Top 15 WWE On-Screen Pairings That Became Real-Life Relationships

WWE has become well known over the past few years as a place where many Superstars have found love. Often complete strangers are placed together in tag teams and WWE expects them to have chemistry when they hardly know each other.

This often backfires and the group is split not long after, but most of the time when women are introduced into these stables, they stick together because two members become much closer than they probably should have.

There have been many historic examples of this with Triple H and Chyna being one of the best known from the 1990s before Stephanie McMahon stepped in and lured Triple H away from the former Intercontinental Champion, leaving her to then seek solace in fellow team-mate X-Pac.

It's hardly surprising that many of these Superstars end up getting much more personal than WWE intend, especially since many of them travel together and then have to work together as well. WWE Superstars spend more than 300 days a year on the road and in each other's company, so it would make sense that they decide to pair off.

Love has been found by so many ex-WWE Superstars who are now enjoying marriages and children thanks to WWE placing them all together on the same tour bus. The likes of Edge and Beth Phoenix made and interesting pair, whilst Michelle McCool and The Undertaker was an out right shock.

The following is a list of 15 couples that found love after WWE placed them together, which means they have WWE to thank for their blossoming relationships.

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15 Edge and Lita

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Perhaps one of the best known love stories and triangles in the history of WWE, Edge and Lita became famous because their love affair was actually real and WWE made it into a fictional storyline.

The couple became the perfect heels after it was made public knowledge that Lita had cheated on Matt Hardy with Edge after Hardy had been out injured and Lita had been positioned in storyline with Edge for a while. The Rated R Superstar and the former Women's Champion were a fantastic pairing. They made history when they performed the first ever live sex celebration in the middle of the ring on Raw after Edge's WWE Championship win at New Year's Revolution in 2005. The couple were broken up the following year when Lita retired, merely months after her friend Trish Stratus left the company. Edge himself was forced out of the company back in 2011 after he was diagnosed with a career ending neck injury.

14 Big Cass and Carmella

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'The Realest Guy in the room' has managed to pick up 'The Hottest Chick in the Ring' after the two were put together in NXT. Carmella was added to the team of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy and the team became much more popular as a result.

Enzo was the voice of the group, Cass brought the physicality and Carmella was easy on the eyes. The group performed together on NXT for well over a year before Enzo and Cass were called up to the main roster earlier this year, leaving Carmella behind.

The two rosters tour in different places at different times, so this change has obviously been a strain on their relationship, but it seems they are still going strong while Carmella continues to tear it up in NXT and Enzo and Cass make their mark on the main stage of WWE.

13 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

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WWE's definitive power couple is definitely one that could be used as a benchmark when it comes to WWE relationships. The duo have been together well over a decade and have now seen a new generation of McMahon's arrive since the couple now have three daughters.

The duo were put together as part of a storyline that saw Triple H drug Stephanie McMahon before kidnapping her and marrying her without her permission. It was a shocking storyline that managed to eventually blossom into something much more.

Somehow the couple manage to spend time with their family, as well as being some of the biggest names in the company. COO Triple H manages to juggle his on-screen personality as well as his backstage duties and requirements as a father and husband while Stephanie manages to be both a principle owner of her father's company, the newly named commissioner of WWE Raw, and a mother and wife. Both parties are managing to juggle all of their responsibilities well and are definitely a couple that thrives for the best.

12 Rusev and Lana

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'The Bulgarian Brute' and 'The Ravishing Russian' would have to be one of the most shocking combinations that WWE has ever managed to pair up. Lana was placed with Rusev back when he was known as Alexander Rusev on NXT.

The duo seemed to work well together with many of the WWE Universe buying the idea that Lana was the only one that could control the beast, before he was promoted to the main roster and defeated by John Cena.

Lana was then placed with Dolph Ziggler in a storyline that failed miserably for a variety of reasons. It finally died out when it was leaked to main stream media that Lana and Rusev were engaged in real life and WWE were forced to place them back together on TV, to the benefit of both characters.

11 Buddy Murphy and Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy have to be one of WWE's best kept secrets. The couple confirmed that they were linked romantically outside of WWE in November 2015. This was more than five months after the pair were put together on TV at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable.

Bliss came out during a match that saw the team of Enzo and Cass up against Blake and Murphy and attacked Carmella, leading to her then becoming a solid member of the group for the next few months.

As more and more women have left NXT, it's allowed Alexa to climb the ranks and be taken seriously as a contender for the NXT Women's Championship. This then gave her the confidence to drop Blake and Murphy, which effectively ended the tag team, but the couple are reportedly still going strong.

10 Matt Hardy and Lita

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It was a fairy tale romance like no other. Lita joined The Hardy Boyz when they were at the height of their fame and at the point when every girl wanted to be just like Lita. She was the daredevil chick that defied gravity and managed to fight men as well as women, but it was Matt Hardy that she had eyes for.

The couple had been together for a little bit before Lita got to the WWE, but the relationship got serious after she began to spend more time with Matt on the road. Then it was revealed that Lita had been cheating on Matt with his friend Edge. It was a real life scandal and one that cost Matt his job before WWE decided to rehire him and cash in on the world wide interest that this saga had created. Lita stayed with Edge for a while before she left WWE in 2006 while Matt moved on to TNA and met his future wife Reby Sky. The couple now have a son named Maxel.

9 Triple H and Chyna

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It was the relationship that began a lot of rumours and is perhaps one that Triple H has regretted for a number of years. The late, great Chyna was a striking presence and back in the late 1990s she was definitely the woman to beat in WWE.

