his death and hit a lot of people pretty hard. WWE creative teams should have rethought the decision to allow such a statement to be made live in front of a global audience.

7 Hawk’s Fall from Grace

WWE rarely tackles real-life storylines pertaining to drugs and alcohol. This is for a good reason. They often come off as too comedic or too insensitive to people that really go through these issues. In the case of Hawk’s alcohol abuse storyline, things went from insensitive to truly offensive. After appearing on Raw out of his Legion of Doom gear, Hawk proceeded to stumble down the ramp and clearly looked drunk out of his mind.

Things only got worse when he decided to climb the WWE Titantron. Droz attempted to climb up and help him get down, but in a bizarre turn of events, Droz looked like he pushed Hawk off the back of the large screen. The moment was scary to watch and fans were actually concerned if Hawk really did fall off the top of the large screen.

6 Fat Shaming Divas


For many WWE Superstars, it takes a lot of work to get in shape and perform in the ring on a weekly basis. It’s also important for these stars to remain role models for youth and fans. For the Divas, this is especially important, as women already have a hard enough time dealing with body image, weight, and public perception. It seemed like the WWE took a few steps back on this issue when Michelle McCool and Layla began a feud against Mickie James. For weeks, McCool and Layla taunted James' size, calling her "Miss Piggy," and basically fat-shaming her in front of millions of people.

During a Royal Rumble match, Layla even wore a pig costume that was supposed to represent Mickie James. The decision to do this was low and embarrassing for the entire women’s division. When it was all said and done, it made fans lose a lot of respect for the WWE creative team for coming up with such an idea.

5 Kharma’s Strange Moment

When Awesome Kong debuted in the WWE as Kharma, many fans were expecting a huge shake-up in the Divas division. After weeks of hype, Kharma finally made her way to the ring on an episode of WWE Raw. With the ring filled with Divas, many fans expected to witness a one-sided attack that showcased her power and strength. Instead, Kharma fell to her knees and began weeping.

Just when you thought the moment was over, she continued to cry her eyes out. The Divas silently left the ring...and Kharma continued to cry. The moment was extremely odd and nothing was actually revealed to WWE audiences. One week later we would find out that Kharma was actually pregnant and this was the reason for her big break-down in the ring.

4 Vince Says the “N” Word

There are some words that are forbidden from anyone saying on television. WWE Chairman broke this sacred rule. It didn’t happen by accident though, it was actually a scripted promo that attempted some sort of strange comedy. During John Cena’s "thug life" stage, Vince McMahon decided to approach The Doctor of Thugonomics and try to fit in with him. After an awkward exchange, McMahon refers to Cena using the “N” word.

To make matters worse, McMahon then walked past a shocked King Booker, who just heard the whole exchange. The moment was a terrible gag that fell flat and many look back on it with heavy criticism towards Vince. This is especially true after Hulk Hogan got fired for using similar language in recent years.

3 The Melanie Pillman Interview

Brian Pillman was scheduled to wrestle a Pay Per View match, but mere hours before that he was discovered dead in a hotel room after overdosing on pills. The shocking death of a WWE Superstar is hard to take and WWE tried to honor him the next night on Raw. While a dedication video package was ideal, Vince McMahon tried to get ratings off of the moment by interviewing Pillman’s grieving wife, Melanie.

The interview came off as extremely tacky and it’s very uncomfortable to watch a woman who lost her husband barley 24 hours before talking about it. Vince McMahon made things even worse by asking about his drug problems and how things like this could be prevented in the future. Children watching were probably confused and horrified at the tough topics that were presented.

2 Mark Henry & His Sister


Mark Henry may have had a fun run as “Sexual Chocolate,” but the origins of that nickname are pretty gross and strange – even for WWE Attitude Era standards. During backstage segments, Mark Henry was forced to meet with therapists to talk about his sexual feelings. It was during this time, that Henry revealed his shocking sexual past. One of the biggest and oddest revelations was that Henry used to have sex with his own sister – when he was eight years old!

As if that was not shocking enough, the therapist pressed for more details and found out that he was still having sexual relations with his own sister. The whole incest storyline was mind-boggling at the time and it's pretty crazy that it actually made it to the air. Thankfully Mark Henry never revealed his sister on-screen – he just hooked up with Mae Young instead...

1 Triple H & Katie Vick

WWE fans were left with one of the biggest WWE Raw cliffhangers of all-time when Triple H announced that Kane was a murder. It’s too bad fans demanded to know more because what we found out ended up being pretty disgusting and a poor moment for the WWE and its flagship program, Monday Night Raw.

In the weeks that followed the murder announcement, Triple H revealed that not only did Kane murder a woman named Katie Vick, but he had intercourse with her after she had passed. Things only got worse when Triple H decided to reenact the scene by literally violating a dummy dressed as Katie Vick. The whole angle was absurd, made no sense, and was really gross – even by Attitude Era standards. Triple H probably wishes that forcing marriage on a drugged up Stephanie McMahon was his worst action, but this move really takes the cake.

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Top 15 WWE Moments That Made Us Feel Uneasy