Top 15 WWE Opinions You May Not Like To Hear

World Wrestling Entertainment is slowly becoming the Rebecca Black of the wrestling industry... stay with me here. Though the singer has greatly turned things around and has carved out a fantastic career as a YouTuber, the hatred for her does not appear to be going away any time soon. No matter how hard the WWE tries, and how happy the NXT Universe is, the overall product has been ridiculed for quite some time now. The creative team has been harshly criticized for even minor plot holes; an obvious result of years of frustration. In short, it should be highly stressful to work at or own WWE right now, unless your name is Brock Lesnar.

The WWE is now trying to hit back at their fans, as evidenced by a few segments on The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness on the WWE Network. Fans are not completely flawless; we are partially responsible  for the direction in which the company is heading. For instance, instead of getting behind the company we all grew to love during a period in which every main-event wrestler was sidelined with injuries, the fans (we) chose to roast them at every opportunity. The truth is that despite all of our cynicism as fans, the WWE has actually been doing a lot of things right. Sure you may not realize it now, but you soon will.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are not TheSportster's. Every word written in this piece is the opinion of the writer, and the writer expects the readers to direct any criticism toward the writer and not toward TheSportster. Here are 15 opinions that the WWE Universe may not like to hear. As always feel free to leave us comments in the section below, and let us know if you agree with these opinions.

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15 Old Superstars Are A Good Thing

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The fans have been advocating the retirement of Big Show and Kane for quite some time now. However, the presence of these veterans is pivotal for the product as many casual fans still look forward to watching these two giants throwing smaller lads around. They can be used as enhancers in any feud, as both heels and faces; they also come across as good comedic figures. Until the WWE makes Baron Corbin, Braun Strowman, and Colin Cassady credible giants, their service to the company is essential.

14 Comedic Colin Cassady Is Stupid

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Teaming Colin Cassady with Enzo Amore has been a very astute move by the WWE officials, as Enzo being alongside Cass makes Cass marketable and Cass being alongside Enzo makes Enzo an intimidating wrestler. However, Cass should be treated as a giant; he has been forced to spell out "sawft" for his opponents dramatically.

A wrestler of short stature being hippy undoubtedly adds to his character, as evidenced by the popularity of the charismatic Enzo. However, someone of Kane's height reflecting him looks cringeworthy. Enzo and Cass have added a tad more flair to the tag-team division, but their longevity is questionable as the strongest link of the team is also the weakest.

13 Matches Don't Live Up

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Before debuting at Royal Rumble, AJ Styles claimed wrestling moves are easy in an YouTube interview. The number of awe-inspiring moves he could pull off is awe-inspiring; however, he largely lacks the story-telling ability. Although his WrestleMania skirmish with Chris Jericho featured many spots that had more than 100,000 screaming at the top of their voices, the match failed to follow up on the story the duo had force-fed the fans for weeks prior to the showdown.

To be a successful WWE wrestler, one should guide the fans through the story while holding the microphone, locking horns with the opponent, waiting for the tag, and walking down the aisle, but the Phenomenal One has only mastered wrestling moves.

12 The Dancing Japanese Lunatic Fringe

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Shinsuke Nakamura's arrival has greatly helped the NXT Universe cope with the transfer of their beloved wrestlers to the main roster. Even before he pulled off any serious wrestling move in his match against Tye Dillinger, the crowd had started chanting the match was awesome. His presence brings something different to the plate. However, the WWE's attempt to portray him as a charismatic individual is ridiculous. His antics are similar to that of Dean Ambrose — someone the WWE announcers call the Lunatic Fringe — and, he is anything but charismatic.

11 Spot Fests Or Wrestling Matches?

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In-ring chemistry is slowly becoming a lost art in the WWE. With the fans cheering more for spots and less for the story that the performers are attempting to tell, matches have become spot fests. One recent example is the seven-man Intercontinental Championship ladder match at WrestleMania. On the Sharpshooter Show, hall of famer Bret Hart ripped the highly anticipated bout apart, stating it featured nothing but "just a bunch of stupid spots", and even labeled the match a Tennessee Town Killer Match. The match was poorly worked out, but the crowd still seemed impressed merely because it featured many an internet darling.

10 Not All Indie Wrestlers Are Good

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The Internet Wrestling Community has lately bought into the notion that everyone with a bit of experience on the independent scene is a great wrestler, and deserves special treatment. The WWE is caught in a delicate situation, where they cannot pull off the segments that they would have in the past. WWE fans seem to get angry if a wrestler from the indies is forced into a silly storyline, like say Stone Cold playing a guitar in the early 2000s. To think how the fans would react if the creative puts their indie darlings in comedic segments.

9 The "O" Stands For Overrated 

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Kevin Owens undoubtedly is a great performer and an inspiration to many people, given the path he took to reach stardom. Only a few wrestlers on the roster could tell a story as good as "KO", and he could be mooted as the founder of neo-kayfabe given his subtle use of social media. However, he hardly looks credible enough to be anywhere near the main event picture.