She hit hard and could hang with the men as well. Chyna was a solid woman in all senses of the word, but her relationship with Triple H would be the one thing that could break her. After it was revealed that Stephanie and Triple H had been together behind her back, Chyna took the news a lot worse than expected and was relieved of her duties within WWE. Until her untimely death earlier this year, she was shunned by a lot of people within WWE after she claimed that Triple H used to physically assault her. It's likely one of the main reasons WWE are still yet to allow her to take her place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

8 CM Punk and Kelly Kelly

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There was a time that CM Punk was a part of WWE and didn't refer to himself as 'The Best in the World.' Punk debuted for WWE as part of their now defunct ECW roster, along with Kelly Kelly. The duo were often seen on-screen together with the hints at a blossoming romance always in the air, but nothing actually ever happened between them, except in real life.

It was reported that Punk and Kelly had a brief fling around the same time as they were paired up for ECW, something that both stars managed to have with many other faces during their time in WWE. Both Punk and Kelly had something of a reputation for the amount of people they were linked with in and around WWE, so it was inevitable that the couple wouldn't last long together.

7 X-Pac and Chyna

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Chyna and X-Pac were put together as part of D-Generation X, a group that also included Chyna's former boyfriend Triple H. After it was made public that Triple H and Chyna were over after Stephanie had stepped into the picture, Chyna found solstice in the arms of X-Pac.

Sean Waltman and Chyna made a lot of money while being together, mostly from the adult movies that they sold. But they seemed to work well together until accusations of sexual assault and a whole lot of other things were brought to light, as it was made apparent that the two former wrestlers were probably not good for each other. Waltman has appeared in WWE many times since his relationship with Chyna ended, but the Chyna was shunned by the company for many years following a string of accusations.

6 CM Punk and AJ Lee

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AJ Lee is without doubt one of the most impressive female wrestlers in WWE's recent history. She was put in a main event level feud with both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk during her first few years on the main roster and was made a romantic interest of both men.

AJ proposed marriage to CM Punk more than once while it was made obvious that Daniel Bryan was open to marrying the crazy Diva. Punk ultimately turned her down, so she put him through a table, along with Bryan and skipped away from both men. The couple were not thought to have been dating during this time, this began much later.

Of course, CM Punk then did a complete u-turn in real life and actually married AJ in 2014 after he walked away from the company. Following a brief hiatus and an incredible WrestleMania match, AJ then joined her husband in walking away from the company for good in March of 2015.

5 Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

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Who would have thought that Brie Bella would end up with Daniel Bryan? Well, this may never have happened if WWE didn't introduce a storyline where both Nikki and Brie were fighting for the up and coming talent a few years ago.

Of course Nikki Bella was in a relationship with Dolph Ziggler at the time, so it was only right that she allowed her twin to take the prize and in real life as it seems they also managed to hit it off. There wedding was just days after Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX and was featured on Total Divas.

After being a huge part of Total Divas for the last few years, Nikki and Brie Bella are now part of their own show entitled Total Bellas that airs later in the year and will feature both Brie and Daniel.

4 John Morrison and Melina

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One of the most outspoken Divas in WWE history decided to pair up with one of the most talented wrestlers in WWE history. Melina and John Morrison debuted in WWE as two of the three members of MNM in 2005. Melina then guided the team to the WWE Tag Team Championship before they split and she captured the Women's Championship. On the real life end, the two met during Tough Enough auditions.

Morrison and Melina remained together in WWE and outside of it before Melina was released from the company. It was then was reported that the flexible Diva had continued to turn up to WWE events along with Morrison after she had been released and was one of the deciding factors in WWE releasing Morrison as well. John is now known as Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground whilst Melina continues to tour the American and European Independent Circuits, but the couple are no longer romantically linked.

3 Paul London and Ashley Massaro

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The 2005 Raw Diva Search winner was only in WWE for a short amount of time, but she managed to make a name for herself in that time. The 2007 Playboy Cover Girl was romantically linked with Paul London the same year as the duo began working together along with Brian Kendrick.

Ashley, London, and Kendrick feuded with MNM for much of 2007 leading up to WrestleMania matches between the six Superstars which saw Ashley make her debut at WrestleMania with a singles match on The Grandest Stage of Them All. The couple only dated for a year before Ashley left the company and Paul London followed suit as he now currently continues to compete on the independent circuit.

2 Batista and Melina

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This was a romance that was not supposed to happen. Batista and Melina were both part of a storyline where Batista and Rey Mysterio were coming for MNM's WWE Tag Team Championship. Melina decided to head backstage to 'persuade' Batista not to go ahead with the match and Batista seemingly agreed, as things between the pair became steamy.

The match still went ahead as it seemed Batista had gone back on their pact, but when Batista released his autobiography a few years later, he revealed that he had an affair with Melina around the same time in real life, meaning that Melina was cheating on John Morrison and Batista was cheating on his wife. Needless to say, things didn't work out for the pair, but luckily Batista is making a name for himself in Hollywood while Melina continues her wrestling career.

1 The Miz and Maryse

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The Miz and Maryse are one of those couples that shouldn't have ended up together, but look absolutely perfect now that they are. The duo were first linked together in WWE back in 2009 when Miz had decided that he wanted to gain Maryse's attention.

The Awesome Superstar then proceeded to win a number of matches to impress Maryse, but the storyline seemed to hit a brick wall. Following the obvious mutual attraction between the pair, it was revealed that they were dating in real life before they then married in 2014. Maryse recently returned to WWE after a five year absence and is set to be a part of the latest season of Total Divas, along with her husband.

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