The head honchos of the company have mastered psychology, and will likely never hand Owens a meaningful WWE World Heavyweight Championship title run, as it may subliminally tarnish the prestige of the belt. In the Attitude Era, he would have been just as relevant as Bubba Ray Dudley was.

8 Internet Wrestling Community Won't Admit The Truth

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Wrestling is an industry in which no one escapes online bashing. Even Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bret Hart and many other legends have been subjects of mockery; however, the likes of AJ Styles escape the same. The WWE Universe cherishes ridiculing Sheamus for his looks. However, poking fun at AJ Styles' looks is somehow frowned upon. AJ Styles puts on blue gloves, very basic tights, and contrasting belts. While the WWE Universe ridicules Batista — Bluetista — for wearing weird attire to the ring, they expect AJ Styles detractors to rate him only as a performer.

7 No One Gives Good Promos

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Promo skills have become a luxury as it is no longer regarded as a necessity to be a successful WWE wrestler. WWE's recent and current top dogs in Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and even Brock Lesnar are appalling on the microphone. Lately, Michael Cole and vignettes do a better job at selling the stories when compared to the involved wrestlers. Even the introduction of John Cena into the main event scene sounds exciting as he could sell the storyline, unlike the other main-eventers the WWE currently has.

6 PG - Best For Business

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The WWE Universe goes haywire every time the abbreviation PG appears on the screen. However, the WWE's decision to refrain from violence should be viewed as progress, as that bold move has the potential to prevent concussions and more Chris Benoit horror stories. The fans are head over heels in love with the employees of the company, ranging from jobbers such as Damien Sandow and Tyler Breeze to big boys such as Cesaro and Sami Zayn. The PG-rated WWE looks after the welfare of their idols, and accordingly, fans should realize that the good aspects of the PG show outweigh the bad side.

5 AJ Who?

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AJ Styles boasts the most loyal fanbase online, as anyone who lambasts him is roasted. He rose to prominence without the help of the McMahons. He caters to every person, who had loved wrestling growing up. However, the fans' reaction to his moves and presence on Raw and SmackDown leaves a lot to be desired. His pop hardly comes close to the degree to which Roman Reigns is booed. The most recent example occurred during the match between Sami Zayn and AJ Styles. With AJ Styles' arms stretched out before the (reversed) Styles Clash, the AJ Styles mark in the writer expected the crowd to go bananas. Instead, the rear ends of the audience were firmly glued to their chairs.

4 Short Storylines Are Better Than Long Ones

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WWE has been censured for not doing long storylines as they used to. The attention span of people is greatly going down, and it is no wonder that Vine seems more appealing to the younger generation than YouTube these days. Vinnie Mac is a billionaire for a reason. The fans should, accordingly, start embracing shorter storylines as the business needs to progress by being in synchronization with the needs of the 2016 brains.

3 Dean Ambrose Can't Be The Top Guy

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Dean Ambrose has been seen as 'the guy' by a considerable number of fans. However, given his attire and the fact that he has been portrayed as a rebel, who does not play by the rules, he only seems to be a poor man's Steve Austin. Ever since The Shield disbanded, he has been overselling his gimmick. His gait, talking style and even his wrestling style needs to be toned down drastically to make him look credible as the face of the company. Given his undoubted talent, though, he could make the Lunatic Fringe gimmick more credible and sustainable. However, someone needs to tell him to stop overdoing it.

2 Lost Touch, Really?

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Vince McMahon has been lambasted to be out of touch for quite some time now, but the astute businessman in him is always evolving. WWE has been slated for serving PG-rated product ever since they decided to go more family friendly. With WWE showing no signs of going back to TV-14, Vinnie Mac has devised the perfect plan to brainwash the fans into believing the product is better by throwing his son Shane McMahon into the picture. Booking decisions remain the same, but the McMahons have awesomely hypnotized the fans to think the product is better with Shane O’Mac in charge of happenings.

Sadly, it is the same people writing the scripts, but a change in on-screen authority figure has changed the mindset of the WWE Universe. In addition, the commentary has become a bit more wrestling-esque and moves have become a tad more aggressive. The McMahons have mastered the psychological aspect of the business like no other promoter. Should there be any more proof that Vinnie Mac has not and will never lose touch?

1 He Is The Guy

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The fans somehow believe booing Roman Reigns is cool or will fix everything wrong with the WWE. By the looks of things, it is likely that the fans will boo him out of the building even if he somehow oozes The Rock and Steve Austin levels of charisma. The Reigns hatred has become so profound that the fans have started referencing his push on every forum even if the topic of the thread has little to do with him (Ric Flair screwing Becky Lynch repeatedly, say).

If the fans wish to voice their unrest over his push, they should boo Vince McMahon or Triple H during their promos as booing the Roman Empire has not yielded any result whatsoever. After all, the Samoan only brings the scripts to life and does not pen those. Doing his job knowing he will only be depreciated shouldn't leave fans belittling him; no human being deserves that.

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